An Special Audio Message Just For You!

An Special Audio Message Just For You!

Hi Friend,

I have a quick audio message for you today!

I’ve been thinking about you and praying for you on a daily basis. You’ll find out how and why when you listen to the audio message below.

As part of the recording, I share a comforting Scripture verse {which I came across this morning in my quiet time} in hopes you will be encouraged and empowered today. The words in the verse are a forever promise from God to keep us moving forward in hope and great expectation despite the problems we’re facing this week.

If you like today’s audio, will you leave a comment letting me know? I’ll probably do more of these short encouragement recordings in the future if they’re beneficial to you. Sometimes, it’s a lot more personal hearing someone’s voice than just seeing words on a screen. Don’t you think so?

Okay, here goes …


Here is the graphic for your phone, tablet or computer screen saver:

After you listen to my audio message, this photo will make sense to you:

Remember, you are loved and chosen by your Heavenly Father. And He promises to perfect all that concerns you today! So cast those cares over to Him and watch in great expectation as God’s perfection does its completed work in your life.

Forever Grateful,



  1. My daughter Rebekah has been battling sickness and disease in her body. She’s only 21 and has a 2 1/2 year old little girl. Please help me to pray for her and that God will restore her and heal her body and renew her mind and bring forth her purpose and prosper her.

  2. I love the voice message (both style and content)! I am encouraged by the verse too, Leah. Isn’t it wonderful how we can hear a scripture over and over throughout our lives and suddenly God shows us how it applies to something completely different or something we didn’t think about previously? It brings the scripture alive in new ways. This scripture comforts me in a struggle I’m going through. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much, Leah for audio message that is so encourage.

  4. Thank you, Leah for your audio message. It affirms that the Lord is still with me, guiding me, working in me although I don’t feel His presence as strongly as when I first accepted Him. Nowadays, I’m more guided to His Word but I long for the feelings I get from Him when I first accepted Him. Now is like a different season for me but the Lord is telling me that He is still with me regardless of the feelings and He will finish His work in me, He will not forsake me. Thank you, Jesus for your reassurance!

    • Joelle, just as Jesus’ mercies are fresh and new every morning, so is His love for you. I believe if you ask Jesus for that newness of heart towards Him – the way you felt when You first accepted him – He will give it to you.

  5. Thank-you for your audio message. Being able to hear your voice was very encouraging.
    I found it very personable. I have struggled with trust issues, anxiety and depression. I have found your blog to be very uplifting and always point me to the LORD.

    • Thank you for commenting Heather. I definitely plan to talk more about anxiety/depression issues (in future audio recordings) since so many people struggle with it nowadays. I did for decades, but with God’s help and healing I have received tremendous victory in those areas of anxiety and depression. God is so faithful!

  6. I really liked the audio blog. Just makes it more personal! Thank you!

  7. I hope you are doing good with the Lord. Thank you so much for your audio sharing. I feel like we are sitting together and sharing our blessings which we received from God. First of all I give thank to God and thank you for your prayer support If you remember 26th Oct. 2016 I send you a prayer request about my ministry work. I got an invitation for ministry work through your prayer support. I’m so grateful to have you. May the good Lord bless your ministry more and more. And I’m so blessed by your audio sharing or every day updating encouraging word of God.
    Here is my humble prayer request I would like to ask you to remember me in your prayers,
    Please pray for my life partner. I’m 30 years old and still single. I really need your prayer support for my future husband let God show me the right person for me.
    Thank you!

  8. I loved your audio blog! Please do more of them!I agree totally that there is so much to read in our inboxed, and I love those too but there’s only so much time to read!

    I love First 5 and also the Proverbs 31 devotions. And I’m also signed up for yours and several of your other writers; of course, they all need to be read and not listened to. Except for Lysa’s I AM series which I’m enjoying very much.

    So this morning’s audio was a welcome addition and for me, it was a perfect time for me to listen to it while putting on my makeup for the day! Awesome! God’s richest blessing to you !

  9. Leah,
    This is one of my favorite scriptures. Your voice brought the
    Message to life with love and compassion.

    The Lord bless you and keep you
    As you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit and share His goodness and mercy.

  10. Hi Leah. Thank you for uplifting us with your words of exhortation. My eyes welled up in tears as I heard your loving message. I thought about how busy you are and yet as a loving sister in Christ, you take time to pray for us. I pray that your day be overflowing in the Holy Spirit to continue the work of His hands! Hallelujah!

    • Pam, you are so sweet! My schedule is crazy busy, but never too busy to pray for you and the others. God has given me such a tender love for each of you – even though we may never meet face to face this side of Heaven. I’m grateful God connected our hearts this week in a special way through audio.

  11. Leah, this was a perfect reminder of God’s plan for each of us. I loved your voice “poking” me to remember that others are in this journey with me and we all strengthen each other through prayer. Thank you for this!

  12. Leah, your audio message was a blessing to me this morning. Your comforting voice brought the words to life and I look forward to future recordings. Thank you and God Bless you!

    • Dory, thank you for letting me know. I’m already excited about doing the next one and can’t wait to see what verse(s) God gives me to share with you and the others.

  13. Leah, truly loved the audio message this morning! Perfect timing for a perfect reminder, and I loved that I was able to hear the entonations in your voice rather than just read the words…truly spoke to me. Thx and God bless! Looking forward to future audio messages should you decide to do them.

    • Kathy, your words bring a big smile to my face πŸ™‚ I’ve already started working on ways to install a message plugin on my blog so y’all can leave audio messages for me with your prayer requests. Hopefully, that feature will be available soon.

  14. Jessika Hoover :

    Leah, I loved the audio encouragement today, and it really hit home for me. I would love to hear more of these in the future. Sometimes, we all just need a little boost, and this morning, the verse you read was truly a blessing. Thank you & may God bless you!

    • Thank you, Jessika! I’m hoping do to another audio message within the next two weeks. So often I’ll come across verses in Scripture that I long to share with you and the others, but I don’t have time to create a new blog post. I think the audio messages will solve that problem.

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