When All I Have is Not Enough

When All I Have is Not Enough

Yesterday I emailed our financial guy hoping he’d tell me that our tiny bundle of savings was still intact after last week’s market tumble.

I had overheard something about the Chinese stock market crashing and crude oil plummeting, which apparently sent investors scrambling.

His secretary emailed me right away saying, “he’s in meetings all day and will be in touch.”

Well, so far there’s been no call. No email. No word.

Am I worried? Not really. We’ve been through this before. Maybe you have too.

The truth is … even if we look to experts and read all the up-to-date money management articles, no one can predict the unpredictable. No investment is 100% guaranteed. No strategy is foolproof.

But I’m hopeful. Very hopeful!

Why? Because I know God’s got this and I don’t have to worry. This tiny bundle in our retirement account belongs to Him. So does everything else we have.

After many years of marriage, raising kids and watching the economy rise and fall, I’ve learned that my only security … my only 100% guarantee is in God alone.

In Christ I have 24 hour access to every spiritual blessing in Heaven. It’s the greatest 401-K plan ever!!

Several years ago, our family hit rock bottom in our finances. You can read about our story today at Encouragement For Today.

I’m not going to sugar coat the truth. Things were tough. Really. Tough.

I remember sobbing like a baby the day we had to leave our house and hand the keys over to the new owners.

I remember hard conversations with clients who owed us money and couldn’t pay their bills either.

I remember sleepless nights when I tossed and turned, wondering if things would ever get better.

God caught every tear. Heard every conversation. Watched every sleepless night.

And just when we thought the bottom was falling out beneath us, His strong arms reached down and rescued us.

I remember the day the envelope arrived. It was from our largest creditor. I figured it was another statement painfully reminding us how much we owed.

Instead it was a miracle. A big fat blessing from God, taken directly from our spiritual 401-K plan in Heaven.

Not how we had imagined. Way more than we had ever dreamed.

Our creditor was releasing us completely from the debt we owed.

No questions asked.

Simply released.

To this day I choke back tears thinking about it. God took our not-enough and multiplied it into more than enough for His glory and our gain. God’s rescue and release plan freed us and He can do the same for you!

Are you facing a tough situation today? Do you feel like the bottom is falling out beneath you?

I understand. I’ve been there. And I can tell you with all the confidence my heart will muster, that if you put your trust in God He will rescue you from your situation.

It may not happen the way you plan or come at the time you think is best, but God is never late in rescuing His children. His timing is always perfect and purposeful.

God’ provisions are abundant and His compassion towards you is endless.

God's Provision

Despite the surmountable odds you may be facing today, God is greater than all of them combined. He is your assurance. He is your 100% guarantee.

Continue praying, believing and asking God to do the impossible. Wait patiently for Him to rescue you and watch as He takes your not-enough and multiplies it into more than enough.

And when He does all these things be sure to celebrate big with a shout-out praise and give Him all the glory!




  2. Wow! I spoke to God yesterday about this and that while I know that most of my financial issues are of my own creating that I really needed a blessing. My husband is retired disabled and we are waiting to hear from the state about full disability; however, we are lucky in the fact that I work and he gets a disabled retirement check from his work. This has been a blessing; I realize that His help will com in His time and not mine. That as long as I put my faith in Him, I can’t go wrong. Thank you so much!

  3. This was a perfect devotional for me today. We are in the waiting period with my husband’s job situation….not sure if there is a next paycheck. Before Christmas we got news of his company’s sale and the unknown. We are trusting God knows our needs. We had to do some rearranging of car insurances and health care. Two unexpected checks came in the mail as reimbursements. This was such a blessing! Being wise stewards of our money is important now. It will be exciting to see how the Lord works things out. I am very thankful my husband has a job right now even though his salary is certain to be less than it has been in 10 years. Thank you for sharing. It is encouraging to know that others have also put their trust in the Lord and he has provided! Phil. 4:19….

  4. My husband is starting the sixth year of an unsuccessful business. If there was a mistake to be made, I am sure we have made it. We have exhausted almost all of our retirement money. Problem is, we still have five more years on the bank loan. I have always struggled with anxiety and depression, but I have taken a turn for the worse with all the unknowns and what-if’s. It is preventing me from finding a job. There is a good chance we will lose our home to the bank. It was comforting to know you had to face that situation, but it sounds like you made it with Jesus’ right there beside you the entire time. Thank you so much for posting this. It was exactly what I needed to see.

  5. Hello, my husband and I are truly struggling as well. He is a Home Inspector and I am a Health Coach and we both own our own businesses. It’s been slow for both of us and today we have so many bills mounting up and no way to pay them. House payment is late, as well as many others. We watched the movie “War Room” over the weekend and I am starting to transform my closet into a prayer closet with prayers on the walls to remember what /who to pray for. I’m trusting God to be our provision as we cannot make it on our own.

    Thanks so much.

  6. Because of the abuse that I endured in a relationship out of high school, I was limited as to what jobs I could get. He limited me to part time, and there were only a few good part time jobs I could get which were mainly cleaning positions. I liked cleaning because it helped with my anxiety, but it also limited my skills that I needed for future positions. So I started to clean full time. I ended up at a really unprofessional company. I started to look for office jobs because I’m also limited on my mobility. A good portion of the positions that I found were through temp agencies that require you not to have a current job so you can start your new one as soon as possible. I was ready to quit my job but was scared. I believe it was God, but I got fired! Yes, fired! It opened so many doors. So I started to volunteer at my church to work with the high school pastor to obtain office skills AND get some experience with youth ministry! That can only be God! Through all this I was living off the tax return from that year and money that was a gift from Christmas. I had enough money to pay my bills and my boyfriend helped me with food and gas to get to my volunteering and interviews. By month 4 I started praying… God, any time now would be great…. I had $40 left when He blessed me with a job that I am still at today and is amazing!

  7. Angela Montgomery :

    Oh my. I’m still there. Single parent, collecting unemployment. It seems as if every year my income has decreased but God is so good and He doesn’t leave us to ourself. Thanks to you I can go a li’l further.
    Blessings to you

  8. Lorita Austin :

    Thanks , I needed that I need to read these more often. Thanks again

  9. Finances are a never-ending struggle when you’re in the real estate business like my husband. I’m a stay at home mom that also homeschools. My being at home with our 3 kids is a priority for us but it sure requires more faith than I ever imagined! Some days I feel pretty overwhelmed!

  10. Wonderful message. Thank you so much. 🙂

  11. This is my first time reading your blog. I came over from Encouragment for Today. And WOW, what a timely message. You have no idea how much I needed this today. I am in tears right now. Thank you for sharing your story. I thank God He allowed me to see it just at the right time. Praise the Lord! It’s the encouragement I needed to keep believing in my current situation. Thank you!

  12. Michelle Bills :

    Thank you for this today, Leah! I have been feeling like my husband and I are drowning in bills and obligations and there just isn’t enough to take care of it all. With a really hard 2015, we now find ourselves basically using what little we have to pay whomever is screaming the loudest and apologizing to everyone else. Thank you for this reminder, I needed it!

  13. Wow!! God is good. Just last evening my husband and I were discussing finances and a BIG obligation that I committed to with a creditor. We began doubting that we would be able to pay them and still deal with the everyday bills and commitments! I started to worry and then I prayed and all fear and concern left. I went to the internet to find verses and blogs that would help me to completely “give this to God”! I know that your post from Proverbs 31 {Encouragement Today} ending up in my inbox today was no coincidence!! Thank you for sharing your gift and experience. God Bless you Leah!

  14. Leah, thank you for these words today and sharing your story. I especially like “It may not happen the way you plan or come at the time you think is best, but God is never late in rescuing His children. His timing is always perfect and purposeful.” I too had a little niggle yesterday about my savings. It’s too easy to forget that our true riches are in heaven ‘where no moth can corrupt’.
    Lindsay, I well remember the overwhelmingness of caring for our baby girl when we brought her home 35 years ago. Judy, you sound overwhelmed too. Praying for you both as you raise your daughters in the light and love of Christ.

  15. I thank you for the encouraging words. We’ve just been blessed with a baby girl in our family, but I have been feeling overwhelmed and not enough to meet this new chapter in our lives. Good to refocus and believe that God will multiply what I have to give.

  16. Thank you Leah,

    This was something I needed to hear and read and believe. I am trusting God to come through for my husband’s business and my job. I have started new ventures to equip myself in areas of interest and strengths that can be used to bless others and do what God has gifted me to do. i pray that through the year He would guide both of us to do what He wants us to do in His perfect timing.

    Yes, Jesus is all we need and He never fails us. He is faithful.


    • Please pray for peace and restoration in relationships in our family too. especially for our daughter, Sarah. Right now we aren’t living together. She stays with her grandparents (my in-laws) and my husband and I stay separately in the apartment building adjacently opposite to theirs. Pray that I would be able to handle her, our household, my job and everything in between without falling apart or messing up to be looked upon as a failure. For our bond as mother and daughter to grow stronger without anyone coming between us. To be the best mom I can be, teaching her Jesus and living Jesus so that she can see Him in my life to be the best example for her in every way. Mainly for me to make and be the change I’ve been desperately struggling to be last year – as wife, mother, daughter, home-maker, colleague and every other role I fill. I want to be the best I can without being a failure, with Jesus guiding me each step of the way.

      • Judy, I’ll continue to pray for the strengthening of your relationship with Sarah. That God would knit your hearts together in His love, more and more each day.

    • we need help bad from God last year I was a pedestrian hit by a speeding vehicle on the side of the hwy I still have a broken shoulder blade my rotator cup is shot I need surgery I cannot afford it. My husband is permanently disabled drags his leg no income I lost my job last week we were suppose to get our taxes back today the irs kept them almost $5000 and my motor in my truck is dying I put several quarts of oil in it a day it burns through it while the motor raps I just want to jump off of a cliff I also had to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy

      • Virginia, as I read your comments my heart aches for all your family is going through. Life is hard. There’s no doubt about it and it came seem so unfair at times. I’m praying for you today – asking God to completely restore you and your husband’s health and to provide financially for your family. I know it doesn’t look like it right now, but one of God’s promises is that He will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory. That includes the needs of you and your husband. I’m asking God for a great miracle in your life. Blessings ~Leah

  17. God’s sacrifice for me has been the greatest blessing I will ever receive and if I received no other it would be okay…but He continues to provide for us daily, caring for us as He does the sparrow and the Lily’s of the field.
    I know that we can exist on far less than we are blessed with and that the 2009 crash was a part of the ‘wake up call’ for my husband and I to learn not to worry about what we may lose, as we can live on even less still than we do because I became a far better steward of our portion given us…and am joyful and at peace with what may come as the Lord is there with us.

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