Shouldn’t This Be Easier? {Giveaway}

Shouldn’t This Be Easier? {Giveaway}

Update: Congratulations to Debbie Hair as this week’s giveaway winner! Thanks everyone for leaving such great comments. I’m praying for each one of you today. 


Have you ever had a door of opportunity slam shut right before you walked through it?

I did a few months ago. Well, if I’m going to be completely honest it didn’t really slam shut … it just closed. But it sure felt like a slam to me.

When I saw the exciting news a friend posted on Facebook, I wanted to be happy for her. Really, I did, but my heart was breaking into a million tiny pieces. I’m not much of a crier, but that day I cried a bucket full of tears.

This was the opportunity I had been praying about and preparing for.

I figured if I kept doing all the right things, naturally the door would open for me. It didn’t. Instead, it opened for my friend and I’m just going to be honest. It hurt.

A closed door can scream all sorts of things to your soul. Things like:

I guess you’re being overlooked and unappreciated again.

You didn’t get this opportunity because you’re simply not good enough.

No one sees you, so you just need to stop trying and forget it.

You must have done something wrong, because God is obviously holding out on you. 

My heart needed some serious fixing and it wasn’t going to happen by asking everyone else what they thought about my new dilemma.

The only way to get my heart right again was to run to God and sit in His presence until I felt better. To focus on the truth of God’s promises, instead of being tossed around by the lies of the enemy.

Disappointments in life are inevitable and if we live long enough, we’re going to get hurt. Not once or twice, but many times.

It’s hard not to let disappointments define me. To use them as a measuring stick on how well (or not so well) I’m doing in this thing called life. If disappointment is inevitable, I’d much rather learn from it then be forever hurt by it.

In my Encouragement For Today devotion, which is posted on the Proverbs 31 Ministries website, I share how some closed doors can be painful, but necessary at times. Especially when God is the One closing the door we’re about to walk through. 

I’m learning that when God closes a door it’s not His objection toward me; it’s His sovereign protection over me. Focusing on this truth (instead of my hurt feelings) changes my perspective and allows God to mend my heart.

So what do I do while I wait for the next door of opportunity to open?

1. I keep trusting God.

2. I continue doing the assignments God has already given me.

3. I believe with all my heart a better door is about to open.

4. I wait patiently on God’s perfect timing.  {*This is by far is the hardest for me.}

Have you recently experienced a closed door of opportunity in your own life? I’d love for you to share your story with me or tell of a time when a closed door lead to something better.

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  1. Wanda Schmidt :

    I needed so much to tell how I’m feeling today. Today I’m feeling refreshed and new. This past year has been a deep struggle with a loss of my son-in-law and times of sickness, I didn’t think I could make it. But God has given me the grace to get through the struggles and today I can say each day is a new day! And I feel refreshed by his love and His strength! God answers prayers and He hears every one that we have prayed. Praise the Lord! He set me free!

  2. Great devotion! Thank you! I’ve read so many posts and amazed at how uniquely different we all are and our circumstances. I also married someone I shouldn’t have. The epitome of an abuser. 3 years into the marriage I discovered that he exhibited almost every trait of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Unfortunately I chose to live in denial of it for the following 5 years. Mainly because I knew people with NPD wouldn’t seek help and the prognosis was poor. I couldn’t handle the truth because it meant ending the marriage. We separated countless times due to the abuse. But as battered women do, we keep going back. 8 years into I left him for good. Thank God we didn’t have children. But 6 weeks before I left him, I surrendered to full time ministry. I talked to him about reaching out to the gay community because I had been involved in that lifestyle for many years. He said he would not support me if I chose to bring that into it. I live with my best friend, I am a church custodian, I cannot afford to get my car fixed so we share her car. God stripped me of my career, (former VP of a large bank) , stripped me of my marriage, no car, depending on others for help, and cannot afford to file for divorce because I need insurance and I am still on my husbands. I hate having to depend on him, but God has squeezed so much pride out of me that I should have lost half my body weight! I have attempted twice to start a new ministry and the door has slammed shut. It’s been 2 yrs since I surrendered, and God has been pruning away. I don’t have a clue what God wants me to do. I’m very limited in my resources and am attempting to do what I can with what I have. It’s very hard. I truly wished I could understand why God has me confined now and why after 2 yrs I’m still wondering if a breakthrough will come. I’m getting very little encouragement about working in the gay community. I’m trying desperately to wait on God’s direction. I thank you for sharing this and it encouraging me to wait on God. Also very hard for me. I even applied for a job at subway and didn’t get it!! I am seriously beginning to think God doesn’t want me back in the workforce, but it leaves me pondering, what does He want me to do for Him????

  3. I love this post. It reminds me of the many times I thought the door slamming in my face was my fault. But looking back, I know that it was God’s way of protecting me. I married my 1st husband after a long and turmoil-filled relationship. He asked quickly into our courting and I wanted to have kids so I said yes. I thought it was God’s answer to my prayers. After a few months, I knew God was telling me I was not in the right place. But I didn’t listen. I married him, had 3 beautiful kids and the abuse got worse. I never wanted to get a divorce. I never thought I would. I knew God would be upset with my choices. But I had to get out. So, I did. It was heart-wrenching. I was so angry at myself and felt so incredibly guilty for what I was doing to my children. Little did I know, God had something else entirely for me. I was reunited with a man I went to high school with. I had always had a crush on him in high school, and he thought the same about me, but nothing ever came of it. That door swung WIDE open once I was divorced. Three years later, I married him. He is the father that my children needed and the husband that God had planned for me. We have a Christ-centered marriage and are raising my 3 kids and his son. We have a crazy life – but I now know what God had planned for me all along. Had I not gone down the path I did, I would not be here now. Even though I may have let God down by marrying the wrong man for the wrong reasons, I’m now blessed with an amazing family and husband. God is GREAT!

  4. long story short, I married my high school sweet heart knowing it was all wrong to begin with, unfortunately we didn’t stay married, however im married to an amazing husband and father for 11yrs. I am thankful for forgiveness & grace!

  5. Your message spoke to me . I’m feeling discouraged that I should have done more with my life. Maybe I even have failed in some important areas in my kids life. My relationship with my Lord & savior keeps me searching for God’s plan for my life. I know God has a plan for my life and I do trust him.

  6. such a powerful message to hear. when I’m searching for God’s voice, it’s important to remember that He is in control.

  7. You have no idea how much this devotion hit home for me. Thanks for truly inspiring words and for me to continue to pray on what God has planned for me and that I continue to trust in him! Thanks again!

  8. I love your message. It is so important to remember.

  9. Melanie Nunez :

    God is the author of my story. I would have never come up with the amazing things he’s written for my life; things I didn’t know I even needed, now I couldn’t live without.

  10. If it wasn’t for the truth God’s gifts and plans for me are irrevocable, my whole life would seem “like a dirt road littered with potholes of discouragement and puddles of frustration”. But He has good plans for me and not evil plans. He protects with “doors” to keep me on track. Thank you for reminding me that closed doors are not bad.

  11. i have been praying for a job for 7 years . still waiting on god and trusting this is my jubilee..
    i think this word is also a reminder for me. god has not forgotten me . leah this is my first time on your blog..god bless

  12. This was a great post with a lot of depth. This was the reminder i needed at just the time i needed it. So much has happened in my life that i often think ive experienced more than many in one lifetime…ive surely had my share and it should be roses from here. But then it’s not. Its far from it. I needed the in your face reminder that you provided. I know bad things aren’t God’s intention but that he allows them to happen sometimes. They are caused by our choices or the devil. However with each event it draws me closer to God.

  13. Hello. Thanks for writing this blog. Through it, God reminded me that He is the one in control. I will continue coming back to study my Bible with you!

  14. Susan Breiner :

    This devotional really spoke to me. Knowing that God is in control is comforting as I watch doors that seem to be opening slam shut. I know He has a plan for me and I need to trust Him and wait for His perfect timing. I am so thankful God led me to your blog!

  15. Protecting me. How did I overlook that perspective? Lightbulb!

  16. God has closed doors recently and historically for me and my family that have been life changing to increase my faith and to show Himself faithful. Praise you Lord, and thank you for loving me like this!!

  17. Nena Hodges :

    I SO need to get this book! I have goals that I believe came from God, yet my health always seems to drag me down. I have prayed about this many times, but things seem to just get harder. I feel the door to the dreams he gave me are still open, but I know there is only one way to get there, and that is by following His lead. I need help and encouragement to overcome, and feel Gods victory in my life no matter how distant is seems.

  18. By the way, so caught up in the posting that I forgot to share. Briefly I believe God has planted a seed to go on the road for Him. What makes this a special challenge is I have no vehicle. I rent a room in a house (have not had a place of my own for almost 4 years since my husband died) and I am on disability. Yet, I am available and surrendered, willing to step out of my comfort zone into the unknown for His glory and honor. The trip would involve visiting village missions (US and Canada) and offering help and encouragement, and in between, sharing a meal, a shelter if needed, listening, being His light and salt. The thought that has come to me is a year at least. Would appreciate your prayers. Waiting IS the hardest part and sometimes wondering if I heard Him right!

  19. Wow – I know God puts just the right words in front of me when I need them most – never a coincidence. Whether a book, a posting (always find gems here, Leah), someone speaking, and definitely His Word, it is always perfect for what I am doing or going through at the time. Thank you for sharing God’s heart with us.

  20. Regina Hildebrand :

    I have felt this way many times to the point of feeling like there are only closed doors. I know that is not true but the feeling is still there. I would love the Bible.

  21. This is the first time I read the door open/door close verse. It is timely and healing! But I prefer not to share details. Would I share the bible or keep it for myself? Not sure just yet. My daughter heads off to a Christian college in fall and would be a perfect gift. My Niv women’s devotional bible from decades ago could use an update too! Thank you for this verse and message.

  22. Thank you for this devotional. Be patient for God’s perfect plan is very difficult, but absolutely necessary. I especially loved what you said about walking uprightly. I wrote it down as a daily reminder. Thank you for your encouragement.

  23. Thank you Leah! You’re devotional is heart gripping. Your response to the closed door in your life and knowing your heart needed some serious fixing, tells me how crucial it is to go to God first with my thoughts and feelings before going to others. “The only way to get my heart right again was to run to God and sit in His presence until I felt better. To focus on the truth of God’s promises, instead of being tossed around by the lies of the enemy.” Seeking God’s face and focusing more on His precious promises.

  24. My “closed door”…. is my health. It seems at this point that my health has closed the door for having any more children. I am, naturally, grieving this realization as this was not my plan.. at all. This message spoke right to my heart, my father and i just had a conversation about accepting the things that happen, remembering that God has a plan and that there is a reason we are on the road we are on even if we dont know it yet and are unsure just where this road leads. I’m waiting to see what God has in store and what doors will open in His time not mine.

  25. Have had doors shut numerous times, and each time I thought my heart would break. It’s only been in hind-sight that I see God’s hand in it and the way it has strengthened my faith. Difficult to understand in the middle of the door closing, but by taking my hurt to God, the light begins to shine again, and I can see God’s protection. Thank you for such a relevant post for so many.

  26. What an encouraging post for me. Also several friends I can send this to. It reminds me to stay focused on God’s plan for me and not mine. It’s also very timely and perfect words for our son who recently applied for another position in his company and God said wait, not yet. I think this will be an encouragement to him and confirmation of what He’s trusting God for.

    Sweet Blessings.

  27. Malinda yoast :

    Beautifully written. I will be 43 this year, grew up in church but never had a relationship with God until 3 years ago. I chose the majority of my life to ignore God and just plow through doors. It left me with really damaging experiences. I’ve grown more in 3 years than the past 40. As my pastor and church says… The best is yet to come

  28. Thank you so much for your inspirational words of encouragement! Leah, just now as I was thinking and praying about this topic, a picture popped into my head. I saw myself so busy, running around, trying to open my own doors, without even asking God for His help. And I know after I try to open those doors, I don’t even question if they are the right ones! I slam them behind me and plunge ahead, thinking I’m on the right path, and then wonder why things don’t work out. The hardest thing to do is to quietly sit back and wait until the door opens on God’s command, and not by my physical effort. I’m so guilty of pushing and pulling and trying to shove every single one of my doors open. But really, in a way, that’s my version of making myself my own god. To take up my cross, and follow Christ daily, I have to die to myself and my own desires. Give up the choice of my own doors. But that’s so hard! On my own, I’m totally incapable of doing that. It’s a daily battle I fight. I lean on Christ every moment and know His way is the only way.

  29. Thank you for sharing! God Bless you!!!

  30. When doors close in my life it as been automatic for me to get upset or frustrated. I need to remember that God’s plan is bigger and better than mine. I might not understand it at the moment but it has a purpose for me. He loves me through anything and everything.

  31. I’ve felt like doors have been closing for me lately with my efforts to become healthier and with regards to the size of my family. I need to trust in God and His ways…something that isn’t always easy. Thank you for the reminder!

  32. When the door closes, I have finally learnedly to run to Jesus. Better than any friend or brother. I repeat Romans 8:28 and trust that His plan is the best. Great post. Thank you

  33. Thank you for this timely post. I have recently renewed my faith and have begun to take an active role in the direction and depth of my faith. The problem that I am confronted with today is so confusing to me and has been most of my life….different situations presented but same conundrum. At this point it involves a job offer. My husband currently has a job – for simplicity’s sake, we’ll say it’s not great and leave it there. He interviewed for another job this morning that will be 1/4 mile from home instead of 45 miles and it will be much more in line with the person that he is and his soul in general. It will be fulfilling and productive and creative. It doesn’t offer health insurance, though. So, my question is this, is that a door being opened (perfect opportunity to take a job more suited to his soul and our family) or is that a door being closed (no health insurance & for me to pick up the insurance slack would take most of my paycheck)? I don’t know how to interpret the choices that are placed in my path. That is where I struggle with my walk. What do I do? I’m constantly praying for guidance and clarity it seems like. I don’t pray for signs because I don’t think I’ll recognize them or on the opposite end of the spectrum, everything will become a sign to me. Uggh…luckily I’m becoming persistent in my faith.

  34. I thank you for the devotional today. I really needed it. The doors have been closing for me and my husband and we just wanted to give up. Today the devotional was right on time for is to keep going.

  35. Abby Breuklander :

    Thanks for sharing, I can’t tell you how much I needed this today!! I’ve been battling various health issues for almost 11 years now, one right after another. The latest problem has been the worst 3 years of my life, having to let go of my job, church and social lives, basically everything. But through it at He has shown me so many thing about Himself that I never would’ve learned otherwise, so I can also say that it’s been the best time of my life as well!

  36. Halona Luna :

    For several years, I have felt the door slam in my face. I have a few ‘incurable’ diseases which have now rendered me disabled. I worked full time up to two years ago but was forced to reconcile that this mother of four, forty one years old had to stop working to start taking care of myself. It is a daily struggle, sometimes by the second to remember that I am a Jesus Girl and I am loved, chosen and NOT FORGOTTEN. I would love to win this bible.

  37. God’s timing in your encouragement is-as always-so perfect! Another month goes by for me without conceiving a baby and I am so sad each time. I find fault within each time; I’m not healthy enoug, I’m too stressed out, I didn’t calculate correctly, etc. I know it is Satan trying to get me to focus on myself instead of rejoicing in the Lord always. His timing is perfect and I desire to trust Him more each day. Thank you for your encouragement!

  38. Marcia Whaley :

    Thank you for a great reminder that God does things on “His time” not ours. That is easier to understand when you are not in the throws of disappointment. We all have to have Faith and believe with our whole being that there is a reason somewhere and God has yet revealed it. It’s hard, I know.

  39. Dawn Heasley :

    hi, oh yes I have had many doors close! I have been working in a factory for 18 years and I have been trying to get out since 2007. I was laid off from one after 10 years of service. I went back to school in 2008 with trying to get into nursing school for a year but every where I turned the doors were shut so with believing this was not the path God was leading me I pursued accounting and every door became open so I received my associates in accounting as my major and minor in finance. Once I graduated I looked for a job in that area. I had a few interviews but never got called back due to having no experience. So out of desperation for a job I went back into a factory 3 years ago as a welder, it is taking a toll on me physically and emotionally! So then I started online classes for Medical Transcription and during this time my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer so I didn’t get done with the class on time and have had to get 2 extensions. While we were in the Drs office yesterday I asked about how they go about getting their transcriptionist and I was told they use a machine now instead of people. The dr talks in the mike and it will type what is being transcribed and today I find out of someone loosing their job because the Drs are going this route as well. So now I feel yet another door is being closed! It is real hard to ask why God wants me to stay with this body brutal job where I am getting paid so little to begin with (it doesn’t cover our house payment and my husband no longer is able to work) I want to so be able to retire and find just a simple part time job or volunteer somewhere where my passions lay!

  40. Thank you so much! I REALLY needed this! I’m experiencing a closed door right now! My husband lost his job 10 months ago & still hasn’t found anything. I went to work part time to help out. I thought I was going to get some extra hours for the summer but it looks like I’ll actually get LESS! My boss is a Christian lady & knows our situation so I don’t understand but I just keep reminding myself that God is in control!!!

  41. Thank-you Leah for this timely reminder of God’s sovereignty and his loving protection for us. It is difficult when we desperately want to walk in the centre of God’s will but wonder whether the plans we have are in line with God’s purpose for us. It is refreshing and encouraging to know that the challenges and obstacles often represent closed doors not only for our protection, but because God does indeed have something/some-one so much greater and more wonderful than we could ever imagine …… and it will come about not through our striving but God’s timing. I have seen this manifest in my life multiple times, with marriage, parenting, work and finance situations. So lovely and encouraging to read all the other comments from your readers also. God bless. xox

  42. Thank you for sharing. I’m just having trouble distinguishing the closed door from the open one. How do you know?

  43. Hi Sweet Friends,
    I’ve been reading through your comments and praying for y’all this morning. Some of your stories are so encouraging, but I realize some of you are going through difficult times right now and the pain is real. I agree that not knowing answers to questions we’ve asked of God is hard and challenging. That’s why we have to exercise our faith and trust God will get us through those season of unknown and waiting.

    When things don’t work out like I had hoped for I remind myself of this truth:
    Romans 8:28 –> God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.

    We may not see the “everything for our good” right away, but God is faithful and fulfills all of His promises. Wee have the assurance that He will make every wrong right and turn every sorrow to joy. As we wait on God, let’s remember He will not withhold any good thing from those who walk in righteousness.

  44. We experienced the “closed door” of a miscarriage of our second child. We experienced grief of course, but also trusted in God and the promise of seeing our child in heaven one day. If not for the loss of this child we would not have our third child who was born a week before the one year anniversary of our miscarriage. He is now a very busy toddler and a huge momma’s boy! We still think about our second baby and look forward to seeing him or her when we join them in heaven.

    • Another thing our miscarriage showed me was 2 Corinthians 3-4: “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” God is THE comforter and we can go to Him for all things, and we can share this comfort with others too.

  45. I have been trying to grow closer to God lately but with each step I take, there are definitely 3 backwards. I am so glad you put this into perspective about the closed doors! We have been dealing with a lot lately and I am just trying to continue to trust God and look for his plan and his answers, but it is often hard. I feel so conflicted between what is my own thoughts, what the devil is telling me and what is of God. I know the way will become clear on many of these problems soon and although it is hard to wait and easy to get distracted, I know God will find a way for the right way to happen!

  46. Hey Leah! I want to first off thank you for your wisdom and being bold in sharing what God is doing in and through your life! I really needed to hear that today. I just moved to Dallas, Texas wondering why did God bring me here (I am from San Diego!) And I also just graduated college and wondering what to do next. I have tried different options on what to pursue and keep getting the door shut on those amazing opportunities and just like you seeing friends keep succeeding. However, God has been showing me it isn’t my time yet and I am having a hard time with that, and your post help me to take a step back and breath; and know that no matter what, God is in control. If He can make everything in this world, including the heavens and the earth and all these people, including me; then He for sure knows what He is doing, I just have to be patient! So thank you again for your encouragement in this and showing me to take a step back and trust! 🙂

  47. I am at a place that is hard to explain. My husband and I have been raising one of our grandchildren and lately it has gotten hard. We have delt with the school system with many issues and now I feel myself giving up. Why can’t our grandchild be like “so and so” and excel and obey and…….., this is my thoughts. My heart hurts and it make me sad that we have go through this when it is suppose to be our time to enjoy life! Lot of mixed emotions but knowing God is in control and He knows best! Thank you for your post today. God bless.

  48. I just really wanted to thank you for the encouragement I received from your devotional today, so many times I’ve felt like God wasn’t on my team and I thought I was doing everything I was supposed to the way I was supposed to, and yet I kept getting rejected. So thanks for a different perspective on what I thought was rejection. I hope that you would pray for me to continue to do good works and not get discouraged.

  49. Thank you for sharing about closed and open doors. God is so good to us when we trust in Him. I am older and still Working in nursing. What a journey it has been since letting go and admitting to God that I was bored with doing the same work day after day, about 7 years ago. The journey has been anything but boring.
    About a year ago I accepted a very good position with a very good oil company. It was contract to convert to employment but never did. I wanted it so so badly. It was a long commute requiring very long days but felt I should be grateful for the good job. Out of the blue one weekend after praying about my fatigue, I applied to another company online. A good one. But did it because I was feeling very physically tired with some health problems.
    I almost did not go to the interview. When I did, I realized that this was the perfect job for me to retirementfrom. The day I was packing up my office (after giving 3 weeks of notice!) the oil company presented me with a job offer. If it had come 4 weeks sooner I would have taken it. I see now how God was protecting me because now I am able to work from home and after 2 weeks, already feel stronger physically than I have in years just from getting a little more sleep! Best of all, I have more time to pray and exercise in the morning which is a huge blessing. God loves us and will protect us!

  50. Thank’s easy to take for granted a good job. I am blessed with one but there are days it becomes monotonous. You remind me that we are to do the best we can everyday…push thru the thoughts in our mind that can make us feel we are forgotten. We have so much more to offer as daughters of the the King..Lord help us be your hands and feet wherever you have placed us..establish the work of our hands for your glory. Amen.

  51. I am in the midst of a closed for situation at this time. I have accepted that I can not have what I think I want at this time and indeed, May never have it. But have been really surprised about how ok I am with it! In the past, I would have been crying, kicking and screaming all the while whining to everyone I know about my disappointment. I guess I’m learning to lean on Him and trust He knows what I need.

  52. A closed door is very painful. The window that opens instead can be wider than iron gates. It’s not until the window opens do we see the reason for the slamming door.

  53. Each day I wake up I can hardly wait to see what God has planned for me. Every step I take I know that He is guilding them. My prayer for the day is to have just enough for this day, no more no less. The life I’m able to experience each day is such a blessing, from the sun shinning on my face to the birds singing, to the blue sky and the mountains high. I am a child of God! Thank you Lord.

  54. I was chuckling and nodding my head as I read your devotion today. I have always felt overlooked, and just recently started thinking that perhaps God wasn’t against me, but protecting me! What a confirmation I have in your words of encouragement. I too compare myself to my friends, I need to have faith that God has a good plan for me, one that I can handle, and one that is for His glory. I have wanted to serve Him in ministry for years, and have done “small jobs”, but have always looked at those who are in the spotlight, you know, Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, (lol) and wondered what was wrong with me! Thanks for reminding me we all have our gifts and God will finish His work in me.

  55. During my last 7 years of teaching my building assignment, where I had been for 14 years, was changed and with that all doors of leadership and opportunity which I had thrived on slammed shut! I served faithfully and saw God’s hand as He put me in a building with numerous thriving Christians and even a prayer group
    (in a public school). I never quite found my sense of purpose there. Since retiring and moving out of state, I am still wandering in the desert and am asking God for a passionate calling once again! Doors have not opened and even though retired, I will never waste my life just sitting around. I will serve and contribute and be used as He sees fit but instead of me substitute teaching and time filling, I want passionate fulfillment and just don’t see it as of yet! Still watching, trusting, praying and waiting!

  56. This post was so uplifting, but to read the comments is taking my breath away. So much of what causes us pain and suffering for the moment IS meant to protect us. A similar situation happened to me where I was worried I wouldn’t be able to hear direction from God, even while praying over the situation. When the time came, God spoke loud and clear from every possible direction to direct me NOT to take the step. I learned that I could lean on Him 100% and trust that He will guide me, even when my mind is unclear.

  57. Great message – I have been at my job for 30+ years. Have always loved it. Until the last 2 years it’s been a struggle due to co-workers. I’m not sure if that is God’s way of saying it’s time to make a change? I’ve looked for other jobs and some did appear but I had promised my boss I would stay at least until June 1. Well June is around the corner, now the jobs I would have liked are no longer available. Maybe that’s God’s way of saying to stay where I’m at….it’s so frustrating, as I’m not one to take a leap of faith when bills are stacked high due to husband recently becoming disabled and unable to continue his regular job. My kids still need help financially even though they are old enough to take care of themselves, they haven’t quite gotten on their feet….. I keep waiting for definite signs, but seems like I keep getting mixed signals.

  58. Kelly Buckleys :

    This is so timely. I have been having regrets over a job I left due to a move. Then when I got here I found out about the job opportunity that I’ve been waiting for and went back to school to get my masters degree to get. And since this is a small rural town in Northwestern Kansas this was amazing to have such a job opportunity come up…probably once in a lifetime. When I didn’t get the job it was devastating. But I’ve had many disappointments in my life so I decided instead of letting it sink me into a depression as it has in the past I was going to quickly pivot and try to figure out what it meant. Try to figure out what God was trying to do. Then I remembered I have felt God calling me to start a Christian preschool which may turn into something bigger. I am pursuing that and will wait to see if God opens these doors. I am trusting him to lead me in the right directions. Thank you so much for this timely word from GOD!

  59. I was just fired from my job, I’ve never in all my years of work been fired. I’m trying really hard to believe that God has something else for me, but sometimes my thoughts say it’s because I’m not good enough. I have faith and I know that God will lead me, it’s just hard sometimes waiting for the answers.

  60. For 16 years, I taught at a technical college. It was a job I loved and had pictured myself teaching there until I retired. An opening for teaching online classes came and was offered to me. I was over the moon!!! This meant I could work from home and for six months, it was absolutely wonderful! Then (seems as though there always a then, doesn’t it), I was asked to com in for a meeting. In one week, I was reduced to part time, with no benefits and then to unemployment, as suddenly there were no classes available for me to teach.

    I was devastated, 54 years old and nobody wanted me, or that’s what I thought! But what a blessing in disguise this has turned out to be indeed!

    You see, over the years, since about the age of 12, I’d had several rather severe illnesses. These had left me with several chronic conditions, painful conditions which, at times, left me unable to function well. Long story short, I am now on disability which enable me to be a stay at home wife and still contribute monetarily. When I was still working “out in the world” indeed, from the time I was a child, being a stay at home mom/wife was my dream.

    Oh, I feel as though I am rambling now (lol), but all this to say two things:
    1.) God is Lord and He loves us completely and utterly
    2.) “…God closes a door it’s not His objection toward me; it’s His sovereign protection over me”, struck such a chord in my heart, I can’t begin to tell you.

    Thank you for being so transparent in your blog.

  61. What a wonderful devotion today. I am new to really studying God’s words and need all the help and prayers I can get.

    • God bless you Kay! I am praying that God fills you with all spiritual wisdom and understanding so you might walk worthy! What an adventure you have started on!
      Many blessings

  62. I would be blessed if you would pray for my daughter. This school year has been very difficult for her. One teacher in particular seems to continually claim that assignments are not turned in even when we have made copies of some of these assignments before submitted. Another turned-in assignment can’t be found by the teacher and we are at our wits end. Please pray for favor and blessing and that the lost will be found

  63. Stacy Fortenberry :

    Wow! I wish I had written all this; your words speak as if I had poured out my heart!
    For past six years, my career has been an humbling and challenging work. I’m Thankful for my job and believe God has ministered and cared for others through this particular counseling position. But can I say…it has not been easy, fun or even and I have to say, not my heart’s desire. I can tell you it has put me on my knees and that is a good place to be. I wait for His movement to “new thing” and I am beginning to see evidence of change coming. So I wait and pray and seek Him daily. He is good. Period. And I choose to trust Him.
    THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONESTY! Love this real soul-sharing; can’t say thanks enough.

  64. thank you for this post!!! I have been facing many of the questions that I read you were having in your encouragment for today devotional.. it is so easy to start to doubt God has any plans for us when things don’t look like we think they should.. I appreciate this scripture from revelation and it will become a new favorite… again.. thanks!!

  65. I’m grateful for Gods perfect timing. This post along with another by Lysa T. I read yesterday continue to help my heart and others on so many levels. Encouraged, once again, I am. Three quarters of our family(adult children & grands) live 750 miles away. My husband and I are seeking an open door for us to move closer to them. In the meantime, while we miss being with them physically, God’s generosity & grace have allowed us the means to travel and be with them almost every 3-4 months! FaceTime has been so sweet, also. We really do love our Christian community where we are and plan to serve the Lord and one another as long as God wills with a joyful heart. As we are not getting any younger, we believe and hope that we can move closer for several reasons. 1.We plan to prep and sell our home and downsize to a rental property. This will be less of a burden for our children, should anything happen to either of us. We have had to go through our parents belongings and work on projects still left behind by them for years. Lest you think we are so noble, we also have other reasons. 2. We would ALL be saving in travel & mailing resources. We could pour more of those resources into missions or other work for the kingdom. Or go on a “real” vacation! 3. We would be available to our children and grands in order to assist them and serve them more personally. 4. I wouldn’t feel those lonesome feelings around birthdays and holidays wishing I was with them. My heart aches often because I want to wrap my arms around each one. I’m still wanting Jesus to be enough. So, we are choosing in this season of life to trust in God’s good plans whatever they may be. he knows what is best for us and will continue to reveal His plans as we surrender daily our own desires fully to his loving protection. We go forward in faith(Hebrews 11:6)!

  66. Thank you for this devotional. I need reminded constantly how faithful God is. I have been hanging on for dear life to everything in this world. Its killing me and my relationships. I just need to hang on to Jesus. And trust!

  67. This was such a refreshing message to hear. It is so comforting to know that I do not have to let my type A personality control all things. I love being reminded to loosen my grip on my life and let God take control.

    A year ago I was working a full time job, raising my daughter with very little help from a husband who is constantly working in and out of town, and I was a full-time student. I wanted so badly to be a nurse but from the day I made the decision to go to nursing school it didn’t feel right. I sailed through my classes and breezed through the entrance exam but when it came time for the school to post the list of selected applicants my name was not there. I found out too late that I forgot to turn in one piece of paper. I knew at that moment that I was not meant to go to nursing school and though I still do not have a degree I am so thankful that God closed that door for me. I just know it was not my calling.

  68. I have been waiting on a door for a few years now. I can now see God’s hand in all the shut doors. I am still waiting for the open door. I know it will eventually come to fruition in His timing and His way.

  69. Oh goodness…how does Proverbs 31 know the devotion I read each morning just always seems to be the words I need to hear and today is no exception. God is simply amazing! I am forever awed by how He works His will for me.
    For the last 4 years I have been given a health challenge that no longer allows me to be able to work in a career that I have loved for the last 40 years. It was a big part of my life for a lot of years. This was a GIANT door that God chose to close for me….I couldn’t make this decision. I fought hard to not let this illness win! So, God allowed me to think that way until He showed me it was going to be ok. “Let go and Let God ” is a motto I whisper to myself quite often. AND….God has opened another door….He has blessed our family with a grand baby soon to be born. Oh, how we have prayed for this gift. How amazing is this!!! Closed doors or missed opportunities may pause us for a bit but also allows us to renew our faith,hope and trust knowing that our glorious God has perfect timing!

  70. My best friend just experienced a huge disappointment this morning, hearing she didn’t get a job she was expecting due to administrative misleadings. Today’s devotion and posts are just what she needs!

  71. This was just what I needed to read today. I have been struggling lately to understand why it seems like I am at a stand still in just about all areas of my life, career, relationship, etc. Just before reading this I was crying and crying out to God why does it seem like everyone is moving on and I am being left behind and on the verge of giving up, then I read what you posted today. It was very timely as you can imagine and has given me what I need today to hold on just a little longer, trust, and believe. Thank you.

  72. My husband accepted a new position last year. This position would require our family to move from a rural area in Kentucky to Washington, DC. After praying for almost two years we knew this was the direction God was taking our family so he accepted without hesitation. I stayed behind with our 11 year old son to sell our home and seek employment.
    Six months later I interviewed for a position in which I felt would be the perfect fit. I was so excited and I knew this was the door God was opening for me so that our family could be reunited. Then, I received notice I was not the top candidate. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I was getting ahead of God. I refused to be discouraged. I knew with every ounce of my heart we were in line with God’s plan for our family. I remained faithful in my prayers and stayed the course. The pain of being apart from my husband was still challenging but I knew if I could just stay calm God had bigger things in store.
    Two months later, the Monday after Christmas I received the call! I was blessed with a position in which I had almost forgotten I had applied. I did not feel as if I was qualified and I recall how horrible I felt the interview went. This position was in a better location, was more along my area of focus and was way more money that I believed I would begin making in the area. You see, there it was again. I was standing in the way! God wants so much for us! His heart swells up with love and His smile is beaming down as rays of encouragement! He is our number one supporter. We fall short when we get caught up with the I’s. I did horrible, I don’t think they would want me, I don’t think I am qualified, I want to move now so I will just accept this position and will find something else once I relocate. I was there! This experience was a beautiful reminder of the greatness of His plan. It encouraged me to slow down and place my focus on Him.
    My continued prayer is that I slow down and work to remove the I from my life. This life is not about me- it is not about the I- it is all about God! I want to follow the path the Lord has laid out and stay on course. He has much grander plans than my simple mind can even begin to process. I am so grateful for this journey! I do not want to stand in the way of the great plans He has for me any longer!

  73. God is the blessed controller of all things, the king over all kings and the master of all masters. 1 Timothy 6:15 PH

    Thanks for the reminder and helping me to see that a “closed” door is for my protection and that God is in full control.

  74. Thank u for the devotion , God has been dealing with My heart about giving him my problems and just trusting in him, which is hard for me to do. Thanks.

  75. Thank you for your devotional this morning. It is just what I need to hear at this time in my life. Trust and standing on God’s truth.

  76. We just moved across the country….again. The second time over the last year. There are lots of opportunities and I am applying for them all. I know the Lord will close some of those doors to lead me to the open one. Rejection is still hard, even if I know it is for my own good. I trust in His plan for me and will continue to do His will while I wait for the opened door.

  77. Leah – I often find that God talks to me in my devotions. As I read your devotion this morning I cried – because it was God speaking directly to me! I work full time and have also been working (very slowly) on my Master of Divinity (I want to be a pastor some day). My huband and I are having a few financial problems, and just last night we decided I would have to stop taking classes for a while. I was feeling completely shaken – asking many of the same questions you talk about in your blog! And the verses you list, and the things you said were God speaking directly to me! (I forwarded your Encouragement Devotion to my hubby!) THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! God used you as the “tool” to teach me something again on my faith journey! Peace! 🙂

  78. The closed door reminds me of the loving father of a two year old child protecting them from the street.

  79. Thank you for sharing this post today. I to have struggled with wanting my way and waiting for God to make things happen the way I believe he knows is best too! My husband and I live 12 hours away from our daughters and their families. Between them is 6 young grandchildren that I long to be near and be an active grandparent in their lives. My husband is set on staying put in the town he grew up in. Change is very hard for him. He deals with daily chronic pain and moving away from his comfort zone is major for him. My heart hurts being away from the girls and kids for months at a time. We have fought and cried over this. He is not a Christian and I just know in my heart that God is working in him and he is struggling against Him. As I wait on God’s timing and his best for not just myself but all concerned, I do have trouble waiting and wanting to take matters into my own hands! Today you have given me hope and confidence and a determination to put my trust and faith back where it belongs! In The Father’s Hands! Blessings

  80. I recently struggled with a “closed door” life moment when a good friend of mine received a special opportunity that I had been dreaming about. I was very offended and began believing the lies of the enemy that I wasn’t good enough, fun enough, pretty enough, ANYTHING enough. I was an emotional wreck for weeks about it. I even allowed some awkwardness to come between me and my friend because I felt bitter. During a conversation one day in a small group, my friend, without knowing my current battle, shared how the opportunity that came to her had been a struggle because she didn’t ask for it or for the recognition but that God was using that to show HER who HE is in her life. God used the very same thing to help 2 of his kids grow and mature and lean on Him rather than ourselves. She was learning to give all glory o God even when we may be tempted to be afraid or get proud and I was learning my worth comes from God, not from special opportunities and recognition AKA pride. I have sense been able to come to a place where I am truly happy for my friend and cheering her on and believe the God dealt with my pride and disappointment to prepare me for something greater He has called me to do.

  81. I can testify that the new door that God opens, is far better than the one we wanted that HE closed. It’s so easy to forget but God s ways are truly higher than our ways and he truly gives us more than we ask for. HE is faithful!

  82. Cammi Hevener :

    I felt like, for so many years, I couldn’t find my knitch… Like what I was meant to do.. Finally, after raising my kids and getting them into school and flourishing, I feel like I finally found the job meant for me. I love it and I love going to work every day!

  83. Jenn griffin :

    Closed doors are certainly tough. Thank u for a reminder of perspective.

  84. My husband and I have served in our church for over 20 years. Over the last few years we have treaded through some rough places . We want to leave and move on but we are not sure God is closing this door for us . We want to trust The Lord and wait on Him to show us so please pray for us as we wait on Him and keep our eyes on Him ! His ways and plans are greater than ours and we want to walk in obedience to His will !

  85. I am so thankful for this devotional this morning. The Lord had placed a burden on my heart to write and speak. I had assumed it would be for the women at my church, but opportunities didn’t happen…doors were shut. I was hurt, confused, and honestly, a little bitter. As I prayed and repented, the Lord led me to a small group at Proverbs 31 during the Best Yes study. I loved it! Such a godly, strong community of real, transparent, authentic Jesus sisters! Towards the end of the study, I was asked to be a small group leader! What a journey since…now I have a large support of wise women who encourage me to follow the dream God has placed in my heart…to walk in faith and follow hard after Him. I have started a blog and am starting to get a package together for speaking events. All glory to Him ☝

  86. Not so much a door closing, but really needing a door to open. And not being very patient about the waiting:-( Have been blessed to be a stay at home mom for 19years. Have had the odd part time jobs in this time. Kids are all out of home now, and I’m suddenly wondering what my purpose is. Think I might like to work, and financially, need to work. Just need that door to open, but know that will be in God’s time 🙂

  87. Melissa McDougal :

    Thank you for sharing this today. It’s always good to have a reminder that God is in control not us and He has the best plans laid out for us even if they are very different from ours.

  88. This reminder was so needed in my life… I read the daily devotionals from Proverbs 31 my mornings are started out on the right foot. Thank you so much for sharing!

  89. Yes, there was a time when my husband was earning a lot more money and we thought it would be nice to purchase a beach house. Well… we looked and looked and nothing seemed right and we just couldn’t figure out why we could not choose anything. So, we stopped looking and decided not to purchase a beach house. Then, my husband’s job changed and the pay was decreased by a lot. We knew right then and there that God was looking out for us and He always knows what is best for us. We thanked God for His will and not our will. Praise God! 🙂

  90. What a great reminder that we can trust God’s heart when doors shut on us and we have to wait for them to open again at Gods time. The Proverbs 31 ministries devotions like yours help me get started right in the morning. Thank you !!!

  91. God has always blessed me with a job when I applied for one. Last year I applied and was not hired. At the time I accepted it but did not understand why God had shut that door this time. Several months later, my husband announced that he no longer wanted to be married. I then understood that by closing the door to a job, God opened the door to my being able to focus on my walk with him and the changes I needed to make in my life so I would be in obedience to Him. My husband and I are still separated but he has not filed for a divorce yet. My husband has admitted that had I gotten the job last year he would have filed immediately rather than just separating. The door has not shut on my marriage but it is not fully open. I am focusing on God to continue his work in me so that my life will bring Him glory. Waiting patiently is not a strength and I would be a liar if I said that I have not been frustrated, felt lost and confused, or have been angry. I know that He will see me through because He is faithful even when I am not………

  92. Patience is the most difficult discipline for me! Even though I know that His timing is best, I often just wan to forge ahead in what we lovingly call “Josee time!” Get out of my way, I’ll say, we are on Josee time!

  93. I shared this devotional today on my FB page for others to see. I too like to have control and the Lord has been working on this with me for years. Thank you for your encouragement today.

  94. Tammy Trietch :

    I chuckled when I read your devotional today (Encouragement for Today)….as a control freak, I have often found myself praying and then telling God how I want Him to go about answering my requests! Yeah – that didn’t work so well for me :). I’m learning to use that time of wait more productively – I know He has a plan for me and it might not be what I want, but it will be more joyous & blessed than I can ever imagine!

  95. Thank you for your blog/transparency. It truly opens windows that enable us to peek into other’s reality. Not for the sake of ridicule, but for comfort. Every woman pursuing God struggles in some facet; but not every woman will be willing to share. I believe God uses those who are open to His prompting to share, in order to be a blessing and encouragement to those who are discouraged. Like many, I struggle with doors that open/close; but in addition, sometimes with simply God’s general direction at ALL for me. Doubts fill my mind: ‘you don’t pray long enough, hard enough, you don’t run a ministry, you’re not at the church like these other women are 4 times/week, and your not “spiritual” enough’. I continue to fight this spiritual warfare and trust that God will send me where He needs me;……and THAT, is plan enough for me right now.
    Thank you for your heart and obedience to God through your blog! May God continue to bless Proverbs 31 Ministry!

  96. Dear Leah,
    I loved reading your message this morning! This message is quite a eye-opener for me and I can not thank you enough! With so much chaos around me, and I in the middle of it all, I need to remember to walk uprightly and thank God for the gifts He has given me. Even if I don’t know what those are yet. Bless you for this great message! I need to always remember to keep the faith, know God’s words, and trust Him always.

  97. 9 years ago God closed the door of marriage for me, when He called my husband home through a car accident. Through my grief, I continued to ” do the next thing”- teaching school, being a mother, grandparent, sister and daughter. God led me into a grief support group, GriefShare, that I have been facilitating for the last several years. Other doors are closing through retirement from teaching and stepping away from the support group. At this point, I’m just praying for God to reveal His new purpose for me and open a door, whatever it may be. I trust Him, but waiting is SO hard.

  98. A little over 5 years ago my marriage came to an end. It was painful and freeing at the same time because the man I had been married to for 17 years was not a very nice person, but I had loved him with my whole heart. I could no longer be a part of the things he was doing because I knew they were wrong. His temper was a tidal wave that came out of nowhere most days and I never knew when the wave would hit. Many tears and many prayers later I left but I paid a very heavy price. I moved on with a new life and a new husband who has shown me the true meaning of love and marriage. Unfortunately, my ex and I had two sons together (and I adore them with every fiber of my being) who chose to believe the lies told about me. I say chose, but honestly, their dad was a mastermind at making people see things that weren’t really there. My youngest son even came to believe and to tell everyone that I had been abusive to him. I’m not sure anyone can even imagine the kind of pain these tales inflicted upon me. I made some mistakes through the separation process, so I take responsibility for the things I said and did. I have asked for forgiveness not only from God but from my children and ex as well. I have prayed every day for five years for healing and reconciliation. My sons are now 18 and 21. My younger son will respond with short answers to questions I asked him through his Facebook messenger, but my older son sends ugly messages and calls me horrible names. I have been through the gamut of emotions with God from hurt, disappointment, and anger, and I’ve asked him all the questions of why, why not and where are you. It wasn’t until this past Christmas that I really understood what I was doing. I was putting my children before God and making them the top priority in my life. In other words, my children had become an idol. I finally realized that God is my God and He is the one I need to reconcile with. I now get up every morning and spend the first part of my day with him seeking his will for my life. I still pray for reconciliation with my boys, and I will continue to do so, but I have given that situation over to God to handle. When (not if) I get to hug my boys again, and believe me that it what I miss most in this wold, I am going to shout from the rooftops how wonderful my God is because of the doors he has opened for me. In the meantime, I praise God for not allowing me to have what I wanted at the time because I now realize that all he wanted was to be reconciled with me. I know now how painful it is to lose someone you love so much and long for them to be a part of your life again. If I love my children that much and long for their embrace that much, how much more does God long for me?

  99. I loved reading your post today. This is one of the hardest things to do is to keep having faith that the door that has closed to you was closed by Him for a reason and to quit trying to pull that door open! I am getting better at it though through reading His word and through all of you at Proverbs 31! I start off with my morning coffee by reading the devotional and think about it throughout the day. Thank you all!

  100. April Anstey :

    Reading this blog this morning with tears flowing down my face. I have been waiting, praying and trusting God – for a job. I gave up my dream job to move across the country so my husband could have a better job that gave him more time at home with us. Don’t get me wrong – I am so grateful and I don’t regret that decision one bit. It’s been a year and a half now and I still haven’t been able to get a job.

    I know what God has in store for me, is far better than what I can ask or imagine. I’m choosing to keep on seeking Him, trusting Him and surrending all to Him.

    May God Bless You!

  101. I was the cause of losing my dream job due to my lack of self control and anger. I’ve been unemployed for 8 months now (it’s not easy to find work as a 54 year old woman with no college education). I have so much regret and pain and even self hatred! I’m lost and given up hope, feeling God has forgotten me. Please pray for another open door and forgiveness for me. Thank you for writing and I pray His will be done in your life and grace in the hard time of waiting ♡

  102. I am a college professor; I love my job. A couple of years ago, two of the courses that I taught (and enjoyed) were taken out of my schedule because of a credentialing review. I was devastated and felt like I was being punished. However, that change opened the door to other opportunities that sing to my heart strings. I have since been promoted twice, have a “bigger” influence at the university, and have been able to help a larger circle of students. My Dean, a fellow believer herself, has looked at me and said, “Look at what God meant for you when you were so hurt at the lose of those two classes.” He is good and faithful.

  103. Today’s devotion is very timely as I’ve been trying to find another job that is more flexible so I can spend more time with my family. Well, I’ve been interviewing and the job that I wanted or thought would be good for me didn’t work out. I wasn’t selected for the position. Of course, this was disheartening but I had to quickly remember the promises of God before I headed into a tailspin of depression. I was almost there. Also, a dear friend of mine has been praying and seeking other employment too in order to be at home more with her kids. She didn’t get the job that she applied for either. So, this devotion is very timely and serves as a reminder that God hasn’t forgotten and obviously has a better plan for my life. His ways are higher than my ways and his thoughts are higher than my thoughts. Now, the key is for me to remain in him, be patient, and remember his Word. The devotional scripture is one I’m going to print for my desk. And, I’m pinning the closed door mantra too. Thanks so much! Blessings!

  104. I have been a stay at home mum for 2 years and I have been thinking about going back to work. My job is still available but I am reluctant to return because I wasn’t very happy there. I have prayed and asked God if he doesn’t want me to go back he should close the doot. I believe God is speaking to me through your words that when he opens a door no one can close it.

    I should trust him as he will look after me and my family and work everything for our good.

    Thanks for your timely encouragement. God bless you.

  105. Hi Roxy Lara I understand your pain from personal experience however, I can testify that in time God will bless you with another baby.

    In January 2012 I had a miscarriage and I was devastated because it had happened before. By March I was pregnant and I was blessed with a beautiful baby boy on Christmas Day. What a wonderful gift from God.

    If he did it for me he will do it for you. God bless you and keep trusting him.

  106. A few months ago, I saw a job posted that was really intriguing that was outside of my direct industry. Though my current job was ok, I wasn’t planning to leave despite the chaos. My current job was in the field I dreamed of working in and I was determined to do a great job. I applied to the intriguing job, even though I wasn’t 100% sold on leaving or even getting the new one. I interviewed and eventually was offered the position with a higher pay and title. I felt extremely blessed because I didn’t think I was qualified but I also felt a little torn because I had no plans of leaving and I was afraid of the unknown. I eventually accepted the position and on my very last day on the day, my boss stepped down and now their is mass confusion and uncertainty around my department. I thank God for closing that door, even when I didnt see it coming. He was protecting me from uncertainty and shielding me from gossip, drama, and politics. I now start my job in a few days and this devotional helped me to realize that Gods ways is always better than my. I’ve surrendered my dreams to him and have learned to not push God out of my dreams.

  107. I feel like my husband and I are very much in that wait patiently on God stage. I’ve been through it many times, but I find it more difficult now that I’m not the o my one being effected by the outcome. I will choose to trust in God’s ways as He leads us down the path He has chosen for us. I may not be able to see the end result now, but I can still see God working right where we are now. Thank you for this encouragement today!

  108. I appreciate this post, it is a great reminder. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years and have been through so many tests and fertility treatments without any pregnancies. It is so hard to watch friends get pregnant and give birth, over and over again. I am encouraged that my God has a perfect plan for us, even though I can’t see it right now.

  109. The presence of the Lord is not only in the open doors but the closed doors too. This brings me great comfort – to know that God is with me, protecting me and loving me eases my many anxieties. Thank you for your encouragement.

  110. Thank you for this perspective. This was my second devotion on God’s protection for me on things I think are good for me or the protection he provides I am not even aware of. Lately I have been praying financial issues and can’t see a way out but this makes me realize when God is ready he will open the doors and shut others.

  111. Seven years ago I was married to a man who was continuously unfaithful and down right mean to me. While I prayed for God to change our marriage, my husband decided to leave me. I was devasted and heartbroken. I pleaded with God for him to change his mind. Looking back, I can see how God was protecting me by closing that door. Today, I am remarried to a loving man and I have a beautiful 3 year old son and another son on the way. It was a very hard lesson to learn but I have learned to ALWAYS trust God.

  112. Many times I pray “God close doors and open doors where you see it best” but then I get frustrated when the ones I wanted opened or didn’t want closed get shut or opened. I haven’t thought of those doors being closed as His protection over me. I look back at some of those times and realize what He was protecting me from. Thank you for these words!! They really spoke to me this morning. 🙂

  113. New to your site… I shouted YES!, doors shut, buckets of tears & all that have left me feeling inadequate & small… I so can relate. I loved this post from you today, and so needed the encouragement. God definitely spoke to my heart this morning. I hope I am entered in the drawing for the devotional Bible. Thank you so much!

  114. I am so thankful God used you to speak to the current situation in my families life. My husband is on his 3rd lay off in 4 years. He has sent out is resume to many places that seem to be “perfect fits” but no call backs. I snapped yesterday and my daughter bore the brunt on my fear, stress, frustration and yes, anger. I had fallen into the pit of self pity and doubting of my husband to be the provider of our family. I apologized profusely to my daughter (who is a young adult, not young child) A short time after “venting” to a co-worker, an interview was called for Monday morning. Upon telling my daughter, she said “I have been praying for this all morning”…. Maybe God is allowing us all to go thru this not only to close and open doors, but to grow the faith of my precious girl. Thanking God in advance for this closed door/open door and His sovereign protection!

  115. Kari Hawkins :

    I found you through Proverbs 31 daily devotional this morning. I have seen doors slammed shut before me. And trust me there was no denying God was redirecting me. I have the hardest time waiting to see where this new path will take me. Thank you for your post today and I look forward to reading more of your work.

  116. Leah, you will never know how much your story resonated in my heart. And the timing…perfect! Talk about doors opening! I beat myself up constantly when thoughts go through my mind like, “when is it my turn?” or “I’m trying to follow His path but I am apparently not listening g or hearing His direction!”. Your comparison of viewing God’s plan as opened & closed doors for my protection gave me that “ah-ha” moment.
    I have been reading Proverbs 31 for about 2 years and today was the first time I continued to read further on someone’s blog.
    All I can say is thank you for you and that God spoke to me through you!
    God is good and faithful!

  117. For over a year I’ve been waiting for a position within the company I currently work for to open up – lack of funding kept holding it up. I had had a preliminary conversation with my “new-boss-to-be” who gave me impression I would be a good fit. Imagine my excitement a few months ago when the position was finally posted! I was ecstatic and thought this past year of waiting God had been preparing me for this new position. So I interviewed and was told the top 2 candidates would have a second interview within 2 weeks. Four weeks after the interview, with a sinking heart, I inquired about the status of the position. In an email, she said a final candidate had not been selected but she was “reluctant to reject any candidates at this point”. As of today (6 weeks after the interview), I still haven’t heard anything officially from her about the position, but 2 days ago I checked my candidacy status within the company’s online careers section – it went from “under review” on Tuesday to “not selected” on Wednesday. 🙁 My prayer throughout this entire process has been that more than wanting this job, I wanted to accept the outcome graciously, even if it wasn’t the outcome I was looking for. God has answered that prayer for sure! To say I’m really disappointed, bummed out, and pretty discouraged is an understatement, but God is God and I am not, and I truly do believe with all my heart that He has something better out there for me! For now, I am thankful that I at least have a job I still enjoy, and I look forward to the day when I can post a comment to share what new opportunity God was saving just for me!

  118. I found you through Proverbs 31 in my email. I am so looking forward to reading your blogs and become a part of the Proverbs 31 community. Thank you for all your insights and have a blessed day.

  119. Kristi Davis :

    Grace word for the moment today. I feel like I have marks where a door shut on my foot as I was about to walk into it. God has the better plan always. Thanks for your encouragement through the Word

  120. What a great reminder! As believers, we know this to be true already. However, when we get caught up in life, consumed by our fleshly desires and distracted by the enemy’s lies, it’s easy to let these truths dissipate. Thank you for putting this out there as a reinforcement. It’s true, sometimes a closed door is the best protection and answered prayer we could ever receive. Usually, it protects us from giving ourselves the glory for success. Whereas when we wait (usually longer than we originally anticipated), once the open door reveals itself, we are humbled, knowing it was truly God’s grace which opened it for us, not our own accomplishments. That revelation is where the true victory is, not necessarily what the open door looked like from the outside!

  121. Last year I really wanted to sell my house. Thought we had a buyer started packing and looking for a new place all to have the sale fall through…….other friends were selling even houses around me were selling Why not Mine! I questioned God but couldn’t here and answer. I got another offer a better offer. Things didn’t go smoothly but I put it in God’s hands and the house sold and I am in a place I love.

  122. Judy Redden :

    Reading this devotion this morning was a confirmation for me. I had a door recently closed to a part time job “I” wanted. It was perfect for leading into retirement. I was led to believe that I all but had the job. However, the call never came. I see and talk with these people regularly and nothing has been mentioned again. I can smile at this now because I know that The Lord was closing a door. It just wasn’t where I needed to be with all the drama and changes going on.
    “When I open a door, no one can close it and when I close a door no one can open it. Listen to what I say…” Rev 3:7b
    This is a verse to put on my mirror, and I will have to really pay close attention to the last part because I know if I really listen I will be walking through the doors He wants me to that are to protect me.
    Blessings to you

  123. Yesterday I was told I am miscarrying. I thought for sure that this pregnancy (my first) was God’s way of telling me “I think you can do this, I’m blessing you, Here’s your opportunity to be a mom”. An open door for sure! At first it was scary as I didn’t feel qualified to be a mom. Then, I realized God was changing my life and giving me the chance to be used by Him to raise a beautiful person to love Him and serve Him well. I then saw my motherhood as a ministry.
    Today after the news…I felt confused. All those those thoughts of defeat came over me: He must’ve changed His mind about me, I did something wrong, I’m not good enough.
    I knew these thoughts are not from the Lord…and Your story helped me realize that God certainly has other plans. I choose to hold on to His promises in the knowledge and confidence that I know He is good, He loves me and my husband, and that His dreams and plans for our lives will far exceed our greatest dreams!
    This is not void of sorrow…but praise God, He is walking with me through this valley, and I just want to lean in closer to Him. This is a closed door to lead me into an open one awaiting me with His perfect plan in His perfect timing.

  124. My door was shut recently after experiencing a miscarriage. I later found out baby was not healthy…had 3 sets of chromosomes instead of 2. I know God was protecting me from further pain so he severed the cord and allowed a miscarriage at 8 weeks along. I’m thankful, but of course sad. But God has a plan for me and I’ll wait for my next healthy baby blessing. I now have a baby girl waiting for me in Heaven 🙂

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