When Your Teen Needs To Be Rescued

When Your Teen Needs To Be Rescued

UPDATE: Congratulations to Rebecca Siharath and Elaine {desertblossom62}. You both are this week’s winners and will each receive a copy of Candy Gibbs’ book, Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture.  A BIG thanks to everyone for leaving such great comments!!


Does your teen need to be rescued today? Maybe from a bullying situation or a bad relationship that is getting physical … on may levels.

Maybe your teen is obsessing over social media and spending way too much time playing video games. Or, you see the grades dropping, and those dreams of college are becoming blurrier by the day.


Your teen might have made some poor life choices and although she is trying to make amends, you can still see the hollow pain in her eyes that won’t go away. Your attempts to rescue her from the blows of self-inflicted guilt or shame are not working and you don’t know why.

I know what it’s like to have a teenager the struggles. I’m familiar with the uncomfortable twinge of fleeting hopelessness when all the “right” answers some how lead to another dead end.

Oh, if we could only solve their problems with a lollipop and warm hugs. To kiss their boo-boo’s and make it all better, like we used to when they were little. But we can’t – it’s much more complicated when our children get older.

Besides, it’s not our place to always “fix” things for our teens. Their best rescues are going to be done by the Lord.

Our world is changing in so many ways and there is a plethora of sources that are encouraging our teens to make compromises on their values. As parents, how can we effectively raise our teens for Christ so they will carry on a legacy of faith and godliness in the midst of a drowning culture?

This week I’m giving away 2 copies of Candy Gibbs‘ new book, Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture. 

In her new book, Rescue, Candy shares topics that most parents avoid discussing with their kids. If we shy away from having those types of discussions; our teenagers will have them with someone else – like friends or unanimous strangers on social media. And chances are very slim that kind of advice will be from a biblical perspective.


Rescue: Raising Teens in a Drowning Culture 
This book offers wisdom, encouragement, and practical applications.
Working with a young group of “Lifeguards” throughout the book, Candy gives struggling parents the life preservers they need to rescue teens out of a drowning culture.
With biblical insights and Candy’s own creative techniques, Rescue is the “Noah’s Ark” of parenting books, ensuring that today’s teens will carry on a legacy of godliness to generations to come.
Enter the Drawing:
To enter the drawing for a copy of Rescue leave a comment below answering one of the following questions:
What is your teen’s biggest struggle and how are you helping them overcome it? (or) What topic is most difficult for you to discuss with your teenager and why(s)? 
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  1. I think my daughter is struggling with questions that she doesn’t want to ask me, and I’m finding evidence that she is looking for answers on the internet. We have talked about issues like internet safety, and the validity of information that she finds there, but she still doesn’t want to talk to me. I find this very disheartening, as I want to be her go to person when she has these kinds of questions.

  2. I have a 15 year old Sophomore boy who I am currently having struggles with and see him struggling with himself. Most conversations seem to be a battle as to who is right or wrong and what makes that person right or wrong. I am concerned about some recent comments he made about religion, about anyone in authority, and about his future. I think he is just trying to figure life out and I am just trying to be there for him. I constantly pray for him to find his way and for guidance for me. Thank you for this opportunity.

  3. My two teenage daughters are both struggling (15 & 13). Their Grandma (my mom) who they both were very close to unexpectedly passed away 4 years ago. Shortly after that, their dad had a very public affair and we separated, and subsequently divorced. He is now remarried and they spend their time going between homes. It has been difficult for them, their dad’s home isn’t a Christian home, and there is always inappropriate behavior going on, watching R rated movies and shows, alcohol, etc. I am constantly praying for them and hoping things turn around. Difficult to talk to them about?………..appropriate behavior, versus inappropriate behavior. This is their dad, how do you explain to them that what he is doing is not right? It’s a constant struggle. Bullying is also a struggle, as their step sister seems to have bully tendencies. This book would be extremely helpful in navigating these struggles. Thanks for the chance!!!!!

  4. My 14 yr old twins, boy and girl, are living w/ father. Son chose to go first and daughter chose last May. Lots of Manipulation by father, and not a Christian home. They live w/ my husband and me since we married in ’09, but wanted Freedom and no rules, so that’s why they chose father. My daughter is leaning towards moving back w/ us, but I need to see her heart and need to know from GOD that this is the RIGHT thing. I pray continually for God’s Will in all of our lives. I also pray for my dear twins hearts to be softened, eyes to be opened, Truth to be revealed and Devil to release control over them and their father.
    I love them dearly but so does God and I am Trusting in God’s Plan and Timing. I am remaining strong w/ God’s help even though my Heart Aches and Tears Fall… Much Prayer is needed in this situation and am so blessed to have a Wonderful Praying Husband as well as Family, Church Family and Godly Friends. Thanks you Leah for the Wonderful Godly Timing of this post and for your Ministry.

  5. Hi Friends,
    I read through your comments and have prayed for each of your teenagers (and for you) today. I’m sure we can all agree that raising teens has it challenges. But, I truly believe God has a special plan and purpose for each of your teens. Let’s commit to praying for them every day while we follow God’s lead on how to parent well. Then we can leave the rest up to God’s sovereign plan.

  6. Suzette Ruffa :

    I’m a single mom to 14 year old twins. My biggest challenges are my sons OCD and my daughter grief over her dads passing 2 years ago. We had been divorced since my children were a year old.

    It’s MUCH harder to raise teenagers than little ones. I’m so grateful I have God and a wonderful church and small group to lean on!

  7. I have a 15 year old daughter who told me that she accepted Christ several years ago on her own in her room, but has shown no real interest in following Him. Her father basically abandoned her several years ago and she has some social issues that make it hard for her to keep friends. Therefore, she spends most of her time playing video games and listening to music and I’m not quite sure how to help her.

  8. Peer pressure of the inappropriate kind!

  9. I have a 15 year old daughter who loves the Lord but since starting high school fall of 2014 she is facing temptations that she is not used to facing. it’s easy to follow God when topics such as homosexuality and sex aren’t talked about by everybody. and she’s constantly surrounded. her first boyfriend after starting high school really pushed her to her limitsbecause he would not stop pressuring her. now she has a new boyfriend who she claims love God but is not a virgin like her first boyfriend also was not. I got married March 28th of this year and at our rehearsal dinner as we were leaving my daughter told me that her boyfriend had named her girl parts and she even told me the name. I think it was more of a slip up that she spoke before thinking and she couldn’t take it back. this was not a topic I wanted to discuss the night before my wedding and I wasn’t really sure how to respond. before responding to big things or really anything if I can take time to pray about it first I will so I took time to pray about it and she is going to come visit this coming weekend so I’m going to have to have a big talk with her. the problem is like with other teenagers I’m sure anytime someone says something that contradicts what they feel they want to do they get defensive and shut down. So I’m really worried about that. I got her a devotional by Rebecca st. James called wait for me that I intend to start this weekend but I would really really appreciate having your book to read and digest and help me learn how to face this is very real reality happening within my own home. I talk to my daughter about sex a lot and she seems so open and convicted and so you can imagine how shocked I am when she slips up and tells me that she is going places with her boyfriends she should not even be going as if she is playing with fire and doesn’t see the danger. I just don’t get it. she’s such a smart girl and she knows and understands and her head the right thing to do but in the moment she fails and something confuses her and she lets her guard down. wish me luck and I would appreciate prayers as well. and a prayer that I’m drawn in the drawing to get your book hahaha. I need it desperately. thank you so very much

  10. Rebecca Siharath :

    I have an 18 yr old son. My biggest struggle with him is his spiritual life. He is totally not interested in reading the Bible, praying, doing a family devotional, or anything relating to God. He says all my nagging has made him despise those things. I feel like giving up. I don’t know what to do.

  11. I have 3 girls- two teens…this world is so much harder to grow up in than what we had to deal with. I watch both of them struggle with self worth…and the one I worry about the most right now has struggles in school (learning) and has deemed herself “not smart”. She is so bright- she just struggles under pressure (testing) . I’ve watched her goals for life dwindle because of what she hears each and every day from other kids at school- what class they are in, what colleges have accepted them, what they want to do. It just seems overwhelming and at times she just wants to give up and not try. There is so much pressure on our teens today- they have enough to deal with just growing and maturing- not to mention the added stress that the world places on them. Will absolutely check this book out. Thanks for sharing Leah!

  12. Monica Blankenship :

    My 17 year old son is having growing pains. He doesn’t know what he wants to do, afraid of what’s out there and being responsible. He had some trouble the past year but we constantly work through it. Our disappointment in some recent choices have meant some pretty serious consequences but love and support and prayer through the pain remain. You will understand some day is a mantra.

    • When I read your comment, I felt like I could have wrote it myself. Your words are exactly what we are going through with our son – except that he is 15. I will say a prayer for both of us and our families working through this time.


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