A Splash of Rejuvenation

A Splash of Rejuvenation

Hi Friend,

I’m wondering if you’re in need of a fresh word today. Maybe a little splash of rejuvenation after a long week?

If you’re like me, the past several days have been packed full with too many assignments, errands, deadlines and responsibilities.

I always look forward to the weekends, don’t you? It gives me permission to change my pace and slow down a bit. To be more of a noticer and less of a doer.

Maybe you’ve had a long week too and would appreciate some refreshment for your soul this weekend.

Let’s take a few minutes to wrap our hearts around a pure nugget of truth. Something simple and yet profound.

Words that will flood our hearts and minds with God’s perspective instead of the world’s agenda. Words that allow us …

Room to breath
Space to exhale
A place to relax

Now take a minute to look at this graphic and read what it says:

At first glance, you may be tempted to read this verse from 1 Corinthians 13:7 and simply accept it as just another assignment: “Now {insert your name} be sure you don’t give up, don’t loose heart, always be hopeful, endure in every situation!”

But what if we saw this verse with fresh eyes and an open heart. What if we took a few moments to receive love instead of feeling pressured to give it away to others.

The truth about love is this:

God loves you so much – He never gives up on you.

God loves you so much – He never loses faith in you.

God loves you so much – He always has hope in you.

God loves you so much – He promises to endure every difficult circumstance with you.

God’s love for you will never fade.

God’s love for you will never be taken away.

God’s love for you will always believe the best in you.

God’s love for you will always sacrifice.

God’s love will never [ever] fails.

In order to give our love to others, we have to receive God’s love first.

After reading these truths, what does God’s love mean to you? Is His love enough?

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  1. Thank you. I’m finding my way and have had some challenges and concerns these past few days. I believe everything will be fine and that God’s got this. I just need to put my trust and faith in him

  2. What does it mean, Gods love for you will ALWAYS sacrifice?

    • Billye, that’s a great question.
      God showed His love by allowing Jesus to die on the cross for us. It was the ultimate sacrifice. No matter what sin we’ve committed in our past or what sin we’ll commit in our future, Jesus’ sacrifice will always cover it. Billye, cost was high, but God says you’re worth it.

  3. I love this post because I know that GOD LOVES ME. Shalom!!!!!

  4. Love this!

  5. Thank you, Leah. I have been receiving this message over and over recently! And the evidence of it, too. Just before that I’d been feeling like He was far away and asking Him where He was! How amazing He is to reveal His love when His people cry out for His presence!

  6. Leah,

    Thank you so much. This has come at a time when I really needed some kind of assurance from God about certain things I’m facing right now. It was like He was saying, ‘ I love you Judy, no matter what, I have everything in control, just keep your eyes on me and keep believing. I love you!’

  7. I really felt the Holy Spirit soothing my soul while reading this.
    P.S. Love the graphic.

  8. Beautiful words to read, especially after a night of bad storms in this area. God’s love protected us all during the storms.

  9. Wow! Thank-you Leah for your post this morning! GOD’s love for me is so overwhelming. At times it seems impossible, yet HE is truth so it must be true 🙂

  10. THANK YOU FOR THIS THIS MORNING!! We all need to step back and remember God’s great and unfailing love for us… I felt rushed and pressure this morning with the weight of tasks for the day, but this allowed me to take a step back and remember what really matters and feel at peace this morning.

    • Alysia, we often miss out on God’s peace – which is available to us without measure – because we’re so busy all the time. I’m glad you were able to slow down, savor and receive it this morning.


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