Don’t Miss The Glory {Giveaway}

Don’t Miss The Glory {Giveaway}

Did you see it this morning? I did, and it was beautiful!

As I drove my son to school – one hand on the steering wheel and the other holding an oversized mug of coffee – I was in awe of how the sun was coming up over the horizon.

It was truly showing off with effervescent shades of pink and orange. While I was taking it all in this thought came to my mind, “If this is what sunrises look like here on earth, I can’t even imagine what they must look like in heaven!”

God’s glory. It’s displayed all around us – day and night – morning and evening – day after day. But, do we take time to notice?

I’ve shared some insights about this in a devotion I’ve written for Proverbs 31 Ministries today. Click HERE if you’d like to read it.

So let me ask you. When was the last time you paused for a moment and noticed the clouds above you? Or watched the sky explode with color as the sun gently rose or sank into the horizon? When was the last time you noticed birds singing first thing in the morning or counted the stars at night?

You and I both know that life is so busy and it’s easy to fall into a pattern of taking every day occurances for granted. But, when we miss out on capturing these moments we miss out on experiencing the glory of God. Here is what Scripture tells us:

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge” (Psalm 19:1-2).

Think about it. When we intentionally pause throughout our day and take in the beauty of nature that is all around us, we can clearly see the work of God’s hands. We can get a glimpse of the knowledge God is revealing. He is painting brushstrokes of love for us!

God alone created the heavens and earth so that all living things rejoice in His splendor. He also created it for our pleasure.

Oh, that we would take time today (and every day) to see and celebrate the extraordinary masterpiece God is designing for us. No matter how your day started,  it can become so much better if you pause and take a few minutes to notice what God is trying to showing you.


How about we celebrate together?

Share (in the comments box below) a time when you were wonderfully surprised by the beauty of God’s creation. What did you see and how did it affect you?

Leaving a comment will automatically enter your name into this week’s drawing. I’m giving away a copy of Ann Voskamp’s timeless book, “One Thousand Gifts ~ A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are.” 

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  1. The verses you quoted from Psalm 19 are my favorite verses.
    One morning that comes to mind was a beautiful September morning a couple years ago.
    I was driving home from any early morning appointment. As I came to the top of a hill near my home, I saw a beautiful rainbow stretching across the sky up ahead. Just as I saw the rainbow, a hawk soared in front of me. That moment certainly made me pause to think of all the beauty God created.

  2. I love these 2 transitions each day…sunrise/time to ease into the day with God & sunset/time to slow down the day’s activity with God…

  3. After a long, cold February in NW Ohio it was a joy to hear the Robin’s singing this past weekend. Now we again have snow and ice! Thanking God for what is ahead, spring!

  4. My heart was racing so rapidly, my shallow breaths could not seem to get enough oxygen to my brain as everything before me blurred. I lowered into a chair, shakily holding my belly.
    I gripped the phone tightly and asked the caller to repeat themselves. As I heard the words again my mind was still clouded in disbelief. I forced myself to take deep breaths as I did not need to distress my unborn child.
    It was December 20th, my dad’s birthday. It was also the day of my prenatal appointment, last minute Christmas shopping and my child’s school play. Looking back I wince at how busy that day was and the high level of stress I was under to clean the house for guests-did I mention I was also 9 months pregnant?
    So caught up in my appointments an plans, I was rushing from this to that, frustrated by Annapolis traffic….and I completely forgot it was my Dad’s birthday! Not until that evening when all was done did my son ask, “Hey-it’s Pop Pop’s birthday! We didn’t sing our birthday song!”
    I looked at the time and it was past my dad’s normal bedtime. I suggested we call him tomorrow, while making a mental note to send a gift express mail. My son and daughter became so upset. We made the call and sang our funny rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ on his voicemail.
    The kids bathed and were in bed when my phone rang, but I was too busy cleaning and wrapping presents to answer.
    I was preparing for bed around 11:30pm when a call from my best friend came through. She delivered the news as delicately as she could: My father had stopped breathing and was in ICU on life support.
    My mind raced back three weeks when I was back home in N.C. for my baby shower. It was that day my father told me the cancer was back and had metastasized to his lungs and liver. He was told that day he had Stage IV liver cancer with 3 months to live. I am a praying and faithful woman so I refused to accept it-I rebuked it, I fasted and appealed to God for my dad’s health.
    My dear friend was at the hospital standing in for me as I was 5 hours away and fervently praying with me. I could not forgive myself for not calling sooner, to talk to At 12:05 a.m. the worst words I have ever heard came, “He’s gone Kat”.
    It is difficult to explain the feelings I had all at once-shock, grief and pain. My lungs seemed to have failed because I could no longer breathe, so I went outside in the bitter cold. I looked to the sky to cry out to cry out to God and saw the most beautiful lunar eclipse. It was my first time seeing one and my grief was momentarily forgotten, replaced with awe. The moon was blacked out, but it’s light illuminated the edges and the sky in a golden shade with hues of dark red. The Stars surrounding it seemed to glow more brightly and twinkle. I remember my dad explaining the stars to me as a child as the souls of those gone to heaven. I had a very loud thought enter my mind: “He is with Me.”
    At that very moment, I felt a sense of calm. I am blessed to know without a doubt that my father was in heaven. I felt my baby girl moving around and kicking. That’s when I decided to name her after him, Connearly. R.I.P. Early Conrad

    • Kat, your story bring tears to my eyes as I’m reminded of my father who also is in heaven after a long battle with cancer. Yes, we’ve all had those days when the demands distract us and yet the glory of the Lord still shines brightly around us. May we both look forward to the many conversations we’ll have with our fathers in heaven one day. I love that your father’s legacy lives on along with his name via your little girl. 🙂

  5. Jennifer Nixon :

    Our family just moved to Northern Idaho from Arizona in December. The scenery is so different. And since it’s not hot outside here where we live now like it is down in Arizona, I get in some pretty good walking with my two little girls. I talk to them about the clouds, the trees, the sky, the grass, even the squirrels. I tell them that God made it for us and it’s beautiful.

  6. Lisbeth Lytle :

    Good morning!
    I too witnessed the most glorious sunrise the other morning. As I drove into it’s brilliance, I was taken back by the enormity of this amazing blazing orange orb. It practically swallowed me up! A sight to behold for sure. The wonders of God’s hand brings me to my knees…

  7. As I read your blog, I was saying AMEN to everything you said! I too sing praises to God for his beautiful creation of a glorious sunrise over the horizon as I drive to work with my big coffee mug full of my “octane” ! I too as a little girl would lie in the grass just daydreaming as I created images out of the floating, billowy clouds. Alas, now my days are filled running here and there doing life! But, even amongst the business of life, I love to look for the beauty of God’s glorious creation . A few months ago I was blessed by seeing a double rainbow! The colors were brilliant and I just had to pull my car over and take a snapshot! Thank you for your encouraging and inspirational blogs!

  8. We just had a couple nice size snow storms here in Central KY in February. God blanketed our land with snowy whiteness. It did slow things down for most of us and we really had no choice. I often wonder if God saw we weren’t going to stop and look around us without a “have to”. Stories were told of how neighbors helped neighbors out getting medicines and necessities and even a few ball teams from colleges were going around neighborhoods shoveling driveways as random acts of kindness. Our neighbor came with a bobcat and helped clear our driveway. We called and checked with other neighbors to see what the needs were too. It seemed as though one kind act led to another.
    The snow was so white and so pure looking. To me it was a reminder of how HIs blood washes us white as snow. I almost always see that in the new fallen snow that’s not marred by anything. It’s beautiful!

  9. Linda Miller :

    The children and I used to lie on the grass and point out cloud pictures.

  10. I saw it this morning! Even the fog was beautiful..the sounds of the birds immediately brought a smile to my face! Thanks for this written reminder of God’s beauty all around us every day.

  11. Our sky was striped in pink hues yesterday morning as I drove to work. It was a great way to start the day viewing God’s masterpiece painted across the sky. 🙂

  12. Leah, I am blessed daily with the sights and sounds of our Almighty God and after reading your post I am even more grateful for my morning and evening times outside on the deck. Each morning, rain or shine, wind or snow, I wake and head outside. My most recent awestruck moment found me viewing the feet of snow and the birds who stay with us vs. Flying south and then the quiet was broken by our annual springtime friend, a noisy woodpecker! At that moment, I was filled with joy and hope…Spring was almost here! Each night, I head out into the silence and darkness and have the most beautiful and clear view of both the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper! And even when it is cloudy, I look up to where the great Light comes from Heaven above and thank my loving Creator for all things! Thanks for reminding me how special these times are! God bless!

  13. Wonderfully surprised by the beauty of God’s creation has been happening this past week as I drive to work. Tule fog has settled overnight on some wetlands. The sun coming up peers through a group of leafless trees displaying their captivating silhouettes. The body of water shimmers a glow the sunlight greeting the new day. Beyond breathtaking for me.

  14. My husband and I and our four precious little ones have been blessed with a 45-acre land. We live in the woods, just right next to a bird sanctuary. Yesterday, my oldest son excitedly came to me and told me to go to their room and look out the window because there were Robins on our yard. Sure enough, I looked and saw several of them just “playing”, digging into the dirt with their beaks and claws. It was so neat. They’re just beautiful. I tried to take pictures but they kept flying around and the videos I took came out blurry as it was zoomed all the way in. Also, we have enjoyed many beautiful sunrises and sunsets all year round. We’ve seen the unique beauty of each season and it’s just so amazing. No amount of photos and words can describe the beauty of God’s magnificent handiwork. Awesome God!

  15. Hello, today was different, 10.30am it was eclips of the sun. I thought it was neat.
    There are many wonderful things to see God’s hands. The nature( I enjoy mountain views) the plants and not only from beauty but it is amazing even the way they function, the animals and people. He created us in his own image (isn’t that amazing) and we should live that image everyday.
    Blessed be the God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the Heavenly places.

  16. you must have forgotten that there will be no sunrises/ sunsets in heaven…Jesus himself will be the sunlight according to revelation.

  17. I love the early morning hours, then His glorious sunrise; and just this morning. The dark turning to Light!

  18. When I walked outside from seeing a friend yesterday there was a piece of bark or a dried blossom that looked like a beautiful petrified rose. I considered it a gift from God and stood right there, on the sidewalk, and took a picture of it on the hood of my car. Oh glory! What a moment. What a gift.

  19. Love your take on creation. I love being outdoors, working in yard, it’s just amazing to feel and be in touch with God’s creation. Touching the dirt, hearing the birds, watching the small critters in ground, beauty of the colors from the flower gardens, feeling the wind blowing, etc. It’s Amazing all that he came up with and created it.

  20. April Wesson :

    I was having a bad day the other day, and my boyfriend made me lay in the middle of the driveway and stare at the clouds. I was mad he was making me at the time, but when I laid down I realized how beautiful and peaceful it was!

  21. Thank you for the reminder of God’s Creation. He truly paints wonderful skies for us daily and creates such wonderful sounds and sights all around us! Now that the weather is getting nicer I have been making a point lately to go outside for and hour or so!

  22. a double rainbow right outside my office window that I could’ve oh so easily missed if I did not accidentally turn around to look at the window…and I work on the 7th floor too! I was wondering if people on the ground-level even knew that such beauty was up in the sky that moment. It was a truly special moment that made my day at the very least!

  23. Good Morning, I live in California on the beach where you can see the Channel Islands and just about every evening you see such a spectacular sunset! Not ONLY am I blessed with the sun saying ,”Goodnight”to me behind the Islands. I also can look to the mountains and see the sun shining on them causing what has been named “The Pink Moment” Truly AWESOME what God paints for His children all over the world every evening. Thank- you for your cloud watching story. I have not done that in years, I just think I might have to grab a blanket and do some watching myself

    • Stacey, what spectacular views from your home. I’ve always wanted to live on a lake, but to have a place on the beach. Wow, you are very blessed, sweet friend. Enjoy those pink moments. 🙂

  24. When was my last time? This morning at 7 AM. To celebrate the first day of sprig in Maryland, God sent us yet more snow. But when I opened the door to look out, just as the sun was rising and the street light was still on, what I saw was yet one more tapestry painted by the best artist of all time. Thank you Father for the awesome view. So absolutely beautiful, I had to grab my phone and take a picture to send my mom in Flirida! I have tried several times to add it to this comment so you all could enjoy it, but haven’t been able to figure out how. You would have loved it though! As I am writing this, it is still snowing, but the birds are outside chirping and singing away. I love to hear them when I wake up in the mornings. They are so joyful! They know that today’s snow will bring them a soft, wet ground and worms to feast on. I like to think they are thanking God in advance for that provision. How much more then will HE provide for me abd you today? I can’t wait to see, I know I will be amazed! Happy spring everyone! Wherever you are living and whatever the weather, sit back and enjoy what the Lord, out of the abundance of His mercy has so lovingly provided you!

    • Jody, thank you for sharing your morning experience with us. Even though you couldn’t upload the picture with the comments, your description helped me “see” it in living color. 🙂

  25. On our long drive home from Colorado Springs to Dallas, we were going to stop in Amarillo for the night. As we were driving, the sun had just set behind us but in front of us you could still see the beautiful sky and just right at the horizon you could see the distinct rainbow of the complete horizon. It was beautiful. You normally see a rainbow during rain or in the clouds and as a 1/2 circle. However I had never seen this as a flat horizon rainbow. Perfectly straight on a cloudless sky. Beautiful! Such a blessing and reminder of all God is capable of.

  26. Hi Friends! I’m enjoying reading through each of your comments. I had no idea when I wrote my P31 devotional that I would be flying from the West Coast to East Coast today and taking in the beauty of God’s marvelous creation from 30,000+ feet in the air! His handiwork is extraordinary! I pray that the first day of Spring brings a fresh awakening of God’s glory in your life. I pray that we would be wonderfully overwhelmed by the revelation of His presence in everything we see today. I’m so grateful for each of you. You are one of my greatest blessings!

  27. It has rained here almost 2 weeks solid. Yesterday I walked to my car. On the way down the sidewalk I noticed a blade of grass, rain had stopped and on that thin blade sat 2 perfectly round rain drops. This was so simple but profound. Then when I returned I stopped to look at my neighbors bird nest to see how many eggs had been laid. One of them has a “S” on it, plain as day. And her name is Smith. As my grandson and I walked to our yard to go inside my 3 you old said “Nana, that cloud looks like a frog. Even the young see God’s masterpiece.

  28. Yesterday I was working at my computer when my son asked if I wanted to go along to cut firewood. I came up with excuses: too busy, too cloudy, might rain, tomorrow will be warmer, is it windy out?, there might be scary dogs running loose, etc. Thankfully my son is as persistent as I often am and he graciously talked me into it. I agreed to walk around a 4 mile section in the area he was cutting. Exercise and nature are such a blessing! It’s amazing we often let Satan get his way and talk us out of enjoying that blessing. The wheat fields’ seeds which had been buried all winter are bringing beautiful green into the black and brown landscape. I wonder who lives there. The homes are at least a mile apart. Is that the first green budded tree I’ve seen this season? A meadowlark that had been perched on an old hedge post fence fluttered away. Was that an owl or a hawk? Okay, I’ll have to wait a few minutes for the dust to settle after that pickup drove past. Wait, now the road has no gravel, just plain dirt. Oh, it’s sprinkling! I imagine no one uses this road after a rain. The earth is beginning to produce a new crop which is nourished by both the rain and the sun. The clouds are so beautiful. Everything is saturated in rich color. Thank you Creator.

    • That is so beautiful! It sounds so peaceful and tranquil to be out in the openness of the country. Living in the big city we do not have such luxuries as you have described. However, if one takes the time to look, God’s glory shines from every corner!

  29. It wasn’t until I had found Jesus that I started to truly appreciate the artwork of His hands. Everyday, whether or not we notice it, He paints us a picture of His love for us that is unique to each and every person on this earth. Jesus tells us Good morning, I love you so I made all this to show my love. Yet how many times each day do we ignore such a lovely gift that declared His glory? It wasn’t until I had been diagnosed with a serious and debilitating illness that I now each day take time to see God in the beauty of all He created. I beg of each of you. Do not wait until it is too late to get out there and enjoy what God gives us fresh and new every morning. How lovely is His glory. How blessed we are that He shares it with us. God bless!

  30. We live in the country and sunsets are gorgeous. Last week our son was snapping pictures as the sun set and he said he couldn’t make the pictures look as beautiful as the real thing. He felt God telling him that his beauty am cannot be captured, but can be enjoyed and appreciated in the moment with our eyes and memory.

  31. Nancy Gladwin :

    On a recent vacation to Maui I rode my bicycle down Mt. Haleakala. At that elevation I felt the cool mist of low lying clouds on my cheek. The sun was just beginning to rise as we made our way down the mountain. I felt eerily close to God in the quiet stillness of the morning.

  32. As a young child my family would often take summer vacations to scenic destinations. One of our favorite family vacations spots is to Zion National Park in Utah. To see the greens of bushes and trees, the reds of the canyons, the blue of the sky, and the oranges and pinks of the sunrises and sunsets is an absolutely awe inspiring moment that always reminds me of God’s glorious works. To see nature in its purest form shows me a greater and higher power, God, created it for others to enjoy. As an adult, I am often stuck in traffic on my way to and from work. That time grants me an opportunity to look at the skies and my surroundings and soak up His glory. It constantly replenishes me to look at and appreciate the beauty that is nature.

    • Kate, our family went to Zion National Park 3 summers ago and it was absolutely gorgeous. Reading your comments reminded me of Zion’s unique beauty and astonishing views.

  33. A special time is evening, as my mother and I was the sunset approaching and the quail run from the neighbor’s yard and cross the street. It’s our nightly ritual yet always amazes me how these small wonders of God can bring out smiles and joy in US!

  34. When I was a child, I would lie in our backyard with whichever dog was living with us and smell the pine resin and honeysuckle surrounding me and watch the clouds pass along in the gorgeous Carolina blue sky. When my Granny visited, she awoke before dawn to watch the sunrise. One morning of each visit, at my insistence, she would awaken me to join her. We would leave the rest of the family asleep and silently ( for that was her only condition for my fellowship), we would hold hands and watch the day begin. Before the day’s activities began, she would sing a hymn with me, teaching me the words

  35. A few weeks ago I was on my way home from running errands and it was already dark outside. My street doesn’t have many street lights so it’s pretty dim at that time of day. I pulled into my driveway and turned the car off and the lights and looked up at the night sky. It was breathtaking. The sky was clear and the stars were glittering like little lights dangling above. It brought a peace over me that can’t be explained! It was such a great reminder that God is still on the throne and He is in control of all.
    Thank you for your post today!

  36. The sunrises are amazing in this part of the continent (Manitoba, Canada). I love to start my run when it’s still dark and most times I see the sun rise as I’m on my way back. It’s a wonderful start to the day. Thank you for writing these words!

  37. As I am sitting here reading your devotional , I am looking out my window to see the most beautiful sunrise. Reds, yellows, blues and beautiful white clouds. It is as if God is giving me this to go along with this devotion this morning. Thank you for the reminder to stop and appreciate God’s beautiful creation that he created for us….

  38. My husband travels extensively for work, so most days I’m missing him. Life continues to be busy, busy, busy but I appreciate those days when he’s home more than ever. Last week, we went for a Sunday drive together and turned up a road we hadn’t been on before. As we crested the top of the hill on that road, we saw a stunning sunset and shimmering lake down below. It took our breath away, and we ended up pulling over and just staring at the scene for a long time. We were reminded of the beauty that He has created for us to enjoy.

  39. Kimmy Marino :

    It would have to be when my husband and I visited the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Neither of us had been there before and knew just from seeing pictures and people’s comments about it, that it would be pretty spectacular. The particular moment I’m recalling right now is when we hiked up and found this rather large ledge jutting out over the vast canyon. We decided to stop there and have our sack lunch. As I was sitting there eating my lunch and overlooking the vastness of this awesome natural wonder, I was overcome with the greatness of God. I was in complete awe that I had the unique privilege, at that very moment, of having lunch at the table of one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world! I couldn’t take my eyes of the canyon. I looked across and down, and just was completely mesmerized.

  40. I live in New Mexico but I have been in Texas taking care of my mom who is awaiting back surgery. I flew home last week after being away from my husband and our home for three weeks. I wasn’t paying much attention out the window as we were flying but all of the sudden, I saw New Mexico, our distinct landscape and colors and I just started crying. It was so beautiful to me and made me realize how much I missed my home and my husband and how blessed I was to be able to go home for the weekend. I am also realizing daily what a blessing from God my husband is as we are going through this difficult time.

  41. A couple of weeks ago, I was driving with our children and we saw what we thought was a goat running across the road. I knew there were no properties in the immediate area with goats and I told my husband how concerned we were about this goat since we were experiencing sub-zero temps.

    My husband, a couple of days later, was driving with our one daughter and happened to see the goat and made a loop three times to see this goat. Well, it turned out that it is not a goat but an albino deer! What an exciting animal to see since you rarely do see them. We told our children that could be the only one you will ever see. It seems to be very young and by itself and the colors are white with brown patches of color. Thank you God for bringing to us these small, but exciting surprises during our routine and monotonous lives! Praise you Jesus!

  42. Just the other night my daughter got sick in her bed. So there I am in the middle of the night hosing out her sheets in the driveway, I am having a pity party and hoping none of my neighbors see me. I happen to glance up at the sky to tell God how I am not enjoying this and to my surprise the sky was lit up with thousands of stars! Gods beautiful creation spoke to me and put everything back into perspective. The awesome God who lights up the night sky notices me and holds me in the palm of His hand and has complete control of my life, even when it seems to me that it is out of control!

  43. A few years ago my husband and I were on vacation. My husband was driving and then there it was right in front of us. The most beautiful rainbow and then we saw the most amazing thing ever. We saw a double rainbow we have never ever seen this before and it was beautiful. I love seeing rainbows in the sky it reminds me of God’s Promises..

  44. As a child growing up in Mississippi, I, like you, would spread a blanket out in the yard, gaze up at the clouds and soak in the beautiful sunshine. Now living in a large Texas city, it can be easy to miss the beauty of God’s creations in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. I just recently visited my parents back home and was able to sit out in their porch swing for hours and once again gaze at the clouds, soak in the sunshine and listen to the birds sing and insects chirp. I am so thankful for times like these.

  45. My husband and I and our children were in Florida a while back. My husband drove us over to a special spot b/c I’d really wanted to see the sun set. (The condo we were in was on the side for sun rises not a sun set and me seeing a sun rise would be a miracle:) Oh, it was so gorgeous! I love seeing the sun sink “into” the water:) It was a golden orb and the streaks of color were so pretty. I think God gave me that short moment of much needed peace and beauty. God truly is the Master Artist and His glory is definitely shown in nature. This sunset was truly a surprise, b/c it was a bit cloudy and at first we thought we wouldn’t see anything, but God caused the sun to show right through the clouds, and a beautiful sunset was the result!

  46. I’ve just seen the partial solar eclipse this morning here in the UK. Spectacular! Wonderful reminder of how utterly perfect our Creator is. The heavens were declaring His majesty.
    Great timing reading this blog post today! Xx

  47. I get such immense joy watching my precious grandchildren play and entertain themselves with the little things around them. They’re not in a hurry, they’re not worrying. They’re just being in the moment oh His Time and His Creation. Feels my heart to overflowing Love.

  48. I love to watch birds. To me they seem the most carefree of God’s creatures. And what about the beauty and variety! To God be the glory, great things He has done!

  49. Beautiful sunrises helped me through driving my teenagers to school. How I hated getting up so early to get them to school by 7 AM. But, seeing a gorgeous sunrise would remind me that God cares about even the smallest details in your life!

  50. We used to live in a place where the birds would come to meet. We would put out seeds in our bird feeders right by the house. Pine grosbeaks, evening grosbeaks, bluejays, chickadees, sparrows and the odd whiskey jack would come to eat. They were such a blessing to me and I could just sit there and watch amazed. They were so colourful and each with there own individual sound. I call them God’s Christmas ornaments they are a reminder of the wonderful blessing God gave to is by sending His one and only son for us. God is sooooo good!

  51. Oh so many ways I have experienced His majesty in the brilliant orange, red, and pink sunrise, glorious sunsets, and always overwhelmed in the mountains. The stature of the mountains and the beauty in the abundant shapes and textures as well as the many forms of rock, water, animals, curves, and colors. Thanks for your inspiring words, encouraging us to slow down and appreciate the beauty and majesty around us so that we can worship the Creator. After all, WHAT can be more important?

  52. Lynne Molyneaux :

    We live on the edge of the woods and I’ve always enjoyed the purple wood violets that bloom in the early spring. My dad, who was an avid gardener, passed away in early March 2012. That spring I went into the woods and there were yellow violets mixed in with the purple! I like to think that God let Dad paint them for me as a gift of His creation. 🙂

  53. Yesterday morning I sat at my vanity putting on my makeup for the day. I live in Michigan, where the snow finally has melted away after our second brutal winter in so many years. It was a sunny morning, and that alone had led me to praise God. But then I heard it – the distinct call of a beautiful dove. As I turned to look out my window I spotted her, perched just feet away from me on the bent-over tree at the edge of our marsh. I crept to the window to take in her beauty and whispered a prayer of thanks to God for adding this cherry to the top of His glorious morning. Just then, the dove turned and our eyes met. Somehow she knew that I meant her no harm, and we silently checked each other out for a minute or so. I returned to my morning routine, but she lingered in that tree and cooed several more times. “Spring is here,” she seemed to be whispering to me. To God be the glory!

  54. This sounds odd, but one of the creations I marvel in is my tabby cat. If you ever get one of a tabby’s hairs on you-and if you ever meet mine, you *definitely* will because she sheds-, you can see the little dots of color that make up her patterns. Since no two tabbies are exactly alike, it looks as though God paints each one. There are so many different colors and patterns of animals, there’s no way that can be an accident.

    I grew up on the beach. Few things are more beautiful than a full moon reflecting on a perfectly smooth tide.

    I have pictures of a trip I took to the north Georgia mountains if you want to see them. Okay, enough from me!

  55. I am in North Myrtle Beach this week with my four children for our Spring Break-we live in Ontario Canada. I watched the sun rise two days ago-it was the most beautiful thing. Watching the sky change colour as the sun peeks over the horizon is such a breathtaking sight. I get lost in those moments when I realize the splendor and the awesomeness, realizing that my Father in heaven created that for me to enjoy. I don’t get to see the sun rise over the horizon at home, but I have promised myself that I will slow down to enjoy God’s gift to me. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy and acknowledge God’s creation.

  56. I get up early in the morning to have my alone time with God. I sit in my living room facing the window and every morning God paints a different picture in the clouds! I sometimes have to stop my devotions to thank Him for the beauty that he has given us.

  57. Creation has always spoken deeply to me. I feel like sunsets, warm breezes, and mountain views are all gifts from the Lord…love letters sent to me to reveal how magnificent our God is. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and breathe deep the glory of our God.

  58. When I take my dog for his walks, I enjoy looking at the sky and seeing the different patterns of the clouds, hearing the birds singing their praises to their Creator

  59. We were lucky enough to go to Disney World for Spring Break and just arrived back home yesterday. The sunset, the flowers, puffy clouds, the beauty of thousands of people from all over the world coming together to spend time with family. I felt God’s presence with us and was awestruck by his creations!

  60. Tracy Bockbrader :

    Thanks for the reminder! This is the time of year I normally listen for the birds on my way to work–when they’ve returned to this cold, wintery area. I’ve forgotten to lately because of all the craziness in my day! God is good!

  61. I always look forward to your emails for encouragement and today was certainly a blessing! Thank you for the reminder to see beauty in all of God’s creations. Some are so subtle that we take them for granted!

  62. God is in the beauty all around us. We have beautiful sunsets here in Indiana. Especially in the winter, with the snow on the ground, reflecting the colors. It always makes me pause and give glory where glory is due!

    • I love looking at sunrises from my 2nd floor bathroom window. Sunrises remind me that God’s mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness!

  63. Yesterday morning on my way into work I heard the morning birdies cheerfully welcoming the day. Their gleeful singing reminded me of how much I enjoy listening to their morning sounds. It has been a while since I took the time to enjoy their relaxing music. I am grateful that they seemed to beckon me to take a moment to relax before my busy day ahead.

  64. When we go camping we get a wonderful view of the sunset and watch the stars come out. Awesome!
    I purpose to stop and gaze up at the stars when I run early in the morning. God is so amazing!

  65. My husband and I were on the beach at Lake Erie last summer. Every evening the sunset was so beautiful and the lake was awesome. The waves were so powerful at times. Only God could make something like that for us to enjoy. it was truly a time to see the wonders of what God has made.

  66. Hi, in the UK this morning about 9.30am we had a partial eclipse of the sun, was a wonderful sight to get a glimpse of. The light changed, the birds sat still on rooftops, a few dogs started howling but the spectacle was glorious. So that fits in well with your choice of scripture for this morning. It really did show the Glory of God, in quite a different way, and I imagined how everything grew dark and stayed like that for a long time when Jesus died, it was a strange sort of light and somehow a chilly coldness. How awesome God is to use the sky and the sun and moon to declare that He is in charge and that He sees what is happening with us. We are part of something so much bigger than we can ever imagine! Awesome!

  67. Thank you for the great reminder of God’s beauty and His Glory. I was so blessed this week to sit out on my swing with my 2 year old grandson (a wonderful blessing from God) in the beautiful sunshine. After weeks of cold weather , snow and ice (which too was beautiful), we soaked in the sunshine and we watched the birds and the squirrels and He was amazed. I told Him that God created it all. I praise God for showing us His Glory and giving me another great memory with my grandson!

  68. I have the privilege of living in one of God’s amazing creations, the Smoky Mountains if East Tennessee. Every morning on my son’s school drive, we nod to each other as we round the curve where the mountains covered in mist, come into view. Every day is different but every day is the same opportunity to open our eyes to the wonder.

  69. Thank you for sharing your heart with us! Such an insightful and refreshing post. God bless you and make all things work together for the best as you keep it up!

  70. As I drove to school earlier this week, the sky was amazing. A short praise poem came to mind.

    Cotton candy clouds
    strewn across the morning sky
    for me
    a gift from God.

  71. I love a beautiful sunrise as I’m driving into work. They don’t happen everyday here in MI. And back in the winter months I recall an evening while I was leaving work and actually pulled out my phone and snapped a photo of the amazing sun set that was occurring. It was an amazing water color designed by the creator of the universe. Spectacular sunrises & sunsets are always a reminder to me if how much God loves us and is in every detail.

  72. As I was rushing around one morning to get out the door, prodding my 2 daughters to get moving or they would be late for school, we ran out the door, ran down the steps, and I heard my youngest daughter, who was 9 at the time saying “wow mom, stop and look at the sky”. It was the most beautiful red, orange and yellow I had ever seen, with the color streaking through the clouds. I was in such a rush, I hadn’t even noticed it. I immediately stopped, hugged her and thanked her for pointing it out, and we stood there in awe for several minutes staring at the sky. It reminded me to slow down, and take time to notice. Now when I start to rush, I remember that morning 4 years ago and smile as I remember the beauty and a child’s gentle reminder!

  73. Kimberley Williams :

    We have four bird feeders in our yard…a Painted Bunting stopped by….only a wonderful God could create the beautiful colors. PTL He created us and provides for us…

  74. As I was sitting on my back deck, enjoying the warmth of the sunshine, I was seeing the green tint of grass across the fields, tiny leaves appearing on the trees, beautiful Daffodils in bloom, and our new baby calves running and bucking. I love spring time seeing all things come to life. Thank you God for all your beauty! Your work is a true Masterpiece!


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