Truth in the Turbulence

Truth in the Turbulence

As I looked out the plane window, I marveled at the beautiful day God created. There’s not a cloud in the sky … It’s going to be great flying weather. No bumps or turbulence to worry about. I can just sit back, relax and enjoy. One hour into the flight I was singing a different tune … 

When Life Gets Turbulent

Hi Friend!

The above excerpt is from a devotion I’m sharing on Encouragement For Today this morning.  Click here to read it in it’s entirety.

Sometimes when we experience unexpected turbulence it can be short lived, sort of like my flight that day from the West Coast.  Other times, the situations are much more complicated and linger on for days, weeks or even months.

Here are some tips (other than what I shared in my devotion) that help me when I’m life gets rough and feels turbulent.

1. Get honest with God.  Instead of holding back my feelings and stuffing my concerns, I honestly share them with God. I get it all out – the good, the bad, the ugly. I’m never disrespectful or irreverent, but I pour out my heart, just like David did in the Psalms. God already knows my every thought, so trying to hide them is not only a waste of time, but it’s very unproductive.

2. Pump up the volume. For years I’ve listened to contemporary worship music every day, but when I’m going through a tough season I become much more intentional about it.  Instead of just listening, I sing along and really focus on the words. I’ll turn up the volume and sing like no one else is listening.  Doing so is medicine for my soul and redirects my focus – off of my concerns and onto God who is my Problem Solver.

3. Reach out to others. God has often used a close friend or family member to speak truth into my life when I’m looking for answers. Having a friend to pray with about a particular situation can be extremely helpful. Many times God directs me to a wise friend who’s had prior struggles in the same area of hardship that I’m currently in. It’s a great reminder that I’m not the only one who struggles.

4. Dig Deeper. Getting into God’s Word is top priority. I’ll chose one word that best describes my situation and then look up as many verses as I can find that relates to that one word.  Before long I have a long list of verses that I can read throughout the day to boost my faith and keep me grounded in God’s promises.

5. Give some gratitude: Instead of falling into the woe-is-me pit, I think about all the things I’m grateful for and thank God for each one. I list out all the things that didn’t happen, but could have. This will quickly put my problem into a healthy perspective as I realize how blessed I truly am. No matter how bad my situation, there is always someone who is in a more difficult situation that needs prayer.

Can you offer a suggestion or helpful tip that works when you’re going through a turbulent season?

I’d love for you to share it below in the comment section to encourage others who will be stopping by today.  Your words could make all the difference in someone else’s life who may be struggling today.



  1. Pray for my friendship with carol who is like a mom to me I feel it is under attack because we were unseparable and now she has a man in her life she is focused on and he isn’t a Christian. Pray she will see the relationship for what it is and not be stubborn and rebellious. Also pray our friendship will be stronger from all this

  2. Thank you for your insight and suggestions. I need to be assured constantly that GOD csn hear my prayers as I go through a turbulent marital issues. Pls pray for us and esp our kids. May God bless you and yours always.

  3. This is a timely word and hit straight to the heart of my turbulent marital issues. I’m clinging to your words of wisdom and the wisdom of the scriptures. I’m deciding today to trust and relax in my heavenly Daddy’s arms.

  4. Vicki Crawford :

    The message was a word from on High.. So many of us are going through different things in life and you hit a lot of great points.. I notice it never fails with me God will use me to pray or give words of encouragement to someone else.. I be like Lord you are kidding right? He will always say Vicki it is not about you. You have to be ready at all times.. Said that to say when God uses me in that area and it takes the focus off of my situation to help someone else is a blessing to me. Honored & very grateful

  5. I love today’s message. The turbulence in life can be very overwhelming. I have suffered from bipolar for years and have been so ashamed that I didn’t speak of it. I am clinging to God right now due to the financial worries that not being able to work the last 6 months has brought. The anxiety and fear can be so overwhelming that I am frozen at times…I believe God will get me through..I am going to try a new job opportunity tomorrow…am hopeful this is an answer to prayer and that the anxiety and fear are no more.

    • Hopeful, the fact that you’ve suffered from bipolar for years and are still pressing forward with God tells me that you’re a woman of great faith. I agree completely that God is seeing you through this and I’m praying this new job is an open door of opportunity from Him.

  6. I have been struggling with a lot of drastic changes this year. My special needs teenage son in court custody because of his behaviors. My husband losing his very lucrative job. Moving to a new state with no family or friends. Being “homeless” according to the county. Starting over has it’s painful, turbulant effects.

    But your devotions are always God-breathed & HS uses them!

    And I, personally, receive so much encouragement from them!

    Thank you.♡

    • Erin, life can be hard and filled with seasons of change. Our family has moved 14 times, so I can relate to the difficulties of adjusting to a new place. I’m praying for your family today as y’all transition into a new home, community and job. Also for you son – that God would give him great favor with the court system. Bless you, friend. 🙂

  7. Dear Leah,

    Wow! God has sure used your experience to help others (like me) as I also have had to weather a storm this past year and the turbulence that resulted from it. I only wish I had these words of wisdom about 6 months ago. Still, I believe God brings us what we need and the wisdom that results when we are ready to learn it.

    I too will pray for others as a loving gift to them without knowing anything about them. The emergency crews, the patients who need them, the person walking across the street in front of me when I’m stopped at a stop light, the woman sitting in her parked car in the parking lot.

    I like to give sweet little unexpected gifts of kindness to people too. A kind smile, a tissue when they need it, a fun little something that seemed to have their name written all over it that I found at a thrift shop, a genuine compliment. Simple kindnesses. When I travel on toll roads I occasionally pay the toll for the person behind me. Sometimes I get a thank you, and sometimes I don’t. I don’t do it for the gratitude. I do it for the joy of spreading kindness to others. It makes my heart sing, even in the midst of turbulent times.

    Sometimes just focusing on the needs of others helps me to “put my gratitude back on.” “Counting my gratefuls” every day is a great tool for me to feel joyful again.

    Blessings to you Ms. Leah.

  8. Lori Livingston :

    I’m a terrible flyer, so I really felt your story! I’ve been going through a season of deep temptation and one of the things that has helped me a lot is music. I went to the Christian bookstore last week and they showed me how to pick different songs on the computer to burn a cd for me. (You can probably tell I’m older!). When I listen to this cd, I’m reminded of all the things I’m learning about God and visualizing the victory I want. What it will look like. This is something new I’ve tried and it has helped. I’m a newcomer so I’m enjoying your insights. Thank you!

  9. Praying for others help. As I’m driving, I see people at the bus stop, homeless people, people on wheelchairs, the er personnel going by. It helps sooo much to pray for them and much more. The Lord tells me I’m not the only one that needs prayer or help. So many people in the world need God and His peace. It helps to take my mind off my problems. I praise God for blesing me with eyes to see others, so I can pray for them. I’m also sensitive to homeless dogs running around lost or abandoned. The Lord reminds me His promises…no more tears, no more pain, no more hostility, nothing but joy when we get to be with the Lord..

    God bless u

  10. Prayer and More Prayer.

  11. Praise God. I’m going through a turbulence rite now. My husband wants to be alone, live alone , going to church alone, doing and going places alone. the other week for days, he took off without a word, was gone for 4 days. We have been Having problems for the last 15 yrs. We put r home 4 sale. The Lord is teaching me to stay focus on Him. What comforts me is his promising Word. I lift my eyes to the heavens and start praising n singing, that song. I lift my eyes to the heavens cuz I know where my help comes from, I will seek upon You Jesus my Saviors only Son, there is peace for the seeker, blessed hope from the Lord there is love without measure for all trust in the Lord. I’m constantly talking to Him. Praise God I read His word for Hours. I’m addicted to His word. It calls me all the time. I ask Him to put those horse blinders on me so my negative thoughts won’t turn to the left or right…just to look straight and focus on my Abba Father . He’s helping me to control my thoughts. Throughout the day I’m singing worship songs thank Him for everything bad and good. I’ve become more sensitive to things I wasn’t b4.
    Staying focus on Him is such a tremendous peace and comfort.
    Thank you for your encourgments.

  12. Nancy Gladwin :

    Walk and pray. No headphones, no phone, no distractions. I get honest with God and instead of praying how I think he wants me to, I pray with gusto and let it all out. I believe I’ve come closer to Him during this last trial in my life because I got real with God. He already knows what we are thinking.

  13. “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Prov. 25:11 Thank you for sharing “gold” today!

  14. Jeanette Lambert :

    Thank you for your insights on how to handle turbulence. Like you, I dread turbulence on flights. I like your thoughts on how to handle challenges, particularly the tip on giving gratitude for what could have happened or for what did not happen in that situation. I needed to be reminded of that.

  15. Loretta Hunt :

    Thank you so much Leah for this healing Word in “Truth in the Turbulence”. Reading this has led to a breakthrough for me. I will meditate on this all day, focus on God, lean into Him. That is the key to getting through any turbulence. Praise God for His Word that never fails!

    • Loretta, I’m thrilled that God is using today’s post to lead you to victory. He’s all about us breaking through the fear barriers in our lives as we trust in Him.

  16. Leah, what great tips! I’ve never thought to come up with one word that describes my situation and look up verses that would encourage me related to that one word.

    I find journalling my thoughts, my feelings and the situation brings peace to my spirit. Like you mentioned, being gut-level honest with God. Something happens when I write that brings clarity and the ability to rest in God as He works through my turbulent situation.

    Loved this post!

  17. Michelle B. :

    Thank you for this reminder! My family is on one of these turbulent plane rides of life now. I’ve been too heartbroken to do anything at all. I can not fix anything myself. And so I’ve just been praying and trusting and maybe that was part of the reason for all of this. It’s amazing how much God has provided and taken care of us.

  18. Thank you!!! Your writing always speeds to me!!!

  19. Thanks for the great list. I have been challenged with a disease for over 20 years. Two others that have helped me: 1.) Look for someone else to pray for, it helps to see that many suffer not just us. WE can then encourage others. 2.) I also find I image myself as my Fathers little girl and I crawl up on His lap and tell Him to hold me and comfort me.

  20. These are wonderful reminders! Thank you for sharing them! I will share these with others I know who are struggling with fear and anxiety.

  21. Thank-you Leah…Your posts were the reminder I needed!
    I have to admit, I struggle to go to God and ask: “God, what are You trying to teach me? What am I supposed to learn?” I tend to want to get out of the situation or feeling.
    I do find at times when I am anxious or my thoughts wonder, praying for others is a good way to refocus my thoughts. Prayer also draws me closer to God.

  22. I love all of your suggestions. They all seem so simple, but they are totally powerful. I especially love the one about God’s word and the one about gratitude. One of my favorite verses is from Psalm 119 where it says it’s good for us to be afflicted, because we turn to God’s precepts then!!! I love that you gave such concrete application today. May God bless you!!!

  23. Mary Amirault :

    I have been dealing with anxiety all my life off and on. It’s when I am truly in the Word that my anxiety gets lifted by the Great Physician. Right now my anxiety level has increased, so I know I need to get into the Word more and more each day.

    Your devotional truly was meant for me to read today. Thank you for your wise insight.

    • Mary, I’m praying that your anxiety melts away as you spend time with your Heavenly Father. Oh, how we longs to answer your prayers today. 🙂

    • Dear Mary,

      I also have been struggling with anxiety for a lot in my life. I try to tell myself that god is a God of peace and comfort myself with scriptures. I try to journal my feelings out and cry too. Anxiety is very real and can feel debilitating; just know that you are not alone and God is with you. I pray for you too that the God of all peace with comfort you and give you His peace in Jesus name.

  24. Always Growing :

    I woke with a heart full of anxiety. I have been blessed to walk with God along time but have struggled with anxiousness lately I am embarassed to say, but it is true. I began reading these devotions and am very thankful for them. Today’s is timed so perfectly and so true. Thank you!

    • Always Growing ~ Thank you for sharing honestly about your anxiety. Many women struggle and long to know they are not alone. I’m praying God will fill you with His peace to overflowing.

  25. Always Growing :

    Written just for me .Thank you!

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