A Best-Selling Book That Changed My Life

A Best-Selling Book That Changed My Life

Hi Friend,

I want to tell you about a wonderful opportunity you may be interested in.

Six years ago, I joined a bunch of friends and we read thru the entire Bible in one year.

Yes, the entire Bible! Not just a couple books here and a few verses there. No ma’am. We’re talking cover to cover.

It was a goal I had for y-e-a-r-s that finally became an accomplishment.

I would have never had the discipline to do this on my own. But taking this journey with other women made all the difference in the world.

We encouraged one another along the way. I didn’t feel alone in the process because I had a new community of believers joining me.

We were all discovering new insights into God’s Word which made it fun and exciting.

My good friend, Wendy Pope, lead us with daily video teaching  clips where she explained the text and asked great questions that enhanced our reading.  Not only did I learn a lot that year, but I also remembered the small details of the different Bible stories and Bible characters.

Something else happened … I fell in love with God’s Word.

Starting on January 1st, 2015 (in 2 weeks, people!) Wendy will begin her 8th year of Read Thru the Bible. She asked me to invite you to join along.

Will you join us?

Let's be Women who read God's book


Wendy will walk us through reading the entire Bible using daily reading of the One Year Chronological Bible. This is the best way to read through the Bible! Wendy makes the complex simple and finds life application in every day’s reading. You will not find a more enjoyable way to read through God’s Word.

Click { HERE } to watch a sample video of Wendy’s teachings and find out more about her class.

I read your best seller




  1. I am going to keep this in mind for 2016. I have already made some plans for digging into what God has for me in 2015. I am looking forward to following your blog this year.

  2. Hello! I would do love to join you all…

  3. I’m on board. I just received a chronological Bible from one of my sons for my birthday. Looking forward to sharing the Word with y’all.

  4. Hey Leah,
    I, too, have read that BEST SELLER and it has changed my life as well. I have been with Wendy for 6 years now starting in January 2015!!!! I was 6o years old when I began, and I just hate that I had not been in God’s word before that -truly in His Word, completely in His word, passionately in His word. He changed my life forever in the reading of His word. I love Wendy P.-what a servant, and I have made so many girlfriends whom I cannot wait to meet in Heaven. I also love you and the other Proverbs 31 ladies; all of you are great servants of our Mighty God.
    In His Word,
    Mema Jeanne, NC

    • Mema Jeanne ~ six years of RTW with Wendy Pope is a glorious accomplishment. Congratulations and high-fives are being sent your way! I’m sure you would say that each year you continue to learn something fresh and exciting in God’s Word. I know I have. Blessings to you, sweet friend and thank you for your beautiful words of encouragement.

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