The Promise of Something Amazing

The Promise of Something Amazing

**This week’s prize winner is Linda Hughes. Thanks to everyone for submitting such great comments!**


It was totally out of the ordinary and I loved every minute.

Heading up to the mountains with enough snacks to feed a small army, I was determined to make the next two days intentional and wonderful.

After a 2 hour drive of winding up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway, I was excited to finally be reunited with friends. We visited for a while then decided it was time to get to work.

Immediately I was drawn to the back porch that overlooked a gorgeous view of the lake and mountains. Quickly setting up my laptop and grabbing a cold water bottle, I smiled and thought, “Well, Leah, this will be your new writing space for the next 2 days.”

Hey, if a girl needs some extra inspiration to string words together, this was definitely the place to do it.

I didn’t even mind the sound of the lawnmower as the man next door cut his oversized yard. In fact, the smell of the fresh cut grass was pure delight.

There’s just something about being outside in nature that makes me so happy. It almost turns me inside out with joy. And when I have an opportunity to trade the four walls of my home office with an open air deck of delight, I’ll say, “yes please” every single time.

I love watching a gentle breeze push a cluster of chimes together as it makes the most beautiful sounds of a small symphony. Or listening to a choir of birds chirp out a seamless melody as they chase each other from tree to tree.

Some things are so simple, yet so amazing. And how I can often miss out on these amazing things because I’m too busy. Too rushed. To focused on my next assignment. All the while, God is delighting and expressing His love through the beauty of His creation for me and I don’t even notice it.

Each day holds the promise of something amazing.


Often we assume that amazing must equate to grand, extraordinary, over-the-top. And it can but it doesn’t always have to.

God’s teaching me that some of the most amazing moments in my life consist of less (but more). Here’s what I mean …

Like deep-down belly laughter between friends over something silly and whimsical. Or sharing a big bowl of buttered popcorn with my son as we watch a movie together. Or holding hands with my husband as we walk through the paint aisle of a local hardware store.

Or simply breathing in fresh mountain air that feels so crisp you just know God poured it by hand.

Grand? Not necessarily.

Extravagant? Probably not.

Amazing? Absolutely.

This day holds the promise of something amazing for you.

Have you captured it? Are you intentionally looking for it? Pausing long enough to notice that God is delighting and expressing His love towards you?

Don’t miss those amazing moments because you’re too busy. Too rushed. Too focused on the next thing.

Pause. Notice. Delight in the less, but more moments that have been chosen especially for you.


This week I’m giving away a Come To Me journaling book to record your daily amazing moments.

To enter this week’s drawing, leave a comment sharing an amazing moment you experienced within the past few weeks.




  1. I have never left a post before, but I’m desperate. The weight of all that is going on is absolutely breaking me and my family. I carry the weight of past sins and regrets like a heavy stone around my neck. I have tried many times to lay it down. I’ve done the literal laying down, nailing to a cross etc. but nothing brings relief. Now my daughter is going through a divorce. Her husband says he just doesn’t love her. It’s only been 2 years they have been married , but they were together for 3 years before they married. My husband and I are in the throws of financial distress and this emotional stress is fracturing us. I am struggling to see God in any of this, I feel more alone and scared then I have for a long time. It feels like because I have sinned and I have done some pretty bad things long ago, in my teenage years, I am now 53, and I carry them everyday, that God has left me like he left Sampson in the Old Testament. Please pray for my family. I’m finding it hard to pray at all. Thank You!!

    • Dear Tina,
      I, like you, have not posted very much but your problems struck a chord in my heart. I am learning how to walk with Jesus each day of my life. I have learned that He is with us always. Yes, He will be there to help you and your family through these rough times, they are teaching us something. I am so sorry you are going through this. If there is something I can help you with The Lord will put the right words in my mouth. He’s having me write this to you for a reason. God Bless!!

  2. I am sort of troubled for I have a lot of things going on. I want to do but not sure if they are from God or is it my own mind searching to be bussy, doing some sort of ministey or just my fleshly desires. I was told by God in scripture about writing. I dont know how to start and what to write about. I want to move away from Chicago, not sure if thats me or God, and if I am to move don”t know where to go. I want ro serve in ministry, may be in Haiti, but here’s the thing, I dont know what my true calling is, don’t know what I am good at, or what will I do in Haiti, but would like to go and help sort of. There are times that I may get a word that indicate, that I am to wait on the Lord, and that has neen for some time now. I am sort of waiting but nothing positive, no action nothing is active in my life.i’m just living a Blahhhh… life. Working and trying to get out of debt. Thats it. What do I do other than seek the Lord and wait. Or could it be all of the above, need to be taken and act on in faith.

    • Wilma, one way to discover your giftedness and calling is to start volunteering at your church. Pick ways to volunteer that you think you’d like and as you try different areas of service, you’ll quickly discover which ones are a good fit for you. Pray and ask God to guide you as you take these steps forward.

  3. l received a call that my brother had been found dead this past June . What a shock . I prayed and cried a lot. I saw Kelly in a dream and it was the best amazing moment! He was younger looking . He had a face of purity and of peace! A God moment for sure! ❤️

  4. I have always thought about Journaling but I’m not sure exactly HOW to journal. That is to say I don’t really know what to say in a journal. Maybe now is a good time because we had to move to a new state and I have absolutely no one to talk to.

    • Barbara, I have moved as well to a different state. With husband at work and no pets it is too quiet. In our apartment community most are at work or school . I know it will get better when I find a job . It will get better for you too! I am in Virginia . Where are you ?

  5. Sharing a ride with my oldest daughter and just enjoying each other as the Lord leads. Being in the presence of a beautiful wedding for a precious friend whose wedding was put together by a loving Father in Heaven. Only God could put these things together.. amazing moments.

  6. God calling me to move to Utah to minister to Mormons, which I used to be a Mormon for a while. God is amazing so now I’m living out in Utah being a light to the people out here.

  7. Getting back to school and seeing the children, changed and matured in the few summer months…the smiles and joy especially on the faces of those students with challenges…as all the children embrace the new school year! As I embrace the blessings of a new school year! Definitely amazing!

  8. Watching my six year old run on the beach at the lake smiling carrying a large bucket of water that is larger than his little hands can carry!

  9. In west Texas, the land is often flat and bare. We were driving home from our daughters out of town volleyball game and could not help but be amazed by the gorgeous painted clouds and colors in the setting of the sun on the horizon. You cannot help but praise God for the beautiful break in a chaotic schedule to be reminded of his works even in nature. Nothing major but definitely an amazing little moment

  10. Driving home from a weekend trip on Labor Day with my daughter & middle son (ages 8 & 5) in the back giggling & getting along for over an hour.

  11. An amazing moment. Driving in silence alone. Just taking in the awe and wonder of the trees and sky! GOD IS GOOD

  12. An amazing moment occurred when a young driver coming from the opposite direction on a divided highway lost control of her car, jumped the median, and was careening towards my car as I was driving my daughter to school Friday. The Lord gave me the focus to brake, adjust my position in my lane, and avoid hitting or being hit by the heavy metal object speeding toward us. The vehicle went off the road on our side, slamming into the bank and overturning in the ditch filled with muddy water. The miracle was this girl walked away unharmed! Praise God!

  13. I have always wanted a simpler life style which is why I like to read Amish fiction books. They live closer to their families and seem to have a very close bond with them and their friends. I did get to spend time with my children and grandson on Labor Day weekend. It was a very special time. I enjoyed watching the PBS show Daniel Tiger with our 8th month old grandson who laughs and smiles while he is watching it. It did my heart good to see how his mother and aunts and an uncle helped care for him.

  14. Spent all day with my grandkids! They are very involved in hockey, soccer, dance, lacrosse, swim lessons, and always have many friends events to attend. They spent all day with me at the lake. We found animal bones, used the metal detector to find coins, caught some fish, made smores, went swimming, watched air boat races, explored with the paddle boat-seeing turtles and getting cattails (calling them corndogs), rode their little scooters and the golf cart. We ate whatever we wanted whenever we wanted! They never once used phones or elctronics. I loved it that they gave me all day out of their busy life!

  15. A few nights ago I had had a long & tiring day at work & my kids had a long day of academics & sport activities & we had just finished dinner & we sat down around the TV. As I looked at my weary children & myself I said how about we go for an evning walk & get out of this house & spend some time together hoping it would release some stress & give us some clarity. So we went for a walk up the street & as we were walking the most vividly orange breathtaking sunset appeared & I knew right then & there that it was God who had spoke to my weary soul & told me to get my children up & outside to see the beautiful beauty he blesses us with each & every day. And it lead me to take the worries of that day & place them at his feet & to enjoy & live in the moment. It is amazing all the beauty that is around us each & every day if only we slow down & take the time to see it. Thanks for your devotional today & God bless. Would love to receive your journal & grow in my walk with the Lord even more.😘👆👏❤

  16. A little back history to explain… I am the baby & only girl of my 3 siblings, brothers. To say I was a tomboy is putting it lightly. My childhood (at home) style was pants, a t-shirt, & a hat, normally 1 of my brother’s lol, turned around backwards. Now that an idea of my childhood self has been established, I will tell my amazing moment. Earlier this summer, my family went to a Carolina Mudcats baseball game. My 7yr old daughter wanted a hat from the gift shop. After refusing to get it bc I knew she would nvr wear it, I finally caved. She only wore it some during the first week, but it was totally worth the money spent. One night, during the first days of having the hat, my daughter was sitting on the bed with her hat on backwards. At first I didn’t pay much attention, then it hit it. As I looked at this opposite of prissy little girl, I saw myself in her. Those of you who have children, if you have ever experienced a moment like this, you know how extraordinarily amazing it is!

  17. I take my 2 Westies daily to a local dog park and a couple of days ago, there was a new dog there. He is 13 years old which is old for a bigger dog. But when he saw all the little dogs running around and playing carefree – he began to gallop in such a lanky, awkward, yet carefree way and you could almost see him smile. It was such a delight for all of us to watch!! God showed me through this aging arthritic dog who didn’t have a whole lot of youth left in him, that you are never too old to enjoy a romp with some new friends!!

  18. The Lord gave me a glimpse of a hummingbird this morning. Now this is rare because I live in Orlando and they don’t stay here, they only pass through on their migration path. So to be standing at my kitchen window at just the right moment to see one of Gods beautiful creations was not by accident. Thank you Lord.

  19. Dropping my daughter off at college two weeks ago was so emotionally and spriritually moving. Knowing she’s alright and in fact enjoying herself and embracing the challenge of the classwork and homesickness all the while making new friends and experiencing new things. We’re empty nesters now which comes with its exciting changes – and challenges of missing my girl. All the while, I have felt God’s presense, a comfort I can’t describe in words but can only feel. I’m so very thankful.

  20. As a nurse in a retirement home, I find I am running all the time. But as I pray that God use me to minister to each one of these individuals, it is important to slow my pace and look at the little things they value. As I take the time, it is wonderful to then see that twinkle in their eye, and smile on their face. Then again, on their hard days this focus shows me the pain in their eyes, and I know that God can give me the wisdom and ability to help ease their burden. Each time I pause, God shows me how He can use me and that brings joy and excitement to my heart.

  21. The other day I walked into a hotel where I recently stayed for 4 months while going through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The reaction of the woman behind the counter when she saw me was one of those wonderful WOW moments for me. We shared one if those healing Hugs! I felt even more blessed as she was telling my Mom how much they all loved me and 2 more employees walk in and both come hug me. God only knew how much in my heart I needed those hugs. Thank You Lord!

  22. God used a customer at work to pray for my husband and I. We are at a place I’ve never dreamed we would be and God is still my peace and refuge!

  23. Early this morning I was walking my dogs at our usual spot down by the Hudson River. It was a warm morning for September and the early morning sky was tinged pink. The smell of the river filled the air and made me breathe deeply. Instead of rushing our walk, I paused to throw sticks in the water for the dogs to swim after and fetch. Nothing extraordinary or unusual, but amazing! My heart was filled with gratitude for God’s creation!

  24. When God puts people in your life right when you need them!

  25. Just being here right now, knowing all will be alright!

  26. We visited my 91 year-old mother this last weekend. She has senile dementia, but still recognizes all of us and interacts with us. She gets worried so easily, by any change in her routine, or the imminent departure of one of her 5 children. It is amazing to me how her demeanor changes as soon as I start to sing an old favorite song called “Cheer Up, Ye Saints of God.” She is all smiles again! She forgets so much, yet still is calmed and cheered by the reminder of God’s blessings.

  27. My amazing moment is sitting on the floor playing with my 9 month and 2 year old granddaughters, laughing and hugging, enjoying their company…..

  28. Thank you for this reminder to celebrate…..the “little things” that …YES – are the “big things”. I was blessed to have my USAF son home for the Labor Day weekend and came downstairs to find he and his college student twin had fallen asleep on the sectional couch at opposite ends with the empty gatorade bottles and chip bags on the coffee table…I paused and just breathed it in saying “thank you God”. – Warmed my soul!

  29. Miriam Mckinstry :

    Driving home from school drop off, and seeing a mother deer with her twin fawns along with the cool autumn weather , smells, leaves beginning to change, captured my senses and reminded me of God’s blessings all around

  30. Last week while visiting family in Northern Michigan we took the trail down to the lake at 1030 pm in a quest to see the coveted Northern Lights. They had been seen the night before and we were determined to see something that night. Wrapped in blankets we sat on the dock and were utterly amazed at the Milky Way, the planets, constellations, and shooting stars. Even the mist creeping across the lake was beautiful. We quietly sang songs, a friend quoted scripture, we felt quite small, but very loved by the creator. After hot chocolate and quick goodnights, my husband and I left. I was expressing to him my disappointment on not seeing the Northern Lights, but at the same time so grateful for the beauty in what we did see. As we turned a corner, there they were, dancing above the expanse of a huge field. With the Big Dipper displayed in the background, we saw the bright green streaks of the Northern Lights. We watched in amazement for 20 minutes, while whispering, “thank you”. Truly feeling loved.

  31. Its amazing how I’ve seen God work through our discipled by Jesus group. Overtime someone brings something up and all of us pause in amazement because we just read a devotion or God had just spoke to one of us about that very same thing. How amazing it is to see God at work and know that its truly him.

  32. The beauty we discovered when exploring a new trail by our home last weekend.

  33. Stopping to take the moment to look around at my beautiful surroundings and realizing how blessed I truly am

  34. Seeing and hearing God’s amazing work in a youth camp while I was on a missions trip in Portugal.

  35. Having my new college student daughter call me and tell me that she turned down going to a club with new because she didn’t want to be in that atmosphere. She tells me so many things….good bad…but in that moment I was so very proud of her taking the high road.

  36. The pitter patter of little feet running rampant on my wood floor.

  37. This morning I woke up to find a text from my daughter away at college telling me that she loves me, misses me, and can’t wait to see me and her brother.

  38. Prayers being answered!

  39. I’m a single Mom of a 15 year son. Because of high functioning Autism, he does not like hugs or even a hand on his shoulder. Besides, he’s a teenage boy! We got a new Great Pyrenees puppy over the summer and he has turned into the biggest huggable dog! I’m so in love with this white mass of fur and so appreciate having him seek me out demanding hugs!

  40. We went on a much needed day trip. Cruising along the highway, traffic came to a stand still. We waited and waited and waited. The odor of asphalt filled the air- the stretch of road was being resurfaced.
    I glanced out the window, and was in awe! There was a multitude of butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds covering a field of wildflowers!
    Lesson relearned… unexpected stops can reveal His glory! Be on the lookout!

  41. Watching my 3 horses run at full gallop from the barn to the top of the pasture.

  42. After spending my previous 55 years totally landlocked, we moved to a new apartment a few blocks from the ocean, The day we moved in last week was beautiful…sunny and warm, with a lovely breeze. I entered my new home for the first time and flung wide the door to the balcony and opened all the windows. I was so grateful for my new home and the sea air flowing through it.

  43. Visiting my mother-in-law and reading scripture to her. She lies in bed holding my hand with her eyes closed and a smile on her face.

  44. I am always going I never seem to be able to sit down. Well yesterday (September 8) I was doing my normal routine and all of a sudden I just decided to take a break and sit and not just for 2 min it was a break of just sitting down and taking everything in around me. I enjoyed it and relaxed with my daughters the rest of the day

  45. Yesterday on my daubed, as I was busy doing bills, cleaning house, looking around at all the unfinished projects that we needed to get done around here, I realized that I never seem to slow down…in my mind or body. I’m very much a type A person which isn’t all bad. But I’m always go, go, go! I never just relax. I’m always on to the next thing. At that moment, I talked to God and told Him all these things and just asked Him to help me just “be”. Be content. Be still. At that moment I was overcome by gratitude. I just felt so thankful in all that I had… Family, a home, even unfinished projects! I am making a convoys effort to stop and enjoy the little things.

  46. Michelle Pettit :

    This past weekend I was delighted to go mountain biking with my 13 year old son. Nothing extreme, but fun for both of us. I could barely keep up, ok well, I couldn’t keep up, but my son took pleasure in leading the way, showing off, and waiting for me. The mountains of MT coupled with my son’s big grins as he showed me over and over how he could “get big air” filled my heart with gratitude and joy. Thank you Lord for the little moments.

  47. My son turning around to give me a hug as he heads into he Sunday School class.

  48. I trail ride on my horse usually several times a week with friends. Even though we often ride the same trail I find joy in seeing one of God’s creations. It may be a tiny flower, a butterfly, or a cloud. All are beautiful!

  49. Feeling rather dejected and upset due to recent family challenges I was out for a morning walk one day this week. Having missed my regular walking group by a few minutes, I decided to set out alone, and was asking God to speak to me as I walked. Heading around a corner towards the pathway home, I noticed a workman painting a fire hydrant up ahead. As I got closer I saw his vehicle had the doors wide open, and I heard the most beautiful worship music……….music that I own actually, and that speaks to me very deeply…..
    God did speak to me in a very unique way that morning, not only that He sees me, but that He knows the music that touches my heart, and He cares so much, that He arranged for my walk to be solitary, for that workman, for that music to be playing the very right time…..
    What a loving Father He is…….and He longs to be more more involved in my life than I realize !!!

  50. Sometime we need to rest and examine ourselves whether we are in tune with God.
    We sometime rush ourselves for Him while on the other side we become disappointed because we forget to let Him guide us.

  51. My 4th baby was born 9 weeks ago tomorrow. Even though she’s not my first, I feel as much love and excitement for each new thing she does as if she’s my first one.
    Yesterday she smiled her first real smile at me as she heard me call her name.
    There’s nothing like that feeling in the world, although your own child smiling is equally amazing, it’s just different.

  52. I love how my 3rd grader still wants me to walk him to his class. And when we watch movies will still snuggle up for most of the movie. Simple, but I know those moments will become less.

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