Why Am I Rushing?  {Giveaway:The Best Yes}

Why Am I Rushing? {Giveaway:The Best Yes}

UPDATE:  WINNER FOR THE BEST YES GIVEAWAY:  Ashlee and Stephanie. Thanks to everyone else for submitting such great comments! I loved reading them and celebrating each of you this week. I value and appreciate y’all so much. Hugs!


Why am I always rushing? No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get my act together. I’m tired of running late all the time…

Do you ever whisper those words to yourself? I do. More times than I’d like to admit. And if I’m not careful rushing can get me in a lot of trouble.

In fact, I’m sharing one of my funny, yet not-so-funny stories over at Proverbs 31 Ministries today. I spilled the beans on how I accidentally backed into my husband’s truck because I was running late, rushing and not paying attention. Oh, yes. I did.

Let’s just say it was not a shining moment for me. In fact, when I think back on it now, I still get a queasy feeling in my stomach.

Can I be honest with you? Rushing has become a bad habit I’ve developed over the years.

As demands increase and my schedule tightens, the rushing gremlin squirms it’s way into my heart making me feel very anxious. Before I realize what’s happened,  I’m irritated at the world and I’ve stressed out everyone around me.

It’s a habit I hate. A habit that is hard to break and can sometimes send me in the wrong direction … hence the dent in my husband’s truck.

Here’s what I’ve personally discovered about rushing:

  • Rushing makes me anxious.
  • Rushing makes me irritated.
  • Rushing causes me to make mistakes.
  • Rushing has the potential of stressing out those around me.

In order to make a positive change, I have to first think differently about what my rushing will reap in the long.  That’s why I absolutely love this Bible verse in The Message translation.  It brings my thoughts and reactions towards rushing front and center:

“Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind.” Proverbs 21:5 (MSG)

Further behind is the last thing I want. In fact, it’s the exact thing I’m trying to avoid.

If I hurry, I can get more done. If I rush and multitask, I can consider myself more accomplished. #NotReallyTrue

Ever since my car accident, I’ve intentionally tried to do things differently. More importantly, I’ve asked God to help me in this challenging area of my life.

Here are some practical steps I’m taking that may help you too if you’re a “rushing around” kind of gal like me.

  • Each morning I ask God to show me what HIS priorities are for my day. 
  •  I make a conscious decision to accomplish the priorities He’s highlighted for me BEFORE adding anything else to my day.
  • I ask the Holy Spirit to nudge my heart when I unknowingly shift into rush-mode throughout my day. 
  • I choose to let go and delegate more tasks in order to create white space in my day. {This one is really hard for me.}

Something else that has really helped curb my rush response is memorizing  Jeremiah 2:25a (The Message). In the midst of rushing, I’m learning to pause and imagine the Lord speaking these words over me and it’s making a big difference!


I’m grateful God’s Word helps us put things into perspective. To stop the rushing and start embracing the pace of God’s grace. To realize that in God’s presence there is peace and calm; not hurry and scurry.

Do you find yourself feeling anxious, stressed and rushing around throughout your day? If so, I completely understand and that’s why I’m creating the Anxiety Cleanse for you which will be available next month for FREE. If you want to be in the loop and receive updates once the Anxiety Cleanse is available, be sure to fill in the gray box above. Look for the words “Subscribe for Updates.”

Hooray, Hooray … It’s a Giveaway!!!

This week I’m giving away 2 copies of Lysa TerKeurst’s new book, The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands.

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Before I forget … Happy New Year, sweet friend!

As we begin 2015, remember to stay in the Word and stay awesome!



  1. The whole month of December makes me anxious. Shopping, decorating, cooking, wrapping, endless running!!! Add to that sickness at the same time. Holiday traffic. Family expectations. Yeah, it all equals a recipe for disaster! Bring on the anxiety cleanse!!

  2. Lindsey Russell :

    I’m a full-time nursing student and work part-time. I feel like there’s never enough hours in my day to keep up with work, school, laundry, etc etc and I don’t even have kids! I’ve always been a type A person and I know God is speaking to my heart to slow down because I’ve seen so many blog posts and verses about it this week!

  3. Rushing is my middle name. I am a multi tasker in everything I do which leaves me feeling anxious and stressed. You are so right that we need to think first and ask God to approve our schedule. Thank you for this reminder. I am going to write my own steps similar to yours and leave the by my bedside so I can renew my schedule every morning.
    Have a Blessed New Year!

  4. I feel anxious when I let my to do list grow and grow beyond what I know can get done. This was a great blog post, so timely! thank you!

  5. I left “corporate America” early in 2014 – I truly believe at the request of God! Since I said yes (!), God has shown me in many ways how He always keeps His promises. Anxiety continues to wiggle it’s way in when I take my eyes and focus off of God and onto matters of the world. I am in the process of opening a thrift shop for women and children in our community and surrounding neighborhoods! My 2nd job just ended 12/27/14, which is amazing timing, as after the first of the year we plan on “hitting the ground running”. Only God’s timing can be that amazing! This 2nd job played a key role in my finances. Throughout 2014 God kept telling me “trust me”. Today as I reflect and write this, I hear Him telling me, “trust me”. Thank you for asking for comments. Let us empower one another through our King!

  6. Thank you for this devotional! I am relived to know I am not the only who feels so overwhelmed and out of control in daily life, and in return I begin to feel as I am failing at my job of Mom and Wife. I love the reminder to turn to God to strengthen and peace!
    Your sister in Christ, Jody

  7. Brandy Martinez :

    Thanks for this amazing devetional today it was right on time for me. I am a single mother of two & find myself rushing around daily from getting the kids up & ready for school & off to work. To the hustle & bustle of my work day & then hurrying home to pick up kids, homework, dinner, extra curricular activities & the list goes on. And by the end of the day I am beat & stressed & anxious amongst all these tasks!!! I know that I must put my worries & cares into the Lord’s hands & know that He will work it out for the good. But at times I fall short in doing so & am left with the stress & burdens of this world on my shoulders. I really pray for the New Year that I allow God to lead & bring peace & comfort into my life. Thanks again & God Bless!!

  8. It seems like I am always running late for Sunday School on Sunday mornings. It doesn’t matter how early I get up. If I get up early, I kick down a notch, thinking I have plenty of time. If I get up late, I go into the “mad rush” mode. But, the Lord is working on me to make a change and this is the year of change!

  9. Saying no causes me anxiety, so I say yes, which causes more anxiety in the long term!
    God is showing me that by saying yes to others’ demands, I’m actually saying no to Him and my family. I pray that He helps me know my limits and set my limits.
    Thank you for your lesson and reminding me who I’m really working for:)

  10. I love this! It spoke to me so deeply and right to the pint! I have been praying about my one word this year and pace had come to mind and this confirmed it! thank you!

  11. A good reminder to pray and ask God to plan our day.

  12. Leah, my problem is not rushing but taking too much time in the mornings before going to work or church. I think I will probably be late to my own funeral. I feel that I have too much to do to and am always stressing out about it. I am the only daughter of a mother living in an assisted living facility and try to go see her every other day. I have two brothers living nearby but I enjoy taking care of her, helping her get ready for bed and telling her goodnight. My house is not clean because I am tired and probably depressed. I am late to work every day and so I stay late to make sure I work my allotted hours. My husband is frustrated with me because I can’t get my act together. I read your devotional and am going to ask God to plan my day first thing each morning. Thanks for your guidance!!!

  13. Jessica McKamie :

    This is me. Thank you so much for this post. I am starting this new year with the goal to not be late, to not be rushed. My anxiety is getting the best of me…my endless “to do” lists, always trying to do 2-3 more things before I leave, then I’m rushing, then I’m defeated because I’m again late. It is a vicious cycle-a curse. My prayer-release me, God, from this rushing. Let me listen to your whispers each morning-what are YOUR priorities for my day. Thank you for this sweet encouragement and verses to remind me.

  14. Being on time for different things, traffic, or waiting on people in general get me anxious or in a big hurry. Thank you for this blog!

  15. Leah, I stumbled across this post when a friend emailed me a copy of your P31 story. My One Word for 2015 is BREATHE. This post is perfect for me as I begin to think about and pray about the things God wants to teach me in this year.

    I’m a Rushing Queen. Trying to accomplish too much with not enough time? That’s been me. I’m working to break this habit. Your steps are perfect. 🙂 One thing that causes me to shift into rush-mode is having too many obligations on a given day. Or, having the max of what is comfortable for the day and then having an unexpected thing happen. This either puts me into overdrive or causes my heart to race and my mind to fuzz over.

    I loved your post. I’ll be back to visit your blog.

  16. I am trying to get better at slowing down, enjoying my day instead of rushing to get through it. But I still get overwhelmed and then anxious!

  17. Perfect timing for the beginning of this new year. I feel the same way. Always rushing, always late, always trying to do the next thing and not feeling that I am able to get anything done correctly or completely. It’s the same way at home, work and back again and a never ending cycle with no rest, but exhaustion and being overwhelmed. That you for this very timely information. Everyone have a blessed New Year full of peace, balance and seeing what God has for us as we take a moment to breathe and wait on Him.

  18. Life. Work. Home. Dinner. Living 45 minutes from kids’ school, my work, even a store makes everything feel like a marathon! I love being at home but when I get home I just want to breathe in my kids and husband, not do more work. But alas, it’s my responsibility to feed hungry mouths!

  19. Life demands so much from me as a wife, Mom, daughter, friend , working full time, but my focus on Jesus has created a peace in my life that I could not find anywhere else. Even though there are days that are very hectic, that in the past would have put me in a tailspin, they don’t any longer, why? Because I look to Jesus I spend time with Jesus and do what I can with his strength his peace if it doesn’t all get done, I’m not stressed anymore, I trust, and are kind to myself, it took me a long time to get to this place, but what a wonderful place to be, keep your eyes on Jesus let him lead you and guide you , 2015 will be amazing and awesome and fantastic

  20. Cammi Hevener :

    I am a Realtor and get pulled in many different directions daily.. Starting the morning in prayer reminds me to slow down! 🙂

  21. I start my day with too many things on my ” To do” list!! Before breakfast, I’m already stressing!

  22. I know exactly what you are describing and hate those feelings.

  23. Annette smith :

    Wow, needed this reminder. I am way over committed with good things and obligations. Asking God to set my priorities.

  24. Thank you for this much needed reminder. I just lost my husband recently. Seems I’m torn in a thousand different directions. I used to rely on my husband’s wisdom and guidance. I need to learn to seek God’s guidance and trust his leading.

  25. Boy, did I ever need to read and now heed this

  26. My anxiety is a result of not fully trusting that God is just going to be there even though I know that he is always there! I tend to sabotage myself! I pray about this a lot!

  27. I take care of my husband and mother who are both disabled. After working a long day at work, I rush to the grocery store, rush home to cook dinner. One evening my husband asked for a movie and rushing to get the movie, and thinking about all the other things I had to do, I backed into a curb and put a dent in my muffler. I tell myself to focus more but it’s very hard.

  28. I find myself rushing when I don’t plan ahead and give myself enough time. I also tend to procrastinate, especially when I get overwhelmed and anxious, which of course makes things worse. This devotion really hit home for me today and reminded me of my need to place every moment of my day in God’s hands and to seek His guidance first!

  29. My boss retired the end of November leaving me to do his job and mine, which means either things don’t get done or I work extra hours. So I find myself rushing to work in the morning, working late, scurrying home feeling guilty making supper throwing it on the table, swiping dishes as soon as silverware is set down so I can hurry up and wash them so I can pack lunches for tomorrow… Ugh!! A friend said to me this morning, today’s devotion was written for me… After I read it I agree. Thank you for raising my awareness.

  30. I mostly rush when I have somewhere to be at a certain time, and I didn’t give myself (or my boys) enough time to get ready to leave in time. We are used to a pretty relaxed schedule so it is harder for us to be to places on time. (I’m either early because I overcompensate or more often we are late.)

  31. I get anxious when I try to do it all myself without asking God for help. The demands I put on myself are unreasonable and are not even near possible especially without His guidance and direction. Praying more for this is definitely something I need to focus on from now on.

  32. What makes me Anxious? Demands of the Day. Bills I have to pay. and Prayers I didn’t say.

  33. I am always rushing. Even my thoughts are often rushed. This is more than a bad habit that needs to be broken. It’s my way of life, and I am constantly anxious because of it. Thank you for sharing your insight, Leah. And thank you for the opportunity to win Lysa’s book. I suppose a good resolution for me would be to prayerfully and purposefully slow down in the new year! Happy New Year, Leah, and God bless you and your family!

  34. Trying to do too much to please everyone else is what makes me anxious. I forget I have said ok to someone or something and then rush to accomplish it all. Using my smart phone calendar helps.

  35. Saundra Bobnar :

    This so describes the anxiety and rushing I create for myself everyday. I end up overwhelmed and feeling depressed.

  36. Okay. This heartfelt devotional post hit a cord. I’m a highly flexible person and tend to lean on the side of procrastination. I take on too much at times which has me rushing. It leaves me feeling like I’m always a day behind. Love the practical steps, scripture and prayer you share Leah. Thank you so much! There is hope for me yet.

  37. I feel rushed soooo much lately! I truly need to take Leah’s advice to heart at plan my day better.

  38. Totally relate to this post. Sometimes it feels the more you rush, the longer things take. Very interested in best yes book also.

  39. I am anxious when I try to run on my own power and skills. When I believe those old lies of pleasing everyone and being everything in order to be loved. God has been teaching me for the past year to trust Him and His timing, it is always perfect. I am holding on to Jesus!

  40. This really spoke to me today . . . I am working on my doctorate in autism research and have continued working as a special education teacher throughout my studies. As a wife and mom of two (11 & 14) this hectic pace has really begun to wear on me and I am tired. Today’s message is giving me hope to trust in God’s plan for me and not try to do all of this in my own power.

  41. This was right on time! Most days I’m rushing to get myself and my kids out of the house inh the morning, or because I’m tryin to get home to my family after work and a long commute. Those are just a couple of many reasons I rush.

  42. Thanks for you words of encouragement & your honest transparency. What makes me anxious & wanting to give up is when I don’t accomplish the things I want to accomplishthat day. Thanks for helping me see things from a new perspective & the reminder to ask God each morning to show me what HIS priorities are for my day. 

  43. This was a great post and giveaway! I’m always rushing because I commit to doing more things than I have time to do. I just don’t know how to say no!

    God Bless and Happy New Year:))

  44. I am trying to raise my toddler son who is a big handful & I used to own my own business!?! I have recently sold the business to be able to slow down some. However, I live in a rural area & only make trips to town 1x a week & I tend to “cram” everything I need to do in that 1 day…it is so hard to get it all done in that 1 day so I need to stop trying to plan everything for it & maybe make 2 trips every once in a while! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! I would enjoy it very much!

  45. This was sent at the perfect time. Looking forward to restructuring my body, mind and spirt. Happy New Year!!

  46. My life has completely changed in the past several years-job, children getting married, both parents passing away, gaining weight in the midst of all of that- I am also teaching school -and although I should better plan and take advantage of my “down times”, I realize I neglect to receive the Lord’s instructions. Thank you for your important word today!

  47. Janell Aparicio :

    Wow this really spoke to me. I feel when I have plans, everything gets scheduled at the same time. Plus because of my poor planning and procrastination I am always rushed. My poor kiddos get the brunt of my anxiety because I am always hurrying them and then feeling awful. I really need to remember these words and always have God help me make the right plans!

    • This is just what the doctor ordered for me (Pamela)!…slow down, breathe, now Run into God’s presence! Selah! Just this morning, I hit the snooze button for that extra 10 minutes that I knew I really didn’t have. After which it was rush, rush, rush to get self and granddaughter up, properly dressed, fed, and daily meds before leaving for her doctor’s appt. Of course now I’m fussing, frustrated, and fuming like a furnace while driving a tad bit over the speed limit to get her to her appointment on time. Lord forgive me, and thank you for keeping us safe! I’ve got to make a change! Now. So many lives depend on it. Thanks Leah for this on time message for me.

  48. This is me! I rush to try to do more, please more, be more…it’s exhausting! Thanks for the reminders – it’s a big help to this work in progress. 🙂

  49. What a great post to challenge and encourage us to slow down and start with giving God our day. I work rather slowly so in an already fast-paced culture, I find myself seemingly in a constant tizzy of rushing and as you described, get irritable and effect usually my family around me. Throw in perfectionism, indecisiveness and I seem to stay in a frantic, unhealthy state of mind and mess. Oh Lord, help me to slow down to your priorities and to be still and listen to You.

  50. When you said you have started scheduling white time into your day…..oh my gosh….that really makes sense!! I’ve always scheduled so tightly that if even one thing goes wrong….it’s such a domino effect for the whole rest of the day. White space planning….Thank you….I’m going with it!!

  51. I seem to have a “Martha” type of spirit and personality. I’m constantly moving, feeling as if I have to accomplish things each day. Even on days off or when I’m ill I don’t feel like I can sit and relax without going through mentally why it’s not ok to do nothing all day. I end up overloading myself and getting stressed out and irritated at others about it. I listen to Joyce Meyers and she was praying to God about this issue and she said God spoke to her and told her that she made her schedule to be so busy and that she could change it to not be so busy. This is a focus for me this year. Not to overload myself with too many “to do” items and have some relaxation time without feeling guilty.

  52. Right now, my children are home on Christmas break, and though in some ways it can be hard, reality is that I enjoy this pace of life-no hurry to get kids picked up, homework done, dinner ready, to bed on time and on and on…I’m actually sad school is starting next week. I really liked the verses you shared from The Message, I need to write them down and post them around as well as memorize them. Hopefully, come next week, I will not start to lose myself in the midst of the busy and with His help I won’t get anxious over the schedule. Thank you for your devotion, blog and giveaway. I am going to share on FB!!!

  53. I am held down from rushing right now as I have a bad knee waiting to have a replacement. If I do too much, too fast it hurts. I only wish that once the knee is repaired I would remember the hurt to slow myself down. The suggestion of getting with God when making out the priorities of the day is what I have to remember also. I just fly into the day, happily knocking out duties only to find that I missed a priority. Regret and failure follow me to bed.

  54. Thoughts about the future make me anxious! I’m 27, going on 28 next month, been married one year and no children yet however thoughts about parenting and how I will help provide for my family scare and excite me at the same time. I feel I’m not where I thought I would be at this time in my life, career wise, and it is constantly on my mind. Thoughts of how I will manage everything, being a wife, mommy, having a career, etc. I keep praying for patience because I know God has great plans for me and I know I have to take things one day at a time but easier said than done sometimes. Thank you for sharing this and helping us all to remember that we need to slow down and trust in God’s greater plan.

  55. I struggle w/ perfectionism. I either get caught up in trying to make everything perfect and slow myself down or get overwhelmed by all there is to do and wind up not doing anything at all because I haven’t figured out that it doesn’t have to be perfect. In that I wind up doing it anyway but in a rushed manor which is worse than if I would have just done it imperfectly! Ugh!!! The vicious cycle of it all!!! It keeps me from being the wife/mother/friend/person I want to be.

  56. This is exactly what I needed at this season of my life. I am a wife, mother of 2 teenagers, a full time School Nurse, and now a full time student, oh and Children’s Ministry leader. My schedule will be full and hectic. Last semester was tough and I only had 7 hours of class so with a 13 hour semester ahead of me, I was a little anxious! This devotion could not have come at a better time, so thank you!

  57. Many great comments are here but Sherrill”s sound like me, except & I have vision problems so hence I say, Ditto! And then copy here: ” It seems someone always needs me to do something for them. The Lord has been showing me how my business is hindering my walk with him as well as my health. There is no time for taking care of me without feeling like I should be doing a million other things. In this new year I do want to slow down and enjoy what really matters in my life. The people big and small not the “things”. Thank you for this post! I needed to hear it!”

  58. When there have so many changes in life, especially lately. And I feel like I’m nor accomplishing anything, I’ve truly been feeling like I’m standing still while life and everyone in it is living and accomplishing things… God is Good! Through it all.

  59. My rush-mode kicks in when I am focus on things or events that arent truly productive or even need my time. Does this thing take away from what is important? Is my family losing time with me because of my rush-mode for other things?

  60. My husband and I are both teachers. We are constantly on the go and facing the ever-growing demands put on us by politicians that have never been teachers. Our 2 kids stay at school hours after they could be home and then we rush home to fix dinner, do homework, and get ready for a new day. It’s exhausting. But it seems like even after 11 years slowing down is difficult. Thank you for your encouragement!!

  61. Growing up with a pressure to catch up deadlines, peers, my schedules and everything without realizing if they worth my time and life. It is such a good reminder for me to pause and think why i am wearing myself out. what i am after every busy day.

  62. Wow! This hit home this morning! I often feel obligated to say “yes” or take on extra tasks to please others in my life. I try to be everything to everyone. In the end I find myself rushing through whatever the task at the last minute or not completing it at all. Thank you, Leah, for sharing His message today! Lord, please help me to remember that I should let You make the plans. I need to take time to ask You instead of making the decisions for myself. (Jeremiah 29:11)

  63. I start to feel anxious when I think of all the things that have to be done and I forget that they don’t always have to be done at the same time. I have to remind myself that I’m on God’s time, not on Sheila’s time, and He teaches me to number my days. That only works, however, when I am talking to Him and in His word. Thank you for this super-timely (is it a phrase? It is now) reminder.

  64. This hit the nail ion the head for me. I am a wife,mother of 12 total, accountant, farmer…I find myself feeling anxious and extremely overwhelmed! I am always rushing and always way behind. This blog gave me some direction on how to slow down, by spending more time in God’s company. This will be extremely challenging this time of year due to being an accountant, bit I am eager to practice Jeremiah 2:25.

  65. I get anxious juggling children’s activities, work, spending quality time with children, cooking wholesome meals, finding time to care for my home, and finding time to care for me.

  66. WOW! you know my life

  67. It sounds like you are telling my story instead of yours. There is peace in slowing down and not rushing. Dear Father in heaven help each of us to make Your peace a priority in our lives. Remind us to seek Your guidance in our days and the events we add to our schedules. Don’t let us get caught up in the activities of everyone else and let those that may not have sought your guidance to rule our days. We want You to guide us. In Jesus name we pray Amen. Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Isaiah 26:3

  68. I think as moms we always try to do…one more thing! Just one more things makes me always late! I have good intentions, but when I saw the name of the book I thought…Thats it! We all desire the best, especially when it comes to our family! This devotional has so ministered to my heart today, as we juggle so many things and feel like we are not getting any of them accomplished, or at the very least, very well (or burnt! so my life!) I love the start New Year when I take an good look at what is making me so busy, overwhelmed, not sure really what to do first, but truly want God to direct my path each day, to obtain that welcoming, peaceful, home sweet home, safe haven in the midst of a mound of circumstances(and seven children) I desire the Best Yes (and know its only with God’s help)!!!

  69. Thank you for your encouraging words as this New Year rolls around my goal is to learn to unrush myself . It seems I always fall into the trap and find myself stressed and overwhelmed . And my family seems to be the one that feel it the most .

  70. My name in Hebrew means “The Bee”. It is an appropriate name as I am always as busy as a “bee” . A friend once told menimreminded her of a hamster on one of the little wheels always spinning around ! I feel like I’m on a carousel and can never get off. Round and round I go, wanting to get off, but can never make it stop! This is a picture of how my life feels to me. I allow myself to get in this non-stop, anxious riddled life because I feel as a Christian I am to serve everyone. The problem is, I try to serve in my own strength and power. The result is one frazzled , worn out, stressed out, overwhelmed, frantic, woman just going around and around with no end in sight! I am looking forward and by Hod’s Power going to get off this Carousel in 2015!

  71. Trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done makes me anxious

  72. I am a primary school librarian, wife, mother, grandmother, and daughter. It seems someone always needs me to do something for them. The Lord has been showing me how my business is hindering my walk with him as well as my health. There is no time for taking care if me without feeling like I should be doing a million other things. In this new year I do want to slow down and enjoy what really matters in my life. The people big and small not the “things”. Thank you for this post! I needed to hear it!

  73. I struggle with the same problem! No matter how much I plan it seems I always end up rushing – it makes it feel as if like is passing you by while you are watching from a distance sometimes!

  74. I kick into rush mode when I feel like I need to be everything to everyone; I tend to be a people pleaser and perfectionist, which is not a good combination. It has caused me to lose focus of my priorities and put way too much on my plate. The Lord has also revealed to me that I am trying to do things under my own power and strength when in fact I need to be relying on him and his power.

  75. This is definitely me most days. I desperately need to learn what my Best Yes is, for myself and my family.

  76. Thank you for this posting! I read the story of what happened to you on P31 website and can so relate! I feel at times I am rushing through life, not enjoying the moment, because there is always “something that I HAVE to do”. I have made it a resolution to stop and take time to sit in silence and allow God to speak to me. If I’m always rushing and filling my time with unimportant things, how can I hear what he might be saying to me?

  77. Your blog was helpful. As I am reflecting and planning I need to make some adjustments in my life. I am a preschool teacher, wife, and mother so it doesn’t leave much time. I fel loke I am always behind the eight ball m

  78. My New Year’s Resolution is to not rush through the time I spend with my family. We lost several family members this year and all my family deserves undivided (read: unrushed) time and attention. Thanks for the encouragement!

  79. Polly Schneider :

    I always feel like I have something I should be doing, even when I am relaxing. There is always something that needs doing and I get anxious to get it all done all at once. I need to pace myself and realize I can only do so much in a day. Thanks for the encouragement. I would love to win The Best Yes.

  80. This is also a challenge for me! I struggle with poor time mgmt skills as well as kack of direction. Thank you for sharing your heart and encouragement!

  81. I have the rushing disease!!! I desperately want to get off of this speeding train of my own making. I want a balanced, God-filled life. In order to stop waking up soaked in anxiety about my day ahead, I am praying that God gives me the strength to say no sometimes and gives me the gift of balance in my over-full life…

  82. I don’t like when I get in rush mode. It usually causes me to bark orders and stress my children. I have been trying to make a conscious effort not to do that.

  83. The demands of being a fulltime student, mom & employment seeker are quite often overwhelming. This coupled with Grad School applications, and the pressures from family & friends drain me and I find myself rushing around, accomplishing very little. How do I break this cycle?

  84. What a wonderful message to reflect upon as we enter the new year! As a single parent, I never seem to leave enough time to get my girls to school without being rushed at the last minute. I start out as the peaceful mommy cuddled up in the couch reading my devotions, and turn into the Tasmanian devil yelling at my kids that we are going to be late and running around the house like a maniac. I am truly going to hold onto your words about going to the Lord regarding our daily schedule because the image of walking at His pace each day seems so superior to my own mess each day. Thank you!

  85. Thank you, I felt like I was reading my own story here ;). I have to regroup on a regular basis, trim off the excess of what I’ve added to my schedule and re-focus on my main priorities.

  86. Thank you for this! I am always rushing, and getting out the door with 3 kids tends to put me in a tizzy for sure. Especially if I procrastinated with something and then it’s impossible to get everyone ready when I am running behind. Thankfully I homeschool and we only have to get out of the house in the morning once or twice a week. Lol. But I just started a direct sales job on top of homeschooling and kids, and I need to prioritize my days for sure this new year and ask for God’s plan for my day. I like feeling purposeful, and tend to bloom emotionally when I feel purposeful. But I want my family to come first, after God of course. I need help with that, too. I would love to win a copy of The Best Yes! And I’ll also be sharing this post on facebook.

    • It gets so hectic at work, the Doctors want to get finished fast to go to other hospitals, I feel overwhelmed, I know my job, I just don’t want to make a mistake and hurt someone. Thank you for your prayers.

  87. Everyday life feeling as though there is not enough time in the day cause me to rush and I hate that

  88. There is plenty in this life to “do”, some of it is necessary, some of it self-imposed. I think I switch to rush mode when I focus on “doing” instead of “being”.

  89. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement!!

  90. Stacy Fortenberry :

    I love this message! Just getting out the door for work gets me in a tizzy! I work as a counselor at a school 30 minutes away and getting my daughter to her school just in our area is trying for me! People do this all the time. I am so encouraged by this word! Thank you!

  91. So needed this today. Having friends over for New year’s eve dinner (which I’ve actually never done before). In the last two days I’ve vacuumed and shampooed my carpets, scrubbed the kitchen floor, washed throw rugs, cleaned out the fridge and a host of other stuff. I’ve gone to the grocery store at least five different times for ingredients I needed, and got up at the crack of dawn this morning to throw the food in the crock-pot before heading off to a full day at work. I’m so tired I really doubt I can “ring” in the new year at midnight. I’ll be lucky to stay awake until 10. Laugh out loud. BUT looking forward to what God has in store for me this next year and the blessings of having friends to be with is so worth it.

  92. I had just finished sending off a pathetic little text asking for prayer from my mom when I found this devotion! What a combination of encouragement and correction. As a young newly wed with a new job I feel completely overwhelmed sometimes and wear myself thin trying to do everything. I think the thing that causes me to rush is writing an impossibly difficult to do list and looking in the mirror for an unnecessarily long time!

  93. 2014 has been THE year of rush for me. And yes, it’s tough to try to slow down. As I read this devotional I thought to myself – there is no need to rush. God is in control and as long as we put him at the head of ALL things.. no matter how small or how great. He’s got it! Thank you Leah for this inspirational devotion to remind each and every one of us that we must slow down. Have a Happy New Year and God Bless! 🙂

  94. I’m an over-booker!! I am bivocational as well as a wife, mom, etc. I am juggling ministry/job/family and sometimes the clock runs out with items left undone on my list. The post really spoke to me!

  95. Mary Emily Cameron :

    I seem to rush through everything – Including my time with God. This is so wrong. I know that and yet I find as I am reading, even praying, my thoughts may wander to what I need to get done, not what God wants me to do. When I realize this, my anxiety level soars and in the end, nothing is accomplished.

    Thank you for sharing this message. The Scripture, both in Proverbs and Jeremiah, are what I need to remember. Not only is He in the major events in my life, God is in the details. Amen!

  96. Habits are hard to break, especially if we try to do it alone. Thank you for the message to put God first and let Him prioritize our days/activities. I’ve raised 3 kids in a hurry-up mode and anxiety has long been part of my days. Truth is, I’m tired, tired of rushing, tired of overthinking and tired of being anxious about it all. I pray that I’m not too old to learn to turn to Him and listen for his direction. I’d love to be able to say “I’ve said the best Yes!”.

  97. I find myself striving to please & do for everybody around me instead of dealing with things that are going wrong in my life. This turns into an unforgiving circle of so may things. Thank you for sharing this! God has already laid my one word for 2015 on my heart & this has confirmed it! (The even more awesome thing is I haven’t told anyone my word yet!) Thank you for being a light!

  98. I get into rush mode because although I value planning ahead, I often procrastinate and don’t plan ahead, then find myself rushing and trying to please everyone around me! I need to focus more on listening to the Holy Spirit and focus on accomplishing what He has in store for me each day!

  99. Hi Friends!
    Reading your comments this morning has been such a gift of encouragement to me! I’m grateful for every word you’ve shared and I’ve prayed for each of you (and your families).

    I’m learning that life is overflowing with reason for us to rush. But, God is teaching me to slow down and walk along side of Him, instead of running ahead of Him.

    I’ve never come across a story in the New Testament where Jesus was rushing. Despite all the demands that people tried to place upon Him each day, Jesus understood the tremendous value of walking in the footsteps of His Father. Oh, that we will do that same!

    • Leah, I love this devotional! This is exactly what God wanted me to read today!
      I have struggled with this rush mode syndrome and the anxiety that goes with it for
      years! I am a 58 year old Mom of a 14 year old daughter. I teach high school, and
      the stress of grading, preparing lesson plans, and still fulfilling my commitments to God and my family leave me an emotional and physical mess very often! Okay, maybe most of the time!
      And on top of that, I was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer, and now I am further rushed with the time consuming medical appointments and cancer treatments.
      Your devotional today has given me hope that, with God’s help, I can learn a better way, a Biblical way, to do better and to not live like this. I want to slow down and to choose what is really important that God wants me to do. I have issues setting priorities in a consistent manner.
      Thank you for giving me insight and suggestions to help me!
      You have blessed my day and my life. I will be praying for you and your ministry.

      Thank you, Leah!
      In Christ,

      Ann Hudson

      • Ann, you certain have a lot on your plate … or should I say “plates”. I’m praying for you today – asking God to remove the cancer, restore your body and strengthen you, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

        • Leah,

          Thank you very much for your reply and for the prayers. God and Prayers are what have sustained me through all of this. Thank you for so honestly sharing your personal experiences to help us women know that we are not alone, and that there is hope for getting through the road bumps of life.
          God is touching my life because of you and your message. I am committed, that with His help, I will listen to God first and not live running the rush
          race! I realize this is not God’s plan for our lives! Rushing is not really living fully in Christ. It’s bad for our health and for our families. My teen daughter has recently told me that watching me be stressed out makes her feel stressed! This is definitely a message to me from God! Our stress and rush affects others. I think it also causes us to miss out on spiritual blessings and opportunities to serve.
          I believe that God can help us all to slow down and to learn a better way to function within our current life situations.
          Have a blessed New Year! I look forward to more messages from you!

          In Christ,
          Ann Hudson

  100. Well I’m always rushing it seems rushing off to work, getting kids off to school etc… But I really get frustrated when I’m late to meetings or events that I know and feel people are waiting on me. I rush so that I run right past the mirror many times and I wish I would have taken a second and just stopped because I’m usually missing something really important like my hair lol!! Thank you Leah, I really need this encouragement today to just STOP! & TAKE A BREATH! Allowing the Lord to direct my path!

  101. I love the verses you had. I find working 50 hours a week and taking 6 credits makes me hurry…. but in the midst of hurry I lose the joy in the little things along the way, and usually I don’t get any more accomplished anyway.

  102. I feel like you wrote this just for me… I can relate so much, I even backed into my husbands new-to-us Expedition with my new-to-us Chrysler minivan, almost tearing off his running board! I was in a hurry, having to rush and mad about it too! So I wasn’t paying attention, and BAM! :-/ Thank you so much for this word today I am so encouraged and so glad I’m not alone. 🙂

    • Oh my, sounds like we have similar stories of how rushing can lead us in the wrong direction. Sorry to hear about your cars. I can totally relate to your story! 🙂

  103. felix martinez :

    Im a stay at home dad going on 3 mos now. Not by choice, but because of circumstances. I never been so challenged in my life. With 17mos baby, and two teens.Big sigh whoo

  104. 2014 helped me realize that I’m in such a hurry I’m missing very important times in my 4 children’s lives. I am in the habit of procrastinating and tricking myself into believing “we will do that later”. When my daughter became engaged last year, I realized I need to slow down and enjoy my time with our kids. At 12, 13, 15 and 20 we have very few years left with them in our home and I want their memories to not be of a mom rushing around crazily. My goal is to refocus and slow down.

  105. Even in retirement, I find myself rushing to get things done. This is NOT the way I want it to be. I know to prioritize, delegate, plan…but I never thought to ask God for His direction in all of this. Now I begin with Him and let Him guide me. I look forward to the results!!!

  106. I rush because I struggle with perfectionism and people pleasing. Hoping to discipline myself to consult my Heavenly Father’s to do list each day before creating my own.

  107. This email sounded like words I might have written to describe myself–well the rush and anxiety parts! I have certainly not learned to slow down and pace myself according to God’s will. Your post was extremely helpful reminding me to turn to scripture and use God’s priorities to set my pace!! Thank you!

  108. Thanks so much for your devotion today. I didn’t think that this pertained to me at first, but the more I read…it truly does! I will try to commit this verse to memory and put God’s plans first! <3

  109. Thank you for the reminder. Taking time to reflect on my priorities and finding balance to eliminate the “rushing” that I tend.to fall into.

  110. Trying to stay one step ahead of my 74-year old Energizer Mom.

  111. Everything!!! Especially in the mornings. Trying to get everything done and everyone out the door, then I find myself getting frustrated and even angry. I try to then take a breath and pray because I know if I stay frustrated and rushed it is going to affect my whole day. Thank You so much for the post. Happy New Year Everyone.

  112. Leah, I can so relate to your story! Thanks for sharing and reminding me to slow down. Love the Scripture verses you used in this post! Thanks again!

  113. Samantha Lancaster :

    I just read your devotion for 12/31 and it spoke directly to my life! I am a wife and mother of a 16 year old boy, teach school, work part time in a counseling center and I try to complete my master’s degree. My husband and I are a part of three churches, two of which he plays a large role! I currently take medication for depression and anxiety, money is super tight! If I slow down, things get crazy! However, I am thankful for the Christmas Break God just blessed me with! Thanks for sharing!

  114. Thanks for sharing. I feel like i am on a fast moving train and instead of it slowing down just alittle is just keeps picking up speed. I am about frazzled out emotonally and physically. I can feel it in my body and i actual think I am experiencing some type of aniexty alot of heart flutters here lately. My body can not handle much more of the rush, rush of life. I need to slow down and put God at the forfront of my life above anything else.

  115. I find myself rushing when my family is trying to get get out the door. Kids aren’t being helpful, husbands not being realistic about what needs to be done or how long it will take to get there.

  116. What doesn’t leave me rushed and anxious when I have more to do that could ever possibly be done? 2015 is about assessing the actual volume of obligations on my plate, and making sure that each one of those commitments is in line with what God wants for me and how it fulfills His purpose for my life. Here’s to careful planning and slowing down!

  117. So happy I found you! My 2015 resolution is to SLOW DOWN and be more deliberate in all I say and do! Not going to be easy for this Go-40-mph-at-all-times girl, but I’m going to give it a try! Just signed up for your emails too!

  118. What doesn’t make me rush?! Lol. Newly a single parent, I’m trying to figure out how to keep up, get balanced and actually get dinner on the table before 7:30 after a full day’s work and hour commute. Trying to learn how I plan and organize better and NOT hit the snooze button or go to bed with a sink full of dishes or bucket of dirty baby bottles 🙁

  119. My life gets crazy because I overcommit myself. I want to help with so many things but when I’m doing those things I don’t do them as well as I could because I’m thinking about the other things I need to do.

  120. As a Wife, Mother & Entrepreneur (Event Planning) I always feel this way. I live by a never ending checklist.

  121. This is something I struggle with as a momma to 3 little girls, full time worker, church leader and lots of other little “titles”. I don’t want to miss out in what really matters in this life. I think we all tend to do what feels most urgent at the moment.

  122. Cindy Henderson :

    Leah, thank you for sharing. I would like to receive a copy of your Anxiety Cleanse. Thank you so much!


  123. Every day I start out with the best intentions but usually quickly find myself behind in my “to-do list”. housework is an example, for sure. I’m trying to let God reach me to slow down, breath, and take things one step at a time.

  124. You have hit home with me! I plan way too many things to try to accomplish within a day (without seeking God’s direction, mind you) and then wonder why I am overwhelmed and discouraged at the end of every day… I had just prayed this morning that God would show me “my verse” for 2015. Proverbs 21:25 is it! Thank you so much! You have no idea how well-timed this is for me.

  125. I need a big change in 2015. God is letting me know …when I keeping thinking “I can’t do it…I don’t know how”….there is no need to hurry , just slow down and listen to me. God is the only one who can help me and He will give me peace.

  126. I get into rush mode by putting too much on my plate. Then when things don’t get done the day or time that I had planned for them, I rush more to play catch up. This has left me exhausted and ready for a change!

  127. I asked my husband and he said “everything”. Help!!!!! I would say constantly feeling like there is so much to do and so many demands to meet and never enough time to do it all.

  128. The varied schedules in our home between work, school, church, dance, and other things like birthday parties or someone wanting to go do something makes us very rushed. I always feel that I have to do it all instead of asking my husband to help. I feel that if I don’t do it I’m failing some how. I know that is not true but I put that on myself and I know I don’t have to because my husband is more than willing to help.

  129. Great post! I feel like I developed the rushing habit as a young mother. My kids would never be happy with someone else holding them and so I rushed through everything I did. I stay at home and run a part time business and I still rush everything causing myself stress and anxiety where it doesn’t need to be that way. Thanks for the opportunity.

  130. I am needing a big change in 2015! I believe that God is directing me to make changes so I will be closer to Him…to enjoy life …to have more peace.
    What’s my hurry? I don’t even know anymore!?!?! Slow me down Lord;)

  131. I tend to try to do that “one more thing”. It always takes longer and tends to cause me to be late or behind.

  132. Shared your P31 devotional on my FB wall. So glad I popped over to your blog to read this post. Wish I could have had these wise words for my busy work month I just finished up. They will still be very helpful since work is where I feel most rushed and it runs into the rest of my life. I will be committing Jeremiah 2:25 to memory this January so I can have a much needed reminder to refocus!

  133. Looking at my to-do list makes me anxious. Procrastinating makes me switch to rush mode. I do this to myself and it’s a hard habit to break.

  134. Work, work, work!

  135. Michelle Bryan :

    Thank you for giving me focus. I began 2014 moving again after moving interstate only 4months before. I also took on homeschooling my 2 eldest ( out of 4)children and setting up a play group. In 2015 my load is about to increase to schooling all 4. I was going to go into this year determined to get on top of everything, forgetting one thing, committing it to God first. Let Him direct me and guide me, a great reminder, we can make our plans, but He directs our steps. Thank you!!!

  136. I rush around when I have no schedule or clear direction! Just had a new baby 2 months ago which makes 4 preschool children, we are so blessed as a family! But I have found it hard adjusting and at times feeling overwhelmed not knowing where to start on even simple things. This year i am going to work on finding the peace in our family through Gods help.

  137. So many good things to do. So much I feel I should do. Even planning well goes awry when those plans are put first instead of starting my day with God and letting Him “filter” or guide my plans.
    Thank you for this post and encouragement (and Godly reprimand)

  138. Jennifer Babcock :

    I have a 3-year-old. Need I say more?? Probably not, but I will anyway. I often find myself erratically thinking about anything and everything but the present. Things like what I or someone else said, or did. What I didn’t say or do and wish I did. What my daughter is doing and shouldn’t be though still is because I’m too busy doing other “important” things to pay attention to her. My guilt over not paying attention to her because I’m doing those other “important” things. Whether my husband and I should have another child so she has someone else besides me to play with. What I need to do and haven’t done yet, like cleaning, grocery shopping, and going through my scattered “I’ll get to this later” piles. The ministries I’m involved in and the songs my ADD brain doesn’t want to learn but still needs to so I can help lead worship at church. What in the world we are going to have for dinner with nothing in the house to make a complete, healthy meal that actually tastes good and isn’t the same thing we had just yesterday or the day before. The bath my daughter is overdue for. The bible study which I haven’t yet completed for tomorrows group meeting. The quiet time I desperately need, the God which my soul is desperately missing, and my shame over not starting my morning with Him because I’m focused on everything but Him and now my day and my nerves are a mess. And…I have a 3-year-old who is no longer letting me think straight enough to type anymore. So, thank you! Thank you!

  139. When I accept more than I can do and just add it to my to do list!

  140. I get anxious when I look around me and compare myself to others…and when I realize I’m not as ‘in control’s as I thought I was.

  141. I know I rush because I take on way too much, but I also find myself ‘rushing’ because in my mind I feel that IF I can get it all done THEN I’ll have some time to truly slow down and enjoy time just ‘being’ (vs. always ‘doing’)! Many times I even feel I can’t really rest until it’s all done (my ‘must-do’ list, that is)! What a wrong mind-set! I am a work in progress and learning small changes every day. Thank you for sharing this with us today!

    • Thank you Leah for the timely blog and Susan for your comments on being vs doing, a constant struggle for me, which I believe is linked to always trying to be in control, instead of letting God be in control, which He always is anyways.

      A timely blog post for me, as just yesterday I got caught out by rush mode, when I was checking out at the grocery store, only to find that I’d left my wallet at home! Urrgghh!
      Thank you ladies, for sharing and caring. It’s good to know that there are many of us, on the same work in progress journey. To God be the glory for all how He molds and shapes us along the way! Happy New Year!

  142. This was just the reminder I needed to hear today! I have 3 young children and work 2 part time jobs. I am constantly rushing myself and rushing them to activities. I want to slow down in 2015 and take time to enjoy it all! And most importantly focus on what God wants me to be doing with each day!

  143. Wow….this spoke directly to me. I just read an article about being manager instead of mother and how toxic this us on the family. God is amazing and clearly trying to make me more aware. I don’t want to be a manager anymore!!! Thank you for your post on the proverbs 31 site. I am ready to start this new year off ( and if I win some new reading material….that would be great too)!

  144. This was so needed!!!!! Thankyoy for sharing. Just last night I told my husband just stop I can’t take anymore right now I am stressed. My son looked at me and said well you do it to yourself mom. My 9 year old realizes that. So seeing this today I am thinking enough is enough and I am ready to change. Thabkyou for this truth. I have to quit booking myself to the max and leave in some breathing room in my day!!!!

  145. I love the verses mentioned that can remind me to slow down. I’m afraid I also waste time during my day and then hurry to get things done. Very inspiring and looking forward to working on this in the new year!

  146. I’ve been working on creating more white space in my life and thought I was doing ok until…my husband and I found out that I’m pregnant! Suddenly, the overwhelming lists of to-dos are clouding my mind, trying to figure out how to manage work, leave, appointments, as well as how to take care of my own health in the meantime. But in the midst of everything, I want to look for God’s best. This is His blessing, so I have to trust that He will provide. I’m very grateful for all of His provisions in the past and this is just one more journey of faith for us.

  147. This has been something I have really struggled with. Every time I wish I make a mistake. It’s very frustrating. I work full time at a job with a huge amount of responsibility and I have two very active boys ages 7 and 10. my husband and I are both involved in ministry at our church so sometimes our schedules are a little crazy. This was very encouraging. Thank you!

  148. With four daughters ages 12 to 21, the tendency is to feel rushed with all the different directions we are pulled in. Due to years of chronic illness , I have had to learn to prioritize and delegate, especially when my physical limitations change my schedule. I love the idea of praying over my schedule or to do list each day and asking for a holy spirit nudge when I’m “off schedule”…

  149. WOW, I so needed this today, thank you so much. I am constantly rushing, taking care of my 91 year old mother, we live together, and my grandsugars when needed, my son is separated from his wife; and until today, I worked full time. Today is my last day of work for now. I am going to live off my 401K as long as it lasts and QUIT rushing. I was rushing all the time and decided God was not happy with my rushing and my attitude when I was in a rush. In fact I did not get a ticket, but a warning when I got pulled over by a police officer the other day while running errands on my lunch break. I did not even realize I was going over the limit, I just knew I was in a hurry and had to get back to work on time! Thank you so much for the steps you posted on here. I am going to start using them today. I am trusting in God that He will help me to get out of the habit of rushing and back into the Word more and spend more time with Him now that I will NOT be rushing!! 🙂 Thanks again ♥ Oh and if I win the giveaway please give it to someone else as I already have Lysa’s book. It is an amazing book!!

  150. In today’s world we get so caught up with keeping of with fashion, electronics and work we forget to take time for ourselves and pray . Thank you so much for the great reminder that we need to slow down and Jesus first.

  151. Elizabeth Alaniz :

    I’ve lived my life rushing through one thing or another and have become too familiar with the feeling of being rushed.I have noticed that once in awhile plans stay on track and things work out nicely making me feel like all went successful. These moments are far and in between. I’ve learned that once I let myself realise that God is in control I have less panicky moments when plans change. I have now gone with the new circumstances and seem to deal with them better than in the past. Letting God is key but it doesn’t come easy!

  152. Elaine Segstro :

    “Hurry and scurry puts you further behind.” Indeed words of wisdom. It’s been a wonderful Christmas break – busy, but no need to multi-task. That will come next week, but I hope it won’t! Thank you for your post today and for your words of wisdom. Bless you!

  153. Poor planning or being easily distracted are two things that cause me to become rushed and then anxious! I love your plan, Leah, to ask God for His priorities and then to put those first.

  154. Ash 'mighty woman' :

    I am so thankful for this encouragement for today! What a blessing! And so timely. Too often I plan ahead but become very distracted with so many other things. I become very anxious because how persons view me matters. So the hurrying and scurrying kicks in and more often than not I am exhausted and not very effective. I am making a concerted effort to change this in the coming year with your support. God bless

  155. I am always trying to fit something else in my schedule. It’s not that I want to, it’s just that I feel that I HAVE to. If I have a free 30 mins, I feel guilty, like I am supposed to be doing something. I constantly feel behind. It makes me so anxious, and my family pays the price once I hit overload. My full time job keeps me on a 40 minute schedule as well…i have a new patient every 40 minutes. I never get a break from looking at the clock. It is overwhelming and exhausting. I am ready to change and reprioritize my life. God first!

  156. Wow! That sounds like my life now. So much scrambling and then frustration when things go wrong. I love the Jeremiah verse. I think I need to print that out and hang it everywhere!

  157. Thank you so much for this post! I have recently realized that I have been rushing through my life trying to get as much done as possible but wearing me out in long run. So now I am trying to slow down and focus on the things that are most important…and also trying yo be more intentional about what I add to my daily schedule.

  158. I want to help everyone, don’t say no& then try to squeeze everything in and run the 3 kids to their activities.
    I really need to stop taking in small jobs and focus on what I have on my plate already

  159. I totally needed this today and can’t wait to read this book . I get in a rush because of my own expectations of perfection.

  160. I only know rushing with too many things on my to-do’s to keep our family farm going without I come from an off farm job. Many uncontrollable things have occurred in the past 5 years without crops and vindictive former employees. Need to forgive and trust in God. Guess it boils down to trusting that God has a plan for me and my family farm. On top of it all going thru divorce over last 29 months wears me out. I am less anxious being away from controlling verbally abusive ex-husband. I am grateful to be away from him . Now to focus on my gifts and what Gid plans to do with the next 35 years of my life. I am now. 60.

    • Katrina, thank you for sharing your struggles so honesty today. With all that you’ve mentioned I can tell you are a woman of perseverance despite great challenges you’ve faced. I’m thanking God in advance that He will continue to meet all your needs according to His glory and abundant provision.

  161. I keep trying the “I’ll do my to-do list in morning” so I get up grab s few minutes of quiet time then the day takes me where it wants and there is nothing intentional about ut..so I go in reactive mode. God has been nudging now for 2 years to change that part of my life…so my prayer and resolve for 2015 to create and sustain tbat habit :-)!

  162. I rush continually….almost always feel overwhelmed and never caught up! Probably feel the most anxious and rushed when school is in full session and my kids are in all their activities and I am trying to balance my job with running them all over the place. Really needed to hear your devotional today….Great Encouragement!!

  163. I’m a mom of three little ones and work full time…so I am in rush mode almost every day. Leaving town really pushes me over the edge because I have to keep up the day to day plus plan for everyone…holiday travels have been stressful! Thanks for the devotion and the opportunity to win this book.

  164. Jennifer Young :

    unrealistic goals, poor planning, easily side-tracked- and trying to meet the needs of way too many people, sets me up for failure in the rushing department.
    In 2015 I know that I do need to embrace planning – I liked the suggestions in this post – it has given me some direction in how to start the New Year – and to always first and foremost – seek the Lord’s plans – they might be very different than what I might have imagined. I am looking forward to a full and fruitful year for His Kingdom

  165. I feel responsible for too much. I am overwhelmed with home managment, homeschooling, and health issues. I live from one moment to the next thinking “get this done.” My relationships are suffering.

  166. I rush when I am fearful…fearful I won’t meet “the standard” —whether it is self-imposed imagination of what a godly woman SHOULD do, or what I think others are expecting. Love the idea of the Proverbs 31 article: embracing “the pace of God’s steady grace”.

  167. I so needed to hear this today! Thank you! I love the verse in Jeremiah! When I overload my schedule it carries over to my family because they have to accommodate me and it becomes a self centered moment instead of a servant moment. This puts everyone on edge causing me to react instead of responding in love.

  168. Minus the backing into your husband’s truck, you just described the typical day in my life. Oh how I want to make it stop! In fact I had just prayed a prayer to that effect when I pulled up my P31 devotion today. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  169. I always get involved in something then run late getting ready. Or don’t prioritize my time. Or procrastinate. Or try to do too much at once.

  170. Trying. Needing to meet everyone’s expectations is where I get trapped. It’s been a life time battle for me. Now I try to please my Lord God and not man.

  171. Oh the “To-do List”! It’s intended to help me remember and keep me organized, but really all it ends up doing is become a never ending reminder of how behind I am. A lot of times I feel like I’m adding more to it than crossing off!

  172. My “to do” list gives me anxiety. Especially when I get distracted or interrupted and start to feel behind schedule.

  173. My project list. I make it to stay organized and on task but looking at it causes much anxiety.

  174. May the Lord direct and guide every thought and plan so that His perfect will can be accomplished through an imperfect woman, Amen.

  175. I get anxious when I look at something that needs to be accomplished and don’t break the project down into steps and just look at the massive task ahead of me. House work is one example. Once I’m behind it seems a constant struggle to regain a peaceful atmosphere.

  176. Ms. Dana Sue Baranauskas :

    Everything in my life does. My kids. My husband. My job. My life has always been a constant run for appointments and shopping. Driving kids everywhere.

  177. I started a business and have found myself raising my two toddler grandsons. I’ve always done everything on my own not needing help.Now this is not the case .I’m constantly rushing and on overload and my family is suffering for it. The sad thing 95% of what I do is for them. I’m beginning to ask for help.Its a small step. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT.


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