When The World Says You Can Have It All

When The World Says You Can Have It All

Do you ever find yourself buying something you really don’t need?

Maybe it’s on sale. Maybe not.

In a moment of weakness, do you ever simply declared, “I deserve this. Yes I do … I can’t have it all, but I can have THIS … so there, I will … and I’ll be happier once it’s mine.”

The world is quick to say, “You can have it all!” but it leaves us with empty promises. Every. Single. Time.

We fall for this myth then spend our time planning and buying; comparing and scheming, all to get what we want – when we want it.

With all that pursuing, we avoid asking a key question:

What will chasing this dream of having it all actually cost me?

Let me save you some time by answering that question: –> a lot. a whole lot.

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way and I’m tattling on myself today. Sharing a personal story with an inside scoop on Encouragement For Today through the Proverbs 31 website.

You can click here to read all about it. Oh, and if you’ve wandered over from the P31 site, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve discovered that the exhausting pursuit of this world’s definition for having it all only leaves a person with deep cravings of wanting more. Cravings laced with discontentment. Cravings that can never be fully satisfied.

Contentment is not found in acquiring more things, living in a nicer house, having a stellar job, bringing home a bigger paycheck, marrying Mr Right (or Mrs. Right, for the few anonymous guys reading this post) or having a large following on social media.

True contentment – the kind that satisfies your soul in any situation – can only be found in experiencing God.

That’s why I’m so excited to give away 2 copies of I Want It All on my blog this week. It’s a brand new book written by my dear friend, Gwen Smith. Check out the book trailer and Gwen’s video below then I’ll tell you more:

“I Want It All will ignite a fire in your heart to experience God in such a way that you’ll have more faith, more power, and more impact. More of Jesus. All of Jesus. Everything that God has for you.” ~ Gwen Smith

Instead of pursuing the empty promises of this world, you can have the abundance of what God offers and the rich promises that He established with you in mind. Proof the those blessings are recorded in His Word and made known to us by His Son.

Jesus has already made these gifts available for you. He is the key to accessing it … all of it!


Gwen gives practical help in I Want It All on how to connect your life with the promises of God so you can know the fullness He has called you to. gwensmithbanner

Enter this week’s drawing by leaving a comment below which answers one of these two questions:

  1. What makes you feel the most discontent and why?
  2. If you had a private conversation with Jesus, how would you describe your level of contentment?


If you have a prayer request, leave it in the comments below. Although I can’t respond to every request, I read each one and promise to pray for you today! 

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  1. Carletta Banks :

    I understand every word each lady has spoken. I so want contentment in my life but I keep chasing discontentment then I ask my self what is going on. It’s like I’m in this big old circle going around and around come back to the same old thing. I’m really tried I really need to experience Jesus for real.

  2. I need a good man.
    Other than that, I am content.

  3. Hello all, I know I’m very late to the “gathering,” but hopefully comments are still being read.

    Leah – thank you for such an insightful piece, and for sharing a vulnerable part of your life to help others who are struggling.

    1. I have always struggled with anxiety in general, a worrier by nature. As I’ve grown into adulthood, I’ve noticed that normal stressors/worries turn into discontentment (and sometimes anger) if I’m unable to stop the loop (those of my sisters with anxiety issues know what I’m referring to). So currently, I’m discontent in almost every area of my life because of an emotionally abusibe relationship over the Christmas holidays. I am so very thankful that I did, that I have a family who loves me and built a prayer and physical fortress around me, friends who supported me, and that God shook some sense into me (hard) and I finally understood what I needed to do. All of that said, I HATE to admit that this ex and the ordeal has caused so much residual discontentment in my life because there are people who have it SO much worse than I do. I feel guilty for feeling discontent…which then causes me anxiety because I know nothing good ever comes with being frustrated with God or questioning Him about His plan.

    2. I would first thank God for loving me and being patient with me. I would acknowledge that He knows my heart and therefore already knows my level of discontentment better than I can describe it. I would ask again for peace that surpasses all understanding.

  4. Stacy Fortenberry :

    I read through some of the comments; your devotional and blog met heart-needs. So inspiring. I am learning that being discontent is not being close to God. Intimacy with Him is priceless. I have so much to learn! Thank you for sharing your walk with Christ. I so appreciate your realness-makes me want more in my relationship with Christ.
    God bless!

  5. I am still trying to “have it all” as I establish myself in my downsized townhouse on a disability budget. It is a difficult mindset to break, even when I know that I am going to be living on spare change before my next check arrives. Because I lost so much in a horrendous divorce, lost my career and most of my savings fighting to first, stay in the workforce despite my physical limitations and second, wading and despairing through the application denials and the depression that consumed me, I still want it all. I still have that erroneous entitlement mindset, ordering “stuff” on-line, buying junk in thrift shops, gifting birthdays and holidays for everyone that was on the list when I lived in a two-income, upper middle class tax bracket. I need this book!

  6. I am discontent in almost every area of my life. The people I work with who go on big vacations. People who don’t work and are able to stay home. I have not had an easy marriage and now my husband has lung cancer and I feel guilt because I wonder if I did enough for my marriage. I could go on, but I will say that I totally get what you are saying about de cluttering. I need that in my mind and my house and my life.

    • Thanks for being transparent, Sandy. I feel the same way at times, too.
      After 26 years of marriage and praying fervantly, with little changes, lately, anger towards God is building.
      What is not easy in your marriage?

  7. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement on being discontent. I find that I have several things I’m being discontent about. The hardest is with my husband. He is a good provider and a good person but he is struggling with discontentment with his company and it overflows into me. We have been very blessed and no need for ANY discontentment but it still creeps into our lives. I know that I have to trust God and his plans. Appreciate the prayers.

  8. I feel such discontentment in all areas it seems. I’m tired of feeling this way. I don’t want to feel this way. I want to be happy where I am with what I have, and learn to enjoy exactly where I am. Thank you for praying for me. Boy do I need it.

  9. I have felt the call of discontentment more lately. I know that God is the answer. I know I need more Jesus and less world. I pray God changes me, my heart! I want to have Him at my center and the me built on that foundation…pray for me. He has blessed me abundantly and I feel unworthy and discontent. Don’t know how else to say it.

  10. This was such the perfect post for me right now and I have been studying those verses since. God is taking us through a very difficult financial time right now, though we are excited to see how He is using this stuggle to grow us. We know it is all in His hands and He has big things planned. We are praising Him for how He is working through this time. Your post was just another example of how He is working. I have always gotten whatever material item I thought I “needed” and it has lead to clutter and still a want for more. In this time when I cannot buy anything, God has been nudging me to clear out and give away and it is so freeing! Prayers are welcome for my husbands company and thank you so much for just the words I needed to hear!

  11. If I had a conversation w Jesus , I’d tell of how I long for the things I don’t have that my friends do. Knowing that keeping up w the jones Isnt important but deep down I still long for it. More things , bigger home, fancy vacations. Thank you for the devotional . Exactly the words I needed to hear

  12. I so appreciate your devotional on Prov31. I struggle with hanging on to things. I have such a hard time getting rid of stuff and then I buy more and don’t get rid of much at all. It has caused even conflict in our marriage. I think ultimately it comes down to not trusting that God will supply ALL my needs, and He loves to give good gifts to His children. I am so blessed with soo much. I need to rest in Him and what He has given me through Jesus Christ alone. Since it is a struggle to go through stuff and get rid of stuff then I just don’t do it at all and it just mushrooms. I need prayer to do the hard thing (at least for me) honor my husband’s requests and desire, which ultimately honors my Heavenly Father. Why is it so hard for some of me to get rid of stuff? It’s only stuff and I can’t take it with me when I die! I know my dad struggles with this too. I see it happening in my children too. I need the Lord to help me make it a priority since it really stresses my husband and it is the right thing to do! This devotion was very helpful to me! Thank you!

  13. It always amazes me that when I need encouragement in a specific situation, the Lord shows me how I can work through it. I just “happened” upon this devotional and these words were exactly what I needed to hear. I struggle with discontentment daily. From things like my frustrations with my job, my marriage and especially how I am selfish with my time. Thank you for writing these words and reinforcing my need to always seek the Lord when my feelings of discontent overwhelm me. I really want to read Gwen Smith’s book now too!

  14. I realized that the things I am most discontent with are ALL material things and of the world. Size of my house, the hand me down furniture, the mismatched place settings, the outdated kitchen…but none of those bigger and newer will make me any more content. My old saying…Some people will always have more and some people will always have less, be content with what YOU have and what God has provided. Thank you God for the roof over my head (no matter the size), for the food in my refrigerator (no matter how dated or dirty it is), and for the clothes in my closet (even if they are hand me downs or 10 years old). You have always provided and will continue to. AMEN.

  15. Leah,
    Thank you so much for this blog and for your devotion on the Proverbs 31 site. Your words spoke directly to my heart as discontentment has been my struggle for so long. God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and three beautiful perfect boys yet I cannot let go of my earthly desires for more stuff…. Stuff that I know means nothing and only holds a fleeting moment of joy or contentment. Please pray that God will move my heart to change. I pray that he will stir in me a desire to make a big momentous change and that in that, I will not turn back but that I will keep moving forward. I know my joy, my peace and my contment can come through Him alone…..but I struggle to let go. Thank you for your prayers and for your written words!

  16. Mija Higdon :

    I am stuck in a big discontent tent. I have so much to be thankful for and I waist it away on the lies Satan holds out in front of me, dangling, saying here Mija just one more, it’ll be okay you wont miss your son that much Mija if you leave his life, he’s only seven he’s almost grown, it’ll be okay God will take care of him. or the lies that say its okay to let your people who abused you from your past back into you life Mija, just forgive and let go. it’ll be okay, or how bout the lie that says that new phone would look so good on you and you would be so cool. or the lie that says just go live in your car you don’t need this stress anymore, you’d be much more happier then. or the lie that says turn your back on God it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t matter. who is he I ask, All these pile high lies and I just cling to them and wallow, I am so stuck in a mut and I want out, my flesh is so strong and I am so weak, I want to be born again and be content in Jesus Christ, yet my flesh screams, I speak of bravery and courage for regeneration, then get to work and indulge on monster sprees and sweets, thinking it’ll be okay one day i’ll be strong, one day i’ll let go. or I stay depressed mainly because my life is so out of balance. please pray for me, please..

    • Mina, Jesus can set you free from all of these lies that are holding you down. His truth will flood lightness into the dark places of your soul and make you new again. The battle against Satan cannot be won in our own strength but only through the redemption work of Jesus which He completed in the cross. Jesus loves you and wants you to experience His abundance of love, joy and peace. Say yes to Jesus and receive His grace today.

      • thank you for your encouragement!!

      • Hey there, I would love for you to pray for me. I am a teen, and I make money off of selling my art on Instagram, which is SUCH. Big blessing! I have earned quite a bit, but there has been this gap where work has been scarce, and I am not earning As much as I used to, resulting in discontentment. The fact is, it’s taking over my mind. All day.. “How can I make more money, is my art good enough, will I ever” Jesus revealed today that I was obviously, discontent. I need some prayer for me to break the chain, to put Jesus above money and perseverance! So I’d love if you’d prayfor me ❤️ Thank you!

  17. stephanie thomm :

    I too am in process moving. It is overwhelming. I need a prayer that all goes well with new area and finances. Plus fiance may have cancer find out in a week. Very overwhelmed right now.

  18. Hi Leah, thank you so much for this wonderful blog. You stirred up so much within me. I am separated from my husband of 25 years. A few years back he decided his retirement money was his and at the same time he encouraged me to take on the responsibility of his grandson with the proviso he would help. Never happened. I already had a problem with spending to ease anxiety and to give myself a temporary sense of being okay but the last 3 years has made the tug of war even worse. I have sought God and he has eased many battles to keep going and learning to be content. But at 65 I am still waking up at 3 AM -less than before- but still wondering what can be done next not to fall into the financial abyss. Thank you again for being a place I can be real.

  19. Christianne McCall :

    If you had a private conversation with Jesus, how would you describe your level of contentment: I’m always discontent. My job, my MARRIAGE, my life…I’m never satisfied; never happy. Always wanting more; something better, new. Especially in my marriage..we don’t have sex so I’m very unhappy. I look for outside sources for contentment. I don’t cheat, but I flirt. I’m sorry Lord but I’m lonely.

  20. Bobbi Wineberg :

    I guess what makes me the most discontent is not feeling I’m doing all I can and leaving God out of the busyness of ministering to His people. I get overwhelmed with all the things that come up that I don’t understand or can’t fix or don’t know what to do. I guess I try to do God’s work too much.

  21. I have had major financial burdens the past year due to medical issues, and it seems to have really hit hard here recently. I prayed on the way to work this morning for God to ease this burden, open a door, anything, to make ends meet, and to make my stress more manageable. See, I suffer from epilepsy, which by the grace of God has been under control for about 18 months now. But stress is a # 1 trigger…so now I’m worrying about the possibility of having seizures again bc of the stress from my finances. Does that make sense?? It’s like a down hill slope. God knew I needed to read this today! Any prayers would be gladly accepted! Thank you for what you do!!

  22. I woke up burdened today by my husband reminding of a bill do that we didn’t have the money to pay for but had to pay. I knew I needed to read Gods word for comfort and as soon as I opened my email this devotional was the first I saw. I needed to hear it but I’m still and always do, struggle with contentment. In my appearance, in my ability to be a good wife and mother, and certainly in my finances. I ask myself, we are good people who would give to those who need it and not be greedy so why do we struggle? Is it wrong to want to be able to pay our bills, and just have a little extra for my family? My husband works hard to provide and I know this makes him feel inadequate as a provider, but he is far from it. Help me to appreciate and accept where we are before one day it’s all gone. Accept, love and passion for my marriage. Help me stop picking out all the wrongs my kids do and enjoy the moments before they resent me. Please Lord in your name.

  23. Thank you for this devotional. My daughter has health problems and I am reminded that things are not that important any more. Thank you for the prayers for me and my family.

  24. Thank you kindly for your prayers. I pray that I will hear Gods voice more clear when HE is prompting me to make better choices and that I will be obedient and follow his guidance and be content with the choices I make that lead me closer to HIM.

  25. Leah, what a sweet sister you are to offer to pray for me, for us. My heart jumped when I read that in today’s devotional. I feel guilty even stating what I’m discontent about. There must be something wrong with me to be discontent with a good job, a really good job. But, the simple truth is I am and I don’t know if it’s a prompt to be more content with what He’s provided or a prompt that it’s time to move where my skills can be of greater use. Please pray for me and my heart. I’m depressed and shouldn’t be with all the gifts God has given me. Thank you.

  26. After 30 years of ministry, a painful church experience led my pastor husband to resign. He’s now trying to make a living as a salesman, but even with my job we aren’t making enough to pay the bills. One of our teenage daughters is having medical issues, so the bills keep piling up. We are looking for a smaller, cheaper house, so your Proverbs 31 devotional really hit home. As I look around at all our “stuff” I keep thinking how much money we’ve wasted on things we didn’t really need, and how I wish I had that money back now to pay bills. It’s not that we were ever that extravagant, but I’ve been lured by SALE signs too many times. 🙁 The older I get the more I realize that stuff is just stuff – and less is definitely better.

    I would really appreciate your prayers. Please pray for my husband to find the job that God has for him. Please pray for my daughter as she faces surgery next week. And pray that all of us will trust God to heal our wounded hearts and provide for our needs. God bless you!

  27. I ask for prayers! I needed this reminder, that I have all I want and need in Jesus. At times, I feel inadequate next to my breadwinner hubby, being that I stay home with my boys and moonlight as extra help at my hubby’s business. I really am trying to be creative on how to add extra income from my end but it seems the avenues I am exploring are duds or they don’t bring in the big dollars i wished they did. I can go and get a job easily, but then guilt sets in for finding a sitter for my youngest son. I have the skill set to warrant a freelancing opportunity but I rack my brain trying to find the first step to go into that direction. So, with discontent, I turn to wants. And wants cost money. So please pray along with me So I replace my truth about what I do, with God’s truth!

  28. I need courage to surrender if this is a “God change my heart” situation. I have pushed hard for years to have an allowance, bank account and credit card at the expense of hurt, anger and strain in our marriage. I am learning how to manage money in this electronic society and how much I need the practice. I ask for God’s direction – do I return what money has been begrudingly given and accept that my purchases will be scrutinized while I have no say on expensive purchases for my husband’s enjoyment. He refuses to budget or tithe yet my account gives me the opportunity to do so. This is not a little thing for either of us. I need prayer support.

  29. Hi Friends, I’ve been reading through your comments and admire your transparency. I think discontentment is a universal issue that most of us struggle with – some on a seasonal or circumstantial basis – others on an ongoing basis.

    When I find myself feeling discontent over something I ask the question, “Leah, is this discontentment rooted in earthly desires or spiritual treasures?” That one question can quickly shine light on the truth and helps me become keenly aware of the intentions that are hidden behind my feelings.

    I’m praying for each of you by name as I bring your prayer requests before our LORD.
    Sweet Blessings ~ Leah

    • I have struggled to feel “good enough” most of my life. I know in my heart it is not going to work, but I keep thinking if I had a bigger, fancier house, I would feel adequate. My husband’s business of five years is failing. Our house is collateral on the loan so we will most likely lose our house in the next six months and have to claim bankruptcy. We have spent almost all of our retirement money trying to keep the business afloat. Now I feel as if God is punishing me for not being satisfied with what he gave me to begin with. I have also been a sucker for sales and clearance. Trying to fill my house with “stuff” to make up for not having a house as nice as my friends. My oldest daughter struggles in school so we have to pay quite a bit for her tutoring. I have never been so terrified in my life as I am right now. I have no idea where the four of us will live. Could you please pray that God will guide us as we make some difficult decisions down the road, and that our marriage can stay strong? Thank you so much for being honest and admitting your struggles

  30. I find myself discontent with my vehicle that needs repairs that are expensive but we are not in a position to buy a new vehicle. I just want to not worry about finding money for repairs and just have a sound vehicle. I know I’m blessed more than others that don’t even have a vehicle, so I feel guilty for being discontent. Prayers that I can be content and let go of my frustration and work with what I have. Thank you

  31. I buy things for contentment and all I want is things and more things. Please pray for me! I also have step children that I don’t care for. Their lazy and take advantage of my husband. Disrespectful! I pray God will give me a love for them and my step grandchildren

  32. Your devotional about unnecessary purchases struck a nerve with me. I am a clothes hog! I have way more clothes than I need but I keep buying more. One reason is I’ve gained a lot of weight (thanks menopause! ) and I did need to buy clothes to fit(my weight is an area of discontentment ). So please pray that I will be content with what I have.
    I’m also very discontent with my marriage. My husband, who was a Christian when we married 30 years ago, has become an atheist. He has been laid off and wants to “retire” at age 57. We have been separated for 4 years and I have wanted to get a divorce but I can’t afford it and I can’t seem to bring myself to do it. I so long for a husband who will take care of me, our home (its falling apart!) and contribute to family finances. I’m deeply in debt. Yes, some of it is my fault but a majority of it is because he has not helped to support our family for a long time. He has pretty much only taken care of himself. Please pray. I’m not sure what to pray for; his salvation or me getting the courage to divorce.

  33. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I just closed on my house 2 days ago, I am quite stunned at the timing of this message. God must be speaking to my heart. I am most discontent buy believing the world’s lie that money can buy happiness. And, for realizing all the opportunities I missed, by chasing things that did not matter, acquiring stuff and more stuff our of want instead of need – some stuff I never even used. Most of all, I am shaken the realization that life material things are temporary and it’s relationships that count the most.

    If I was having a conversation with Jesus today, I would say my level of discontent as it relates to how I have lived my life and sought temporary “stuff” to fill the hole in my soul that only He can fill. I would ask Jesus for help in understanding how to live out his promises – how to make the connection between reading His Word and applying it to my life. I would ask Him to please help me bridge the gap of where I am to where He wants me to be.

  34. Hi there,

    Isn’t it interesting that we have all these issues of discontentment in common?
    What I’m in awe of strangely, is that I’m not alone and that it IS quite common, to have these struggles. That in itself gives me hope because I’m not the only one and isolated with these issues.
    Yes there are issues to be addressed and I’m already confident that God is already moving mightily on all our behalf…
    We’ve opened a door of more mercies, more blessings and favour simply by being honest and sharing our hearts. Don’t think that’s a small issue to God!
    We are on our way. We were made for victory.
    I too have struggled with wanting more and spending more, I’ve made progress and really feel Leah’s post was actually, a final goodbye for me to that way of filling up.
    It REALLY is about Jesus, He can help us make us the right choices and His grace can turn any difficult situation into victory. Seek Him. Seek Him. Seek Him. And… Cast ALL your fears.

  35. Amy Wallis Hood :

    Wow…just left comment yesterday on Gwen Smith’s page! I SO want that book, I WANT IT ALL bc after reading dozens of all kinds of books from you ladies, it continues to spur me on in the right direction! Thank you for that and for all that God speaks into your lives to reach others!

    My longgggg conversation with Jesus might be something like this…

    Jesus, I look back over my 50 years and I do see where you rescued me, where you healed me, and where you guided me along the right path with You! I see the blessings you so lovingly placed in my life; my sweet, awesome family for instance! My spiritual gifts, humor, and personality to love others where ever they are…those are all blessings from you! To stand strong by your name and try to do what you would do Jesus~ Even after some of the not so church, ugly girl things I did…you were still there for me and met me where I was. But this one thing I’ve been asking from you for years: Please Lord, Jesus, take away the doubt, the insecurity and when I’m the lowest, the depression that has hung over my head for so long. I know it’s in our family genetics but my 2 sisters and I know it ends with us so the next generation will be free from that bondage! I wonder and think Jesus that You must let that discontentment linger until I fully obey the calling I believe you have planned for me long ago, but help my unbelief and hesitation to go for…that Mentoring Ministry, that dream to be a Christian Motivational Speaker, and You know the rest Lord! I know you have given me those gifts to pursue You and these goals for Your glory! Like when you gave me the supernatural strength to share my testimony a few weeks ago in front of 200 high school students/adults(with my 9thand 12th grader in there)! And I know that was the Holy Spirit guiding me bc of the girls that came up to talk to me afterwards and still last week! But Lord, bc of the weaknesses You also gave me(and some are just straight from the enemy)…insecurities, lack of confidence at times, ADHD that I know I have, not feeling qualified to teach your word, haunted from past failures and bc I haven’t read the bible all the way through from knowing my ADHD issue(even though it’s marked up like a coloring book and hanging by threads), I know you are waiting for me…but I feel like I’m still in the wait. Maybe not ready bc you have more to teach me. Please clearly reveal Your purpose for me as I grow older and as my children soon leave the nest. Jesus, I’m still after that assurance that I’m hearing You right and waiting on doors to open…please continue to put people in my path and lavish on me that supernatural strength to carry out whatever it is You will be to do. I love you Jesus and am after your heart…still! Amy

  36. We moved almost 4 years ago to a small town, which was a dream of ours, only to fall into the most discontentment ever. Small town, surrounded by new cars, campers, every toy imaginable, and rich farmers. It is so hard to keep my eyes on God, but He is faithful, He reminds me often that my riches are in heaven. Also, in cold country, we don’t eat as healthy as we used to, I need help praying for this and that we would do our best to exercise. Thank you.

  37. I often feel discontent when I dwell on the things I need to be doing more often: cleaning, spending more quality time with my 3 year old, studying for grad school. I also spend too much time being disappointed in the things we do not have, rather than focusing on (and being thankful) for the things we do!

  38. I feel the most discontented when I take my eyes off of my Lord and compare myself to others. My husband and I are going through one of the roughest times of our lives with our family business. I don’t know at times how we are going to pay our bills and my husband is getting very bitter and depressed. We have never been in such a situation and it is very humbling and hard but I am trying to learn what God is teaching me. I know he wants me to be satisfied with him and him only. Your devotional hit home so much today. Thank you.

  39. I have been feeling discontent in my heart and I think it stems from lack of time spent in the word. Our house is in need of some updates: flooring and painting. But instead, I am focusing time online choosing (not buying) all new decor. I should be focusing on ways to connect with God. As others have stated, social media can lead to feelings of discontent as well. As much, as I know, people’s lives aren’t perfect, I find myself coveting the vacation pics, and experiences I see, others who appear to be a better wife and/or mother. I appreciate your post today and I working to focus my heart on Jesus and seek contentment in all He can bring me.

  40. Praying for all the women who’ve already commented. I share many of these struggles. Discontentment has reigned in my heart & wreaked havoc for many years. It often creeps in unrecognized & expresses itself to my family as “mom frustration”. It can be finances, the mundane daily life, children struggles, marital struggles, weight & food obsessions, over-scheduled, clutter, obsession with buying “more”, etc. etc. Praying I truly see Jesus as my “ALL”, and stop giving in to the lies of the enemy. Thank you for your transparency and love for women and for this post.

  41. I have worked for a business organization for over 12 years and was moved around in three different departments. In those years, I have been verbally abused, purposefully made to feel inadequate (almost invisible), devalued as a human being, and it has been strongly suggested a few times by my “big” boss that I need to “move on.” I have remained in this current position because I have felt the Lord wanted to use me to witness to my non-believer supervisor and I make a good salary with great benefits, which is hard to find a new job at my age. Approaching 60 years of age, my husband has offered that I can retire at the end of this year because we inherited some money and we’ve saved. He is self employed and will semi-retire, as well. My fear of not having “enough” money to do activities above and beyond our everyday life are weighing heavy on me and I am “afraid” my husband will be very demanding and controlling of our funds. We have three grown daughters, two grandsons, and one granddaughter due next week and I want to be able to enjoy trips to see them and travel a little. Do I sound petty and selfish just looking for something to complain about or do these fears seem like something that we need to discuss? I know the Lord has allowed these difficulties in my work life for His purpose and to grow and strengthen my faith. It has been a nightmare at times, but I have prayed diligently for Him to move me…and doors were not opened when I tried to apply for other jobs. We are blessed beyond measure…but, my inner spirit is not at peace and I am concerned that I am not walking in God’s will if I retire this year. Please pray for us. God bless you….

  42. Polly Schneider :

    Please pray for my husband, he suffers from a mental illness and is in the psychiatric ward of the hospital right now. He has battled mental illness most of his adult life and now as he is getting older he has some dementia issues. It is a very hard time for me and our three children. Pray that the LORD will heal him if it is His will and that I can keep on loving him no matter what. Thanks for your encouraging post today.

  43. I have been discontented with our family business. The lack of work leaves me frustrated when I am praying continuously for God to provide. We go out and actively pursue jobs, but can’t seem to get contracts and I don’t understand why. I pray God will help me to be content with what we have…what He provides.

  44. Stephanie H. :

    I feel most discontent when I am on social media! Seeing everyone’s “perfect” lives and vacations and new purchases causes me to feel a bit of envy and to feel like my life isn’t nearly as exciting as their lives. I am starting to cut social media out of my life and it’s so freeing (and also frees up so much time)!

  45. Leah, I appreciated your devotion today. Honestly, I’m not content in my life right now. I’m really trying to find purpose in my life right now. I got divorced 3 years ago after being married for almost 19 years. My kids are growing up & don’t need Mom as much. So, I’m thinking what now? What is there for me? I know that Jesus came to give me abundant life and I want that Abundant life, but I don’t know what that looks like or how to achieve it. Please pray for me. Thank you!

  46. Cindy mattern :

    I feel most discontent when I fail to realize all that God has for me and when I let the circumstances around me define who I am in Chrust. I try and remind myself that circumstances do not define who I am in Christ but sometimes those circumstances will win out if I let them.

  47. Deborah Fischer :

    I feel discontent when I do not have my time with the Lord each day, anchoring myself in Him first. I want, I need, I deserve….all subtly an aggressively sneak in like a tide rushing in to shore – overwhelming me and taking my focus off Jesus. Heb13:5 I pray today – Be Free! Be Satisfied! God my Lord is my Help!

  48. What a great God we serve! I was praying for wisdom this morning and “not my will but thy will be done.” I was asking God to help me be more content and to be more giving. I love how God answers our prayers. Thank you for the encouragement!

  49. Thank you for your blog and beautiful words this morning. I meet with a Bankruptcy Attorney this afternoon, because of the desire for wanting more than I need and worshiping materialistic items over God. I pray and know that God had my hand each step of the way, but I pray for guidance in making the right decisions as I feel I am drowning in my own stupid actions.

  50. WOW how refreshing to read your blog this morning. Just what I needed. My prayer request is for my children and their addictions and pains. I ask for healing of my marriage and inner self

  51. Leah, praise God for your P31 devotion and your blog post! It really hit me, I am so blessed yet always want more-material things, promotions at work, degrees, titles, etc.! I have an addiction it seems to spending, and am in huge debt. I always justify my purchases. Please pray for me to have God help me search my heart, clean out all my ungodly attitudes, and learn to be content in Him and His provisions. I think it all relates to insecurity and low self-esteem. Lord help me to find my worth in You, not stuff or titles or accomplishments. I plan to read Gwen’s book and would love to win it! Thank you Leah and God bless you!

  52. I am discontent with my marriage and the state of my life. I know thats a pretty depressing statement but if I had to be honest, that’s how I feel a lot of the time. I do have positive things going on also & am grateful for that. I am a Godly woman who prays daily and seeks God for guidance, grace, strength and wisdom and I know He hears me. I also know that today’s devotional came right on time simply because I too can fall into the trap of spending and buying only to realize it’s just a failed attempt to fill the voids in my life. Thank you for your prayers.

  53. Before having children I was what I thought to be a very patient and joyful person. I mean I taught elementary school for 11 years!! 🙂 Fast forward to having 2 boys in the span of 15 months from each other, and I can literally feel the happy being rubbed off more and more everyday. I seem to have lost my joy and patience and along with it myself. Because I give most of myself to my family and others on a daily basis, spending money here and there can be my way of trying to fill my voided need instead of taking that time that I would be shopping and being with the One who can only fill that need! Thank you for your devotion today, it really resonated deeply in my spirit! Blessings!

  54. I am not feeling very content with life at the moment though it has nothing to do with physical possessions. I am incredibly lonely and dealing with relationship demons from the past. During this most recent downturn, I am finding it even harder to reach out to God. I reached out to my minister when I was in the darkest place and he didn’t even make time to meet with me; I think that made me become a bit disheartened with my faith. I’m trying to reach out to God. I’m trying to pray. This is not the life I want to live!

    • Elizabeth–God loves you!!! Never ever forget that–even though the things of this world may test us, may annoy us, may get us down–the one true God is still there loving us. Today may look dreary, but trust and love God so that your tomorrow is glorious!!

  55. While I know that God made me who I am, I am discontent with feeling I am not good enough. The job I have is very hard, and looking for a new one, but God seems to have shut the door. I am trying to be content with job and do it as to the Lord and not man. I am also praying to be the wive God wants me to in a less then favorable circumstances.

  56. Seems like I spend so much time, money, and energy focusing on fashion. There are so many emails, sales, and things in this world that make me compare myself to others and feel discontentment. I desire to focus more on God’s promises for my life and this books sounds so helpful.

  57. My discontent is financial, similar to what was described in the blog. I buy because it’s a deal or just because I “need” it. I had decided I was going on a spending diet the month of April, only buying what I truly need (it needs to be on a list). It’s time to change and by giving this to God daily I can. Thank you Leah, this entry came at the perfect time. God is good.

  58. I’m discontent because I have lost the joy in my home school. I’m a homeschooler and each day I feel like I fail if I yell. I feel like a failure if our day is not as delightful as I imagined. I feel like a failure if my attitude is not right on a particular day. The mundane is driving me insane…

  59. I struggle with wanting it all…but I also struggle with an envious heart. I pray that God can help me not compare my “things” to other people’s “things.”

  60. I am discontent with my financial situation, i wish i had more money, with bills to pay and not enough money, am also discontent with not being in a relationship at 58, i get so discourage sometimes please pray for me. Thanks

  61. I came to your page after reading your post on the P31 website this morning. What a blessing it has been to me! I’ve been struggling with discontentment when I feel like I have an unproductive day. I’m a full time SAHM with two kids, and also run a business from home. Even though I know that there’s no way to “do it all” I feel like such a failure when I miss the mark. When all of the boxes on my “to do” list aren’t checked and completed, I beat myself up and am full of such discontent. I would love to win copy of Gwen’s book. It sounds like it will speak to my heart in such a needed way. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world and ministering to so many.

  62. I am discontent living in a home that has many problems including mold when we are trying to have a baby. Hoping the Lord will provide miracle housing so I don’t have to bring a child into this.

  63. Yes! This really spoke to me this morning, as things are very tight in our finances right now, and we have a too much debt to even think about. And in the age of Amazon Prime, it’s ridiculously easy to just get, get, get.

    I’m not sure I can even pinpoint where this discontentment comes from. It seems it’s been there all my life. But I do see ways that I try to mask it. Not just with buying things, but also in other areas, such as eating.

    I will really need the Lord to search my heart and make it clean. Please say a prayer for me as I turn this whole mess over to God. Thank you!

  64. Thank you for praying for me. Please pray for my hisband and I ( mainly me) to be a good steward over what the Lord has provided us. To not think that we need more money but to manage what we have better.

  65. I have struggled for years with discontentment in my marriage, some of it founded, but much of it unfounded, as I have learned of my unrealistic expectations. I have learned that only the Lord can meet my deepest needs and greatest expectations. Please pray that i can continue to keep my eyes on Jesus first and foremost! Thanks for your wonderful article!

  66. Thank you for your honesty and bravery. I have been so afraid and ashamed of admitting this truth to myself. After reading both your blogpost and your article on iDisciple I am now convinced God is speaking to me, also gently rebuking me to deal with this problem of materialism before it leads me away from God completely. It all began with books, then escalated to other things. I am currently in debt because of it. And the only debt I want to owe someone is the debt of love. Fortunately the debt isn’t a large sum, but then again, debt is debt. Please pray for me as I pray for you. I want to truly be content in Christ. It isn’t easy, but Christ is my reward so I need nothing else to satisfy me.

  67. Wow this is just what I needed this morning. We are in the midst of a finacial crisis because I just keep spending. Not so much on me, but on the grandkids and others. Pray that I will be healed of my need to overspend and that the Lord would help me seek him and not things. I am a survior of sexal abuse and have always felt not quite good enough. I try to buy my way into feeling loved by others. Even when I know that my family loves me and that they aren’t going anywhere. Thanks for this word this morning! i needed it.

  68. This blog post and 31 post really hit me in the gut. I don’t know why I can’t seem to draw near to God for my gratification instead of turning to material things. Every time I get upset I go out and buy something. It’s just a habitual reaction. I guess recognizing it is the first step. I think what makes me feel the most discontent is with my body. I lost 100 pounds and am so fearful of gaining weight that I obsess over it. If I feel fat or the scale goes up it ruins my day and I take it out on my family. I need to accept my body as a true gift from Christ. When I feel bad about myself I will go buy a new outfit to put a bandaid on it but this is a temporary fix and will never fill the void. Thanks for your honest post-I will be getting this book!

  69. Saying it out loud and putting it on paper is so hard, but I am so discontent with my children. I love them all so much, but I feel such frustration, anger, irritation most days instead of the joy and peace that I know I could feel. Why is my heart so heavy? Why can’t I just find contentment in the everyday little moments? I pray everyday that I find peace and heart that is more patient and tender because even though I KNOW I am so blessed with what I have, I just don’t express it to them, and I want to be a joyful person.

    • You are not a lone in this feeling! I myself struggle with the same feelings of frustration and turns into me yelling at my kids instead of talking calmly and then when I lay my head on my pillow the guilt washes over me and I feel terrible. Praying for patience and keeping trying!!! Its all we can do:)

    • Wow, I hate to hear you feel this way but it’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this. I try to pray over my heart to stop being so tense about things and enjoy my husband and kids. I feel like I try and try and just cannot find the peace I know God wants me to have. 😔

  70. Kristian Brinkman :

    Thank you so much for the encouraging words today. After losing almost everything in 2008 my husband and I have worked hard to restore our credit and financial status. We were finally able to buy a beautiful home last year and I find myself discontent. There is always something that “has to be done” or bought for the home and I worry constantly about it all being taken away again. I changed jobs last year so I can be home every night with my husband and 2 sons. I was traveling every other week with my last job and after 5 years it was taking a toll on my family. I find myself discontent with this job as well. I just ask that God fills my heart with peace and contentment. Allow me to appreciate all that he has blessed us with and find joy with where we are and in everything we do. Stop being so fearful and trust God!

  71. My pastor encourages each person to choose a “word” for the year and concentrate on that word, study about it and learn from it. The word I chose for 2016 is contentment. This post is in keeping with my quest to discover as much as I can about contentment and how to apply it in my life. My prayer request is that I can be content with what I have and trust God fully to provide for my needs in the future. After losing a job that he had for 37 years, my husband has struggled the past several years with periods of unemployment. He has a job now but there have recently been management changes which is proving to be very difficult for many of the workers. His immediate boss seems to delight in picking on him, teasing him in hurtful ways and calling him names. My husband is a hard worker and is there to perform his job to the best of his ability. Please pray for him, that he will let the comments slide right off and not take them personally and that God will use him as a witness to his co-workers and boss. Please pray for me that I will truly be content in knowing that God is never going to leave us or forsake us and that He will supply all our needs. I need to leave this in God’s hands and not hold on the worry and fear which is proving to be a daily struggle. I know the right things in my head and now need to get my heart to match up with them.
    Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

  72. Your devotion meets me exactly where I am…reading old journals and realizing that I have been discontent for a long time with my marriage, with my home, with feeling like there was a purpose that I was somehow not fulfilling. Never having the courage to own up to my discontent and to change…thank you for the words you wrote…they whispered such sweet truth to me this morning!

  73. I feel discontent about my marriage and current situation…. I am a mother of two sons and soon to be having a new one…. My husband and I have been married for 9 years but now almost a year separated…… I feel disappointed in how my life has turned out……please pray for me and my family….. Thanks

  74. 4-1/2 years ago after almost 30 years of marriage we divorced and I boxed up my belongings. They are still in the house we shared and I moved to another state and I have been renting a room. He is now selling the house and everything we owned together and memories of our past have to be gone through and gleaned. Pray for peace and healing in my heart and that of my 18 year old son who will be heading to college and leaving the only home he has ever known. Not knowing where home will be for college breaks etc.

  75. Pls pray for my upcoming CT-scan, that God will heal me and I will come out of the hospital as a living testimony of His goodness. Amen

  76. I’ve been trying to clean out our home lately as the “stuff” I have acquired is a bit much. Right now I’m struggling with buying my daughter more matilda jane when I really need to put the money elsewhere

    • Here’s my discontentment, I would love to be able to buy my daughter Matilda Jane lol! Its so easy to be envious of what others have and I just hate it.

  77. Hi Leah, I would Love to be one of the winners of the book, I as well have extreme discontent with financial burdens and struggling with a life change after 22 yrs of marriage and my spouse who is narcissistic. I went from a nice home, huge yard, pool, never worked, stayed home and raised our children, of course I felt like a single parent my husband was never around to participate in any sporting events, school events, or life itself. I know am in a small apt and working a part time job, I had been praying for quite some time for God to show me thing about our marriage and well he did and thats why I am in the apt, the verbal and mental abuse and affairs I could no longer deal with, now I have been praying and waiting for God to show me and answer me on questions of how do I handle the money aspect of marital separation. He is giving me spousal support which he is self employed so its really not a damper to him, but due to health reasons its hard for me to work but I am doing it, and I am enjoying it, but part time doesnt pay my bills or my medical bills and prescriptions, so I have been asking God to show me what to do as far as settlement, I dont want to take settlement out of anger, taking money is not who I am at all, I am a volunteer of toys for tots, I give monthly to CARE international, I am trying to start a collection of used soap for the clean the world campaign, I had 20 bucks left last week and there was a collection for a lady who has cancer who needed it and i gave it to her, thats who I am, so this is a very difficult decision for me to make, I have a deep faith in God, I wait for him to give me signs on what to do, I did and am trying to find another part time position to make extra money to help me and my children, but I also know that if i were to have a small chunk of settlement money which I am entitled to (i dont like this word) i could put it back for just in case situations…. I am not a spender, now if my children need something well yes they would get it thats different, but no not for myself, I have learned to go without unless its needed. I just read yesterdays devotional from proverbs 31 and then yours today and they both have to do with money and so I wonder is this my answer from God regarding the settlement money that I question do I need to ask for some or not ….. I am still in a lot of pain, a lot of hurt, a lot of anger over him causing our family to be broken for mistakes that he just doesnt care that he caused. I feel like I will be forever healing but I also know God has my back and he will get me thru this day by day and eventually I will be whole again and able to trust and love. But I do not want to make decisions out of anger right now thats not fair to anyone. thank you so much for listening and I would greatly appreciate prayer for peace and healing and any insight you can provide right now we are heading to a mediator soon for the marital separation.

  78. Thank you Leah for this blog! Please pray for my marriage restoration.

  79. Thank you Leah for sharing both this blog and the one on P31 ministries. I have been feeling discontent quite often over the past 4 years since my husband if 27 years passed away. I have had to apply for disability and it is taking quite a lot of time and paperwork waiting for a decision while the life insurance my husband left me to live off of is now gone. I admit I’ve made some financial decisions that have turned out to be not very wise. I have had to put my home up for sale and move in with my 82 year old father in another state. I have had such a hard time downsizing and I have been telling myself and others that it is because I don’t want to lose all the memories that I had with my husband, but after reading both if your blogs, I realize it is really because I have been basing my worth as a person on the material things that I have and not on how God sees me. When you can’t work, and are limited on the physical things you can do, it really makes you question your self worth based on this world’s terms. Thank you for helping me see that the only judgement I need to worry about is God’s. As I am starting to regain my personal relationship with Jesus, I am realizing that letting go of worldly possessions is something I need to strive for to make my myself completely dependent on Christ. I need totally rely on Him not just for my spiritual and emotional needs, but my physical and financial needs as well. Thank you again for helping me to realize that Jehovah Jireh will truly provide for absolutely everything that I need in this life.

  80. I have been struggling with being discontent with what I have for awhile. Constantly comparing myself to what other people have. Most recently, the fact that everyone else is taking their kids on a spring break trip and we are unable to. I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about how this might affect my son and how I can teach him to be content and not feel left out. The devotion was so good for me to read. I would appreciate prayers as I work out some stressful things in my life.

    • Amen! I think not being about to travel to beautiful beaches or fancy places bothered me more than my kids for sure. You are not alone in this area of discontentment.

  81. My relationships (or lack of) leave me feeling discontented. A staff meeting today also made me feel small And not good enough. I went to the store and bought $100 in clothes I don’t need. “Retail therapy” is something we joke about but thanks Leah for being so real and honest about how empty it is. I try to compensate for those feelings of inadequacies by buying nicer clothes thinking if I looked better then maybe I’ll be liked, then maybe he’ll love me more, then I’ll get the respect and admiration I “deserve”. But those are lies and Jesus promises a real love and security that is not superficial. Thank you for that reminder. I’m returning it all and donating that money to someone in need.

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