The Ultimate Promise Keeper {Printable & Giveaway}

The Ultimate Promise Keeper {Printable & Giveaway}

UPDATE: Winner of this week’s giveaway is Jennifer Wise. Thanks to everyone for submitting such great comments! 

Has someone recently broken a promise to you that’s left your heart all mangled up inside?

Maybe the memory of a broken promise still surfaces in your thoughts from time to time. And when it does, those feelings of heartache rush in like a tidal wave, as if that broken promise just happened yesterday.

Today, I’m sharing a devotional about broken promises over at Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Broken promises hurt. They have the potential to sever relationships, bring heartache and wound deeply.

Not only have others broken promises to me, but I’m ashamed to say that I too have broken promises in the past.  And if I’m not careful, I’m capable of doing it again.

When it comes to promises, God is the only One we can count on to keep them.

Take a look at what Psalm 145:13b tells us:

The LORD is trustworthy in all He promises and faithful in all He does.

Did you notice the word “all”?

We can trust God to fulfill all of His promises. We can trust God to be faithful in all He does.

Who else can make those kinds of promises and keep them? No one, but God.


Lord, thank you for being the Ultimate Promise Keeper. Thank you for loving us and being faithful, even when we are not faithful.  Thank you for never breaking a single promise You’ve made to us.  For giving us Your Word and speaking truth into our lives today.  May we strive to keep every single promise we make to You, just like your Son, Jesus did.  In His Name we pray, Amen.

I’ve created a printable with you in mind. It includes several promises found in Scripture. Promises that God has made to you and me. Promises that He will never break.

I hope these verses not only encourage you, but give you a greater awareness of how much God loves you. His will be faithful to you forever!

Click HERE to download these promises so that you can save them on your computer and print them out. You may even memorizing them.

Do you know someone who needs to be reminded of God’s faithfulness and might be encouraged by these promises? If so, be sure to share them with that person today.

Leave a comment below {sharing your thoughts about the importance of keeping a promise} so that your name can be entered into the drawing to win a signed copy of A Confident Heart: How To Stop Doubting Yourself & Live in the Security of God’s Promises.







As I read your comments, I promise to pray for you and your loved ones today.

Sweet Blessings! 



  1. I’m struggling with a huge broken promise from someone I love very much and whom I thought loved me. The emotions are tidal waves and I just don’t know how to get past them. I pray, I read scripture, I read my bible, I follow several devotions, but the tidal waves just kept crashing against my heart.

    Thank you for the printable promises.

  2. Leah, The way we keep our promises is our witness to the Lord’s promise keeping. I’d love to read a Confident Heart. My heart is less than confident, broken and sitting on the altar for the healing that only God can provide.

  3. I am human, and God is not. When I take the pressure off of myself to just be human, I am able to see two things-other people are just human, and grace is amazing.

  4. I needed to read this devotional! I’m 2 days behind, but it’s read and taking the words to heart and praying God will help me keep my promises.

  5. Great devotional! Awesome printable PDF! Thank you so much. Promises – one thing I’ve learned is that they can be inferred. Be careful. Whether I’m on the receiving end or giving end, be aware of words spoken. Who is listening? What are they hearing?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this devotional today. I have recently renewed my relationship with the Lord and I am growing so much everyday but trust is one of my trouble spots. I have been betrayed so many times in my life and I sometimes fear that God will betray me too. The devil never hesitates to throw those fearful thoughts my way. But this verse truly touched my heart and was just the reminder I needed to take another step of faith and trust God’s plan for my life. I’ve been unemployed since August and the bills are piling up, but I know in my heart that God will provide for me and my children and I believe wholly that he will open the doors for the job he would have me do to keep a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs. He promises to provide for all my needs according to His riches in glory and He is trustworthy in ALL his promises!! Thank you again for sharing and allowing God to use you to speak to me!!

    • Jennifer, thank you for sharing on the blog today. I remember a season when our family went through a financial dessert too. It was hard, but God always provided and He will do the same for you! It’s one of His glorious promises! Watch for God’s miracles in this season. I believe You will encounter Him like never before and it will only make your faith stronger. Blessings!

  7. PeggyJean Spaide :

    Thanks for this devotional. I needed to read this. I am glad to have the downloadable “Promise Keeper” you made. Thank you.

  8. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love this devo! I’m a day late but it’s spot on! Thank you for sharing!!

  10. Appreciated this devotion and many of the comments I read….we’re all on this journey, since we’re human afterall! Recently I have been betrayed by a loved one and they don’t seem to care they did so, which is doubly hurtful. The tricky thing is they will be visiting at my house a week from now and I am right in the middle of discerning how to address it–how, what, when, where and why. Such a timely message and I would love to have the book, thank you!

  11. Dianne@Baking4Six :

    Thank you for your prayers. This may be a little off topic – but – it seems like we ask SO many people to keep promises and vice versa… I’m guilty of this and then I forget what promises I’ve made and inadvertently break them. My word (and trust) is important to me and I do not want to be the type of person to break promises, so I have learned to be much more careful about making promises in the first place.

  12. Thanks for sharing such an encouraging message that many of us needed to hear! Lies and doubt can overshadow our faith in God’s promises, but he still remains true.

  13. Thanks for this Leah. Life ‘with people’ can be difficult! Thank goodness our God is ever faithful!

  14. Thank you so much for this timely reminder – it would seem that God is reminding me through many things this morning that He is faithful; to hold on tight to that fact. Bless you.

  15. As a child, my father always made and broke promises to my sisters and I. This as led me to not make promises that I can not keep because I know the hurt that comes from broken promises.

  16. The importance of keeping a promise to me is related to my ability to be authentic. By making a promise, I am declaring myself a woman of integrity, by owning up to myself if I don’t keep that promise, I still retain my integrity unless I repeat it. But when I start making promises I know I can’t keep, it helps to re focus on being realistic with what I can actually accomplish and not overcomitting.

  17. I have recently experienced the heart ache & feelings of betrayal from someone who promised to be faithful, protect me, love me unconditionally, to provide, to build a life together. Unfortunately, he broke every promise, and caused me to lose my job on top of it. Although I can’t forgive him just yet (it will come, not for him, but for myself), a wonderful mentor taught me to let God husband me & heal my hurt!!
    Its been a few months now, I grow stronger mentally, physically & emotionally every day, and the best part is that I have grown even closer to Christ then I ever was before because of this. Funny how God knows your worth & removes toxic people from your life even if it hurts you at the time, he really does know best!!
    This particular post spoke volumes to me. One day, I will be strong & confident again!!

  18. Michelle Posey :

    Great Devotion

    • Hi Leah!

      Thank you so much for your devotional on God’s promises for our lives!! As women of faith and life-long learners of God’s amazing love found, we can be abundantly filled with His promises that He will never leave us nor forsake us! We are his instruments to share His wonderful promises with others!
      In your devotional about leaning on God’s promises, I can relate to being betrayed by one that was deemed to be trustworthy but let you down. The wound cuts very deep and I still am healing from the anger of this betrayal, but God is good and faithful in all He does for us!! I continue to cling to Romans 8:28 as a simple reminder of God’s unwavering promises.

      Thank you again for sharing this devotional!


  19. Leah,
    Thank you for this important reminder! I’ve had trust issues for many years due to broken promises. God’s faithfulness is what I can trust and rely on. He is so good! Many blessings to you:)

  20. The LORD is trustworthy in all He promises and faithful in all He does.
    That one sentence says it all. As of Oct 31, I am 8 years new to this town and state. I still do not have close friends that keeps promises, I have thought I made close friends, but promises have been broken. I hold on to the Lord, because I know he is keeping his promises to me, and I am growing closer to him during this time. He has given me a wonderful husband, but still no close friends. I am beginning to understand that I still not have reached the area in my life to find close friends that are close to God and keep promises. I do believe that with God all things are possible!

  21. Holy moley, I needed your devotion today. I came over from P31 because I needed the list of promises you organized. Thank you for doing that. I am in the resting place God has brought me to after my husband abruptly left not only our 12 year marriage but also our 2 small kidlets. Our God is remaining faithful to me and no truer words could be said than those of Psalm 18:16. But darn it, if the enemy isn’t trying to get me to believe that to rest is wrong – that I should be doing more to move forward and that I should already have my future figured out! Anyways, thank you for your words today, I really really needed them and thank you for compiling a list of promises because I needed to see those too.

  22. I am reeling from broken promises.Unfaithfulness from my husband-,barely keeping my head above water. Shell shocked and its so been so chronic.but thru it all,its true i have had God catch me as i fell repeatedly.

  23. It’s such a comforting reminder to know that He has us in the palm of His hand. Sometimes I feel like that hand is so big and flat in some places that I don’t realize the strength and power that it holds. But alas, His promises come to fruition whether we realize His power or not. It has nothing to do with us and everything to do with him.

  24. Leah, thank-you for your words of reminder how GOD is the greatest Promise Keeper! It is so important for us to keep our promises…
    I find it very difficult to trust people, but GOD is working on my heart to allow people in.

  25. By following His will to be a promise keeper, it guides my children and family to follow those footsteps and is also leaning towards an honest life. Broken promises in my opinion are lies.

  26. Oh, dear friend, I loved your beautiful words at P31 today and your timely reminder that God is totally trustworthy. I could hear your “voice” through your devotion today and I felt like were right beside me as I read. Love your heart, Leah!

    • Alicia, I love your heart too, dear friend! I can’t wait to read your next devo. I know it’s going to paint a beautiful canvas of words filled with God’s hope, love and grace. xo

  27. Gretchen Scoleri :

    If I keep my promises to my kids or husband, they can trust me. If I don’t, they will have trust issues with me (and maybe others.) They will learn you can’t trust the ones who love u most, and they may even transfer that over to God.

    I think I sometimes have trust issues with God because I down deep never really believed my parents would take care of me. We all had to survive in our family, and I realized That I have to fend for myself. That’s why I have to retrain my brain and remember that He will take care of me. That I can trust Him.

  28. Isn’t it wonderful that there is One we can trust to fulfill all His promises! I’ve tried to stress to my children that saying what you mean and meaning what you say is one part of becoming a trustworthy person. One lie or deception, casts its shadow over every other statement or action that follows. I have certainly not kept all my promises over the years, and have learned the cost, so now make a more purposeful effort to be trustworthy and reliable in what I say and do. I want my life to be a reflection of God’s light, and in my small way, let others see Him.

  29. Thank you for this wonderful insight into the character of our Lord… I am currently coming out of a 13 year relationship that has been marked by domestic violence, so trust in general is a tough one for me…. I’m finding that in most circumstances, I don’t even trust myself…. But with each passing day, I’m learning more and more about the character of God, and how to surrender myself into His hands… He is showing me how to trust Him, and I know that from there, He will teach me how to trust myself as I stay firmly grounded in Him…. God bless…

    • Nicole, I’m so grateful God has delivered you from domestic violence. I’m sure your wounds are many and the process will take time, but God is worth it. As a believer, you now have the mind of Christ and the Holy Spirit living inside of you. You no longer have to make decisions based on your own knowledge. God promises to give us wisdom in abundance is we ask Him for it.

  30. I am learning day by day that God is the ultimate promise keeper and ever faithful. I had someone break a promise that also left my heart mangled and my life shattered. Slowly with God’s guidance I am coming along in trust for Him and giving all to His will and purpose. I am new to the Proverbs31 ministries, and have since found many sources of insight. Thank you for all your doing!!

    • JoAnn, continue to trust the Lord for He is your constant source of strength and stability. He will never leave or turn His back on you. I’m so glad God guided you to the P31 site and my blog. Welcome!

  31. A mother of twins :

    Hello Leah,
    As a first time visitor I am touched by your post today. Having to deal with broken promises myself as my husband leaves our 15 yr marriage. He left very fast and without reason. I struggle to find my answers to all my “why” questions and to help answer my 2 children’s questions too. There is so much I cannot explain and so much I wish I wasn’t forced to experience right now. But I do know that through all of this, the Lords love has remained constant and that through him I am able to find my strength each day to touch my feet to the floor and keep going. True there are days I want to scream and cry and yell and I am asking, more like begging the Lord to tell me why??!! But I know that my rhetorical questions will have to wait to be answered. For now I look for guidance and encouragement.

    • Hi friend, welcome to my blog. I’m glad you’re here. I’m so sorry to hear about your marriage and I’m praying for you and your children today. As I read your comments, I was reminded of Jeremiah 33:3 which says, ” Call to Me for I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” You may not get all the answers to your “whys”, but I believe that as you continue seeking God each day, He will continue to reveal Himself to you… and strengthen you in the process.

      • A mother of twins :

        Thank yo so very much. Your words touched me and inspired me to continue to look to Him and to pray for the strength I am so desperately needing. What a great community you have on your blog. I am so glad I was referred to it. Especially now as I am feeling very rejected as I learn more and more of his actions that continue to pull him further from his family and the Lord.

  32. It is important for us to keep promises, as a reflection of the faithfulness of our God. As Christians, we are to strive to be live Him in every way. I have been majorly disappointed and hurt by people closest me to; promises have been broken. It is so refreshing and reassuring to read and be reminded of God’s promises, His faithfulness, and how He can be trusted.

    • Maddy, our world is so uncertain, in so many ways, but one thing we can be certain of: God’s love and commitment to us. Now that’s news worth celebrating! 🙂

  33. It is one year since my fiance broke off our engagement–talk about promises, trust, dreams all being shattered! I have prayed, cried out to God but I still struggle. Perhaps I need to forgive totally & although I THINK I have, perhaps way down deep, I haven’t to the extent that would be helpful. I know that God has a good plan for my life–I just need to BELIEVE it!

    • A mother of twins :

      Carol I am sorry for you pain. May you find peace in knowing that he probably did you a favor. In the long run you’ll find that true love that makes your insides sparkle. As a daughter of our Heavenly Father he is our King and you are his princess. He knows what and who you deserve. I know how you feel, too am going through a heartache. A marriage of 15yrs suddenly brought to end, not by my choice and now I am left asking myself why and trying to answer the same for my 2 children.

  34. Thank you Leah for your devotionals. I am so thankful that I know I can trust God. This world has so many hurting people because of broken promises and lack of trust. It has all but destroyed my husband’s family. I am striving to always keep my word when I make promises. I want to have a heart for people which isn’t always easy for me because of trust issues but I keep pressing forward. Thank you.

  35. Good morning Leah,
    My (our) 22 year old daughter is very much in need of some God thoughts on’ how to’ be encouraged and rebuilt from the inside out at this time in her life.
    My husband and I raised our girls in the church and for awhile she flourished. Also, when our girls were very young, I would read them the Bible, and had devotional time etc . However when Grace (not her real name) began the public High School in town, she met a boy in her sophomore or junior year and they began dating. For a while it seemed harmless, but as time went on, I saw Grace turn into an angry, foul mouth depressed and INSECURE young woman. She would not listen to a word I said and my husband is usually a hands off kind of guy, so he was and still is no help. I tried to lay down some ground rule, like Jake (not his real name) must come into the house to pick her up…never happened. So long story short, this boy, now a man made my daughter promise after promise…from something a simple as I’ll pick you up in an hour, then couldn’t because he was drunk to the girl in my dorm is just a friend, only for Grace to learn that Jake had been dating her all along. My daughter is in serious need of all kind of prayer and anything you think would be good for her. I wouldlove for her to win acopy of ‘The Confident Heart’. Other aspects of her life are good. She works and is studying to be a teacher and they finally broke up for good approximately 3 months ago. I pray that he is out of her life for good. Her faith life is getting back on track, Praise God, because she works as a preschool teacher in a church. But it’s her insides, I pray about…her mind, her spirit, her insecurities…she is so very insecure. Oh God, i pray for my precious to be healed of her inside troubles, and her depression and her anger…in Jesus, our Healer’s Holy and Sovereign Name, Her Momma

    • Laura, I can tell that you love your daughter very much and have taken the role of a prayer warrior for her. Your prayers are not wasted. God hears each one and although rejection is painful for your daughter right now, it could very well be God’s protection over her from what was not a healthy relationship.I too agree that A Confident Heart would be an excellent book for her to read. If your comment is not randomly chosen for the giveaway, you may want to purchase it for your daughter. It will be money well spend if she reads it. I know it was available for $2.99 a couple weeks ago in e-reader format.

  36. Years ago, I suffered through an abusive relationship. I was accused of things I hadn’t done (and would never dream of doing); meanwhile, the other person was busy doing all the things he had accused me of (while making me promises of the future on his terms). I have to remind myself daily that my present relationship is not the one I left behind…and that I can’t transfer broken promises from someone else to my current life. I pray for this daily, and God is good! I try hard to not make any promises I can’t keep.

  37. This posting really hit me hard today. Due to broken promises in the past, I really have a hard time trusting. When it comes to relationships, my last one broke me enough that it made me give up on looking for love. I’m just hoping that God will one day fulfill his promise to me to give me the love I’ve always so desperately wanted and searched for. I’m trying now instead to be patient and just trust in God and his timing, but it’s not always easy. This post helped me to remember that God always keeps his promises and it’s something that i need to stop forgetting.

    • Sarah, thank you for honestly sharing your thoughts on the blog. I remember those feelings of longing for someone to love and God did bring me a wonderful husband to journey through life with. After 25+ years of marriage and growing in my relationship with the Lord, I’ve come to realize that the greatest love every human longs for can only be found in Christ. He is the one we search for. He is the one that truly completes us and makes us whole. As you continue to place Jesus in the center of your life, everything else will fall into place.

  38. Kelley Glassburn :

    A few years ago I was reeling from a divorce being abandoned by my husband. My family and “friends” too abandoned me as well making them untrustworthy. Today I still struggle with trusting my family. Coming from an abusive home my mother just stood by watching my father hurt her children. My mother is making attempts to get closer to me but every time I let her in, she hurts me again and again. She has proven herself untrustworthy. How I longed for and still long for a mother that would just love me as I am. I’m working on letting God be the trustworthy One in my life I can count on every single day no matter what and not look to people to fulfill that need. As Meredith said above, He is my rock and promise keeper!

    • Bonnie Sabiston :

      I’m learning as an older Christian woman to surrender my heart…all my desires and expectations to my Lord and Savior…seeing His faithfulness and that He is the Lover of my soul and is working ALL things together for my good and my family’s ultimate good…according to Romans 8:28…He alone is totally trustworthy…let’s praise Him and thank Him daily that He is our perfect Promise Keeper!

    • Kelley, I’m sorry for the heartache and pain you’ve endured and I’m lifting you up in prayer today.

      • Thank you Leah and Bonnie. I just need to remember to keep my eyes on the One who is completely trustworthy. People will always disappoint us, but our Lord will always be there.

  39. so much to be learned from broken promises and broken hearts, and even more so in a God that never breaks a promise or our hearts

  40. It’s a daily struggle for me to trust or believe anymore. A little over a year and a half ago I went through a divorce after 27 years because of unfaithfulness. I could never had imagined this would ever happen. I know thru The Lord all things are possible, it’s just the feeling that satan is working double time. Thank you Leah for your ministries!

    • Susan, I’m so sorry to hear about your marriage. Twenty seven years is like a lifetime for most couples. I’m praying for you today – asking God to supply all your needs, comfort you in every hurting moment, surround you with His protecting arms and give you a greater awareness of His presence. He is with you every minute of every day. He will never leave you.

  41. God does keep His promises! And there are so many! What a GREAT God we have!!

  42. I love how God reminds me of His promises in what I may consider the smallest details! He reminded me of this today while doing a daily task. He shows me how He keeps His promises in a very big way! I was feeling so grateful that I was overwhelmed to the point of not even knowing what to say except how thankful I am but I didn’t feel it was enough. I get very bogged down quickly when the first challenge of the day may hit me and forget that I can call on Him because He is faithful in all things and won’t leave me to figure things out on my own. The biggest evidence of His faithfulness was blatantly apparent when He saved my marriage 3 years ago and turned it into something more beautiful than my husband and I could ever dream. I echo Meredith’s response above that “we do have our Father in heaven to be our rock and promise keeper”!

    • Terri, thank you for sharing the wonderful news of how God restored your marriage. I know your testimony will give great encouragement to others who are visiting the blog today. Thank you!

  43. I think my daughter could use this. She was taken advantage of and abused by someone really close to her about 8 years ago. He is no longer in her life but now she is a teenage, and I want her to know that it was not her fault and know that God is watching over her now. She is strong in her faith and I just want her to keep this.

  44. As I was reading this, I thought to myself it doesn’t tend to bother me when people break their promises. AND, then it occurred to me…it’s because I’m so “used” to it that I expect people to not keep their word. Which has made me not trust people OR God. Oh, I’d say my heart is pretty mangled. Thanks for being a part of God’s revelation to me this morning. Now to Him for healing I go.

    • Brandy, I’m praying that you allow God to gently untie any knots that have been placed in your heart because of the hurt choices others have made against you. People will disappoint us; but God is faithful. He always has our best interest in mind.

  45. Earlier this year my younger brother, the one I considered my friend (I have six brothers), totally showed me up in Facebook distorting what I had told him. It was a direct blow to me, and totally unexpected. That started to ruin our relationship as I don’t trust him anymore. Your devotional made me remember that, but more importantly, it made me remember that God will never show me up. Thank you.
    God bless you and your ministry.

  46. Keeping a promise or breaking a promise can help or harm a relationship. We need to really be confident in being able to keep a promise if we make one and work at it. If we don’t we need to be on the road to ask for forgiveness. Keeping a promise can be tough but if we remember how it felt when someone broke a promise it will make it a little easier. A day at a time a step at a time a prayer at a time we can keep our word to others.

    • Holly, thank you for sharing – I love your insights. I agree, promises are not something we should hand out like the marketing fliers that clog us our mailboxes each day. Promises should be given out with great care, consideration and holy confidence as we trust God to fulfill each one through us.

  47. As I think about promises broken my friend who is going through divorce after her spouse was unfaithful come to mind. I struggle with how to encourage her but being able to give her a copy of this book would be great.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your friend who is struggling through a divorce right now. There are no winners in divorce – regardless of who leaves who first. I believe God will use you to encourage your friend along the way. You an remind her that she is not alone and that God promises to meet all of her needs. He is her lifetime Provider.

  48. You are always such an encouragement to me, Leah. I just want to say a huge “THANK YOU” for the work and prayer that you put into encouraging us. Thank you for the printable – It’s going on my wall at home ASAP!!!

  49. Broken promises hurt and we feel betrayed. But God’s promises are trustworthy, yet I know that sometimes I doubt His word to me even when I know in my head his word is true. One of my friends writes scripture on rocks to meditate on the truth more. So let’s “rock on” and write His promises over and over again and give them out to people so they receive the truth also.

    • Janet I love that idea of writing verses on rocks. Here’s another reason why:

      Psalm 18:2 says, The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.”

  50. Suzy G McCravy :

    Thank you for the wonderful word of encouragement today. God provides us promises each day when we read His word and apply it to our hearts.
    Broken promises cut deep but Jesus is the one that applies His healing balm of love. May the bless All you are doing for Him.

  51. God is good all the time; all the time God is good.
    I have been out of work for over a year – my savings have dwindled to zero. I have no money coming but bills keep on coming. I live with only the bare necessities. Most things people take for granted are a luxury to me. The money I was saving to have my bathroom re-done (demolished by a contractor and never put in – you got it – no working bathroom in this home) was used to pay my housing and utilities and now there is no money left to pay bills nor get a toilet, etc. People have good intentions, yet… I have an illness that keeps me from working at the moment, but I do not qualify for any financial assistance. I fall between the cracks when searching for any resources to assist in getting funding for a bathroom or paying bills or getting health needs taken care of. God has taught me to totally rely on Him; to truist Him with my life; and to live by faith – God provides for all of my needs and shows me how to live creatively (like in the olden days when there was no indoor plumbing nor TV nor DSL, etc.) and teaches me what is most important in my life (His Word, His Grace, His Promises). God is good all the time; all the time God is good. Continuing to Live on a Wing and a Prayer… May God continue to Bless each and every one of you…

    • Kadi, although you may not have the things our world considers “luxury”, you are incredibly rich in your faith. What a beautiful testimony of living out “God is more than enough”. Thank you for sharing your story on the blog. Keep praying for your miracle and growing in your walk with God. He loves you so much and promises to provide all of your needs.

  52. Thank you for this post today. I always enjoy reading your devotionals. This one, in particular, spoke to me today because I have been hoping for something for a long time now — something God promised me a long time ago, and it feels like it is never going to come to pass. I have been discouraged the last few days because of some recent events — and your post reminded me to keep going and keep believing because God keeps His promises!

  53. Thanks for the reminder! God is amazing!

  54. I really appreciate the list of God’s promises. It is so hard to rely on others because the hurt that comes with broken promises is deep. So, it gives us a reminder to focus only on God’s ability to keep his promises. God does call us into relationships so we need to continue to share our lives with others. So, this message is a good reminder of how our perspective should be set.

    • Jenelle, I wish I could have included all of God’s promises on the printable I designed, but there are so many, I couldn’t possibly include them all. These are some of my favorites.

  55. Leah,
    This devotion is on time! I’ve been teaching my children the importance of “Your word”. The cliche most have heard is, “All a man have is his word, at the end of the day”. To me this statement hold true. Your word or promise is important, however I stress how we are not perfect but to strive to keep whatever it is you’ve told someone. This lesson arose due to the my children father side of the family whom continues to let them down. The calls and hope they give to them, and then the let down comes every time. So the short of my story is… The one thing I try to instill in them is God is the only true person to keep EVERY promise he makes. As their mother I am very big on sticking to your word, and if you’re not sure if you can or not, them either say so or don’t make a commitment your not sure if you can keep.
    Again Leah this devotion confirm what I’ve been teaching my little ones. I would love a copy of this book, I could further my knowledge to impart more into my children and others!

    Thank you

    • Brittany, I’m so glad to hear you’ll be sharing these promises with your children. Maybe you all can memorize a couple of them together. 🙂

  56. Thanks for a great reminder.

  57. Felicia Durant :

    Great devotional message.. i thank God for what he has done in my life and what is yet to come. Please pray for me.

    • Felicia, it’s an honor to pray for you. I’ve chosen Psalm 1:2-3 to pray over you:

      “Those who delight in the law of the LORD, meditating on it day and night are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither and they prosper in all they do.”

  58. Thank you! From the bottom of my heart for the download of God’s promises. I have been hurt so much by broken promises that I have a lot of anger and sleepless nights. I will read these night and morning.

    • Jan, as you read these promises, I pray that you’ll make the decision to hand over your anger to the Lord and trust that He will take care of any justice that needs to be served. Jesus is your greatest Advocate.

  59. God is so good! He who started a work will be faithful to compete it in me. Thanks for the reminder of God’s faithfulness.

  60. I know what it feels like to have a promise broken and it does hurt, especially if it is a promise from someone you love and trust. However, I also know the disappointment I feel when I break a promise to someone I love. I know I have let them down and hurt them deeply. All one can do is pray that God helps you reconcile with the person, in both situations, and that the relationship can be repaired. Relationships matter to God and to us. If we did not care about the other person so much, it would not hurt so much.

  61. Thank you for your words today. Please pray for me. I’m hurting.

  62. Thank you for the reminder that God is the true promise keeper!

  63. I’m so grateful that God fulfills His promises to us! Even when our circumstances speak differently, His word is always faithful and true. Thank you for this awesome post!

  64. Staci Harrison :

    I used to break promises all the time. I am trying to work on that and keep my promises now and I do not make promises unless I am sure I will be able to fulfill that. Thank you for the devotional. I am grateful that God never breaks his promises. <3

  65. wonderful reminder….

  66. thank you for this reminder that God will never fail and his promises are the only ones we can truly count on completely betrayed by the one I trusted in now I have learned to lean I’m God anyone human thank you for this reminder of these promises and to print to help me get pass and betrayal. praise God for His love for me and All of you.

  67. Janay Roberts :

    As a little girl growing up my biological father broke many promises and broke my heart many many times. I am so thankful that my Heavenly Fathers promises are yes and amen and He is true to his word! I am not perfect and I have broken promises. I pray that this read will help me to remember when I make a promise that I keep it!

  68. It is so hard to trust, therefore, so important that I myself be trustworthy!

  69. If someone breaks a promise to me, I find it hard to give them grace. I forgive them, but next time I need something important they are not at the top of my list of who to ask. Lord let me see people the way you see them, and give me the strength to offer others true grace.

  70. Carolyn Stearns :

    Thank you for the reminder of God’s promises and for reminding me that as humans we need constant reminders.

  71. As my day ended yesterday with utter craziness, and I wake up this morning to read these beautiful words. I am thankful for these reminders that I can not control circumstances that others create and need to rely on his promises lifting things to The Lord, and giving it up to him. Being thankful in all and praising even the bad.

  72. Was reeling from several broken promises from the same person but with God’s love ad understanding was able to forgive…now waiting to see how we move forward from it…prayer keeps me grounded, God keeps me hopeful!

  73. I’m so thankful for being reminded this morning of God’s promises. I’ve already had one of my adult children, speak extremely unkind things to me this morning because I asked her to take the trash out before the trash trucks came through. I cried..and cried….but I’m reminded that God promises to give me peace, and rest, and, wisdom. I will continue to trust Him and I will continue to pray that my children trust and believe in his promises as well!

  74. This was the exact devotion I needed today! I’m struggling after a huge betrayal…my husband’s affair. But I’m reminded that he is human and flawed, so I continue to keep my eyes on the only One I can trust completely. I pray that God will help me along my journey to learn to forgive and rebuild trust. Most of all, I pray that God will give me patience and peace to wait for HIS plan to unfold. Thank you again for your ministry.

    • Lisa, I’m praying for you today. I’m sorry to hear about your marriage and can by your words that your strength and perseverance comes from God’s Spirit working through you during such a difficult season in your life. Here is a verse that I hope will encourage you:

      Romans 15:13 says, “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

  75. What a great reading this morning. Thank you so much for sharing. Yes, I too was hurt and devastated by someone not keeping a promise they made to me. Hurts so much when it is one of the key people in your life. The blessing in my hurt is that it has grown my relationship with the Lord. Still need those daily reminders of His promise though. How come it’s so easy to slip? I know God is good and He will get me through this.
    Again, thank you so much for your words.
    God Bless you.

  76. It’s “ironic” that you made the list of promises we can rely on. I have been doing my best to rely on the Lord and always come back to being able to trust in His promises, but I can never seem to think of the promises in those hard times. Thank you so much for this.
    Keeping promises and being trustworthy is such a great trait for us to have. It helps create unity amongst us and helps us to energize one another for the sake of the Gospel. I am constantly reminded that I cannot do this alone. I need my community. And community is built with trust.

    Thank you again for this post.

  77. I am in agreement with Angela and Meredith. We commit ourselves to so much even with what we may have already going on in our own “inner circle”. We don’t want to let others down, but in our attempt to be all things to everyone we fall short.
    We serve an awesome God, who never has to be sorry because His Word is true. God promised us, God said it and that settles it.

  78. Thank you for this truth today! In today’s world so many promises are broken and lives shattered. So glad God is a promise keeper!

  79. Thank you for making God real and true

  80. I remember as a kid I was told we would do something & I was heart broken when I was told we could not. Now I think I am more likely to look at things with a grain of salt, if someone promises we will do something (and I am not going to hold my breath) .

    I think I lean to the side of not making promises cause I don’t want to hurt anybody. I am more likely to say I will try.

  81. So many times, I’ve been let down ny people I trust. In fact, I’m going throught that heart ache right now. But I’m so thankful that we have a God that never fails us, his promises are always kept. God is so good!

  82. ignite butterness…hmmm…… sounds yummy!

    but alas, just a typo. . .Mea Culpa


  83. God has shown me a HUGE promise recently: Kingdom Work is still possible in the midst of chronic illness leading to disability.

    But, NO ONE is “disabled” when it comes to Kingdom Work! Prayer is now my full time employment and I have found a new type of confidence in accepting the fact that I can no longer “work.”

    I dearly miss the classroom and the eager learners. It does give one a sense of being *useful* for Him….. passionately engaged in utilizing the gifts He so generously gave!

    Once labeled “disabled,” I equated that with being “useless.” But God recently showed me that thought came from the little red guy down under. . .trying to fuel a fire in me to ignite butterness, squelch further growth of The Kingdom and give light for the enemy’s happy dance!

    Well, I’m not having any part of that! God has kept his PROMISE to me that my joy WILL come EVERY morning and it WILL be full!

    Now….. dance about THAT satan, because I am His and He is mine! THAT is a promise from my beloved Promise Keeper!

    • I love your insight, Katherine! I believe God will continue to use you as a teacher of many. Consider starting your own blog and share … the world can be your classroom. 🙂

  84. Such a great reminder about God this morning. It’s so easy to get focused on the way we treat each other here on earth, that we begin to forget what a faithful, constant Father we have. I would like to think that I keep the promises I make to others, but I amonly human, and thus, must admit my failings in this area among many others. I think we should let it be a reminder also to guard our words. We cannot allow promises to be something so easily given. We must treat them as something to be handed out sparingly so that we do not overwhelm ourselves with having so many promises to keep that it is impossible to do so. It is not loving to promise something to someone that you know is impossible for you to keep. God Bless! Erica

  85. S be tWhen the one who made a Hugh promise to me didn’t and isn’t keeping that promise,it hurts. I am on a daily path of learning that God is the one who’s promises I can depend on and he will always be there for me.

  86. So blessed by this post. I am memorizing Psalm 25. I have not gotten to the two verses in the devotion. What a gift. Our son is in rehab. He agreed after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. I have been questioning everything I can remember to see where we went wrong. Such a waste of time. My son knows the Lord. The Lord knows my son and us. God’s love can be so overwhelming! It is easier to believe the lies of this world. I know it is for me. So staying rooted in the word is my saving grace. Thank you for the gift/reminder as I start my day that the Lord is in charge and leading my son. So grateful He is.

    • Dear Kay,
      Praying for you and your son. Don’t blame yourself. My nephew took his own life as a young man. So sad.
      Thank you, Leah, for today’s devotion.

  87. What a lovely way to start the day! Thank you for this.

    It’s always hard to deal with broken promises. I’ve had many people I thought I could trust break promises to me. It had gotten to a point where if someone said the words “I promise” I didn’t believe them. I expected to have that promise broken. Trusting a person enough to have faith when they give you their word can be almost impossible when so many people take those two words so lightly. It causes pain, confusion, and more pain. Sometimes I even felt that I must have done something wrong, it must have been me that caused that person to break their promise.

    Coming to God had changed all that for me, one little step at a time. I still find myself disbelieving when someone says those words, but then I check myself. Do I have a reason to believe they won’t follow through? If the answer is yes, then do I think that things are different this time? I truly don’t like not having faith in people, so I usually ask God to give me the ability to trust again.

    • Lauren, as you ask God for discernment, wisdom and guidance He will guide you into all truth through His Word. Keep taking those little steps of progress. God loves you!

  88. As a busy mother, teacher, wife and friend, I feel like I am trying so hard to keep all the promises I make. Failing daily to get to all those who are expecting something from me, it’s beyond comfort to know that God’s promises are set in stone. He doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night and realize that He forgot to do something that He promised. So grateful for His ways.

    • Meredith Philley :

      I totally agree, Angela. I am a mother, teacher, wife and friend as well and feel the exact same way! It is a daily struggle to get it all done and keep those promises. Well said. I will definitely pray for the other comments and their families as well. So grateful that we do have our Father in heaven to be our rock and promise keeper!!

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