Making My House a Home {Giveaway}

Making My House a Home {Giveaway}

The fragrance of cinnamon pumpkin spice floating from a lit candle on the kitchen counter top.

A thin layer of dust evenly spread over of a cluster of picture frames, doting faces of loved ones.

Soft music playing in the background, competing with children chatter and highlights from the sports channel.

These are some of the things that make me feel … well … feel at home.

A place where everyone is welcomed and no one is left out.

A space where loves grows, laughter takes root and God’s presence fills every nook and cranny.

My good friend, Erica Stidham, knows all about making a house feel like home. She’s a Sr Executive Director for Mary & Martha and understands how to take the simplest moments and turn them into meaningful memories.

Erica is a Jesus Girl who loves her family and celebrates her faith with others.

I want people to know that what I want more than anything is to be aligned with the heart of God. I love that I get to combine my work and faith and then use my resources to advance His kingdom! 

I’m thrilled Erica is joining us on the blog this week as she shares how God is using her gifts and passion for His kingdom building.


Erica, how did you discover Mary & Martha?

About 4 years ago, I was invited to a multi-vendor, Christmas party. There were lots of different products and companies represented, but a display of beautiful, faith-based items captured my attention.

I was immediately drawn to a journal that corresponded with Ann Voskamp’s book, “One Thousand Gifts.” I was reading the book at the time and loved the idea of recording my blessings. It was life changing for me!

Since I had not seen Mary & Martha’s line of products before, I thought my friends would enjoy viewing them as well, so I hosted an in-home gathering.

I loved the pieces so much that I decided to purchase the starter kit, with no intention of really having parties or going to any meetings. Ha! Little did I know what the Lord had in store for me.

What is your favorite Fall or Christmas item from the Mary & Martha Collection?

Goodness, it is hard to choose a favorite, but I have a special place in my heart for the Vintage Announcement Board.

I love the nostalgia it creates in most of us as we think back to our first churches. We can envision the message board at the front of the sanctuary announcing attendance, hymn numbers and offering.

Our board has inner-changeable slats that have Scripture, worship songs, Christmas lyrics, or faith-based messages.


Of course my every-day favorite is our Grace & Gratitude pitcher.

It is my vase of choice for fresh flowers and the life-giving message printed on the bottom is such a source of encouragement. I am just blessed to fill my home with beautiful messages of TRUTH!


What do you love most about being a Sr Executive Director for Mary & Martha?

There are so many things I love about working for Mary & Martha, but the greatest is knowing I am using the gifts God has given me to make a difference in the lives of others.

He has created me to be an encourager, a dreamer, a hard-worker, a speaker, and a generous giver. I am able to do all of those things through this opportunity. Our family is able to give generously to those things that matter eternally!

We are even partnering with a missionary in Liberia to build a clinic so that families are able to get the medical care they need for their children. Once they receive that care, they will be taught about hope & faith in Jesus!

Wow! I would have never imagined God would use me to do such a thing. As a leader with Mary & Martha, I am able to invest in other women so they believe TRUTH about who they are in Christ, and in turn they can share this message with others.

Not only do I get to share beautiful products which speak LIFE into others, I am also blessed with the opportunity to encourage and equip a team of women as they build their businesses.

family pics 016a

What does the average day in your home look like?

Well, as a mom of three girls, my days are filled with many of the same things as yours. I spend time in my prayer closet first and foremost, always starting with my First5 app of course.

I also walk in the mornings with a friend, so I nourish my body and spirit before taking on other tasks.

My two older daughters do an on-line Classical, Christian school four days a week. Twice a week my two year old is in preschool, so I use that time to work on my business, prepare meals, do laundry, and well, all the other things moms must do during the day.

The Lord has called me to a season of “my best yes”, so several nights a week, our evenings are simply spent together. Going to the park, taking walks, delivering dinner to friends, etc. On the other nights we participate in church activities, dance, and piano.

I host Mary & Martha gatherings about once a week, which is a great time for me to invest in the lives of other women, as well as have a little “me” time!

My husband is a hard worker, so when he is home, we really try to make the most of our time together, watching football, riding in our go-cart, going to the dog park or cooking together.

I pray that my life will glorify the Lord and since He gave us the example of the Proverbs 31 woman, I do my best live the way she did.

Serving the Lord whole-heartedly, tending to my family with intentionality, running a business with integrity and excellence, providing opportunities for other women to do the same, and giving generously to those in need.

I love that I get to be home with my girls, while having the opportunity to live and give differently through Mary & Martha.


Erica has graciously offered to give away this beautiful pitcher.

I absolutely love the inscription: Grace & Gratitude. It’s the perfect reminder of God’s lavished grace towards me and the gratitude I have because of His love and blessings over me.


Someone is going to win this beautiful pitcher and that someone might be you!

To enter this week’s drawing, leave a comment sharing which Mary & Martha item you like the most and why. You can find the entire product line HERE

Erica is graciously giving 10% off all orders placed between now and November 8, 2015.  If you’d like to purchase something from Mary & Martha’s product line, just click here: Mary & Martha 10% off sale. Your 10% discount will automatically be included.

If you’d like to find more about becoming part of the Mary & Martha organization, email your questions directly to Erica Stidham @  

Just think … this is a great opportunity to jump-start your Christmas shopping! Plus, you get to share words of hope and faith with every gift you give to others.



  1. This is the first time I have heard about this site. Sounds very interesting. Would love to win that awesome pitcher. Thanks in advance for the chance. Keep up your good work. God Bless you. Eileen

  2. This is the first I’ve heard of Mary and Martha. I love the pitcher!!

  3. This is my first time here and I was truly encouraged reading Erica’s post today. I absolutely love the pitcher as well as the Vintage Announcement Board. Thank you for sharing this today. Blessings~

  4. I had never heard of Mary and Martha before but I love the vase you are giving away.

  5. you are pure at heart and a true testament to everyone you come in contact with.
    so very blessed to know you and thankful you are my daughter’s friend.
    my favorite martha and mary items are the retired spoons.

  6. I really like the pitcher. I’m new to Mary and Martha and Erica gave great suggestions for the pitcher.

  7. I love the Seasonal guide! The Silent Night Holy Night Canvas collection is gorgeous and my Christmas style! However, my absolute favorite Mary & Martha item is the vintage announcement board that I haven’t been able to purchase yet. Love it!

  8. My home is full of Mary and Martha and I enjoy every beautiful reminder they bring of gods grace and love. My favorite is one of the first I got, a collection of blocks. It’s lovely in itself but it’s true beauty shines when my children’s hands find it. They get tickled coming up with new messages. It’s a learning tool for little ones (letters and words) and for adult (sharing gods message).

  9. I love this pitcher. I keep moving it up higher on my wish list. I collect pitchers and the wording is simple, elegant and would be a gorgeous holder for the flowers that Brian brings me.

  10. I have the pleasure of getting to work with Erica as one of her consultants. She is so encouraging and always helpful to keep my spirits up. She prays for me and I pray for her and her family. I’m so blessed to have Erica and Mary and Martha in my life. Praise the Lord!! My favorite item is the personalized kids apron! My daughter and I love to cook together. I already have it tucked away for one of her Christmas gifts.

  11. Sanjuana Alvarado :

    I love the chalkboard tray. It does everything!!! It can be hung on the wall horizontally or vertically with a special note or Bible verse your familiy is trying to memorize; you can personalize it with an artistic touch and lettering and write a special note for guests or family; it can be displayed on an easel; with the sturdy structure and handles you can use it as a tray to pass out drinks or snacks; and you can display condiments in the tray and label them!!! So many uses!!!! It is absolutely my favorite item!!!

  12. Shelly Jenkins :

    I think my favorite item is the pitcher. It has a nice message and would be a good reminder to be grateful and think of your blessings and not dwell on the negative. Plus it is a way to share with those who visit your home.

  13. It’s too hard to pick just one favorite. Narrowed it down to two favorites – the Family Rules Canvas and the Angels Unaware Tray. The Family Rules canvas so beautifully expresses what I want my family to be. The Angels Unaware tray is such a great reminder to treat everyone with kindness & hospitality, even people we might rather not. Would it not be amazing to get to heaven & find out that you had actually entertained an angel at some point in your life – WOW!

  14. Mesha Shuptrine :

    I love the vintage announcement board. I grew up in a little Baptist Church and it remindwas me of that. Plus I love the Hymn boards that slide in!

  15. Love Mary & Martha shopping! This pitcher is on my wish list – I collect pitchers & my husband brings me cut flowers every Saturday…a perfect combination. Thank you for being an inspiration & sharing your ministry with all of us. PRAISE &!Blessings upon all you do.

  16. I love the grace and gratitude pitcher, just another reminder of our Savior’s love for us!

  17. I love the Family Rules canvas. It’s such an encouraging statement of faith in action!

  18. Marcene Saxman :

    Such lovely products. I especially like the the Grace and Gratitude pitcher as it is decorative and practical. The ‘hymn board’ reminds me of my youth….you can see them in many old movies and possibly in super-conservative churches today? The inter-changeable slats are a great way to personalize the messages.

  19. I love the Blessings Cardholder! Both beautiful and functional!

  20. I love the Grace and Gratitude Pitcher.

  21. The angel nativity is beautiful; I would love to have it in my home.

  22. What a beautiful pitcher! LOVE that. 🙂 And it’s pretty amazing that you’re able to sell such great, edifying products, stay home with your girls, and have the income to give lavishly to others. That is truly a blessing.

    Since I’m a words girl, I think one of my favorite items is the By Grace Alone sign. I love the message.

    Thanks for sharing about this company. I had no idea of its existence. 🙂

  23. Lori Anderson :

    I love the Grace and Gratitude picture. It would be a perfect addition to our Thanksgiving dinner table! I just found out about Martha and Mary last fall and love many of their items.

  24. This is my first time hearing about Mary & Martha, but I’m glad I got to know about the company. Their products are definitely ones that I’ll be ordering for my loved ones in the future as well as telling my friends and family about. Keep up the good work!

  25. I really like the personalized canvas messages. What a wonderful way to help remind someone how very special they are (especially my grandchildren!)

  26. To be honest, I have not heard of Mary & Martha line until this morning. I am so excited to be checking this out just in time to start my Christmas shopping. I hope I am still qualified to enter the give away. Scripture reminders around the home always remind me a God’s peace and faithfulness.

  27. I really like the “Trust” and “Love” wall hooks. Trust and love truly go together. For me, who struggles with trusting and yet yearns to love and be loved, they provide a reminder that I have to trust first and be open in order to let love flow.

  28. I have a Mary and Martha Lazy Susan I love my other favorite is one that don’t have it is the chalkboard tray

  29. I really like the vintage message board because it reminds me of going to church with my grandparents when I was little.

  30. I have a few items from Mary & Martha, but my absolute favorite is the chalkboard tray. I love to write messages for my family or have it displayed on a wall during the holidays.

  31. Misty Allison :

    It’s so hard to choose just one item as I have fallen head over heels with the majority of their products. One of my favorites is the oval chalkboard tray. I love to write out sweet reminders for myself and my family on it! Hosting a Mary and Martha gathering is like a party and devotional all rolled into one! Bless your friends by hosting one, Erica is awesome 🙂

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