Messing With My Plans

Messing With My Plans

Hi Friend,

I’m spending the day with Tracie Miles and we’d love for you to join us!

Tracie has written a new book titled, Your Life Still Counts. In it she shares how God can take our past mistakes and heartaches and transform our lives – giving us a beautiful future of hope and purpose.  I’ve read Tracie’s book twice and today I’ve decided to make a big confession!

You can get the scoop by hopping over to Tracie’s site where I’ll share some things about my past.  Click here –> My Confession

Don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway while you’re visiting Tracie’s site. I think you’ll like the gift she’s giving away!


Sweet Blessings,



  1. Amen! One minute I’m thinking “ok, let this one go”….next minute I’m saying “wait a minute, I think this or assume that……”; and the toxic spark explodes into a huge negative, ugly fire of jealousy, anger, assumptions, selfishness, insecurities…… and all the while, nothing was wrong in the first place but I made it into something bigger! Like someone once said long ago “Don’t make a mountain out of a moehill”….. so I need to work on not putting a toxic thought into a small situation. Thank you for sharing and confessing. God is so full of love! OX

  2. As a woman who constantly struggles with emotionally reactive responses (as opposed to prayerfully considering my words); I think that this book would be something very insightful!! I’m Looking forward to learning more. Thanks!!

  3. Nancy Baburek :

    I would love to win the Best Yes book..God bless

  4. Yalanda Devine :

    I have a question. When will I meet the godly man that God has just for me? I’m 44 years old and my time for true love is winding down.

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