When Life Doesn’t Have A Solution To Your Problem

When Life Doesn’t Have A Solution To Your Problem

She heard His voice but couldn’t see Him clearly. The surrounding crowds had blocked her view.

Bent over at the waist and unable to stand up straight, she strained to get a good glimpse of Him. Then, unexpectedly, He’d called her forward.

I imagine her heart was racing as she slowly shuffled her way to the front of the synagogue.

Why would Jesus single her out of the crowd? Was He going to make a spectacle of her brokenness? Or expose her deepest pain and darkest secrets?

As the crowds around her murmured, each step toward Jesus felt as if she were lugging the weight of the world behind her.

For 18 years, her body had been crippled. Eighteen long, exhausting years.

She certainly had plenty of reasons not to go to the synagogue that Sabbath morning. Why subject herself to the possible harsh stares and hurtful comments? Yet she was there, listening intently to the teachings of Jesus.

She didn’t say a word. She didn’t try to get His attention. She simply stood in His presence, soaking in the life-giving statements that gave her hope in the midst of her hopeless situation.

But Jesus saw her. Jesus had compassion for her. Jesus loved and wanted to heal her. And in one swift statement, those 18 long, exhausting years came to a screeching halt …

Click here to keep reading and find out what happened to the woman in this story. You might be surprised to discover that you have some things in common with her. (@Proverbs 31 – Encouragement For Today.)



So, maybe you’ve stopped by because I offered to pray for you today (through E.F.T.). Maybe you’re like me and the idea of someone else sharing a tiny portion of your burden for a few minutes lifts a heavy load off your shoulders.

I’m just going to say it for both of us: Life is hard. Life is messy. Life’s experts don’t always have the right answers to our questions or solutions to our problems.

I’ve been doing a little survey lately – asking friends and family members if life is better than they expected right now or if they’re facing some hard circumstances that are rocking their world and ya know what? They all admitted (quickly) to a season of hardship. We’re not talking small, insignificant struggles. We’re talking big deal stuff.

It would be easier to understand if they were reaping the consequences of really bad choices from the past, but they’re not. Each person has had a vibrant relationship with God for a very long time. They know God’s Word. They worship Him with praise. They are real prayer warriors.

And, yet, they struggle. A broken marriage. A teenage son in rebellion. Harassment at work from a co-worker. A daughter diagnosed with cancer. An unexpected surgery with complications. A financial fallout. A lost job. An undiagnosed illness. A friendship betrayal. The list goes on and one …

Maybe you’re facing something similar or  you’ve read the story in Luke 13 about the woman who lived bent over for 18 long years and can identify with her pain.

I believe Jesus felt her pain the moment He laid eyes on her. I also believe Jesus feels your pain and sees your heartache too.

You may not have all the answers to your problems, but Jesus does. 

You may wane and wonder if things will ever get better, but God is certain His plans for your future are good.

You may question why God has allowed this season of struggle into your life (or your loved ones’ life), but He already knows how it will ultimately work out for your good and bring Him glory.

The question is not will God come through for us. The question is whether or not we will really trust Him in the process as we wait for our breakthrough. Will we allow the hard times to weigh heavy on us or will we choose to lean heavily on Jesus in the hard times?

Sure, my struggles are difficult just like yours, but you know what gives me great hope and assurance? Looking back on past seasons of struggle and hardships  (and there have been plenty of them) and seeing God’s faithfulness.  At times when I felt alone, He was there and never left my side. When others didn’t quite know what to say I could always find encouragement in His Word. Looking back now I can see how God used my past struggles to strengthen my faith in Him.

At times when I felt alone, He was there and never left my side. When others didn’t quite know what to say I could always find encouragement in His Word.

If you’re still reading this, my guess is that you’re going through a rough patch or facing some difficult challenges right now. I’d love to pray for you today. Let’s lay our requests before to the LORD and trust that He will respond on our behalf. God is our Healer. Our Comforter. Our Provider. Our Shelter and Refuge.

Friend, God sees you and loves you. He will never turn His back on you or abandon you.  He knows the worries that keep you up at night and the doubts that hold you back most days.  He has all the answers. He has the power to take your negative circumstances and reshape them for His glory.

Here’s something I want you to remember: You are never lost in the crowd or overlooked because you have captivated Jesus’ heart and His gaze is always fixed on you. So cast all your cares on Him, because He cares for you.

Note: How can I be praying for you today? Do you have a prayer request? Leave it in the comment section below.  If the details are too personal and you’re unable to share them that’s totally fine. You can just write “unspoken prayer request” with your name and/or the person you’d like me to pray for.  God knows the details and has the answers … that’s all that really matters.



  1. Hi, I found your website today and it meant a lot to me. I’m dealing with a high level of fear and wanted to ask for prayer. I was put on an anti-depressant in March for anxiety. I went off it two weeks ago as it was having major side effects. One of the side effects has lingered, and I’ve had it since I went on that medicine — every time I see or hear something emotional, I have tingling all over the top of my head. I can’t read the newspaper or watch TV or even listen to Christian music on the radio without something emotional causing this awful tingling sensation. I am so desperate and have been crying almost daily and begging God to heal this. My home group has prayed a couple times, as well as many other people. My husband and I pray on our knees daily about this. God has healed me of many things in the past but has not healed me of this, which is really hurting me. I am fighting discouragement and read Bible verses and Christian blogs daily. Sometimes the tingling feeling makes me hysterical, where I can barely calm down. I would so appreciate your prayers, and I’m glad I found your uplifting blog! God bless you!

    • Sharon, fear and anxiety can have such jarring effects on our bodies. I’m convinced that’s one of the many reasons why God tells us throughout His Word that we are not to be afraid or discouraged. I’ve experienced similar sensations that you’re describing (many years ago) and I know it can be alarming. It’s sort of like your nervous system is continuously on high alert and the slightest thing sets it off. In some ways, I think it’s the bodies way of reacting to the high levels of cortisol that is being flushed through the system, prompted by the anxiety. Those symptoms eventually went away as I dealt with and removed major factors in my life that were causing the anxiety. Once I began to surrender my loved ones, circumstances, and disappointments to the LORD and make day-by-day decisions to trust Him completely, my anxiety began to diminish. My healing came slowly over time as I’d sit day after day in His presence, allowing His Word to renew my thoughts with His life-giving truth. I am praying for you today and for your son, Aaron. Keep the faith, friend, and don’t dispair … the LORD is with both of you … not just today, but always.

  2. Greetings in jesus mighty name please get in agreement with me for me and my family for god to come through for us in our need as we struggle a lot and trust god to open a way for us for a house as we stay all over in peoples backyard also pray for finances and for god hands of protection on us also for my spiritual walk with god as I long to. Get more and more of god and to keep my eyes on him

  3. My prodigal ex husband needs to know the lord. I am requesting prayer that he will be open to people who want to share jesus with him, especially me. I’m praying for reconciliation for my 24 year marriage but more importantly, a stone heart turned to flesh and filled with Christ. Thank you!

  4. Vanessa Richardson :

    Unspoken Prayer Request.
    Vanessa Richardson


    • Steve, I have been praying for you and your lovely wife. Asking God to provide for all your needs and to make a way where there seems to be no when. I believe with all my heart that He will.

  6. Please pray for one of my children in rebellion and is in the midst of bondage and suffering with clinical depression among other things. Pray that his eyes will be opened to the saving grace of our Lord and the chains of sin will be broken as he commits his life to the Lord.

  7. Leah…great article. Yes I have a rough patch now… But just as you said…I look back to a season far worse than this, I had never been so low in my pit before…..and God found me pulled me up and has never let go since! So like you said…I know we will get through. I pray for you Leah and the others who requested prayer. Please add me to your prayer list for answers to this: do I keep trying to work with the back pain or try for disability? I want to do the right thing so bad but I don’t feel the answers coming. I feel so bad thinking I should just go back to work and deal with it. But God says he’ll give us rest…I’ve put 40 years of work in…do I get a rest from that so I can do other things for God’s children. I have worked as a preschool teacher/director and special educator for 30 of those years which I loved dearly but can also take a physical and mental toll on your body. I feel done but guilty for not going to work and earning money! “Please give my heart peace with answers Lord!” Thank you Leah

    • Stuart townley :

      Thank you ta my,your in my prayers also,God bless your answer will arrive shortly.

    • Tammy, I’ve been praying for you and hope you’re feeling better. It could be that God wants to begin a new season in your life. Saying no to something good can be hard, but when you commit to following God’s lead you can’t go wrong. A season of rest may be just want you need right now.

  8. Stuart townley :

    When my girlfriend was tragically killed in 2002. I was depressed and grieving,wondering how I could go on. She had issues and just before her death I had prayed to God for help as I felt I could do no more and wanted him to help her so our relationship could be saved. Then I felt he took her from me just when I asked him to help. I stupidly lost my faith in him,visited her grave and being depressed and over run with grief challenged the whole process of death and demanded her back. God enlightened me and my whole life changed. Three months later he shown me a miracle when I met my current girlfriend Alexandra who I knew was picked by my deceased girlfriend Vivienne. Me and Alex spent 13 months together,then I nearly lost my own life as I was mistakingly shot 4 times breaking both my femurs so then my life really changed as I become disabled. I’ve spent 14 years with Alex,we both watched spirit dropping petals onto our heads giving us gods blessing and I have always believed we were together for life,only in May 2016 she dumped me for another man.Told me she no longer lived me and had no attraction for me.I know i am part blame for this because I had verbally abused her for a few years due to having post traumatic stress disorder. She never gave me a chance to get help or fix it,only telling me “it was too late,she had to think of herself”, but really I discovered it was a devious act as there was another man who persuaded her and she took the temptation.When this happened in May as far as she is concerned it is final,I turned to God immediately as I knew only he could fix this. I reminded Alex that we were so privileged to witness our blessing from God and that was meant for life not until she thought she could change things, her reply was ” I’ll take my chances”. God spoke to me and told me ” I’m the one” and put “beautiful” feeling right through my body,he told me in a way that I can not manipulate this message if I try to cast doubt or uncertanty of its interpretation. Then I was guided to yes and wait,problem is I’ve waited 6 months now with a broken heart which I know can only be fixed by him.He gave me Alex at a time when I was asking him how am I supposed to go on and now I feel while waiting I’m revisiting the same grief I had when losing Vivienne. God anointed me,consecrated me and I have Jesus living in my heart and although I speak to them daily and they answer my thoughts zany confirm with inner feelings,I’m still waiting and waiting and although I know I should make the waiting easy ,I cant because I miss my Vivienne and Alex and my heart is only whole with them in my life. Without them ,life is nothing.I trust God,he is beautiful and he won’t let me down but I have waited in anticipation and created some limitations by inventing scenarios in my head that things will go wrong for them both being together and they still seem to go strong.Everybody thinks I would never be back with her but they don’t know God like I do and I am privileged that he has answered me and give me insight.I have to remind myself that when I am the only one saying “yes” while everyone is convinced of “no”, this is a good reminder to me that I am not alone but building my relationship with the Lord.Sometimes it’s good as I struggle to ask for your help in prayer.I was guided to read your article only ,I picked your site after typing into Google ” God makes you wait with a broken heart” and knew I was meant to read your guidance,I did read only your sight and got my perfect answer,thank you Leah.I would appreciate it very much if you were able to pray to God for Alex to return to me as he has told me she will and I know at his convenience in his will and time but while understanding the burden I carry. God has now cleansed me but Alex would never understand at this moment just how I could be changed but I know God will work on her so that she can. Thank you again for a great article just what I needed,best regards,may you be truly blessed Stuart

    • Prayers for you Stuart! God bless 💘

    • Stuart, thank you for sharing your personal story with me. I can tell by your words you’ve been through such heartbreak and disappointments. And yet, it’s beautiful to see how your relationship with the Lord has continued to grow and strengthen through the good and tough times.

      Yes, life is full of disappointments and unfortunately, relationships with people have the potential to leave us wounded by harsh words and sharp actions. But God is right there – always faithful to pick us back up and heal our broken hearts. He is our first love – the only one who will love us completely and perfectly for eternity. I’m praying for you today – trusting God’s perfect plan will unfold for you in His perfect timing.

  9. I’m new to your blog. After searching the web for “how to pray for a miracle”, I stumbled upon your blog. My prayer request may seem petty and insignificant to most but to me, it is very important. I have a beloved dog who has a history of epileptic seizures. And it looks like the seizures are winning. My husband and I have had Pepe for 12.5 yrs. He’s like a child to us. We love him unconditionally and don’t want to lose him. Would you be so kind as to ask for healing of our beloved dog? This poor dog means everything to us. I believe in the power of prayer and believe that God can work miracles. Please pray for Pepe to be healed. Thank you so much. My husband and I appreciate you. In God we trust….

    • Prayers for you. We lost our Spike a year and a half ago. He was almost 14 years. And worst of all we had to decide… He was suffering with loss of use in his hind quarters. My husband and I couldn’t physically give him a good life and Spike was miserable not being able to walk. So we decided and said goodbye. I cried for days grieved for months and still tear up to this day. But I know Spike will be at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for me…playing and healed and happy. I totally get how you feel. So I pray for your time you want for Pepe, but I also pray that you can let him go wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge and that you can have peace with it when its time! We planted a rose plant as a memorial to our Spike… That helped! I had another one I lost earlier in life. He got a headstone on his grave at the family farm. We celebrate our fur babies lives too.

    • Darla, I will definitely pray for your sweet Pepe. We almost lost our dog this past summer, but our family prayed for a miracle and received one. Whatever concerns us matters to God and no prayer request is too small. He response to all of them prayers. I hope Pepe is feeling better real soon.

  10. I feel so hard pressed on all sides….divorce after many years of dealing with infidelity, children who have made choices that are away from God, parents who have emotional and physical challenges,caring for them, financial challenges as my ex spouse does not pay support, and each day heaviness as I try to go to work with the weight of all that is happening in my life pulling me down. I struggle in finding God and feel so alone.

  11. My husband and I have been struggling to have a baby. We feel like God hates us. When we got married we had a horrible marriage for 5 years despite all our prayers. We ended up separated for over a year. We walked thru such darkness. Yet we fought for each other. We reconciled our marriage and now we are both happier than we ever thought possible 8 years now into our marriage. We stayed faithful. We did what was right by God and we fought for each other rather than taking the easy way out. Now God is not allowing us joy by giving us a baby. We struggle with feeling that God isn’t for us. That God must hate us to put us thru what He did in our marriage and to now not bless us with a child. We were faithful. Why is He not? It’s hard to trust Him now. Please pray he finally gives us a baby and that we learn to trust that he is a good God again.

  12. I have been fighting in prayer for my marriage for over 2 1/2 years. My husband was tempted by another woman and left (he still sees her). I feel God has told me to stand for marriage to be restored, but my husband is pursuing divorce. I want God’s perfect will in my life and I want to be obedient. I feel like God is silent right now and I need Him to show me what I am to do. Pray for God’s guidance in my life and for salvation for my husband.

  13. I have an unspoken. Would you please pray for me? I pray God will fix this impossible situation I am facing. I believe that He will.

  14. Hi Friends,
    Last night I woke up around 3:00am thinking about all the prayer requests you’ve submitted over the last couple days. It seemed like the perfect time to pray for each of you in the quiet darkness, so that’s exactly what I did.

    Can I be honest? I hate that we live in a broken world and my heart aches deeply as I read the struggles each of you are facing. The broken marriages, undiagnosed illnesses, financial struggles, wayward children, severed relationships, physical and emotional abuse, battles with cancer … this all makes me wish Jesus would come back and rescue us … TODAY.

    If you find any comfort or reassurance here, it’s to know that you are not alone in your struggles. We are all wrestling with something in this season of life, which is making our hearts heavy and torn. But here’s the good news … we have the hope of Christ. Not just that we’ll be with Him one day, but that He is with us every day. His presence and the truth of God’s Word can bring light into our deepest darkest pain, grieve, anger, loneliness, anxiety and depression.

    Jesus knows what it’s like to live in this broken world and He hasn’t forgotten how vicious the Enemy can be. Jesus knows all the answer and He wants to give you peace in the midst of your brokenness. If you do nothing else today, take time to sit with Jesus and simply talk to Him. Tell Him what breaks your heart. Give Him all the reasons why you’re struggling. Ask Him to fix the impossible situation you’re facing and most importantly … tell Him that you trust Him (and really mean it.)

    I’ve discovered that the activating agent to my prayers is FAITH. When we believe that God hears our requests and will help us overcome our struggles then our prayers become like light beams shooting straight up to heaven into the throne room of God. And our Lord faithfully responds to our cries for help … every single time. That doesn’t mean everything gets fixed in a moment, but our miracle is on its way.

    Ya know, it could be that the greatest miracle God does in your life right now won’t necessarily be fixing all your problems but, instead, raising you up and strengthing you to be greater in the midst of those problems. The truth is … I’ve learned over time that my greatest seasons of growth in knowing the Lord better have always come from seasons of personal hardship. That becomes the richest blessing inside the burden.

  15. Prayer request of freedom from the spiritual bondage over my family, and for my dad’s salvation.

  16. I read so many sad things here and my heart breaks. My issue seems paltry compared to other but I ask anyway, please. I have been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. I was told yesterday that I have 6 months. I have my 1st appt with the medical oncologist tomorrow. I don’t feel sick, I don’t look sick and most of me doesnt believe the images I’m seeing or what the Dr.’s are saying.
    Please say a prayer that if it is true, that God will heal me as I continue to believe in him. Thank you, Leah!

  17. Personal intentions for me
    Thank You Jesus and peace to all.
    Leah, thank you and may the good Lord bless you…

  18. Got good news today and am praising God for healing. Pray that my recovery will be complete and my faith will be strong -and that my family will also have faith to believe in Him!!

    • Leah, Please pray for our family. My mom and I are always struggling with our relationship. I’m asking for patience to accept her negativity. I really need strength, she drains me and I’m trying to recover from a cancer diagnosis. Please Help. I’m at a loss, and wish I didn’t have to speak to her ever again 🙁

  19. Please pray for healing of my body so I can walk normal again. Thank you!

    • Kari, I’m praying for you today – asking God to restore you completely so that you can not only walk, but even run if you want to. Run towards Jesus, sweet friend. He is waiting for you with open arms.

  20. Please pray that I hear an answer to my desire. I do not know when to stop asking. Thank you

  21. Michelle Vasquez :

    Thank you so much! I’m struggling with a wayward young adult son. It’s an issue that has been ongoing for years. And now he has a son, which is such a wonderful blessing! But, it breaks my heart that he is not there for his own son and he continues on a destructive path. I feel like I should do more, and I feel like I share the blame because I must have been a terrible mother.

    • Michelle, I just want to share…I’m a single mother of a teenage boy. Please know that you are Not a terrible mother! You care so deeply and have done the best you can do every day. It is a daily struggle for all moms who really care about their children. I hope you find peace in the Lord and take care of yourself in any way that you can. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and thank God for all the Wonderful things in your life. Enjoy them all, every day and your son will find his way.
      You are Not a terrible mother, you are a loving mother! Focus on all the Good! Enjoy your grandson!!

  22. patricia e dipolane :

    unspoken prayer request,thank you so much for continuous devotion and you lighting up the light…………

  23. Thank you, Leah, for my “unspoken prayer request.”

  24. Read your devo yesterday and needed your blog this AM. I’d appreciate prayers for our Titus24U gathering tonight; I’m leading a study on God’s Expectations and woke up feeling very inadequate and defeated. Need to trust Him and let Him work through me. Thanks much Leah!! Blessings to you!

    • Jill, I’m praying for you now and know without a doubt that God will show up BIG at your gathering tonight … just like He’s done every other time you’ve spoken to a beautiful group like Titus24U. You don’t have to worry about any inadequacies or dwell on those defeating thoughts because Jesus is more than enough and He will empower you fully for this assignment. 🙂

  25. I’m struggling with unanswered prayer. My family has had a lot of alcohol abuse. It is affecting my marriage and I’m trying to hold on to what little hope I have left. The devotional for the 24th spoke to me. So much more going on in my life that it all is pressing in on me. Thank you for your prayers.

  26. I’ve had a very difficult day and I just read your devotional. I have severe allergies to fragrances that become anaphylactic. I have had 12 anaphylactic attacks. After each one I am left physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausted. The effect on my body is so tiring as I struggle to breathe and at times have felt like life is ending. Emotionally I’m left in fear with depression. Thankful to still be alive but so afraid to go anywhere. My neighbour has begun using scented dryer sheets after using fragrance free ones knowing my health situation. I can no longer safely leave my home. Where I have felt the presence of the Lord so acutely as my body fights to live, today I just broke into a million pieces as my last place of refuge is no longer and tomorrow is so unknown. How I would love to experience a physical healing like this woman, to feel a purpose, to not be a burden, to be set free. Your words have reminded me that He hasn’t forgotten me and loves me and I’m not alone in the midst of my loneliness. He is still with me.

    • Linda, I’m praying for you today – asking God to completely restore your body so that the severe allergic reactions you’re experiencing will become a thing of the past. I’m also praying God will give you the courage to talk with your neighbor so that you don’t have to be concerned about going outside. I wonder if carrying an EpiPen with you would help?

  27. Leah, I know our Lord led me here at this late hour. Thank you for praying for me. I have been struggling with many mental disorders for years and now face physical afflictions. My walk with our Lord has been challenged many times, but He has always remained faithful to his promises and blessed me with His sustaining presence. I am currently filled with extreme anxiety and have great difficulty staying focused on His truth and peace. My prayer time and bible study is interrupted by my racing mind. I feel very inadequate. Please pray for me to be still, and be granted His peace and hope now and in the days ahead. Thank you. May you and your ministry be blessed beyond measure.

    • Kim, I discovered the key to dealing with racing thoughts of fear and anxiety (& depression) through this verse:
      Isaiah 26:3, “You [LORD] will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” To be effective, it needs to be practiced.

      When we focus on God’s truth/promises {reading the Bible, singing worship songs, praying Scripture} instead of focusing on all those things that make us anxious, He helps us shift into a place of shalom peace where we can actually experience hope and joy.

  28. Hi Leah,Please pray I start to feel hopeful.I’ve been struggling with social anxiety disorder,obsessive-compulsive disorder,and severe depression since I was 11.I’m 27 now.I’m struggling with getting my hypothyroidism under control.Please pray God gives me the healing,strength,and courage I need.Thank you for your prayers!

    • Katie, I’m praying for you today and I have heard that hypothyroidism can definitely affect a person when it comes to depression and anxiety. Your symptoms could be a direct result from this. I’m praying God leads you to a Christian doctor who can help give answers to your thyroid situation.

  29. Hi Leah, thank you for your offer to pray for me but I am requesting you pray for my daughter-in-law Sandra who has stomach cancer and struggling to decide which medical path to take. I have a 6 year old grandson and I pray for God to heal her so she can watch him grow!

    May God bless you and the entire Proverbs 31 Team.

  30. Yes I could use prayers. I’m 45 years old and the last 7 years have been a struggle for me. God has always been here.
    Almost 5 years ago I damaged my occipital nerves on the left side of my head. This has caused some kind of migraine every day since. The pain has caused me to stay away from any social events because of noise and I’m unable to do what so many take for granted. There is a surgery that has been proven to take the pain I live with away, but insurance is refusing to pay for it. My daughter is 13 years old and I would love to take her school shopping, drive us to the beach, or just to see her face without seeing my pain. Please pray for Gods healing or solution. I’m tired to say the least. My entire health and life has changed because of a small hit on the head. Thank you for sharing and praying.

    • Valarie, I’m praying for you today – asking God to heal you and to open doors so that your insurance company will cover the costs of the surgery if you decide to go that route.

  31. Please pray for family members relationship with the LORD and different health issues that my family, friends, and myself are dealing with. Things are very confusing and frustrating but the LORD knows. Thank you for your prayers!

  32. Thank you for today’s encouraging devotional. Please pray for my son to become a Christ follower. He is in his early twenties & is drawn to the ways of the world. Like your words said, I pray Jesus will be the “bondage breaker ” of the vices my son is attracted to. Thank you for praying.

  33. Today is the day that I have chosen to break down. My husband has struggled with depression and anxiety for years. On 23 September he tried to kill himself by drug overdose and our 15 year old and I saved him. Afterwards he blamed God and me. Me for driving him to it and for God telling him how. I have had to stay strong for my kids but I’ve run out of strength. Please pray for me

    • Sad, my heart aches for you and your family. You’re carrying a heavier load then you were designed to haul all alone. I’m praying for you and your family this evening. I want to encourage you and your husband to consider seeking professional help if you haven’t already. Depression and anxiety can dig a deep, dark hole in a person’s soul when it’s not dealt with. But there is hope and help available. I know God will guide you to take the next step as you seek Him for direction.

  34. Leah,
    Yes, I can identity with the girl in Luke 13! Yes, I would love for you (and any other Godly woman who may see this and so feels lead) to pray for me!!
    I am 35 years old, and have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember. The Good Lord has delivered from this debilitating illness before and I know He will do so again!! However, I am currently struggling to find my way out of a particularly difficult bout- which has been going on since July.
    Yes, I do feel bent over! Yes, I do feel alone!
    Thank you for this message today, and thank you for your prayers!!

    • Yes, Kay, I’m praying for you and I know first-hand the pain of depression. I struggled with it for years until God healed me and like you said, God can deliver you and I believe He will in Jesus’ name. I rarely recommend a book that I haven’t read, but I’ve heard great things about this one and I know Dr. Bengtson. She’s a strong Christian who is a Neuropsychologist and successfully battled depression. The name of her book is Hope Prevails and could give you some great insights from a Biblical perspective. http://drmichellebengtson.com/hope-prevails-book/

  35. Thank-you for the devotional today.I would love for you to pray for me that God would lift me out of low energy and depression that i have been struggling with for years as im going through my seoson of fall.Thank you. DW

  36. Thank you for the encouragement today and thank you for praying for me. Please pray that God will helpme to change and not to go back to my old ways. Also, that God would break the bondage/stronghold of fear, depression and anxiety in my life. I want to live a surrendered life and that God would lead me in the way I should go because I have some hard decisions that I need to make in my life right now. Thank you and may God continue to bless you and keep you.

  37. Today has been a struggling day, my youngest daughter let me know she’s been smoking pot, my oldest daughter lost her job and my son is rebellious and I’m dealing with my own problems….I ask you to pray for me abd my family for each of us to seek God during this critical time for him to come to us and help me as their mom to not take on so much. I want to lay all the problems down at God’s feet and let him take all of this off my shoulders. I feel sick due to so much going on at once. Thank you God for loving us even when we don’t follow your ways.

    • Patricia, I’m praying this verse for you and your children today.
      “Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” Psalm 143.*

  38. My son is bipolar and has made lots of bad choices. He is a prodigal and I just pray for him to return to Jesus.

    • Joyce, I’m praying this verse for your son today:
      “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:28-29

  39. Thank you for praying for me. My prayer request is peace & clarity for myself & for my husbands eyes to be open and his heart to be soft- after my husband had an affair and left me and divorced me for someone he works with. I have been standing; praying for God to resurrect us and our marriage. I have been suffering for evil I did not want and I’d like it to stop. I married for life, and I pray God answers my prayers with a ‘yes’. Thanks.

  40. Secretly Angry and Confused :

    I am pretty confused right now. My past wasn’t good as far as relationships go. They have always been difficult for me to maintain. They always require more of me than I should lend. Recently my husband has confronted me with accusations and very condemning comments. I almost don’t even recognize him when he is in this frame of mind. I have been stuffing my true feelings and trying to pretend like the accusations don’t hurt and all is well but it isn’t well. It is difficult for me to honor him when he clearly has issues. I almost feel as though he has a personality disorder. He has suffered some significant family losses right now but I am not sure if that is his trigger. He has always had personality issues. He cannot maintain friendships with other men at our church something will always happen and he will blow up and push them away… I think he knows thete is something not right and maybe that’s why he won’t volunteer or join any ministries. I want us to walk on one accord, seeKing God, putting away division

  41. Trying to live joyfully :

    Please pray that God will answer my prayer for guidance and wisdom regarding where to begin to try to heal my broken marriage. I know that this is not the marriage God intended for my husband and I, but we have been dealing with so many challenges for so many years, we barely speak to each other.

  42. Please pray for complete healing from complex chronic illness. For my husband to know Jesus on an intimate level. For healing and restoration of important relationships in my life. For my faith and love of Christ to continue to deepen. And finally, that God would use me to speak life and His love to those around me that are hurting and suffering.

    • I’m praying for you, Tiffany. Also, that your husband’s relationship with the Lord grows stronger and for your marriage to be reunited and made new in God’s love

  43. Hi Leah, I wasn’t sure where to send a prayer request, so I hope I’m at the right place. Please pray for me. I am a Christian, and have been for a long time, but, I am struggling some with my faith. My husband of 28 years left about 9 years ago, and while the Lord has carried me through, that doesn’t mean it has been easy – it has been very hard. And while I no longer cry myself to sleep, and I have done, and continue to do, everything that I can, to heal, and to grow in Christ, (church, counseling, divorce recovery, bible studies, women’s groups, serve, I work full time, I see my children, and my grandchild, a few times a year, when I can get off and when I can afford it, because they are spread out, and live far away, and I see girlfriends, when they are available, and more . . . but, it still leaves quite a bit of alone time ) and things are a little better than they were at the beginning – it still can be hard, in several areas of life, and it still can be lonely. For awhile I didn’t pray to remarry, but, for about 6 years, I have prayed that the Lord would bring me a godly man to marry. (I am in my 50’s) I prayed that if this was not part of His plan, to please take the desire away from me. The desire has not gone away. My christian friends say that they believe that the Lord will bless me with this desire – that He will restore what the locusts have eaten, and that he will turn my ashes into beauty. I know the Lord has carried me through, but it is still hard and I am waiting, with hope, that He will restore to me the years the locusts have eaten and that he will turn my ashes into beauty – but, I’m struggling because that hasn’t happened yet, and it has been 9 years. Is it wrong for me to pray that God will bring me a husband to love and to share life with? Do I keep praying for that husband? As I have said God has carried me through and there have been some blessings – but, it is still hard – life this way is still hard – and I’m struggling with that too, because, as a christian shouldn’t I be happy and joyful, and living an abundant life, instead of it still being hard? I’m struggling with all of this. Please pray for me – and, if it is ok, please pray that God will bring me that desire that I have, to be married to a godly husband. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    • I’m praying that God gives you the desires of your heart and reveals His unfailing love to you in a whole new way. That you would experience the kind of shalom peace that only God can offer and that your joy may be full and complete in Him.

  44. Please pray for my household. My husband is the man of the house but he does not biblically lead his family. I am always the first to get up every morning. It is just no spiritual atmosphere at all. Please pray for my family.

    • Lorie, I’m praying that God awakens your husband’s spirit in such a way that his passion for God’s Word begins to burn brightly as he takes the place of a spiritual leader in your home.

  45. Thank you for this post today, Leah. I am going through a season of hardship in my marriage. Both my husband and I are believers, but we have neglected to keep Christ in the center of our relationship, and now we are feeling the consequences of that. God has called me to attention and I am drawing closer to Him than ever, but my husband has strayed from his faith. Please pray for our marriage, that we can restore our love, and for my husband, that his faith will be rekindled.

    • Christy, I’m praying for your marriage today – asking God to increase your love for one another and to ignite your husband’s faith.

  46. Husband divorced me after 20 years of being together. 7 years married. First 13 years waiting for him going in and out of prison. I could never trust him. After he was clean from drugs I still could not trust him. I tried. Now he has married 4 weeks after the divorce. But I am still loving him. He recently asked for forgiveness. Please pray that God shows me how to do this. Sad thing is he is a believer and would like to pastor. I don’t know how to feel anything but hurt , betrayed, rejected. Please pray for healing.

    • Patty, I’m praying for your marriage and asking God to draw nearer to you as you look to Him for direction and wisdom. I pray that you not only sense His nearness, but also His peace and love over you.

  47. I ask God for strength and healing for my daughter with ankylosis spondylitis and now fibromyalgia. For myself , relief from depression and low energy. My financial needs are a source of anxiety as l now need to care for my daughter. Praying for strength!!

    • Carol, I’m praying for your daughter’s complete healing and also for you. May God show you every day His abundant faithfulness and protection over your life. He is your refuge and strength – an every present help in time of trouble or heartache.

  48. For ten months I’ve been ill. I am 5’8″, and lost 35+ pounds over 6 months because I couldn’t digest carbs. I ended up at about 100 lbs. I was diagnosed with a form of colitis, but continued to lose weight. I went through two, agonizing cancer work-ups in the last 5 months, and no cancer was found. However, I was so stressed and full of fear during these 5 months that I am still struggling with anxiety and panic. I still need to have a biopsy on a lump on my thyroid, and a scan to test my gallbladder function, but at last I am beginning to gain a tiny bit of weight back (with the help of a boatload of digestive enzymes). My walk with God is much closer, as I learn to depend on Him for everything! He has proven faithful as He led me through the minefield, holding my hand. He went before me, showing me the way, step by step. I am still needing sleeping pills to sleep, but the anxiety is lessening as I learn to really give everything over to God. I would like prayer that the upcoming biopsy will not be cancer, to be able to fully enter God’s rest (no more fear, worry or anxiety) and to be able to sleep without pills! Thank you so much for this timely devotional.

    • Kathryn, thank you for sharing God’s faithfulness in those difficult seasons in your life. Your words will certainly bring great hope to others.

  49. I would deeply appreciate prayers for my husband who after 35 years of following God has regected him and the Bible. He has had depression for 15+ years and has prayed for it to go away. He blamed God for his suffering and began reading books about atheism. I believe the devil has control of him and it’s very hopeless. Please pray that I would be surrounded by God and do his will in this situation. Thank you.

  50. I need spiritual revival in my life. I am a SAHM with 2 beautiful kids. Have been having friction with my husband lately. Please pray for our marriage as our children need to see us as loving couple to have a foundation of security. Really hope that our marriage will be bether.

  51. Please pray that I will be healed from pass hurts and that my marriage can be saved.

  52. Please pray for my son. He told me this week he no longer believes in God, he’s dropping out of college, and I may have to force him to leave my home due to the way he’s treating me. I don’t want to have to do this. Pray that he will realize that his longing and need are for God.

  53. This devotional especially ministered to me today. I spent time alone and silent with God yesterday night for the first time in years. I knew what you said today was God speaking directly to me. I can hear Him, but I do not see Him clearly. I have a serious mental health disorder and it is difficult to “hear God” because of my symptoms . I await the day God says to me, “Woman, you are set free from your infirmity.” Thanks so much for your devotional!

  54. I know that God heals, that miracles are still performed in his name, that Jesus said greater works than His will be done through us. Yet I struggle with how people close to me are suffering so deeply with emotional pain, physical pain and spiritual pain. I pray daily for these to be relieved of their suffering. One imparticular is a 36 yr old mother of one who is suffering through an incurable form of cancer in her spine. She is heavily sedated with pain medicine and is in hospice care now. I still pray for the miracle to cure her but it is so discouraging to see the fight draining from this beautiful woman. I am wondering if the pain medicine is keeping her from fighting and doing her part to believe she can recover with God’s miracle. Please pray for her that God will bring her through this intact and able to continue her vibrant life with her family. I don’t want to give up on God’s promise or His desire to have us all enjoy the life he’s given us.

  55. Life has its ups and downs. Father God help me through this downer.
    I have been diagnosed with Stage IV or currently incurable breast cancer.

    Abba Father, increase my faith. May I continue to smile and touch lives with Your love, joy, peace and other fruits of the Spirit during my time on earth. I ask wisdom, courage and perseverance to follow you. Show me your path, that I may walk in it.

    • I need to feel Him. Cancer seems to be surrounding me lately: My sister just passed away from lung cancer, my other sister is hopefully recovering from a blood cancer. I teach a class for the LIVESTRONG foundation coaching people with cancer. I have complete fear that I am marked for cancer. I was absolutely immobile with this fear this morning. I’ve pleaded with Him today to please hold me near and to change my thoughts to praises of Him. How do I let go of this fear?

  56. While it’s not an 18 year burden, it’s a heavy burden all the same. Please pray that my husband realizes his need for Jesus in his everyday life. Please pray that God opens his heart and mind so he can enjoy a life giving, personal relationship with the Lord. Please pray that he comes back to church with my daughters and me. Please pray that if he won’t come back to church, that it will not have a negative impact on my children’s lives. Please pray that I can leave my bitterness about it at God’s feet and not nag or have it negatively impact our marriage and ruin every Sunday because I’m disappointed, yet again.

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