What Happens In The Valley Of Wait? {Giveaway}

What Happens In The Valley Of Wait? {Giveaway}

Waiting can be so hard.

Especially when I’m looking to God for “now” answers and striving for a happily ever after life.

I wish I could be more patient. More trusting. More willing to persevere. But, honestly, I’ve still got some growing to do in those areas of my life.

Just when I start to make progress, something happens and I find myself back in the Valley of Wait, hoping that this time answers will come quicker and the intermission will be shorter.

Are you in a season of waiting?

Waiting for your marriage to be restored.

Waiting for your finances to improve.

Waiting for your body to heal.

Waiting for a promotion at work.

Waiting for your kids to make wiser choices.

Whatever it is … how are you coping in the Valley of Wait? Do you feel a little isolated, parched or empty?

Last week I was in Israel where I saw a lot of valleys. Some were desolate, dry and hot as blazes. Others were lush, tropical and teeming with life. What created the difference? Water. Or lack there of.

Here is what I’ve discovered:

When I’m not continuously filled with the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit, I can become spiritually dry and desolate.

When I’m not saturating myself in the Living Word of God, I can become parched and empty.

But, even in the Valley of Wait, God is with me. I am never alone and neither are you.


We can experience God’s goodness in the valley.

“The LORD is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him.” Lamentations 3:25, (ESV)

We can receive God’s grace in the valley.

“Therefore the LORD waits to be gracious to you, and therefore he exalts himself to show mercy to you. For the LORD is a God of justice; blessed are all those who wait for him.” Isaiah 30:18 (ESV)

We can be assured of God’s love in the valley.

“Our soul waits for the LORD; he is our help and our shield. For our heart is glad in him, because we trust in his holy name. Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in you.” Psalm 33:20-22 (ESV)

The more I’m filled with the Living Water and saturated with the Living Word, the more I come to realize this important truth:

I would rather live in the Valley of Wait with Jesus than journey through life on my own.



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To enter this week’s drawing leave a comment below sharing your biggest struggle in the Valley of Wait, so that I can pray for you today. And, by all means, feel free to share today’s post with your friends and family by clicking one of the social media buttons below.



  1. I actually went to some of my saved emails from October 6, 2014 when you sent out a P31 devotion called “The Waiting Game” – and I agree, waiting is so hard. Some days I feel like I can wait for forever, and other days – especially today I feel like waiting is so exhausting. I know I don’t have to be strong all the time, and it’s days like today that I need what I call a little faith boost. How do we get faith? Faith comes by hearing, and hearing comes by the word of God. I know that God is never too early, and never late – he is always on time. Lord, I ask that you give us all the grace to wait in expectation for your answers. We believe in you God, and we need your grace to wait well. Help up to not be weary in well doing, for we will reap a harvest if we faint not. We need your help God. We believe that the answers are on their way! Thank you Lord! Thank you Leah for sharing what God places on your heart and for being an obedient vessel. God rejoices over you with singing! You are loved!

    • Kim, thank you for these beautiful words and for praying over our little community here on the blog. I’m praying for you today, sweet friend. 🙂

  2. I’ve been in the valley of wait for oh so long.God has done many things for me. Some in the blink of an eye and others well just say I’m still praying. I’ve ask God to show me where to go
    I have been wanting to move out of state for years. I’m just not sure if God has open the door for me. My husband left me 4yrs ago just up and gone. I lost everything I mean everything. But God took care of me. Then my father died which took it’s till on my faith. But God was there. Then my single sister ask me to move in with her to share the Bill’s. Well she now has a man in her life and out the door for me. So here’s the waiting thing. Does God know the desires of my heart is this the door he has open for me. Should I go or should I stay and live in the valley of waiting?

    • Brenda, God definitely knows the desires of your heart and one of His promises is to guide you along the right path (Psalm 25). As you seek Him each day through prayer and reading His Word, I believe God will confirm what your next step should be.

      “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” ~ Isaiah 30:21

  3. As a Salvation Army officer, I often feel like I’m waiting for my next appointment. I wonder, “Where will we go next?” I sometimes have to remind myself to slow down, enjoy our ministry field today and let God take care of tomorrow.

  4. Lord I Pray that these women are filled up with your peace and grace. Each one of us is waiting for what seems like “the answer”. You are our answer. I choose to give my “wait” or “weight that I carry” to you Lord.

  5. Well sometimes (actually more than sometimes) I feel so selfish for how frustrated I get in the valley of wait. I find myself asking God why am I here again? I think I have gotten a little better because all I have to do is look back and see the obvious way God has taken care of things. Unfortunately, when it hits again the worrying really gets to me (1 step forward & 2 steps back). I was glad to read this based on current circumstances and will continue to pray.


  6. Our daughter has been out of college for three years….waiting for her dream job. It finally happened but we had to move her over 1900 miles away. I am so proud of her for waiting for her dream job rather than getting into a job that she didn’t like or field of work that is not her expertise. It’s been fun to see how God has opened doors for her and brought her to a great group yo work with.

  7. Waiting for life to slow down. So overwhelmed with schedules and feelings of doubt.
    Thanks you for praying Leah.

  8. My biggest struggle in the Waiting is my lack of faith that Waiting is what I’m called to be doing. When I’m Waiting, I’m not just Waiting–I’m searching, seeking, desperate to know what God is calling me to do next. I hear that there is beauty in the waiting, but I’m still trying to find that!

  9. JB Campbell, MD :

    Here’s another perspective on “The Waiting Place”‘ by Dr Seuss, from his heart-touching classic, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go”, read to my children each year the night before school starts again in the fall …

    “You can get so confused
    that you’ll start in to race
    down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace
    and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
    headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.
    The Waiting Place…
    …for people just waiting.

    Waiting for a train to go
    or a bus to come, or a plane to go
    or the mail to come, or the rain to go
    or the phone to ring, or the snow to snow
    or waiting around for a Yes or a No
    or waiting for their hair to grow.

    Everyone is just waiting.

    Waiting for the fish to bite
    or waiting for wind to fly a kite
    or waiting around for Friday night
    or waiting, perhaps, for their Uncle Jake
    or a pot to boil, or a Better Break
    or a string of pearls, or a pair of pants
    or a wig with curls, or Another Chance.

    Everyone is just waiting.”

  10. Over the last two years my family has made a lot of lifestyle changes. One of these changes has been to step down out of the ministry so that my husband could open his own counseling practice. This is the direction we have felt that God has led us to. We are still very involved in volunteering in ministry but we are no longer getting paid to do it. Financially it has been extremely hard for us. We are struggling and living day to day. My husband’s new ministry is touching so many people’s lives but unfortunately many of those people that he is working for can’t always pay. I am waiting right now on God’s financial blessing so that we can continue to reach out to those who are hurting and make a difference in their lives.

  11. I am currently waiting and praying for God to be fully revealed and unveiled in my daughters life. I can see little things beginning to occur and I believe she sees it to but still wants one foot in the world. She thinks she is going to miss out. I know God has an amazing plan for her life!

  12. I am waiting for God to work miraculously in my husband in the area of his addiction. It is a difficult wait as I see different things that need to be done, but he isn’t doing them. I am now waiting on the Lord.

  13. Brittney Overton :

    I am in the valley of wait when it comes to the father of my children to move to Texas where we live . I moved here to Texas from Cali 3 years ago we were not doing well and I needed a change of environment in order to properly raise my child without the arguing . Unknowingly I was pregnant with our second child and had decided at that time that maybe we give it another chance and work out our differences. One year pass two years pass and now I’m here my third year and still waiting for him to understand that his children should mean the world to him not all the money he is making at his job. I’m not waiting on him to be there for me but to be there for our kids who adore him so much . He informs them he’s moving soon and it frustrates me I have to answer all the hard questions from our 6 year old . I know that everything is out of my control and I have prayed and prayed and prayed over the years for him and I to have a better relationship and i can honestly say , that day has come for us to be able to get along and not argue like we use to but I’m still waiting on the day he has a desire to visit his kids .. i understand that everything is out of my control its just hard to be patient when I know my oldest ask me a lot about her father.. I continue to pray for him to find His way back to his girls.

  14. I never thought “my husband” would have an affair. It ended up being 3 that I know about and they were lengthy ones too. Over a time span of 10 or more years. I have only known for a little over a year. I’ve wanted to handle things differently than I saw my mother handle my dads affair. So I had to turn to God because nothing else matters. I’ve learned to extend forgiveness even if it doesn’t seem deserved. It’s for my sake! I heard God speak Proverbs 46:10 ” be still and know I am God”. And that’s how I view things. And I give thanks to God for trusting me with this storm. He believes in me that we can get through this together. I won’t let anything take my joy away. It’s not always easy but I’ve drawn so much closer to God…. I can’t help but say thanks because I may not of made the changes any other way.

    • Jennifer, I can tell by your words that you have a strong faith and close relationship with the Lord. Even in the midst of such difficult circumstances, He is shining brightly through you! 🙂

  15. I’ve been praying for God to bring me a Godly man for the past 2 years. A man from my church and I have been praying and seeking God since April 4, 2015 to see if we are meant for each other. I’ve had a total of four dreams that we’ve gotten married, and I keep asking God is this from You. I am trying to be so patient through this period of waiting and trusting the Lord for the answers he and I are seeking. I have my moments that I want answers now, but I know God’s timing is on time and never late.

  16. The Valley of Wait really spoke to me today. Two years ago my husband past away. I’ve been feeling for awhile now that I’m ready for God to open the door for a new Godly man in my life. I get so frustrated and feel like I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I was 19 when we got married and we were married for 24 years, things are sooooo different now. Praying for God’s guidance and patience to wait for that special man.

  17. Thank you for the wonderful devotion. I am dealing with the valley of wait right now. My husband and I are trying to have our first baby. We try and try every month but no baby yet. It is all in God’s hand and we must learn to be patient and not give up to disappointment.

  18. It seems my life is constantly being in God’s waiting room. As a pastor’s wife, waiting for some dear people to be saved, waiting for God’s leading in starting a homeless shelter, waiting for an infertile daughter to be a mom, waiting for some of my constant and chronic pain to be healed and lastly waiting on me to Let God be God.

  19. I have a daughter who went to college to get her masters in Phsycology, when she came back home she informed me that she had a dysfunctional childhood and didn’t want her children around me. I haven’t seen or heard from her in over a year or my grandchildren. My heart breaks. I pray daily for a restoration and I leave this in God’s capable hands. I am keeping my eyes focused on Him, but my heart is so heavy at times. I love my children and grandchildren. I ask God to show me what I have done to hurt her, to make her turn from me and her father so we can ask for forgiveness. I am just waiting and inspite of the pain this has caused, my eyes are focused on God. He is my refuge, my hiding place, my ever present help when I’m in trouble. No matter what He is my God, my strength, my fortress. I’m broken hearted for what could be, but I praise Him for what is.

    • Patty, I’m praying for you today and asking God to soften your daughter’s heart and reunite your family again. Even in the midst of your pain, you still are praising God. May multiplied blessings follow your pure obedience to Him.

  20. Not knowing where to draw that fine line of letting go & letting God!

  21. The Valley of Wait…that sounds about right in my life. I am desperately waiting for desires of my heart to be heard and to find the direction I need to go. One of those directions is in finding my husband. I am desiring to have my own family one day, to be a wife and mother, and I know God plants these beautiful desires in our hearts for a reason, but I am having a tough time with the process. That Valley feels like a neverending path of bumps and obsticles. Thank YOU for recognizing these valleys and sharing your devotional with us!

  22. Exactly what I needed to hear today and also something God has been showing me lately! I know myself personally I “want to know” what’s going to happen from point A to point B. I have been in that valley for over 3 years of “waiting” and the questions, the frustrations, etc. God has shown me to TRUST! That’s my biggest issue I struggle with. I want that control in ALL situations: the mountains and the valleys. And there are those times, I take it back because my flesh does desire “the control”! As a pastor’s wife I do struggle with unsettlement and that goes back to control and questions. My husband made a statement in his message Sunday: what if we came to God with raised hands instead of clinched fists? Goes back to my control! In our house we like to say: we are a work in progress and so thankful God doesn’t give up on me. God bless you all!!

    • Nancy, the question your husband asked in his Sunday service is one we all need to ask and ponder for a while. I love what you’ve shared. Thank you.

  23. My biggest struggle with waiting is how to let those thoughts of worry stay in God’s Hands!

  24. Knowing how to wait, patiently and with trust!

  25. I am waiting on my health to improve. I just had to quit a job I really loved because I couldn’t physically handle it any more. My hope is to regain a level of quality of life, and I wait with God, who gives me spiritual strength.

  26. This hit the nail right on the head. I’m in the valley of waiting for our finances, marriage and my panic/anxiety disorder. The main waiting is on the panic/anxiety disorder as this is what is causing issues with the marriage. God has helped me through this anxiety before and I know he will again with time and patience. I need to open my eyes and look to him and instead of asking questions of why or when, I need to continue to say thank you for all you do and I trust you.

  27. I struggle often due to health issues that cause me to be unable to function physically at 100%. My mind wants to function at 110%. I am 56, turning 57 on October 9th. It seems waiting is not one of my virtues but reading your devotional was God’s way of speaking and showing me His way and His plans for me. I want to fix everything, make something happen, and the inability causes me so much frustratuion at times. In having these emotions, it crowds out my focus on God and His best for me. I have to intentionally concentrate on God’s word to keep His truth in my heart and on my mind. Thanks!

  28. Just this morning my daughter found out for the 3rd time that she didn’t get into nursing program at her College! She is devastated and so am I! My heart was broken for her because I know how much she wants to be finished with school! She has been in a valley of wait for a while and we will wait together again until she gets in! Its so hard because you want so badly for your child to be able to fulfill their dreams and goals in a timely manner and be able to move forward with the most rewarding career they so richly desire!! I have tried to comfort her with the words I best know how! And encourage her to preserver and be obedient to God in the meantime. I know its all in God’s timing and He is preparing her for what she can handle when He is ready for her to move in that direction!! She will apply again and I just ask for your prayers for which direction God will lead her in and as she waits again for good news and an acceptance letter to Nursing School!! Thank you!

    • Robin, what a tough pill to swallow for both of you. I can tell your daughter has great perseverance, considering this is the third time she’s applied. That kind of quality in character will benefit her greatly in the years to come. I’m praying for both of you today and hope that when she gets accepted you’ll let me know. 🙂

  29. Finances are a big concern for our family, which creates a strain on our marriage. I lost my middle-management position @ a large local bank 18 months ago, due to a wrist injury (someone pulled out in front of my car and it subsequently broke my wrist). At this time I am changing my career to become a substitute teacher, then later become a full-time teacher. I believe this is what God has laid on my heart (but not certain). I believe I would enjoy teaching and it would allow me to be with my three children more. It is just having to wait to go through the substitute training workshop in my area to begin substitute teaching and being able to provide income for my family. – Sheri

  30. Seems God knew I would need this today. Yesterday, I was moved to start reading the book of Lamentations. I got through the first two chapters, wondering what was it that God has for me. Today, I see your post, and the first verse is Lamentations 3:25 – and it’s clear now why God put it in my heart to read it. You see, I’ve been waiting on God for something for so long, and just this morning I was in tears, weeping over what hasn’t happened yet; drowning in despair as I continue to wait. This verse is what God wanted me to read, and this article is a reminder of God’s faithfulness. I am filled with hope again.

  31. My struggle in the valley of wait is waiting. Sounds redundant. But I still feel like going through this “deep grief” as Lysa so beautifully worded it-is so difficult. I’m waiting for some healing. Loved this devotion. I know the Lord is my shield and protection right now. I will face each day with HIS unfailing love.

  32. Learning. Understanding. Those are things I crave so it’s always questions with me. Waiting, I must drive the Lord crazy with my impatient & continuous questions. I’m very appreciative of the verses you shared.

  33. so right…you hit on several of my ‘waitings’…God is at work healing our marriage & finances…I welcome & appreciate your praying for our family as we also are walking thru dry times with our son who isn’t making wise choices -Praise & Blessings on your ministry🌈

  34. Thank you for the song by John Waller. The hardest thing to do is remain joyful, to worship. I’ve gotten so much better at it! To count it as joy when waiting or trouble comes, finding joy in God alone, in my daily, minute by minute relationship with Him helps me be patient, be still and know that God is at work. I just got a picture in my mind of kids waiting for Christmas morning to come, waiting with expectant, joyful and excited hearts. They look for hints, glimpses of the gifts each day as it gets closer and closer. He can be seen in the smallest of things if my eyes would just be open to seeing Him.

  35. As I read the many comments I find that we all have many things in common and the biggest being, waiting and being still for the Lord. I recently left a job that had me on the brink of a breakdown and I knew I had to leave. God gave me sweet peace about leaving but as I find myself in the valley of wait it is getting harder to be still. I have put out many job applications but I want the job that God has chosen for me and I don’t want to step out on my own, so I need pray to be still and wait and trust that the Lord is working on my behalf. As I have just finished week one of being unemployed the doubts begin to try and creep in. But God reminds me as I read articles like this and see many motivational postings on Facebook, Opal I have this just trust me. So please pray that I would learn to trust and wait on th eLord.

  36. My biggest struggle while waiting is being still and just trusting. I want to fix everything, make something happen, and the busyness crowds out my focus on God and His best for me. I have to intentionally concentrate on God’s word to keep His truth in my mind and on my lips. He is faithful. I have almost daily times of waiting it seems (relationships, finances, kids, etc), I just have to keep the proper perspective. I need daily prayer for that. Thanks!

  37. God knew I needed to read this today! We are waiting, as we parent our kids we adopted. They lived the majority of their lives with many hard situations and without Christian teaching/parenting. I get so impatient when they don’t make progress like I think they should, especially since they are older and nearer to independence. I need reminded that God is the ONLY ONE who can heal their hurts, and everyone has to choose to allow HIM to work in their lives.
    Blessings to you for sharing these words and verses today!

  38. My struggle in the valley of wait is our finances. We just can’t seem to get caught up and its wearing on my husband and family business. I have prayed for wisdom, and direction, but we need help. Thank you for your prayers.

  39. For those of you who want to hear the song, While I’m Waiting, by John Waller, here is the link to the video:

  40. Boy, that’s a tough one! I guess the area I am struggling with the most is, waiting on my children to make better choices. I just am so burned out from the drama in both their lives. I am keeping sane by studying God’s word. I do not know what I’d do without Jesus, my comforter. I am tired, oh so tired! and I am having physical issues. Thank you for this encouraging post! It was just what I needed today.

  41. Hi Friends,
    I’m slowly reading through your comments and praying for each one of you (and your families). On the Encouragement For Today sight, one of the comments included lyrics from John Waller’s song, While I’m Waiting. I wanted to share the lyrics with you in hopes God will use these words to bring encouragement to you today:

    “While I’m Waiting” ~ John Waller

    I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord
    And I am hopeful, I’m waiting on You Lord
    Though it is painful, but patiently I will wait

    And I will move ahead bold and confident
    Taking every step in obedience

    While I’m waiting I will serve You
    While I’m waiting I will worship
    While I’m waiting I will not faint
    I’ll be running the race even while I wait

    I’m waiting, I’m waiting on You Lord
    And I am peaceful, I’m waiting on You Lord
    Though it’s not easy no, but faithfully I will wait
    Yes, I will wait

    And I will move ahead bold and confident
    Taking every step in obedience

    While I’m waiting I will serve You
    While I’m waiting I will worship
    While I’m waiting I will not faint
    I’ll be running the race even while I wait

    I will move ahead bold and confident
    I’ll be taking every step in obedience, yeah

    While I’m waiting I will serve You
    While I’m waiting I will worship
    While I’m waiting I will not faint

    And I will serve You while I’m waiting
    I will worship while I’m waiting
    I will serve You while I’m waiting
    I will worship while I’m waiting
    I will serve You while I’m waiting
    I will worship while I’m waiting on You Lord

    I will serve You while I’m waiting
    I will worship while I’m waiting
    I will serve You while I’m waiting
    I will worship while I’m waiting
    Read more at http://www.songlyrics.com/john-waller/while-i-m-waiting-lyrics/#5H1eY7YpRGIjbmlR.99

    – See more at: http://proverbs31.org/devotions/devo/living-in-the-valley-of-wait/#sthash.vR9WjY8q.dpuf

  42. My waiting has been to find my true purpose to serve the Lord. I have been serving, and continue to serve, in the capacity of a wife of 25 years (in 4 days!) and a mother of 3. I love my life, yet he has built in to me a yearning to touch even more lives. I’m just now seeing Him move me to a new place in my spiritual walk that I just know is taking me in that direction. I almost stated that I am excited for my future in whole heartedly serving Him. However, I know that although I feel I’ve been waiting, He has actually been nurturing my growth so that He can use me exactly in the capacity He wants to. Your post has helped me tremendously and I’m going to be following your blog much closer. God bless you!

  43. Waiting is hard. But it is especially hard when I don’t know how long the wait will be. Sometimes I wish that God had one of those displays that indicated wait times. I feel like if I knew how long a particular season was going to be I could wait in it better. I just hate the unknown. When a season begins and I’m waiting on the Lord, I start out strong—confident and assured of His love, faithfulness, and goodness—and I trust Him and His promises completely. But has time goes by, doubts and fears weaken me and I feel like I’m just trying not to drown, trying to survive, praying that it will end soon and I will be in one piece. I wish I could believe without fail, never waver and stand firm, but I find as time goes by and no end is in sight I just go through the motions. It becomes just about surviving—no matter how ugly and dirty that survival may be.

  44. My Valley of Wait has been going on for over 3 years. My drug addled husband left, and there is no reconciliation there for either of us. He still uses and has no wish to stop, and as he is the one that left, he has left me in a state of perpetual marital separation without divorcing so we can both move on with our lives. I would have moved forward long ago, but lost my job March of 2014 of 12 years and have not been able to find a career that sticks, and I am trying to keep my house and survive on my own. I want to be able to move on instead of sitting in this perpetual waiting pattern. I have joined a new church who have been very supportive, joined a support group there and it helps but I just want to be free to live a life with God. One I was never free to pursue being married to my husband.

  45. Your message on waiting is so beautifully written – I am in my own personal valley waiting to pass through menopause. It is a daily struggle for me in many areas – my mind, my body, my emotions, my relationships – and I ask the Lord to help me as I wake up each morning into the unknown day before me – I say “unknown” like I’ve never used this word before!
    Thank you for your prayers.

  46. I am only 49 but I have a colon disease that I’ve suffered on and off with for 22 years. Most years have been great- Thanks be to God! But the past 4 years, the disease has flared and keeps me from doing a lot that I want for my kids and my church. I pray every day for Him to lift this from me. I know His will is supreme to my wants and needs. Waiting on relieve, has been frustrating but I try to keep my faith strong!

  47. After a horrible summer of struggle and tears, God opened my eyes to to see how he was working. I lost the love of my life, my friends, social life, and even where I was living. I mourned for all those things. Sometimes I still do.

    But I realized that God allowed those things to be removed because those were all things I had placed before Him. Now I am back on track, with just my eyes on Him. It is a commitment I have to remind myself of every day, every minute. To keep my eyes on Him. Now I understand that my life is not my own, it’s God’s. He will provide all of things I need, and the things I lost will be returned as I wait for his perfect timing.

    Some moments are better than others, I feel so strong and I trust him completely. Other moments I wrestle with God as I pray, crying out and wondering why do I have to wait. But our God is so patient and gentle. He hears me even when I’m being obnoxious and selfish and ungrateful. Waiting for God’s guidance in a valley is no picnic, but I see myself everyday becoming closer to Him because of it.

  48. Waiting for this season I am in to move on so I can move on

  49. I seem to always be in the valley. I am a mother of 3 children who are all on the autism spectrum. Along with that my husband has a mental disability, which showed itself in full power at a very low time in our lives. Then I became diabetic and while dealing with that I was taken off a medication that I learned had been keeping my fibromyalgia in check. Everyday I find myself waiting for something but I no longer look at any of this as bad. It is all blessings from God, and since he is with me I know I prosper. When I find myself frustrated with one of my children struggling with something they had already mastered or my husband, I close my eyes and try to see what God is telling me. I don’t always catch myself but I am trying everyday.

  50. I would like to have marriage healed. Years…it’s been years of struggles, I’ve cried, prayed, gotten angry, wondered if God was hearing any of my prayers. Although everything isn’t “fixed”, I feel that God has answered some prayers over the years, even though I am in a valley. For one thing I’m still married, that’s a miracle and for another, I’ve had to learn some lessons (still learning but am at least progressing with God’s help) & I know His forgiveness when I do fall short. Anyway, thanks for the devotional, it was good and I am going to write or type out some of your thoughts for me to look over and think on.

  51. Waiting to get pregnant and have a baby–I will be 36 soon and feel that I have a limited amount of time

  52. This was a beautifully written and sweet reminder to look up to God and into His Word to find my help in the valley. We waited for healing for my husbands viscous melanoma cancer. Healing did not come and he is home with the Lord. Now I wait for healing for my devastated heart – living an unexpected life without my best friend of 34 years.

  53. waiting has always been hard for me, and learning that others have the same problem waiting helps me to be more patient. I found out yesterday that my husband, Marv, was cut back to part time, my emotions have been all over the place, but I know that the Lord will provide in His own good time, it’s just the “waiting” that is hard. I don’t know what is ahead but I know that the Lord is waiting to lead us where He wants us to go, we just have to be willing to follow.

  54. My biggest struggle in the Valley of Wait is currently with my finances. It seems like we can never get ahead, and something drastic always comes up. I’m not sure how to get out of this mess, but I keep praying that God will show me a way.

  55. Thank you for this message of encouragement today. I am waiting in the valley for my daughter. She has turned away from God and all that we taught her, she is living a life of sin, drinking, and drugs. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out; however the last time she returned I hardly recognized the child I raised.

    I have faith that God has a plan for her, for me, for my husband- our family. We just have to wait for God to get us through this Valley. His timing is not our timing.

    Thank you again for the encouragement!

  56. My “Valley of Wait” is for my sons & their families. I so want to see them come to love & live for the Lord before my time on earth is done. It is my greatest earthly desire.

  57. My biggest struggle in the Valley of Wait is trust. I’ve found myself there enough times, and now we are in our biggest valley ever. And I’ve realized, God will never leave me hanging. No matter how I feel, that doesn’t determine where I’m going. God does, and He is good, and He is for me. Thanks for this post, Leah.

  58. My valley is currently regarding our finances and our desire to start a business and be home more with our new baby. It’s amazing how satan takes such a blessing from God (like our precious 2 month old) and creeps into our minds and tries to cause chaos and sadness rather than joy. Her birth has been an amazing and wonderful miracle! It is true that when we are not in The Word, our valley is long, dry and harsh. I have been focusing more on the “when can I?”, “Why Can’t I?”, “Why do they get to?””, rather than the fact that God has never left me and he has my back.

    This was such a GREAT reminder of the awesome, constant God I serve and an eye opener of where the devil is trying to attack my family.

    Thank you

  59. What a gift to stumble upon ,this morning! I, truly, consider this a gift from God. As you all, I am in the “Valley of Waiting”. Everything I read tells me – in God’s time. I fight to keep faith as of late – which is a daily battle.

    Thank you Leah and thanks to you all for sharing! I live In guilt for thinking I am selfish. But when I dig deep I truly know that I have never been selfish.

  60. I am in a season of waiting on the Lord to help us adjust to our new home in new state and to provide friends for our family. He has given me time for rest and restoration, Im waiting to see if there are ministry assignments here for me outside of our family. My husband is gone for work- we have been apart more than together this year, waiting for him to come home. This is a lonely season, but I am choosing to trust His good plans and thankful that He is helping me each day.

  61. Thank you for today’s devotion, friend. Thank you also for the giving of your time & writing to First5. I start my day with it every day and LOVE the Experience Guide!

  62. I am in a valley of waiting. Praying for healing physically and financially. But my biggest prayer is that Satan will get out of my daughter’s marriage and home. My largest emotional strife comes from seeing my daughter suffer

  63. I am not a patient person so I wait for a lot…for my daughter to see the light and come back to the Lord, my husband to healed from Prostate cancer, my stepdaughter to grow up and care for her children, my niece to see she is missing a lot of her daughters life. I know everything is done in his time but, as I said I am not a patient person haha

  64. Thank you for the message. It was quite timely. I am waiting on God to answer my prayer for a godly husband, clarity with regard to my life’s purpose and the restoration of two relationships that mean a lot to me. One is with my sister and the other with a friend whose friendship I valued. The verses you shared lifted my spirit and have given me hope to hang on even though it may seem futile.

  65. As I lay here, hiding the light of my phone so I don’t wake my 19 month old granddaughter sleeping next to me, I read your words on the Valley of Waiting. God’s word comes in many ways. I’m so blessed that he spoke to me through you this morning. My 18 year old daughter and her two precious babies live with me in a very old, tiny trailer. We lost our beautiful home when my alcoholic husband lost his job and left us. I raised my four children and they are wonderful people. I am not a young woman any longer and I fear I’m running out of time to provide for my family. Thank you for your message on patience. I will no longer fear time. God will provide. God will provide.

  66. My wait is upon my son to be truly dedicated to God and not of this world and believe like the world does. For him to meet a Christian wife and for them to live only for God.

  67. I have been in the valley of wait for the last 20 years numerous times. The list consists of waiting for a godly husband, waiting to have children, waiting for a marriage restoration, waiting for healing for my husband, waiting for my dad as we watched him pass away, waiting for finances to be restored, waiting for the call God has for my family. Through each valley I have seen amazing strength, deliverance and peace.

  68. Wow! I am speechless. I am there, been there for what seems like forever. I am waiting for a Godly husband, God’s call on my life to be revealed, healing, finances, etc. God is so good to me. I am so ready for what and who and how. Thanks for your post!

  69. Heather Schmidt :

    This will sound like a weird kind of waiting but my dad is dying. I wait with him Togo to Jesus. It is the hardest thing and the most beautiful. He is a man of faith. He taught me faith. He had a quiet faith. He never spoke badly of anyone. He didn’t gossip. He just was faithful. Now, I watch him suffering and know he doesn’t want that. We are waiting. I know he will be with Jesus and he will be healed. I will miss him but what he gave me was the greatest gift. He taught me what faith is and loved me unconditionally . So we wait…

    • Heather, I too, waited as my mother battled Parkinson’s Disease for many, many years. The pain of seeing out loved ones suffer is heart wrenching, but even in this kind of waiting God’s sovereignty and light brings hope even in the darkest places. I’m praying for you today (and for your precious father) as you both wait for God’s perfecting timing.

  70. I am waiting for he Lord to give my single daughter ( who is 30 now )a Godly Husband. Please pray
    for her AND myself. She is waiting, trusting, and thankfully not willing to settle for anything but what God would have for her. But sometimes I become discouraged and frustrated! I hurt for her! Thank you!

  71. My mind is not settle…awaiting news from a surgeon is taking my husband and me back and forth. I feel that he has made his mind up, but I going back and forth in my mind and questioning things that has happened up to now and wondering should he had gotten a 2nd opinion.

  72. I can’t thank you enough for your words. Sometimes when you feel you’ve reached rock bottom, just reading things like this can uplift you. & I thank you for this. I sit in the valley of wait, dealing with the struggles of my marriage.i’ve learned that I cannot try to change my partner. That my partner is not the one who I need to pray to lord to change. But I’ve ask him to change me, mold me into the person I’m suppose to be. So that therefor I can love my husband the way the lord wants me to. Lord, I wish the wait was easy. Sometimes, I wish that I didn’t have to go through the struggles in my marriage. But the lord is working on us. & I cannot begin to explain the amazing changes he is making on me.

  73. Been praying and waiting for a long time for career change/finances to improve. I know God has us right where he wants us right now, but there are times I question why we have been in this financial drought for so long. It’s frustrating never to be able to get ahead. I continually thank God for providing for our needs and try to focus on that. I know that things will happen in His way and His time. Thank you for today’s devotion which was the reminder that I needed.

  74. What a great message! Thank you for sharing. I don’t know where to even start! It seems my life has always been in the Valley of Wait. It has only been recently that I have accepted that I must be patient and not get frustrated even though I don’t understand . My son has drifted away from the Lord as well as moved nearly 15 hours away from me. I know he has a calling on his life and that he will come back to the
    Lord, but I sure would like it in my lifetime and be able to witness it. I also live in chronic pain and know my God can heal and will in his timing, but I am so tired of suffering daily. There are several other things, but I don’t want to sound like a complainer. God is a Good! I just need prayer to keep remaining faithful and to be patient, and not to become frustrated while I wait.

  75. This devotion was perfect on timing. My husband has started a new business. He has been self employees for all of our married life. We have been close to being unable to pay bills and tuition for our kids going to a christian school several times. I just keep praying ” Lord if it is your will then these are your problems not mine.” This gives me peace while living in the valley for years. I know that it will all come together in the Lords time not my time. But waiting on the Lords timing has brought my Husband and I closer together and more dependent on him.
    Thank you for ALL that you do!!

  76. These words are like honey. I have wanted to be out of ‘singleness’ as long as I can remember and I am still waiting. It always seems like I get close and then it’s a ‘no’ again. Or a ‘not yet.’ Deep down, I know I want to wait for the one that is right, but trusting in between and dealing with the hurt and the disappointment that it’s not worked out again is difficult.

  77. Thanks for this Leah. So did you make the basketball game in time?!

    I also struggle with being patient. Past my mid thirties, I’m still waiting for a husband. I know Gods timing is perfect but sometimes I wonder if God’s forgotten me, that He doesn’t see potential, that I’m not worthy. All lies of the devil Ofcourse. I know He’s using this time to mould me into the Woman of God He wants me to be. And whether I’m single or married He loves me and is enough to satisfy. Thanks for that reminder Leah.

    • Sheryl, we made it to the game (about 10 minutes late) and Carson’s team won! It was such a teachable moment on our drive home as we talked about everything that happened and how God promises to work all things together for our good and His glory – despite how our circumstances may temporarily appear. I’m praying God’s perfect timing and plans for your life – knowing His best will be fulfilled.

  78. My husband is in the Valley of Wait which means I’m right there with him. He is waiting for a new job. He has put his application and resume out to several businesses, we are just waiting for God to open the door for the right job.

  79. Waiting is definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. I want God to do it all RIGHT now! but He has shown me over and over again, that His timing is perfect. The biggest struggle of waiting has been the sale of our home. We knew it was God’s plan for us to move, but our house would not sell! It was on the market for 1 year, then finally God brought the right buyers and provided a new house far beyond what we thought we could afford. God is so good! It is amazing to look back to that time just a few months ago and just see all the details the Lord worked out. Though I have seen how God works with requiring waiting, I still struggle with being still and trusting Him.

  80. My soul feels soothed by your devotional for today. I thank you for allowing God to use you. I am and have been in the valley of wait for three of the five things you listed above. I’ve gone through so many emotions while waiting, from impatience to sadness to anger with God. I’ve recently resigned myself to glorify Him while I wait because He promised that those who wait on The Lord will have renewed strength. He is teaching me to bloom where He plants me while I wait.

  81. Wow! This really hit home for me. I’m not very good with patience or waiting and I really needed to hear this! Your words struck home with me! I have been in the valley of waiting g for my boys to make better decisions in their lives for quite some time. My oldest adult son has been an addict for 13 yrs and finally went into rehab 23 days ago. Voluntarily, I might add. I have been praying for him to make the right decisions for such a long time. My youngest son is divorced with custody of his 2 young daughters. He has made some poor decisions regarding their welfare, yet despite it all they still continue to florish. I know that must be God’s hand in their lives. God’s grace and mercy is so great! I know I must work harder on trustING His timing in all things. And I also know that whenever I’m in the valley of wait or losing my patience I must try harder on focusing on God’s great love! Thank you for this wonderfull, inspiring post this morning! You have made my day!

  82. Waiting… I feel as though I am waiting to see what is right to do in some key relationships these days. I have made some missteps in my life in that arena… As I guess we all have to some extent.. Though I am working on discernment in choosing where and how my time is spent. God give me wisdom particularly as it impacts more than just me (my 3 young daughters now and others too).

  83. I wait and I pray and I wait some more. My daughters pray snd get frustrated. So we wait…wait for God to lift the hold alcohol has in my husband and to restore our family. Sometimes it seems like why bother. Is God listening? My girls have amazing faith and they too now wonder if God will answer our prayers. They want a father that they can do things with not just watch him drink. I want a husband that puts the Lord first in his life and does not rely on beer to “solve” his problems.
    As we wait I know God protects us and him. But sometimes I can help but wonder how much longer. Thank you for your words I am not alone.

  84. I am a single mom, raising 4 of my 5 children. I am currently cultivating a friendship that I would like to turn into more. He has 2 children of his own. He has his own business and is in his busy season until the middle of next month, so he currently doesn’t have much time to socialize. More than anything, I need to slow down and wait for God’s timing, if this is the man he has for me.

  85. I am waiting for the new job. There “could” be an interview coming. Or, I never got past the next level to be called for an interview. As I wait, God is still teaching me things at work.

  86. I am currently waiting for God to show my husband and I how to proceed with a move. We have four children and we seem to be outgrowing the home we have. Two preteens and one bathroom isn’t a good situation! We would have to go to the bank to see if this is even possible, and sell our home, which isn’t even on the market. We’ve already found a home which would meet our needs and which we could afford. But I’m getting so anxious about it and since we haven’t made any moves toward these things, I’m waiting… Thank you for praying that God will give us clear direction and that we won’t be afraid of the giants of fear and doubt in this situation.

  87. Ah yes…the valley of wait. We’re in one now; my husband’s job is ending and for the past couple years, God has been stirring a desire to move closer to family. It looks like He opened a door in that direction and now…we.wait. God is definitely working in each of us, growing us, maturing us, but – it hasn’t been without some defiance on our parts. He is so gracious as He lovingly wraps His arms around us, assuring us He has us in this and is working for our good. Has it been easy? At times, no, as we get impatient but He gently draws us back to His path. Looking forward to all He will do in/through this time.

  88. Thank you so much for these words and this encouragement that I’m not alone in struggling to wait, and that God is with me as I do so. My soul does seek Him, and I’m grateful to see my determination and patience and hope grow rather than shrink as my time in the “valley” continues.

    I felt called to write and have been writing manuscripts for years now, improving in my craft, feeling so much joy in what God’s given me to do. I’ve been praying for an agent to offer to represent me for a few years now, and I know I’ve needed to grow before that could happen. But I’m still waiting and working and giving my best, and been praying if this isn’t God’s will to share my stories, that He’d take away the desire; otherwise, that He’d give me the patience and drive to keep at it. This is a great reminder today to keep listening to His Word.

    • Cheyenne, have you considered sharing small sections on your manuscripts on a blog while you prayerfully wait for the right agent? Also, you may consider self publishing as an option. If your stories bring honor to God – which I’m sure they do – I have no doubt that He wants you to share them with others. 🙂

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