Pursuing Your Dreams

Pursuing Your Dreams

Moving to a new city was exciting and adventurous. A fresh start that would give our family the boost we needed. We were pursuing our dreams.

New neighborhoods to explore, restaurants to dine in and the shopping was fantastic. Yes, it was wonderful … for about 6 months.

Then I started to feel a little restless.

Despite numerous attempts, our family was still searching for a church home. I was longing for close friends and I wanted my kids to get plugged into positive activities in our community.

Did we make a mistake moving here? God, did we misunderstand You? Would it be crazy to pack up and move again?

I was starting to feel like God had set me on a shelf. That this season in my life wouldn’t be as important and beneficial as I originally thought.

Prayers turned into more prayers. Weeks turned into more weeks. Hope started to fade and then one day I met a friend. She encouraged me to attend a conference where hundreds of women – women like me – would be equipped and encouraged to do great things.

It all sounded great, but would this conference really help me get back on track? Would it give me an opportunity to reenergize my talents and abilities?

I said yes to my friend. I attended that conference. And my life’s direction was forever changed.

That was 9 years ago and every summer I still go back to that conference. It’s there that I meet women from all over the world who are following their calling and pursuing their dreams.

This week it’s my turn to invite a friend to this incredible conference. So I’m inviting you! 

Do you believe God has a special calling on your life, but you need a little encouragment and equipping to help you along the way?

Are you feeling like maybe this season of life isn’t turning out to be as productive and beneficial as you originally thought?

Do you sense God whispering to your heart and saying, “Share your story and point others to Me.”

If so, I want to encourage you to continue pursuing your dreams. To take a step forward in the direction of your calling and consider attending the She Speaks Conference this summer.

Join us July 23 – 25, 2015 in Concord, North Carolina and get the training, tools, confidence, and community you need to answer God’s call on your lif#e


I’ll be there along with an entire team of leaders from the speaking and publishing industry.

To find out details and watch a video which will tell you more about the conference – click here –> www.SheSpeaksConference.com

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

I hope to see you at the conference – July 24-25, 2015 in Concord, North Carolina! 

It’s Your Turn:

If you have already attended a She Speaks Conference, share in the comment section below what your most memorable experience was at the event.



  1. Melanie Linder :

    I am on this walk with Jesus like none other I have ever been on. I trust Him and want to serve Him fully. I have had many things happen to me in my life but nothing like what happens when my mom died 6 years ago and I had to grow up in my 40s and learn how to be independant with out the unconditional love of a mother that caught me every time I would fall or need help. There’s a lot more to my store but I never felt so hopeless then then. I lost a lot, my family was homeless and hungry at times. I have wanted to start a non profit organization to help the homeless and hungry ever since. I grew up with everything but today because of Jesus I am still rich because I have Him in my life. I’m glad I know that I never have to give up my dreams of serving Him and knowing He is always there for me weather anyone else is I would love to attend this conference but its up to the Good Lord to get me there for we still live on a very tight budget like many others. God bless all.

    • Melanie, your story is quite extraordinary and I’m praying that one day your dream of starting a non-profit organization for the hungry and homeless becomes a reality in your life. In the meantime, I’m sure there is a local food shelter in your area that is already helping the homeless and hungry. Maybe you could partner with them and begin pursuing your dream today. :

  2. I have had depression since I was 26 years old. Now I am 60 and sometimes I falter and I do get back on my feet–pretty fast. I also have read so many books, and googled many topics..I could probably write a book myself. I do like to help others…and sometimes I need others to mainly LISTEN TO ME. They do not have to be counselors….a good friend who loves me, and LISTENS is so very important to me. I have written short stories about the different phases I’ve gone through….and now I am considered BI-POLAR. My biggest manic phase was I bought a brand new car one afternoon- off of the dealer’s showing floor. That really scared me when I came down from the mania. I need this on-line devotional. Joyce

  3. What if your from a different country and not able to come to the conference but your heart is yearning for God to show you what your purpose is and if you’re in the right place, right now?

    • Fallon, the SS conference is a wonderful opportunity to further equip and inspire you in writing, speaking and leading. I wish it was available live stream so you could attend, but unfortunately it’s not this year. Although God has used this conference to guide many women into their callings, He can certainly reveal His purpose and plans for your life right where you are. Let me encourage you to seek God and long for His presence in your life. As you spend time in His Word each day, He will show you what your purpose is. I say this with such confidence because that’s how I discovered my purpose – by spending time with God in His Word. 🙂

    • Praise The lord Sister ,
      Yes my Lord is guiding me to speak to all about the wonderful things he has done to me .He has done wonderful things to me ,believe me ,i am a mother of two boys ,but i do not stay with them ,they dont need me ,i am thrown out of the home my lord got me (Bahrain) and placed me on a strong rock and taking caring of me hiding me under his wings ,believe me i have signed for divorce too but i know will not allow that to happen .
      He has stored all my tears daily i shed and make a beautiful house for me covered with diamonds (my tears)
      He leds me to green pasture ,i have full faith he will bring me back to my family ,he wants me to undergo the pain of divorce and guide and lead other women in the same state to find my beautiful lord .
      One day he will put me in front of Thousands and i will tell the wonderful beautiful awesome things he has done for me .

  4. Leah,
    This is the 2nd “invite” I’ve had to SS this morning. I’ve been there twice and loved it!! God spoke powerfully and tenderly. I made connections and friendships that I’m grateful for. It’s been on my heart again, but I keep thinking of all the reasons (excuses) I shouldn’t go or can’t go, but God keeps bringing it up. I will be praying. Thanks for sharing, and inviting. Just reminded how it was your invitation back in ’09 that really was a nudge from God to go to NC for the first time!! Blessings to you and grateful for you!!

    • Jill, I would love to see you at SS again this summer. I realize there are many factors to consider and I trust that if it’s part of God’s plan for you to attend then He will clearly make a way. Feel free to pass along this invite to other women in your sphere of influence. I am so grateful for you too! Hugs 🙂

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