The Waiting Game {Giveaway}

The Waiting Game {Giveaway}


Giveaway Update: Congratulations Mayra ~ you are this week’s winner and will receive a copy of Karen Kingsbury’s devotional, Miracles. 

Thank you, everyone, for leaving comments. I’m praying over your requests and concerns daily. God knows your heartache and the problems you’re facing today. Continue to pray consistently, specifically, humbly and with great expectation as you wait with for your miracle from God. He is able to do immeasurably MORE than you could ever ask or imagine.   

Today, I’m sharing a devotion on the Proverbs 31 Ministries website called The Waiting Game where I expose some honest questions and struggles I’ve had in the past regarding prayer.

I haven’t always gotten this prayer thing right, but I’ve come to realize the Bible has a lot to say on the subject of prayer.

Sometimes God has answered my prayers with a beautiful “Yes!”

Sometimes God has answered my prayers with a “Not yet ~ be patient.”

Sometimes God has answered my prayers with a “No, because I have something better in store for you. Will you trust Me?”

Maybe you’ve experienced similar answers from God. As we wait on God to answer our prayers, we can be assured of this:


If you can’t see the graphic above, click the title of this post to view.

I love this promise from God that we can hang our hope on.  As we seek and wait on God to answer our prayers, we need to have an attitude of hope and expectancy. Believing God will make the best decision for us because He loves us.

As I do my part  – by praying consistently (Luke 18: 7-8), praying specifically (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) and praying humbly (2 Chronicles 7:14) with an attitude of expectancy –  I can have hope in the midst of hard circumstances as I wait on God to do miracles on my behalf.

In my P31 devotion I share other personal examples of things I do while waiting on God for answers to my prayers.  Ways that keep me hopeful, encouraged and filled with expectancy.

Do you have a prayer request today? If so, I’d love for you to share it below by leaving a comment, so I can be praying for you and your loved ones.

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Thanks friend ~



  1. Nicole de Young :

    Hi Leah,

    I just read “The Waiting Game.” It revived a spark in my spirit that had died. I’ve been waiting for about 17 years for God to answer my pleas for my healing of Parkinson’s disease. Since I first was diagnosed, I have also acquired a broken back, a very large herniated disc, arthritis in my back and neck, extreme carpal tunnel, low thyroid, and I could go on. I know that it’s only by God’s grace that I’m not in a wheelchair, and He’s given me great support through my husband, friends and mom, but I am so miserable because it takes such effort to do anything. I’ve been near suicidal many times; but then it SEEMS as though God sends me a scripture or message that has helped me keep going and keep hoping for a miracle. I am thankful for all the blessings He’s given me, but some days the struggle is so bad, the blessings seem to fade into the background. Please pray for me; I’ve tried so many things, i.e. supplements, physical therapy, meds, acupuncture, spiritual warfare, begging, etc. Thank you for your encouragement through your writing.

    • Hi Nichole,
      Thank you for sharing your story with me today. My mother had Parkinson’s Disease for many years, so I’ve seen the difficulties and struggles it brings. You inspire me because I realize it takes a great woman of hope, perseverance, and faith to keep pressing forward. I am praying for you today and asking God to bring complete healing to your body and continued hope to your soul. I’m also praying for a discovery miracle for Parkinson’s that will keep people from getting this disease. Hopefully, one day it will be as simple as getting a vaccine shot to prevent it. Abundant Blessings, Leah

  2. Please pray for the restoration of my family and reconciliation of my marriage. Praying for my husband and his Damascus Road moment. He is lost and confused, but All things are possible with God. We are praying him home, praying for a miracle, and waiting with expectancy and hope!

  3. Thank you for these words of encouragement and honesty. I’ve suffered 3 miscarriages in the last 9 months–one was an ectopic pregnancy–and I am heartbroken by my unanswered prayer for a healthy baby and weary from all losses of my other babies. I often ask God to just take my life so I can be in heaven with my them. Trying again is so scary, and dealing with the continual loss is overwhelming emotionally. I’m 39 and the doctors just keep telling me my eggs are old and IVF is the only way to have a healthy baby, but that costs approximately $20,000 which we can’t afford! I know God can do it, the question is will he do this for me? Please pray for me & my husband Chris. We need a miracle!

    • Nicole de Young :


      Just wanted to share that I was 39 when I had my first child, and we’d had just about given up hope. I too was told my eggs were too old. Don’t believe it! God had a time set for the birth of my son, and the birth of my daughter 3 years later! No IVF needed. It’s hard to wait,but be encouraged; both my children were born healthy and are still two of my greatest blessings!

  4. Hi
    I just read this post from P31.
    I would very much appreciate your prayers. My mom is in rehab from a broken hip. The hip has healed, but she was off her feet for 2 months, and though she has made progress (not according to therapy unfortunately), she’s 90 and she is having a difficult time getting back up on her feet so she can learn to use a walker. Therapy ends next Wed 10/22, and we see no need for her to be there if she’s not getting therapy. The problem is that my sister and I don’t see eye to eye on what needs to happen. They want to do an in-home assessment to see what might help her in our home (we live with her) and my sister is very much against them telling us what we “have” to do. We also will have to have in-home care, which we haven’t found yet, and it’s very expensive – more than her social security if we have to have more than 4 hours a day. I work full time, my sister, who is emotionally unsettled most of the time, cannot handle being there alone with her all day and actually wouldn’t be able to assist her by herself if necessary. My stomach has been in knots for the last 3 weeks, worried about what we’re going to do, how we’re going to pay for it, and how I’ll handle all of the household expenses.
    We need for mom to be able to get back up on her feet so she can walk and help move herself around, and that my sister will have a change of heart – she’s saved, but has backed away from God over the last few years, and just can’t handle a relationship with Him, which makes things so much more difficult for everyone involved.
    I know this will somehow work out, but right now I’m feeling pretty hopeless about it a lot of the time, and we’re getting down to the wire where we’re going to have to do something so she can come home.
    Thank you so much for your offer for prayer!

  5. Leah, would you please pray for the healing of my back. Living with chronic pain takes it’s toll not only on me, but those closeth to me. Thank you, and I will join with you in prayers for each person on your blog. Love and Light, Ava

  6. Rebecca Resor :

    Hi Leah, I’m in need of prayer for my marriage. My husband has not spoken to me. Or had anything to do with me for nine months. I am 45, and he is 47. We have been married 27 years. We have eight children, 4 biological, 4 we adopted from Haiti just 4 years ago. Its been a strain. He works long hours, and I think another woman was involved at one point. He has been in my life since I was 15. I know no other way of life. I am going to counseling, but he refuses. My heart is broken. Please pray for our family. Please pray for our marriage. Thank you.

  7. I would appreciate prayers at to where God wants me to be at this time in my life. I have felt very unsettled in the job I have, but have not had a clear answer on what God has for me to do. If I could just feel a peace as to where I am, that would help. Instead I continue to wait, not really knowing what I am waiting for. I truly desire His will, not mine.

  8. Stacy Goodman :

    Please pray for both of my children to find their way! My son is struggling to find his way through College, and my daughter has been having a rough time adjusting to being away from home having just started college! I am also praying that God will send both of them the right Christian person for their lives! Someone who loves The Lord and knows what a relationship takes! Especially for my daughter. I fear she is being hurt emotionally by her current “friend”.

  9. Hi Leah,
    Will you pray for my husband and I? We are really having some struggles. It’s hard for me to say but he isn’t always honest with me & he has another struggle he needs to overcome. These issues are very wearing. Your devotions are really helpful. Will you pray for our marriage. Pray The Lord’s will. Pray for my husband in his job. He is paid on commission. I’m re-entering the workforce & need to find employment. (We didn’t plan on this but things can change). Thank you for your prayers.

  10. Please pray that I become more Christlike in handling conflict and disappointment. I know that the Holy Spirit is urging me to grow in this area, and would love to have prayer partners along as I trust God through this journey.

  11. I would appreciate prayers for my son who after 6 years is finally at a point of completion of college requirements but continues to lose focus on two left over assignments for which he has been given additional time. Thank-you.

  12. This message is right on time for me as my husband and I have been facing some discouragement recently. We have been looking for a house, but due to previous financial decisions and situations beyond our control, the amount we have been approved for is very low and it’s been challenging to find a house that isn’t in bad shape, a bad area, or too small for our needs. We found one back in June that is a short sale that was perfect and put an offer in, but have been waiting for approval from the selling bank ever since. As time goes on, we are becoming discouraged be the process and the other houses we can choose from in the market. When we found the home, we felt it was God’s answer to our prayers. We need prayers of continued patience and trust that God’s hand is on this situation, and that we believe that we will end up exactly where God wants us to be.

    • Ellen, I’m praying that God will give you great favor with the bank in hopes they will release the house to you. Don’t give up. The bank is going to sell the house to someone, so who better to have it than you and your husband. 🙂

  13. Hi Leah,

    I know it’s a day late commenting, but I would love it if you would pray with me for the Lords will in having children. My husband and I have been praying and waiting on The Lord for this for quite some time and we just want to make sure we are staying in His will. With all the help for infertility you can get these day, I struggle with knowing if that is forcing the hand of God to get my way (I mean He miraculously got Mary pregnant with the Son of God, so I’m pretty sure he can get me pregnant without help) or if God has put these tools in front of us to use them. Thank you for this devotion today and thanks in advance for your prayers!

    • Sarah, I’m praying for you today. There are lots of fertility choices out there so I’m praying that God will direct you to a Christian doctor who can answer all your questions and help.

  14. What a timely message. I’ve been asking God to unite me with a godly companion, a man who loves God and seek to obey Him. It hasn’t happened yet but I’m waiting and trusting in God. Would you pray with me for a godly companion?

    • Leslie, I’m praying that your godly man will come courting soon. As you continue to seek the Lord and put Him first in your life, He promises to work all things together for your good.

  15. Please pray for my marriage, I don’t know how to go on.

  16. Hey Leah, please pray for me and restoration of my relationship with my boyfriend. He broke up with me two months ago, and God has shown me so much since then, as I was still very broken from past and had great insecurity in the relationship. I tried to walk in what others said I should do, but it was so frustrating that I prayed and wrote an email to him to share some things on my heart. I hope God will reconnect us in a healthier stronger relationship that I now see. I believe the Holy Spirit guided me to send it, and now I’m waiting on a response; whilst in need of a miracle in job to pay rent & deposit next month too.


  17. Hi Leah,
    I loved your devotion today. Like many others I feel like He is speaking to me through your devotion.
    Please pray for my 3 children and I. My abusive ex husband has taken them from me. He refuses to obey our divorce decree and order of protection. I have been prAying for God to help me get my babies back. My babies need to be safe at home with me. Please pray for the safety of my children and I as I continue to fight through this corrupt court system. Thank you.

    • Jen, I’m so sorry to hear about your situation and I’m praying for you today – asking God to protect your children from all harm and to intervene so they can be brought back home.

  18. Leah, your message is very timely in my situation right now and I believed that God is talking to me through people like you , I have been waiting for answer for my permanent resident ( visa) application approval , I already complied with the requirements, and continue to pray for God’s will and intervention , thank you for this opportunity to share my prayer request and thank you for God is using you as a messenger of His grace and mercy. God bless!

    • Elvy, I’m praying for you today in hopes that you’ll receive your permanent resident approval very soon. That you will find hope and sense God’s nearness while you wait.

  19. So needed to read this! Waiting for a commercial building to sell for the last six years. Struggling with it just as you described. Please pray with us for a buyer very soon to move on and step looking back. Thank you !

  20. Hubby n I been praying for a child but till now we still haven’t conceive. My prayer request is I want God to tell me straight if I should just give up believing n go straight for adoption so that could spare me all the agony for going through IUI and IVF or His promise that none shall be barren or miscarry is also for us. I just need straight answers n practical advices.

    • Patricia, I’m praying for you and many other women who have asked for prayer because of infertility issues. You are not alone. It could be that moving forward with adoption while you’re still trying to get pregnant naturally would be an option, instead of one or the other. God will guide you to the right answer for you and your husband.

  21. Thank you for the waiting game article! I really needed that reminder of waiting on the Lord. I’ve been waiting on a prayer to be answered for almost 15 years now! Although, I have grown weary, doubtful, and hopeless over the years I know God’s timing is perfect and so I press on and wait on the Lord.

    • Stephanie, that’s a long time to be waiting – 15 years requires great perseverance, determination and unfailing hope. You can’t give up now! I’m praying for you today.

      • Leah,
        Thank you! Your words of encouragement mean more to me than you can imagine. I appreciate your prayers. Thank you again for your post. I pray God will abundantly bless you today and always! 🙂

  22. Leah,
    As you know God is so real! I needed the encouragement of the waiting game. Yes, yes to all the feelings of not getting any answers, God was speaking to me through you. Amen! Leah I’m just asking for prayers over my adult childrens’s Salvation and for my husband’s Salvation. Yes Thank Lord (inadvance) for the answers to my prayers!

    • Yvonne, there is no question God’s will in this situation is to have your children & husband eternally saved and sealed by His power. We each have a choice so I’m praying that God would soften their hearts and guide their words to say “Yes!”

  23. Hi Leah! Loved this post… Definitely encouraged me, I am definitely struggling right now believing God for greater things. My car broke down yesterday, and I have been having issues with it for the last two weeks, and my first thought was really…. again?!?! Of course being twenty, this seems like a huge deal but im sure it is just being dramatized into something bigger.
    I know God is taking care of me, but it is definitely a challenge to trust him for big things, even trusting him for money for food is difficult. I find it easy to trust God for miracles and change for others, especially for my older siblings, but when it comes to trusting him for things for me, it almost seems stupid. Not worthy of it, or he can better use those for others rather than for me. What are your thoughts on believing and knowing God wants to bless you personally?

    • Anna, while reading your comments I was reminded of 1 Peter 5:7 that says, “Cast all your cares upon the LORD because He cares for you.” He loves you, promises to provide for your needs and wants you to go to Him with all your concerns/requests – big and small ones. I’m praying for you today.

  24. Leah,
    Thank you for this opportunity. Please pray that I release my desires for a husband to God and that I trust HIS will for my life. I’m happy now and truly have an amazing life. I need to simply let go and let Him do his work in my life.
    Thank you!!

  25. Dear Leah,
    I have been praying for him, every day, since 3 years ago when we knew each other. Two months ago, he travelled to United States to stay for one year for his LL.M. degree. I gave him a Bible as a leaving gift, with all of our Jesus Christ word’s and promises highlight.
    I tried to take every opportunity to share with him about God, and He has been nudging me to wait patiently and with confidence in Him and to keep praying for him and his family.
    Although waiting is very hard, God is teaching me about purpose in waiting.
    I’m trusting the One who planted this desire in my heart and holding fast to the hope that His timing is perfect, even when it’s not mine and even though I may not understand.
    I really do believe God knows the plans He has for us…“plans for good and not for disaster, to give [us] a future and a hope…
    I do believe this journey has a purpose, His purpose…orchestrated as only He could dream up.
    I’m praying that he come to know Jesus Christ personally and have a relationship with Him… that he may come to know the deep love of God, while there at Columbia… that the seed He planted in him through me here, will grow and bring fruit for His glory at New York… that God water it and make it come alive, according to His will.
    ….In those days when you pray, I will listen. If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me”. (Jeremiah 29:11-13).
    Would you join me in prayer for him?…That at God’s best and perfect timing and ways – far beyond anything we could ask or imagine – and above for what it is the desire of my heart, HIS will be done in his life as well as in mine during this special time?
    And if you can share some encouragement and advice for this time, it will be great for me!
    With love in Jesus from Argentina,

    • Annabella, I am praying for the salvation of your friend. I believe your prayers are making a great impact in his life.

      • From my heart, I really thank you Leah for your prayers.
        I do believe the same.
        I can´t wait to let you know how our Almighty God will answer to us!

      • Hi Leah, hope everything is all right with you.

        I think you will remember me…I write again today just to say please keep on praying for us…I’m expecting the Lord’s answer… and some days the waiting is very hard.

        “And so I tell you, keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened”. (Luke 11: 9 -10 NLT).

        “And the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness… we don’t know what God wants us to pray for. But the Holy Spirit prays for us with groanings that cannot be expressed in words. And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God’s own will. And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them”. (Romans 8: 26-28 NLT).

        Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  26. I would like to for prayer for strength, wisdom and courage in finally stepping forward in separating from my husband, that God will continue to supply above and beyond all I need on this journey, that He will help me to be the mother I need and want to be to my girls.

  27. Leah – God’s timing is so good. I have been praying and fasting for 7 days for a specific answer regarding work/a job. I am currently not working, I quit my job and moved several months ago. This was a mutual, prayerful decision my husband and I made. I have been looking for work now a few months without success. I have been very conflicted and stressed by this process. I am asking God to give me: peace, clarity of mind, unity between my husband and I, and a desire to obey whatever the Lord reveals. Your post on prayer was perfect for me to read today!!! Thanks!! Betty

    • Betty, I’m praying for you today, believing God will provide for your needs and help you/your husband meet your financial obligations. Congratulations on your new move. Keep pressing forward and keep the faith. God will provide.

  28. Please pray for my son and his girlfriend of four years. They have a beautiful 10 month old little girl who was taken away from them by the maternal grandmother due to there drug addictions. I have been praying for my son for 7 years and sometimes it seems like it does just get worse, but I know God is the only answer for them. They have court in 4 weeks and need to be clean and have a definite heart change. All the family just wants them healthy. Spiritually,mentally and physically,not only for themselves but for there little girl.They don’t seem to be hearing anything we have to say right now but I know God can speak to there hearts and minds. Thank you for your prayers!

    • Candy, I’m praying for your son and his family today. God gives each of us the ability to choose. Sometimes those choices can have negative effects on others. I pray that your son will have a change of heart and mind, to begin making right choices and start walking the right path with the Lord.

  29. Battling through…I gave never tried as hard as I am. I bare no misconceptio. I have lived a foul life…but since 2013…Some changes have been made. I am atudent been in college a year plus now. I got the job I specifically prayed for. But for the past month…if Im not sick…I dont feel like going.Things I do no want to do I am doing. I am in a depressed state. Sometimes I want to throw in the towel but something want let…I am tired, physically, spiritually, emotuonally. I di not trust people. And though I am in school.I do not care for people. They hurt you, use you, lie, then you have to spend the rest of your life fighting off your sins, as well as the persons that have harmed yous residue. I want to know whats the plan.

  30. Laurie Williams :

    Hello! Leah…My name is Laurie & I met a guy in transition & i am ready to get married but need to wait for God to finish preparing him to be ready. Ptaying gor stability & yrue love & support. Lady-in-waiting.

  31. I saw your post about prayer request. I really need prayers. My husband lost his brother four months ago to suicide a d it is a everyday struggle in our family. They was so close and it is really affecting my family bad. We had to pay for the funeral and have gotten into some financial hardship. We have until Saturday to come up with the money that is past due on our Home or we will be evicted I have four small children and can’t lose our Home. if you could please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers I know God is in control and find a way to get me the money but I’m still stressing. I am learning to be a better Christian everyday I just need this little help. This year has been so bad on my family as if the devil is really after me a d my family. I need a little break to get ahead and let God bless my family. Thank you for taking the time to hear my prayer request. God bless you. And keep the post coming it really helps me everyday.

  32. Please pray for my 15 year old daughter who is believing the lie/false identity that she is a homosexual. Her name is Melissa. I had her on a Wednesday and by Sunday morning she was in church, she knows the truth and this is breaking my and my husband’s heart. And please pray for my husband and I so that we know how to parent through this. Also, we are in a great financial situation. Please help us pray for God to move the mountains of debt in our lives. Thanks so much for offering to help pray for us. Blessings!

    • Latrisha, as a mom of a 15 year old, I can only imagine the heartache you and your husband much be experiencing right now. I’m praying for your entire family ~ especially your daughter.

  33. Wow, Leah, your Proverbs 31 devo was inspired and spot on! My husband and I have been trying for a baby for years. God has been really working on our hearts and increasing our trust in Him. It’s a difficult, painful journey and your devo spoke so beautifully to it. When people say, “Stand on God’s promises,” I always think, “But God didn’t promise us a baby.” But God does have much to say on this topic and I need to seek it out.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers, Leah! Praying that God would bless you, your family and your writing ministry. ♡

  34. Thank you for this reminder to trust God and know He gives us His best. Please pray for my husband who has learned from the doctor he is a borderline diabetic. He needs to lose weight, but he does not like change, so fixing healthy meals for him is a challenge.
    Also I need prayer for God to open the door to a new job opportunity. Where I work right now gives no raises, sick leave, or vacation time. I am working 6 nights a week.

  35. Hi Leah, just when I was losing hope waiting for my prayer/petition to be answered I read your encouraging post.
    I felt I was not alone, that many are going through the same situation of waiting and to persevere. My situation is very sensitive in nature. I need prayer for The Lord to do the impossible for me. To show up in a supernatural way and vindicate me in his victory.

  36. Praying for the healing of my heart as my best friend and I have parted ways! My heart aches and I’m so hurt I can’t even explain it. Praying for the Lord to mend at least for communication to be restored! We work together and it’s very awkward and uncomfortable for our mutual friends. Please help me pray that the chains will be broken and that she will forgive me and reach out soon as my heart is just torn to pieces daily as this lingers on. I don’t know if letting go means God is telling me NO or if He is telling me to wait! I don’t want to give up but each day that passes it just seems more impossible. I’m tired of crying daily and don’t want to give up on my faith!

    • Darla, I received your prayer request and wanted you to know I’m praying for you and your friend today. Broken relationships can be so painful. I pray that she would forgive you so that your friendship can be restored.

  37. Thank you so much for the reminder, I needed to hear it. .Please pray for me and my two wonderful children my son is turning 21 on the 8th all praise be to God. We are going trough something really bad right now I can’t even tell them, all I can do is surrender all to God so please pray for a financial breakthrough. We need a miracle…only but God. Thank you so much and God bless you and your ministry.

  38. PRAISE GOD FOR you Leah!

    The Monday, October 6th Devotional was just what GOD NEEDED me to hear and be comforted by.
    Please pray for me for my situation.
    I’m deeply committed and in love with an Amazing Christian Man.
    His Blessed name is Vivin Mathew Easo.

    I love my Parents dearly, but they do not like him because he is 17 years older than I am.

    Please pray as we both stand firm and steadfast through all we’re going through.

    MAY GOD MOST INFINITELY BLESS you and all the needs of these precious ladies here.


  39. I’ve been standing for my marriage for a year, but once again, my husband told me today that we are too different to be together because he is an atheist and I am a Christian. I’ve given up because it is hurting me too much – to the point of being detrimental to my mental and emotional state. My husband needs God. Please pray for his salvation and for my strength to move on. I still desire reconciliation but have no strength left to fight for it.

    • Beth, I received your request and wanted you to know I’m praying for your husband’s salvation – that he would come to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior. That you’re marriage will be restored.

  40. Dear Leah, I cannot believe how clearly and exactly you put the temperature of my heart into words. So….really?? Others have felt this exact weariness, this confusion, this building of walls to protect myself from being disappointed yet one more time in the One who saved me?? Thank you for your transparency, for your encouragement to not lose heart, to remember that HE CAN DO ANYTHING! Prayer request: the surrendering of my son’s heart to Jesus and to walk with Him as he leads his wife and sons in their lives together. For His glory and honor. God bless you girl!

    • Gail, I received your request and wanted you to know that I’m praying for your son’s salvation, also for the salvation of his wife and sons. May they receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Amen.

  41. Thank you for your prayers in advance! I have a friendship that broke about 5 weeks ago and I am praying that we could at least have communication once again. I have prayed and cried so much and the hurt in my heart is taking too long to heal. I ask for prayers that we can speak again and that I can be a better example to my friend! I have tried to let it all go but also dont know if God is saying NO or Wait!? I’m just trying to understand Gods will! Please pray for peace in my heart!

  42. Please pray for my husband to get a new job. We have been living with family for the last 2 years in an effort to pay off debt originally so we could follow my dream to go do missions work in Japan. But last year on his bday my husband was told he wasn’t worth the $ the church (that my father is the pastor of) was paying him. He was the worship leader for 7 years at that point. It was traumatizing to be told that by someone who was supposed to be a man of God. We lost 65% of our income. My husband has been working crazy hours making only about $2000 per month to support a family of 5. We have astronomical debt from college and some other debt. I feel completely and utterly defeated. We need to move out of my parents house for the sake of our family and marriage but it seems like we just can’t pull out of the pit. I’m so discouraged and don’t know how much more I can take. Japan is no longer ok the table and I am heart broken at the loss of my dream. I don’t know what God has for me. I feel like the Israelites wondering in the wilderness. Please pray.

  43. Hi Leah,
    Wow, I needed the devotion’s The Waiting Game & Shattered Dreams. Our family recently moved to my home state (for several reasons). The move didn’t go well and we’ve had several struggles along the way. I am a mom to two wonderful kids. Before our move, I was able to stay at home with my little ones. Now they’re both in school. 🙂 We have found ourselves in a situation where my husband works in car sales. He is paid by commission so if he doesn’t sell, he doesn’t get paid. He hasn’t done car sales before and he doesn’t know many people. Will you pray for him? I am in the process of re-entering the workforce and I’m hoping to find a job soon. Will you pray for me? Pray The Lord will guide my search and I will find a job that is a good fit for me? You said it well in your devotion. Feel deflated? Yes, I really do. And discouraged. Our family needs prayer. I am trying so hard to be strong for my little ones and I am struggling. Thank you for your devotions 🙂

  44. God is Great!! I’m a single parent of 3 one just entered college in August moved away, a 16 & 12 year old .its been financially draining for me to the point that I don’t eat at times so the kids can eat. I’ll tap a bill to have money for other bills. When I get paid and think I can catch up here comes a issue with the car, a bill that took more than expected etc. But this time around was very stressful. I felt helpless and about to lose my home for the 1st time my rent check bounced cuz another bill came through 1st and I got a notification from management. I cried so much I got sick to my stomach at the same time I was crying to God “Why is the world not giving me a break to breathe” I was so frustrated. Then for a brief moment when I gasped for air I said “Lord I can’t do this no more I surrender I need u to take over or else I would not make it touch who u need to and show me the way & give me clarity cuz my mind is foggy now” I have spent my savings with college expenses and I’m living check by check. Financially what a strain. I came to the conclusion that in the past God has not let me down but as a human I worry as to how I’m going to pay this rent,bills, food, gas etc. or catch up to the point where I can breath again. I have to trust & believe that God got me. And then today I said let me go to the Encouragement of the day which I haven’t done in a long time & this is the reading I encountered patience, time, prayers how Great Is God… So please put me & my kids in your prayer list that financially I can get stable, for a new job that may help pay bills and for my children to continue understanding that sometimes life throws a curve ball but we have to stick together as a family & praise the all Mighty God.. So thank you for the encouragement & scriptures. God Bless

  45. Need prayers for babies to be reunited with me their mother. Do not have an attorney so having to fight this on my own and some days are harder than others. Thank you so much for the inspiration to carry on.

  46. I’m praying for God to change my sons fathers point of view. Tomorrow we have our triannual iep (individual education plan) which is a binding contract between the parents and the school. My son is 8 and has had autism since he was 2. My ex has been against any treatment or therapy saying it’s all witchcraft and its all my fault. My son is regressing due to stress of a new teacher, new school and the school work is too hard for him. My prayer to God is please Lord speak for me and my son. I want my son to get all the help he can. My ex is always finding ways to insult me or belittle me at the meetings which affect my sons education. Can you help me pray that for once he could see it’s not about me but his son? Thank you

  47. Hi Leah, thank u so much for your write up today i was really blessed. May the Lord bless you richly. As you water the lives of others you will also be watered in Jesus Name Amen. Please join your faith with us my husband and I are praying for more babies. Our 6yr old thanks God every night for his siblings.

  48. Hi Leah, thank u so much for your write up to i was really blessed. May the Lord bless you richly. As you water the lives of others you will also be watered in Jesus Name Amen. Please join your faith with us my husband and I are praying for more babies. Our 6yr old thanks God every night for his siblings.

  49. Please pray that God would intervene mightily in my husband, Jon’s, life. He is addicted to alcohol and drugs and having an affair with a woman who does these things with him. Please pray for conviction and deliverance for him. Thank you.

  50. Thank you so much for the devotional!! May the good Lord continue to guide and bless you!! I would greatly appreciate prayers for my mother’s finances and for peace, clarity and wisdom in my life. Thank you so much!!

  51. Hey Leah,
    I’ve been praying for over a year for my relationship with my sons father. I would love to have our family back together. This devotion, along with all devotions, came just when I needed it. I feel like my prayers are unheard and I should give up. Then, everything I read states, Don’t Give Up and pray continuously! I still have hope and faith that God can give us a miracle. Will u please help with your prayers! Thank you!

  52. My husband and I are praying God will give us a baby. We began praying close to four years ago and started seeing a doctor in March of 2013. Your post today, The Waiting Game, was something I’ve so been needing to read. Thank you so much.

  53. Gennie Shelor :

    I am waiting for an answer to my prayers to show me how to walk this path and to heal my baby. Five weeks ago I went for my 20 week ultrasound and found out that my baby had no amniotic fluid, one functioning kidney and multiple heart defects. Without amniotic fluid the lungs will never develop. The Lord has answered many prayers already. He moved my placenta previa completely in 4 days making a dne unnecessary. He has given me so much more strength and courage then I would ever have had on my own. The doctors said my babies heart would stop beating about a week or two ago. I am prayerfully, hopefully and expectantly waiting for the day I can hold my alive and breathing baby in my arms.

  54. Thanks Leah it’s was a great devotional. My husband and I would like to have another baby. I would like our son to have a brother or sister. So I am just asking for prayer for our family. Thank you again

  55. Hi Friends, as I continue to read your comments & prayer requests this evening, I’m overwhelmed by the magnitude of your struggles. I wish there was something profound or beautiful that I could say to make everything better.

    My words are not enough. But, as I begin to pray for each of you, I’m reminded of our God who is more than enough. He is able to heal every disease, restore every marriage, bring every prodigal child home again, provide just the right job, give great favor to those who face court proceedings, put an end to anxiety, depression, bi-polar and every mental illness, make an infertile womb fertile again, heal the wounds of a broken heart, bring joy again to a mother who’s cried over lost babies from her miscarriage, provide the finances for your children to go to college, restore someone’s sight, allow the lame to walk again, even resurrect what feels like a dead situation. Plus, so much more.

    Please don’t give up. Keep believing for your miracle. Trust God when things seem impossible. Claim His promises. Remember that God can do what His Word says He can do. Know deep down in your heart that His love or you is unfailing. And never doubt that you matter to Him. He has not forgotten you. He hears your prayers and He will deliver you.

    Thank you for being so transparent with your stories. It has been an honor to serve each of you today and when tomorrow comes, I will still be praying for you!

    • Thank you for your unselfish offer of prayer on my behalf. I would appreciate a prayer for the successful sale of two houses in our family. It would relieve some stress in our lives. I will also keep the prayers of the many in my own prayers.

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement and truth. I’ve been praying for a career change for several years trusting that God is continually growing me in my current position since other doors have not opened. My husband and I started the adult Sunday School class on prayer in September which is also helping me practice perseverance and patience. I thank you in advance for your willingness to read my request, pray for me and sharing God’s goodness and faithfulness to those of us who lose hope in the midst of our circumstance. Blessings to you and your family.

  56. Thank you for the devotional! I would appreciate prayer for salvation for family/friends and wisdom /healing for my health issues. Thank you!

  57. Please pray for me as I have struggled with waiting for God’s answer & the fulfillment of my desire to be a wife and mother. I am single & 37 years old. At times, it seems like my time has passed by and my hope seems to wane. I am confident though that God has my best interests at heart, despite my singleness. Remember me in prayer for renewal of hope & the God’s will to be done. God’s blessings to you!

  58. Please pray for wisdom in our financial needs. Also for my son who is divorced and deeply hurt thru this. Please bring him back to the Lord.

  59. I would appreciate prayer for my two sons – that they would come to know the Lord as their own Savior & live their lives for Him. My own personal relationship with God didn’t develop until later in life (though I was baptized as a child), so they weren’t really raised with God at the center of our home. As my faith as grown, I see signs that they are noticing, but I desperately want them to have a personal relationship with God of their own. Thank you in advance!

  60. Please pray for me. Last October I stopped taking birth control so my husband and I could have a baby. One year later I’m still waiting for my body to go back to normal and have regular periods. I’ve been to doctors and acupuncturist but so far it hasn’t helped. I’m trying to be patient but it’s so hard.

  61. Bernadette Oulton :

    I am recently a single Mom of a gorgeous little boy. I have and still am suffering from post partum depression. I had to move from Ontario back to New Brunswick and in with my parents. I am a 37 yr old woman of God and have been praying for restoration in my life as well as the life of my sons birth father. I recently lost my job and am struggling to make things work out in supporting my son and I. I know God closed one door and WILL open the next in HIS time 🙂 This November I will be having a full hysterectomy due to a very painful disease called endometriosis. I honestly dont know where or how my current bills will get paid but I do know that I am FULLY trusting in the Almighty who provides all my needs!! “) please pray for my circumstances and pray that in the midst of it all ; my light will continue to shine for others to see Jesus in me!!!! Thank u ♡♥♡ a sister in Christ 🙂

  62. Please pray for me and my upcoming lung surgery. The surgeon is going to cut out a section of my lung, biopsy it, and possible remove the upper lobe. I pray for healing!

  63. Please pray for my marriage…I have experienced transformation of my heart through Jesus, but my husband has yet to be transformed. We are greatly struggling following disrespect, dishonesty, & adultery. Please pray that my husband has an open heart, mind, & soul to Jesus & His desires.

    Thank you & God bless.

  64. well it was a mate, but i gave up on that one, now its just to be whole and content

  65. Please pray for a miracle in the form of a financial breakthrough, I have been working part-time for the past four years and I all my savings is totally depleted/ I have bills and car insurance that are due this week and I don;t know where the funds are coming from. Lord I need help.

  66. Hi Leah.

    My new friend, Tiffany is pregnant with her 4th child and first son, Michael-Zachary.

    The doctors have told her that the baby has 2 holes in his heart and a deformity in his arm/hand. Many are praying. I am fasting and praying that he will go full term and be every wit whole in Jesus Name!

    He is due on Nov. 10th, my 13 year anniversary. I am also praying for an open door of ministry opportunity for my huband Benjamin and I. We have been through a 7year wilderness of waiting and trusting.

    I feel I have been held back from my destiny for far too long.

    Thank you for praying.

  67. My husband’s business partner filed bankruptcy 4 years ago and left us with a failed business and $140,000.00 of debt. We have taken extra jobs and are slowly paying it. My prayer is that Don, the partner, would pay his share. We have not heard from him in 4 years.

  68. We have two pieces of property in Rockaway Beach, MO we have been trying to sell for over 3 years. One is a little motor inn called Scenic Court. The other property is 3 lots with a big storage building. Please pray that God will send someone to purchase these properties. Our savings is tied up & we need to get our money out. We have done everything we can & the rest is up to God. Thank you for your prayers.

  69. Hi Leah

  70. I have been praying for my 25 year marriage to be restored since April. He has gone to a different country for 2 years for work. It is very hard to keep hoping when you have no contact. I pray for all others in my situation. God’s will is for marriage to be permanent.

  71. Thank you so much for speaking truth into my heart today! Your message was very timely for me today. My husband and I are waiting to adopt a second child and I am definitely struggling with the wait after we had an adoption fall through at the very last minute about a month ago. I am having a hard time figuring out how to wait in expectant hope after getting my heart broken. Reading God’s promises in scripture has been my lifeline and I so appreciate the verses you shared today!

  72. Pray for husband who lost his job, that The Lord will lead him and guide him. Also needing healing from anxiety etc. Pray for my job as well, under a lot of changes and stress. I want to trust The Lord to help me lean on Him. Going through spiritual warfare, and I need more faith to stay focus on the Good Sheperd.
    Trusting in Him

  73. Hello to all, and may God be the first choice in your lives.
    Thank you Leah, for your devotion always. May the Lord continue to use you as, his source to help others and provide a place to share their true feelings, encourage others, seek prayers, and give testimonies etc. First let us thank God for waking us up this morning, and another day to try and get things right. To right our wrongs. Let’s thank him for having breath, sight, etc and for his Love, Grace and Mercy that continue to keep us when we can’t sometimes keep ourselves. Let us say thank you for the many trials and tribulations we have been through. Know at all times when we are weak he gives us strength. If he be for us who can be against us? Our own thoughts can sometime overwhelm us. Watch what you think and speak out of your own mouth. Be careful what you put in and get out of the atmosphere. Someone is always prying around to see who it can devour, steal from, kill and or destroy. Is the battle all in your mind? Think about it…then turn it over to the Lord. He will sometimes have to put us in the valley or a place called the wilderness. This is where he is molding us and doing transformations and letting us know at those times he was also carrying us. How soon we forget. He does what he has to do to get our undivided attention, the more stubborn we are the more consequences we will go through. Sometime he just wants our undivided attention, be slow to speak and quick to listen. Be still AND WAIT ON THE Lord. Know his timing is not ours, he will give us the desires of our heart, and sometimes the desires that are not. He is doing what is best for us and through whatever we are going through, have went through, or will go through he knows what’s best for us. Trust him. At the toughest or most disappointing times in ones life, they should trust, Breath, Pray and Fast…. Remember you do not need a man or woman to validate you. I know man can not live by bread alone. But if you put GOD first and seek ye and his Kingdom all we be given unto you. BE Patient and learn to wait on him. He will not take us to nothing he will not bring us through. The situations we experience are sometimes not even about us but may be placed upon us as a test or trial or him just bringing us closer and getting to know him better. Is it maybe your prayer life is not consistent, and you only go talk to him when you in need? What is the work he’s doing in you? Or what is it he trying to get through? Talk to him and he will give you an answer or bring an answer to you. All I’m saying is where is your Faith, believe what you don’t see, ask and it shall be given to you, during the right timing. Hold ups and wait a minutes are for a purpose and in them is always a Blessing to be found when you think back and go over or sort through some things. NO this Battle is not any of yours they all belong to the LORD. You should give him Praise, Honor, Glory, and he will show you the victory. If you just believe. The more broken you are the deeper in the valley or wilderness you’ll find yourself. Sometimes that’s not a bad place to be, you come out with a much better perspective on and of life. Also some time he will remove people from you, don’t be disappointed, because if they are to be a part of your life he will bring them back. For those he removes permanently (Thank him) he knows what best. Everything has a timing a reason and a season for it . You just gotta TRUST him. And He and only he will set you free. Remember never put your life and trust in man, they don’t have a Heaven for you to go to but they can help you into Hell.!! Know that trials and tribulations are for our testimonies and to be a blessing for others that may be going through what we have went through, and it’s our chance to reach a handout and pull someone up. This is also his way of making us stronger, in every sense of the word. Stronger in strength, FAITH, Love, hope, joy, commitment, sacrifice, devotion, loyalty, Worship, Belief, trust, finances, ourself, helping others, seeking him, knowing his words, singing his praises, rejoicing, and Prayer , and the list goes on. l Being a Christian and living that way is hard and we will have many trials, he just wants us to SURRENDAR all to him and watch him not only show up but Show out. All because he loves us and he just needs to know we want him to have all the control, we can trust him, he will provide for us, we do believe his words, and we can walk by Faith, not go by what we see, the unseen is a much better place to seek your peace, Remember you can’t fool him he sees and knows it all. So I suggest to go to him and seek his Face, heart and hand. Surrender your all to him in prayer. Seek him first always, get a prayer partner if you must. And read his word. (The Bible) Get into a good church home. Stand in the need of his help. Pay your tithes, sow some seeds all in the name of the Lord. Be of good courage. Remember patience is the virtue. God loves us all and will put no more on us than we can handle. It’s all just a test and for our testimonies. We need to be BROKEN and DIE to self so we can be REBORN and LIVE. He has to remove anything in us that is dis pleasing to him or not of good use for either of us, or his kingdom or for his glory. .. So again Let’s Thank him, because Our Father does know what’s best. Go to him as a child to the father who cares and pray to him believing in what you ask for, because faith without works is dead. He can and he will do all things if you go to him in prayer. (Thank you Lord) sometime to get through to others he just needs us to “BE STILL” and know HE IS REAL…
    • Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. (James 4:7)
    • “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. (Ephesians 4:26-27)
    • In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. (Ephesians 6:16)
    • Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. But resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same experiences of suffering are being accomplished by your brethren who are in the world. (1 Peter 5:8-9)
    I seek the Lord in Heaven Our Father who art in Heaven and ask and Pray for each of you to include myself:
    Our Father, who art in heaven,
    hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come;
    thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread;
    and forgive us our trespasses
    as we forgive those who trespass against us;
    and lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil. Amen
    You offer yourself to God and ask Him for the best things for yourself and your family and friends.
    Let’s look closer at each of the phrases of the Lords Prayer.
    It is led by a greeting “Our Father…” then followed by seven requests:
    • “Our Father who art in heaven”
    You belong to God.
    He created you and watches over you.
    He wants you to live with Him in heaven forever.
    • “hallowed be Thy name,”
    You pray that God will be respected by all
    • “Thy kingdom come,”
    You pray that God will be loved and worshiped throughout the world
    • “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,”
    You pray that God’s laws will be followed on earth as willingly as they are followed in heaven
    • “Give us this day our daily bread,”
    You ask for your spiritual and physical needs
    • “and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,”
    You ask God forgive your sins you have committed against His laws and promise Him that you will forgive people who cause you harm
    • “and lead us not into temptation,”
    You ask God to keep you safe from all people and places that may lead you to sin
    • “but deliver us from evil,”
    You ask God to protect you from both physical and spiritual harm
    The Lords prayer asks God to grant you peace and when praying the Lords Prayer, you ask for all your spiritual and physical needs.
    It truly is the perfect prayer and now
    I pray you will allow God to have everlasting Power Grace and mercy over your, mind, bodies, and souls from this day forward. In The name of Jesus. Amen
    Thank you and God Bless!! Better days are coming…

  74. Please pray for me as I take the next step on my journey of healing.

  75. Waiting on God for answers and confident he will come through. With that said please pray for my husband & I to be united in our faith. He has joined a pentacostal Holiness Church and I’m Baptist. This means we no longer believe in the same things & our family no longer attends church together. I’m willing to try any Bible believing church but not a church that believes I have to speak in tongues & dance around & wear a skirt to get to heaven. My bible doesn’t say that. But he is not willing to try any other church. Pray God will move in this situation and bring us to unity and have us become one as his word says. Thank you!

  76. Thank you, Leah, for praying for all of us. I have a praise that I think God is finally answering a long-time prayer (one of 20 years almost) and a request for the marriage of close friends that is in a really bad state. And, I lift up the heart-felt prayer requests of those who commented too!

  77. Hi Leah,
    Thank you so much for your devotional. I often relate to your devotions but this one couldn’t have spoken to me more. I had a accident where 2 1/2 years ago I fell and injured my sacrum, tailbone. I have had 2 surgeries in the last 1 1/2 years , procedures, injections, seen more Dr’s than I care to in my life and have pretty much had some level of pain from low to extreme ever since then. It has affected every part of my life and am not able to work for the last year and 1/2. I get so down praying for healing and just waiting. I question God and try to search for answers. Ultimately I want to use this experience to Glorify God and to help others through what I have been through. I am a physical therapist and I have a passion for helping others. Sometimes I am at peace trusting God through this but it is soooo hard and isolating. I NEED God to come beside me and help me through each day to wait patiently and trust Him. Thank you so much for praying for me!

  78. My marriage needs God’s help. We are struggling and need for Him to intervene and give his guidance. Please pray that our hearts will be opened to hear Him.

  79. Welcoming all prayers, I also struggle with His guidance and knowing what or how exactly to ask and allowing Him to guide me when it is time.

    I pray for financial assistance/guidance (as do most of us), a job that would utilize my skills and pay me favorably for the work and also to help guide our children on their proper paths in life. Helping them to succeed in life and not make the career mistakes my husband and I have made, realizing college is not for everyone, but to work at something you love and it does not feel like work.

    We are blessed with two healthy children and our own health. I pray nightly and am very thankful for our health. Our children are ages 15 and 22, both very vulnerable places in life. The 15 year old strong in her faith, the 22 year old is at the very tough age of thinking he is indestructible and doesn’t always take advice.
    Thank you

  80. Thank you for this encouraging blog post! There are so many ways I feel like my life is “on hold” right now, and I need prayer for God’s guidance. I always imagined myself as marrying someday, but that day hasn’t come, and I’m trying to find what God’s purpose is for my life. I don’t want to sit around in some “waiting room,” but neither do I want to be willfully striving after my own way. I just want to know what God wants me to do with this season of my life.

    Writing is a passion of mine, and I’m putting a lot of energy into finishing a book – and I’m praying that it’s the direction He has for me, but in the meantime I could definitely use prayer for patience and endurance!

  81. Thank you for this encouragement, Leah! I am single, & own a business that I know is from God. I am trying to be faithful where he has me, as a steward & in being a light for Him, but the business has struggled financially for a while (& obviously has affected my finances drastically as well). I love it & want it to succeed & would appreciate your prayers! Thank you!

  82. Please pray for God to guide me in a specific situation,for me to be able to see from His perspective and hear which way He wants be to go.

  83. Thank you for your encouraging post today. I would love for prayers to be lifted up in regards to a house we have been trying to sell for months now. This has been a huge financial burden on our family and I’m afraid we can no longer carry this debt. I having been praying and I know that in Gods timing it will sell, but I’m getting very discouraged and beginning to experience doubt and fear. I would also appreciate some prayers for patience, positivity and encouragement. Thank you for bearing my burden!

  84. Leah,
    As others have said, your message is so timely. There are so many needs among God’s people, as evidenced by this site. It is humbling to read all the posts. I, too, have been in the “waiting game” but am encouraged today to wait a little longer. Thank you for the power verses that remind me that we serve a God that loves us and wants the best for us. My prayers will continue and I will be in prayer for others on this blog. Thank you for all you do to encourage all of us to stay the course. May blessings rain down upon you.

  85. Good Afternoon, Leah! I did this in completely the wrong order. I read your devotion first and put a comment there. Then I saw this giveaway. I shared it with my friends on Facebook and scrolled down through the many, many prayer requests that you have already received in response to your post. You may remember that I am praying for renewed health, a home for myself and Rudy, my Yorkshire Terrier, and a court date and favorable outcome on my disability case. I’m still praying about these concerns and praying for you personally and professionally. It means so much to know that you are waiting with me and resting in confidence that the Lord is preparing a blessing for us. I’d love to win, but am excited about the blessing that will be received by whoever wins this giveaway. All the best and thank you for your ministry!

  86. Leah, thank you for your post it came right on time. May God bless you and your ministry. Thank you for your prayers! I cried as I read your post because I’ve been praying for a godly husband for years. It’s hard to be in your late 30’s and feel that everyone else is married and starting a family except for you. I know that God knows the desires of my heart to marry and start a family, however the waiting is still difficult. Along with the feelings of loneliness, resentment, and hopelessness comes guilt. One tends to feel guilty for feeling this way when there are so many other needs. Please pray for me that I will delight myself in the Lord as I wait on Him and that God will send me a godly husband.
    Thank you.

  87. we have to sell our home ,there has been no encouragement or sale plse join me in covering this in prayer ..staying in God’s waiting room is a hard place to live
    thanks for your words today..they are like rain on a sun parched soul!

  88. I so needed this today. I’ve been in the “waiting game” for years and this really spoke to me. Please pray for God to intervene in my husbands life, and in our marriage, that is just about torn apart. We have two kids and I pray for them to have the Christian home that they need. Thank you for your blog, it was an eye opener.

  89. Thank you for your notes of encouragement and God Bless You and your ministry. I pray for my child to know the Lord, and also for His Light and Guidance at the most difficult time in my life.

  90. Many things that I’m petitioning for right now, mostly a more intimate relationship with The Lord for my husband & children & salvation for my grands. Also my husband lost his job of 29 years 2 months ago so we are waiting on God’s answer for employment. But are very grateful that He provided part time jobs for both of us!

  91. “to those who seek Him” … should be in BIG BOLD LETTERS, underlined, and highlighted! God is not a vending machine when we’re in need:) He desires our company, like “old friends”!

  92. Praying for financial issues knowing God hears my prayers and trying to still my heart and mind to listen for his guidance and direction.

  93. This was just what I needed to hear!!! I have been in Uganda Africa since the end of June adopting my 2 daughters. I left my 3 other children and husband at home in the US. This has been so hard being away from my family at home but knowing i need to continue being the mommy to these two sweet girls here. This adoption has not been easy and we ran into more issues getting the girls home which has caused longer delays. My prayer is that God’s favor saturates every paper in my case and also for wisdom for me. God led me to these specific girls and I thank you God for bringing them safely home to the US this month!!! Amen!! I will continue waiting with hope and expectancy because these precious girls are worth it. God has great plans for them!!

  94. Thank you for this encouragement. I have not only felt myself giving up at times due to waiting longer than I think I should, but I also tend to fall away. I feel like He really isn’t listening and begin to believe I’m not worthy of His answer so I have to take care of it myself. Sadly, everytime I allow this to happen, it becomes harder and harder to draw near again.

  95. Please pray with me for a baby. My husband and I suffered a miscarriage this year, and sometimes I feel damaged beyond repair. We have a perfect little girl, and I am thankful every moment of everyday for her. But I also deal with the extreme sadness of loss for her, never knowing her sibling. She will be a great big sister some day, and my heart aches for the day to introduce her to her little brother or sister. I trust God and his timing, and that our loss happened for a reason greater than anything I will ever understand. I know he placed a yearning in my soul for another baby, I feel it with every beat of my heart. But I also feel sometimes, like your devotion said, that I have built a wall around my heart not truly believing God will answer my prayer only to protect me from feeling such disappointment again. Thank you for spreading your God given words of encouragement to pray continutally expecting God’s answer, and to thank Him in advance. I needed this reminder today, and He knew it.

    • Alison, I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage and I’m praying for you today. I’m sure the pain is deep, but I can tell by your words that your faith is strong. Do not lose heart. Continue to trust and hold onto the promises of God. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.

  96. As I scrolled down through the various posts to find this box to leave my comment in, I was overwhelmed and saddened by the needs of others. My needs seem so trivial even though for me in my present circumstances they are huge. I previously a replacement of my ascending aortic heart valve, then surgery for reparation of an additional aneurysm. Things still are not right and I live in pain daily. I am losing feeling in my toes and feet, and the doctors don’t know why. I am concerned about mobility issues. I long to return to my previous career of teaching but I am now considered an “older” and “too expensive” candidate. I know however that if God wanted me in a particular position, He would put me there, so I must accept that teaching is not where He wants me. How do I find my place? How do I provide for myself and family? I need God to reveal His plans for me, I need His guidance and reassurance that in the midst of all this struggling He still cares about me and my “little” problems.

    • Becca, your prayer requests are just as important as others and I”m so glad you took the time to share them with me. I’m praying that God impart great wisdom to your doctors so they can understand the source of your partial numbness. Regarding your teaching job, I have no doubts God will answer this request. God loves teachers – just ask His Son, Jesus. 🙂 The greatest Teacher this world has known! There is a teaching job out there for you. Maybe in another field or age group. Keep seeking God’s direction and don’t give up. This world needs great teachers!

  97. Please pray for my adult son Kyle he is very introverted and shy. My prayer request is for Christian friends to enter his life, feel like he is so alone. Thank you

    • Glenda, I’m praying for Klye today and asking God to bring him a couple close friends that love the Lord with all their heart, soul and strength. God designed us for community so I’m hopeful He will answer this request with a resounding “yes!”

  98. This post came on the right time. Maybe God’s answer to my prayer is, “wait, I have better plans for you.” I just need to trust Him fully.
    Please pray for me as I apply for a new job.

    Thank you for the inspirational post. May God bless you today!

    • LaVonne, I’m praying for that new job you’re applying for. Let the light of Jesus shine through you. It will make you irresistible!

  99. My son, who has grown up in the church and walked with the Lord, told me four years ago that he was gay. He has been in a monogamous committed relationship with a man (they are living together) since then and told me recently he is getting married to him next year. He has told me he has prayed about this and feels that God is ok with it. He goes to church weekly with his friends. I keep asking God to reveal himself to him and let him known this is contrary to what the Bible says. I have left this with God and his timing but so want my child and his partner to realize that this is not ok and repent. Please pray that God will reveal himself clearly and that my son will have eyes to see it and accept it.

    • Valerie, I’m praying for your son today. That the eyes of his heart will be enlightened so that he will know the hope to which God has called him to and calling/plan God has chosen for him. I’m also asking God to comfort you today.

  100. I am a young girl just starting my independent life. However, I am plagued by a combination of anxiety disorder and inferiority complex, which makes me unable to talk to people and to participate in many everyday activities. As a consequence, I am forced to fight this illness on my own, without any friends to comfort me. Please pray for my healing, and for a supportive person to enter my life and help me through this period. Thank you.

    • Dom, I have a past history of anxiety disorder and want to encourage you not to isolate yourself. I know it’s difficult, but it’s so important to get out and connect with others. I’m praying for that special friend to come your way and help you. If your situation worsens, you might consider finding a local Christian counselor that can help.

  101. My husband and I have been married for 7 years, we have two beautiful, healthy children. I would love to stay home with them, and maybe have one more child. Right now our finances won’t allow that. It’s so heavy on my heart though, I know God has a plan. For now He has closed doors on any opportunity to stay home/work from home. I know that’s for a reason. We keep trying to trust His timing in all of it. A year ago a new opportunity arose and, slowly, we’ve been seeing extra income each month continue to come in, it grows a little more each month too! I’m praying and asking for big things this month, I know God is more than capable. I just keep praying and asking God to help me lay this down at His feet each day. Thanks so much for your prayer support, you’re devotion touched me! God bless your ministry and your family, Leah!

  102. Thank you for this post. It hit me straight in the heart and came as a reminder/confirmation. I have been struggling with a work situation for over a year. I am waiting on a decision that would affect the security of my job. My hope has been fading more and more but this post has helped to renew my faith and served as a confirmation that I am doing all that I can, and that God will give an answer when the time is right. His timing is perfect.

  103. This was written for me. Thank you. Please pray for my daughter. She is undergoing cancer treatment but we are waiting on God for her healing. She is our world. She just had the 2nd chemo session we have 11 to go. Please pray against any bad side effects from the treatment. God is going to show himself strong through her. We have surrendered our all to him. God bless you.

    • Piri, I’m praying for your daughter today ~ asking God to direct the chemo so that it only touches the cancer and doesn’t touch the healthy areas of her body. Also that her side effects will be minimal. Jesus is bigger than cancer and He loves your daughter with an everlasting love. I pray in Jesus’Name that her healing will become a beautiful testament to His Glory!

  104. My husband and I have been believing to move back to Colorado to be back with our family. We have a little girl who we want to grow up surrounded by her family and those who love her. Please pray my husband gets a job offer in Colorado and we are able to move back. Thank you!

    • Jennifer, I’m praying for your family today. As you wait on that new job, I’m asking Him to bless your family in special ways that would not be possible if you were living in Colorado already. Where His presence is there is fullness of joy.

  105. Tricia Satkowski :

    I am so grateful for this message. It spoke right to me and spoke words as if someone

  106. Love your devotional so much. This morning I wrote down study on Lamentations 3:25. A few minutes ago I went to read my devotional and what do I see Lamentations 3:25!Please pray for my my son, Matthew that he will get the job he interviewed for and for my husband and I that a job will open up for us to be near our grandchildren. Thank you very much. Your sister in Christ!

    • Liz, I’m praying for Matthew today and hope he gets the job he interviewed for. Also for you and your husband. I’m sure being closer to your grandchildren would be a dream come true!

  107. I am praying for my sister-in-law’s brother, who is in need of a kidney transplant. He is on dialysis and continues to work so he won’t lose his insurance. His health is failing and he has never asked for any help until recently, when finally, they followed the suggestion of friends to set up an account to help with medical expenses. His wife works and they have two sons. Please join me in praying for this family! His name is A.D. and his wife’s name is Lisa. I thank you for standing with me before the LORD in lifting up this man and his family.

    • I’m praying for A.D. today – that he would receive a perfect donor match so that he can get a new kidney soon. Also for someone in his community or church to get the word out that his family needs help financially. Most people love to help out when asked.

      • Thank you Leah! I’m doing all I can to get the word out about their situation, and so are others. Prayers reach heaven and the ear of God, who already knows the need. We are his hands and feet to help get it done!

  108. Please pray for our oldest daughter. It has been many years since she had any contact with us. And we don’t even know her daughter, our grandchild. Please pray for Kim’s heart to soften and find a way back to us. Thank you.

    • Carol, I’m praying that Kim would have a change of heart and suddenly desire to restore the relationship that has been broken. I’m asking God open up an opportunity for you to reconnect with her and meet your beautiful granddaughter.

  109. I do need prayer for a miracle in our finances. I have been waiting and this devotion could not have come at a better time.

  110. In our pastor’s sermon yesterday we were reminded of those waiting for a long time from Noah(150days in the arc) to Sarah’s pregnancy to 40 years in the desert & on & on. For me God connected all this w/ a BSF lesson this week about Moses & now your timely devotion. Our family is waiting for reconcilliation w/a son who has severed ties w/our family by his choice & for a Godly spouse for our other older adult child. I find it easier to be expectant when I REMEMBER the answered prayers & that God REMEMBERS all HIS children(not just Noah, Moses etc) & that HE releases the future to us moment by moment. Thank you for those scriptures, I will be praying them!!!

  111. Leah, please pray for me regarding my waiting on a financial breakthrough relating to
    parental inheritance, and other. Kindly note that it has since been over (3) years.
    I am everyday waiting with expectancy, in Jesus matchless name AMEN!

  112. That I will stay focused on God, and that there will be restoration in my family.

  113. Hi, my husband told me almost three years ago that he doesn’t love me (never did). We are still married and live (as roommates) in the same house b/c he wants our son to have the same comforts us being together affords him to have (I believe he just doesn’t want to ‘lose’ him and is keeping up appearances for those around us — including church where we are faithful to attend) I have found pornography. He denied until I had evidence in front of him and then says its not a big deal. I admittedly was not the “Proverbs 31 wife” and have been working on my relationship with God and being who God created me to be. My prayer is that God will perform a miracle in his heart, fill it with love for me and give us a marriage that will honor and glorify HIM. Thank you for praying for us.

  114. Thank you for your encouraging words today . Praise The Lord !
    Please pray for salvation of my husband and the other woman. Please pray for the restoration of my marriage.

  115. Joyce Chimkupete :

    Please pray for me,it’s been a year since I broke up with my boyfriend ,I would like us to get back together and get verylonely and we were good together,i do not want to die single or end up dating married people it sounds very silly and I did not want to ask for this request but I just thought I will try anyway.

  116. Please pray my husband fines a job and that we can understand God’s plan.
    We moved a year ago to a far away city from from family and friends, thinking we were following Gods will and after a year of good experiences my husband gets fired for no reason even after just being announced a promotion and days later he gets kicked out, we do not understand why is this happening now, we can not see what is here to be learned, it is just confusion and pain, and sadness.
    We are far from friends, and family with no job and two kids.
    Please pray we can wait on God with patience and love

  117. Leah,
    Just reading the title to your blog was a relief, the waiting game. Because I’m in one at this very moment and your words gave me the encouragement I needed. I’m praying and have been for a long time and now the waiting. How long Lord? Is my question, but I’m not asking that anymore, I’m going to wait expectantly for God to answer. My dilemma is a hard one, however I believe God will answer RIGHT when I need him too. I’m in a precarious situation of needing a place to live, with no financial means of achieving it. My husband and I are going thru a divorce and he paid for everything and controlled everything financially, I moved in with a friend who’s moving out in a few weeks to a new place of her own and I’m left trying to figure out my next move and no finances to do so. Please pray with me that God will make a way for me in this situation. Blessings

  118. Hi Friends ~ I started praying for each of you before the sun came up this morning, asking God to allow my devotional to land into the inbox of every woman who desperately needs prayer today and a little hope while she waits for answers.

    I can see by your precious comments that the needs are great. I want you to know that I’m reading through every single word you’ve written here and lifting your requests up to the LORD today. I will do my very to reply to as many comments as I can, but wanted you all to know how honored I am to come along side and pray for you.

    Your marriages, health, finances, children, relationship, careers, emotions and concerns are important. They matter to God and He has the power to perform miracles on your behalf. Oh, I’m believing Him for great things today! Your Heavenly Father loves you SO much and promises not to withhold any good thing to His children {Psalm 84:11}.

    Don’t give up. Keep believing, trusting and waiting expectantly for God to come through in the midst of your crisis. He is able to do above and beyond all that we could imagine or ask of Him.


    • needed to read this too…thank you. I see your heart for God, others and prayer! God is good!

  119. Leah,
    I enjoyed your devotional today. It really spoke to my heart. I have been praying for someone to share my life with for quite some time. For a while, I was taking matters into my own hands by trying several on-line dating sites. I met several men, but they were definitely not the one I should be with. I have finally decided that ‘if it is to be, it is up to He.’ I don’t pray for it everyday, because it hurts to voice it, and I know that God knows my heart. I do not know if God is telling me “Not yet ~ be patient” or “No, because I have something better in store for you. Will you trust Me?”

  120. This morning I am thanking Jesus for the timeliness of this message. As I often spend my drive into work praying and talking to Him, today was no different. My marriage is healing from some serious blows… the hurt and scars run deep. How far we’ve come considering the circumstances is nothing short of a miracle! I have found my way back to Jesus and my husband is just getting to know him for the first time in his life… As exciting as this is for both of us, there is still so much more healing needed. So this prayer request is a 2-fold – first for continued spiritual growth for both of us and second for a complete emotional healing, forgiveness and renewed love within my marriage. This time around with Jesus at the core of it!

  121. Thank you for your message today. Please pray for my brother Brock.
    Thank you!

  122. We have our house on the market and when it sells we want to move closer to our son, daughter-in-law and 3 yr old grandson who live 4 hours away. Our son needs us closer to help him in his fight of an addiction to pain pills. He tries so hard to be a good husband and father but sometimes the addiction wins. My husband and I want to be closer to help our daughter-in-law with being the support system that he needs. We also desire to be closer to our grandson and be involved in his life. I truly feel that this is God’s plan for us. I prayed about this continually before putting our house on the market and I felt so strongly that this was God’s will. Our house has only been shown twice and no offers presented. It is a nice house with 55 acres and we knew that it would be a limited market of buyers wanting a place like ours that is located in a very rural setting. BUT I truly believe that if this is God’s plan then He will bring that perfect buyer to us. Somedays I get very discouraged and I start to feel that maybe this isn’t His plan and I’ve been deceived by satan. But your encouraging post today helped me to realize that I need to continue my praying and strengthen my faith to know that God will answer my prayers in His time, whether it means selling our home and relocating or staying where we’re at. Whatever the future holds for us I want it to be God’s plan, not ours. But please pray for our son that his faith grows stronger and he becomes more dependant on the Lord for his continual daily fight.

  123. Just pure blessing, your blog today. I am thankful for the painful circumstances in my life (as painful as that is to say), because God has used it to draw me closer to Him and make me thankful. I am praying for my husband’s salvation and God’s healing in areas of his life. I am waiting expectantly (it has been years that i have been praying.) Also praying for a friend for my wonderful son who has moved schools again. Praying specifically and expectantly:) It certainly isn’t easy, but I keep reminding myself that God is good, His love endures forever, His faithfulness to all generations!

  124. Jessica Jackson :

    Please pray for the safety of my pregnancy. I have has two previous miscarriages this year and am now on my third pregnancy in a year. My hcg levels were low on Friday and I get checked on Thursday to see if there is a heartbeat. Please pray that I wait patiently and trust the Lords plan. Thank you.

  125. Thank you for the devotional today. I’ve been praying for over a year and a half for God to heal my broken heart, mind, and sou and to bring a godly man into my life as mylife partner because it gets mighty lonely when all your friends are married butI keep on hhearing “no, I am not going to answer your prayer requests.”. I even tried to run away from Him because I can’t take it anymore but God’s answer is still a “no”. I will try my best to have hope that one day He will say “yes” to my prayer requests.

  126. Please pray for me , as I wait with hope an expectancy for God to give me a position that I was interview for( financial breakthrough)

  127. I’ve been praying and believing in God for a safe affordable apartment for myself and my children, a closer relationship with the Lord, my children to be prosperous in all they do. I pray for them to start their careers and not have to go from job to job. I’m praying for a financial miracle so that I can provide for myself as well as others.
    I also pray for all those who have helped me in my transition and I ask that God bless them abundantly for all they’ve done to help me and my children.

  128. Crystal Rippee :

    Please pray for my granddaughter that was born Saturday night at 28 weeks. Her name is Cameryn Brooke. She weighs 2 pounds, 15 ounces. The doctors say her chances are good, but we believe “The Great Physician” says her chances are even better! Pray for my daughter, Amber, who will have to split her time between the hospital, and the two girls she has at home, Kendly-6, and Madelyn-3. Thanks you for your prayers for our family! God is Good!

  129. Thank you for your lovely devo which articulated my thoughts. How encouraging! Please pray for me as I consider applying for a different job, although I am in my mid-fifties, have 2 kids in college, etc. However, an opening has come available that might be the way for me to fulfill my calling in my profession. Thank you and thank God for these Scriptures to pray.

  130. joann jenkins :

    Please say a prayer for me today. My world turned upside down Feb 13 th when I lost my husband of 20 yrs to a massive heart attack. He was only 54. Since then I’ve had to give up our home and move in with my children who are truly a blessing, but I feel like a burden to them. I’ve struggled trying not to let depression set in , but I’m afraid depression has won that battle. I’ve been a faithful member of a wonderful church for many years. My problem is that I can’t seem to get out of the house and go anywhere, not even to church. I don’t want to talk to people. I just stay in and do nothing. I sit in the privacy of our back yard so i won’t have to see the neighbors. This is so not me. I don’t feel like there’s a purpose for my life anymore. I know this is wrong on so many levels, but when night time comes the fear and loneliness creeps back in, and I don’t feel like there’s anyone for me to talk to now that Ben is gone. Thank you for this page and for P31! The daily devotions really help.

  131. Please pray for my twin brother. He has schizophrenia and lives in a 60 bed facility in town that houses developmentally and mentally disabled adults. He was saved when we were in college and continued to either go to church or listen to Christian programs on the radio until about a year ago. I found out that a girl in the building began pursuing him and I believe she is a very bad influence on him as many of his habits changed. She has been in jail for the past 6 months but was released last week and went straight to my brother’s room, seeking a place to stay. Please pray that my brother remembers God, remembers his faith and that he is able to resist temptation. I have been praying for him to stay close to God and it seems like more obstacles are thrown his way. I am very scared of is woman and the influence she will have over him. He has always been the pursued, not the pursuer, and I don’t think he knows what to do, even if he did not want this girl around. Pray that he is safe!

  132. Thanks for this. I needed it today. If you get to this point on this list 🙂 I would really like prayer to be able to fall pregnant. My husband and I have been trying for 3 years now and after a year of medicated cycles (due to pcos) we have turned fully to God. And we are patiently waiting. :).

  133. Please pray for me. I’m struggling with fear, anxiety, worry, depression and low self-esteem. My mental health has taken a toll on the strength of my soul and my relationship with God. Recently I had taken on a Part Time Clerical job after being out of the workforce for a little over a year. I had been on the job for three months until last Monday, life seemed too overwhelming to handle. I went to work that day, not realizing that my tolerance bank was overflowing and about to explode. Out of frustration to daily dealings at work, I became unfocused and too overwhelmed to feel like I could continue on. I became “Unglued” in a sense as Lysa Terkeurst might call it, and I reacted by informing my boss that I needed to resign because I was feeling as though I was mentally not coping. I explained to my boss that I battle with anxiety and mental health issues and felt that I needed to resign right away to take care of my issue. My boss was sad to see me go and shocked to say the least. She had very nice compliments to say about me as I was boldly stating that I was resigning. She told me I was one of a kind employee and that they were so pleased with my work. She even offered to come up with a solution that might help me decide to stay. Still, I chose to resign right there at that moment with no notice. I was in a state of panic and fear and needed to leave.

    Later that evening, my boss tried to call me. I did not answer. The next day, I received another call from my boss. This time I chose to answer. She explained to me that the company was very sad to see me go, and that they think the world of me. She asked if I would reconsider coming back if given two weeks to settle down and take care of myself. I’d be a fool to have said no. So, I did what I believed to be right and said yes I would re-consider.

    I should be relieved and happy in the situation to learn that my employer is forgiving, merciful and understanding and wants to have me back. I should be thankful that they are waiting for me to take care of myself, yet somehow doubt and un-trust keeps on creeping in and causing worry and mass havoc.

    I am consumed by embarrassment and guilt over the manner in which I handled myself last Monday. I’m ashamed that I couldn’t hold it together and that I resigned in the first place. I am filled with lots of regret. Yet, I should be relieved.

    I appreciated your devotional today on waiting with hope and expectancy. It brought me a renewed sense of hope and faith. I am guilty of praying and expecting an immediate miracle. I grown impatient and frustrated when it doesn’t happen right away. Your story brought me comfort at a time I needed it the most.

    My prayer is that you will join me in praying that God will grant me the strength and bravery to move forward in my struggle by doing the right thing and returning back to work at the end of my two week “break”. I know he might not take away all of the anxious feelings, but I pray he will give me strength to just move forward and return to a job that my family really needs me to have right now in order to help financially.

    Thank you,


    • Lord, I pray that Therese feels self compassion and her heart is filled with your GRACE. You have excused every sin and mis-step in her life and she need not suffer any condemnation from others or Herself. Free her from the expectation of perfection and let her rest in your love. Lean into her, give her all consuming peace, let her struggles become battle scars she can use to comfort others. Therese, the Lord loves you deeply and sees you in every one of your struggles! He doesn’t not expect you to have figured this anxiety thing out by now, he only expects you trust him. He will carry through you.

      • Thank you Leticia for your prayer. Tears poured down my face as I read your prayer, for I know the Lord was speaking to me through you.

        Thank you!

  134. Thank you so much for offering to pray. My husband and I would really appreciate prayer for our 7month old daughter, Connie. She was born with a very severe and complex heart condition and had to have open heart surgery at 9 days old. God is looking after her wonderfully and she is growing and developing well. But she will have to have two more heart surgeries to get her heart to a liveable state and even then her heart still won’t work as it should so were asking God to heal her heart completely. We don’t want her to have to have any more surgery or to have to go through life with ‘half a heart’ (as it’s often termed). And we’d love to see God’s power fix her heart where human hands cannot. Thank you so much for your prayers.

  135. Leah, I appreciate you being willing to take the time to prayer for all of us. My need is prayer for my daughter as she has a court date set for this Wed (Oct 8). We’ve been waiting since Jan of this year for this court date. My son-in-law took our (then 15-mo) grandson and hid for 36 days before filing for a divorce from my daughter. Now everything is coming to a head and my daughter is fighting for primary custody of her little boy. She has only gotten to have him every other weekend and once during the week overnight. It has been so hard on her and she’d love to have her son back. We know God knows best and want His will. My s-i-l is not a Christian, and PTL my daughter has been drawn closer to The Lord thru all this! Your prayers are much appreciated and b-t-w I do thank God for how He is going to answer!

  136. I have been praying for over 6years for a second child. I am 47 and have a wonderful 6 year old daughter. Given my age, as well as my husband’s (56), I realize conceiving ourselves would be slim and possibly dangerous for me, and a higher chance of complications with a baby, but Know God could bless us in that way if it His will. We are open to adoption but God has been silent for so long in this area and i don’t know if I should be doing anything on my part, direction from Him seems missing. So we wait patiently, but not always with hope and expectancy. So my prayer is for a healthy baby/young child and that if this isn’t His will that this longing in my heart would slip away. Thank you for this post and for your prayers.

  137. please pray for me for healing. Thank you!

  138. Charles is a 20 year old young man who lost his mom tragically about 4 years ago I year ago he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma now 2 months after he was told he was in remission he’s been told he it has relapsed the cancer is in his left lung and around his heart!! He desperately needs to be saved!!! He doesn’t feel he can turn to God now just because he’s sick because he doesn’t want to be a hypocrite! I’ve talked to him and told him he is not and would not be a hypocrite!! Please pray he’s confused and without a Savior and his mom!!!!

  139. Pls pray that my 27 year old daughter will return to God and use the gifts He has blessed her with to move closer to His will for her life and not her own. That she be released from a relationship that is not the best for her. That she not settle but seek and only be satisfied with what God desires for her. That her relationship with her brother and other family members is restored. Thank you.

  140. stress….. oh yes, from work and home life of a single mom. I would really appreciate prayers.

  141. Thank you for your message today. I have a couple of autoimmune diseases that I have been suffering from which have led to issues with anxiety and insomnia. I ask for your prayers so my health may improve and that I can get to sleep without medication. Thank you. I know that all things are possible with God and I put my trust in Him.

  142. Please pray for me as doubt creeps in when bills can’t get paid on time. This is such a nasty subject for so much if America right now. My husband works full time and I am a full time SAHM to our son and we have an 11- yr old daughter. We are blessed by God in so many ways, but sometimes life gets difficult and I just need to keep my trust in check that God will provide where we struggle! Thank you!!

  143. I have been waiting for the Lord to bring a buyer for my home. I have a smaller h one near my daughter purchased and need to move before winter. Please agree in prayer with me for a quick sale. For someone to come along with the finances already in line to buy.

  144. My city Hong Kong is in trouble.

  145. Could you please pray for my son. He has a lot of anxiety and has made some bad decisions in the past. Could you please pray that he stays strong to avoid the temptations of the world and that he finds the courage to do what is right and good. I will wait with hope. Thank you!

  146. I admit I feel very inadequate when I pray. My thoughts are jumbled and the words just gargle out of my mouth. I am reaching panic mode and can’t find the peace that God promises.
    I am a single mother of twin 10 year old boys. I do not get any help financially or with parenting from their “father”. I’ve worked for the same company for 28 years. Two years ago my job was downsized and I was able to find another position. That position is now being eliminated and I’m losing my job on 10/31. I’ve posted and interviewed for other jobs but turned down. I have another one that I’m waiting to hear back on.
    Thank you,


  147. Thank you for this opportunity to ask for prayer. My husband and I have been living apart for two months. He is saying he wants a divorce but I truly believe that it is not the Lord’s will. Please pray that my husband doesn’t harden his heart against me and that the Lord will help him to fall in love with me again. The pain is so great that I cry all day long. I am unfocused and unable to find the words to pray. It has affected the relationships with my children and they are very angry at me. I have no other family. I feel alone and isolated. Please, please pray for us that we start the road to healing, that God shows me some positive sign to hold onto. Please.

  148. Hi Leah,

    Thanks for your devotional today, and your prayer. I recently discovered the main verse in this devotional and it prompted me to try to stop vocalising negativity about my prayer request, as the following verse says, “It is good to wait quietly…”

    My request is for healing. For 6 months, I’ve had an affliction which may be caused by acid reflux but likely instigated by stress. It’s caused swallowing difficulties and discomfort which led to weight loss and panic attacks. It is constant, fluctuating but hasn’t left me since about March.

    I’m seeing a psychologist and working on the anxiety at the heart of it. But my body is physically still afflicted with an esophageal problem/discomfort and doctors seem confused. Please pray for healing, and help to be rid of anxiety to stop this focus on my body. All I can say is God has used this past year of health issues to draw me closer to Him than ever, for which I’m grateful. But I am so weary of this physical problem, and the distraction it’s been in my life.

    Thank you so, so much. God bless you and your family.


    • I pray for wisdom for you and your doctors. Trust God and trust your intuition that he has given you regarding your body, His temple. I had very similar issues, the doctors said it was in my head, and it certainly WAS NOT. After many tests and a hospital stay we figured some of it out. I pray for persistence and patience in this time. Have some suggestions re: medical tests if interested…

  149. Thank you for this devotional. I needed to hear this today. I’m 41. I was widowed and orphaned before I turned 40. I have a 22 year old son and a 5 year old daughter who has special needs. I lost my job 2 weeks ago. I have a fractured ankle and sprained wrist. I’m praying for God’s provision in my life. I’m also praying for my future husband. I want to find a Godly man who can help me in parenting and all of the struggles I encounter daily while doing this alone. My heart has been broken in so many different areas. I miss my parents and my husband, but they all knew Jesus. I know I will see them again.

  150. Hi Leah,
    Thank you so much for praying for us. It’s a comfort to know we are not alone in our struggles and prayers.
    My request is for peace as my husband and I go through a difficult season. We have both lost our jobs ( we were in a business with some partners). We are starting a new business which its very exciting how we have seen God work to make this happen. Both of us losing our jobs was a push in this direction. Unfortunately, the bank said no to any financing and we are living off our credit cards to get by. I don’t like to borrow money. By the end of December, we should have sold our products to make some money which will help us through next year. we are also having problems with our previous business partners to the extent we have had to hire a lawyer to help us, they have become quite nasty and are attacking us. There is so much more to explain, but God knows everything so I’ll keep it short. Thanks again for your prayers.

  151. Cynthia Powers :

    Praying for my marriage and strengthening my listening to what God’s plan is for me.

  152. Leah, your devotion today was written for me. God has been so faithful to me in more ways than I can count. But, in the one way I need the most He hasn’t answered. I have been praying for healing from back pain for about 10 years. After 2 back surgeries and many treatments I am still in pain. I just can’t see any good coming from this. I have tried to be patient but I’m tired of feeling exhausted from the pain. It hurts to sit, ride in a car, and lay for very long. There is not one doubt in my mind that God has the power to heal me. I have seen His miraculous healing and know that He is able to do more than I ask of Him. Please pray with me that I will experience that healing soon. I have asked Him to reveal to me anything that could be stopping the healing and haven’t heard anything.
    Leah, thank you for your ministry and faithfulness.

  153. Thank you so much Leah for this post! It was just what I needed to hear. I have two prayer requests. I have been praying for several years for a specific opportunity for my husband through his job. I go through periods of expectancy and also searching if this is a “No”. I still believe that God is urging me to continue to believe that He will answer this prayer. Secondly, please pray that barriers for a home purchase will be disintegrated by The Lord our God! Thank you for your encouragement today!!! God bless you!

  154. Today I ask you to pray for my marriage and the ability for me to think clearly. I also pray for resolution.

    Thank you…

  155. Ive been praying that God will bless me with a more deeper prayer life teaching me how to pray and a greater spirit of discerment along with the gifts of word of wisdom, knowledge, and prophecy. In Jesus name Amen.

  156. Please pray for my family. My husband and I lost our first child at 23 weeks just a little over a month ago. I was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix, which sent me into preterm labor. Satan is attacking me; he is trying to take over my heart and head by telling me that I’m a failure and my body is a failure because I couldn’t carry my baby to term. I’m scared to think about continuing to grow our family because I don’t want to lose another baby. Please pray that God would bless our family with a healthy full term baby in His timing and will, and that Satan would leave us alone!

  157. Please …. Much prayer is needed for our 22 year old son. We , as a family, got involved with a “false” church to put it politely. I don’t know how we became so deceived! For over 7 years and almost 7 before that in our search, bondage has been great. My mind new of Salvation by Grace, but these people wanted to add more and more strings. Most people in the world think these groups are so perfect and wonderful. Holy, intriguing ! I don’t want to give names and I want to speak in love. BUT, I tried to be someone I wasn’t. I tried to convince my family this legalistic life was correct. It has been a miserable 14 years. My son and I joined this church. My husband had better discernment. Praise God and bless the prayer warriors from our past, I have left. I will be excommunicated and of course shunned. Our son is 22 now. What have I done??? He is so deceived! They believe they are the only true visible church. To them and my son , I will go to hell for leaving. They also will not let me leave without a fight to win me back. At least that is norm. Perhaps , thanks to my husband not being a member, I won’t be harassed as much. But PLEASE PRAY OUR SON OUT OF THEIR GRIPS AND LIES! He is states away. I did such a good job , as Eve, of convincing , he really knows no other way. I knew deep down their doctrines were wrong, I always tried to impress the truth on our son when we saw error. We thought we could turn our backs or perhaps show them the light. If their is anyone reading this tear written comment who loves JESUS CHRIST AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOUR, saved by Grace and not of works, born again and saved by the Blood of the cross alone, then praise and thank God for getting me out from these people, BUT PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SON’s EYES TO BE OPENED. That he would see how truly erroneous the teaching is. MY HEART IS BREAKING AT THE THOUGHT OF MY OWN SON JUDGING ME TO HELL AND SHUNNING ME, when he knows I am born again and love Lord more than anything. I repented to God and asked my son for FORGIVENESS . I WAS DECEIVED. We read in scriptures about false teachers and churches. I’m so ashamed. So please if you are led to , pray for my family. For our son. This is a spiritual battle. I’m praising God with my husband for freedom in Christ and mourning as a mother as we wait on The Lord. PLEASE PRAY. PRAY HARD. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

  158. Chelsey Juarez :

    Please pray for my patience in His timing. I am a single mom of a 5 year old boy and he’s an ornery little thing. 🙂 At times, I struggle with not having someone who can help me raise him, some adult interaction (talks, dinners). I start wondering, is this it; will I always just be an independent mom, who raised her son; now what?! Although, it’s great to be an independent woman, sometimes, it would sure be nice to let someone else make the decisions on how we run the house, finances, etc. I trust Him with everything; he’s never failed me before and like the song says, “some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. I pray for patience everyday, then I walk into this world full of couples, two parent households, and then Satan takes over my mind- some days I’m able to brush him off because I know who I am in Christ but some days, I’m sad to say, he gets me. Prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  159. I am currently pregnant after two miscarriages in 9 months. I constantly worry this pregnancy will end the same way. I pray every hour that God will allow me to have a heathy pregnancy. This verse reminded me to wait with hope as God has a greater plan than I could ever imagine.

  160. I have been praying that God would bless me with a Godly husband and Godly father for my 5 year old son. I have also been praying for God’s will to be done in my life.

  161. I just wanted to thank you for your devotional today. It really hit me exactly where I’m at right now. I’ve been walking the journey of infertility for over 3 years now, and recently realized that my prayer life has diminished and I’m not really praying with power. God had been saying no for so long, that I didn’t want to pray anymore, because I didn’t want to pain of the “no”. I shielded my heart, but in effect, shielded myself from the blessings as well as the pain. God recently challenged me to pray one specific prayer boldly this month, and to trust him that even if the answer is still no, He WILL still transform me through this experience. Your devotional dovetailed beautifully with this challenge and is a wonderful encouragement for me; so thank you.

  162. My daughter is getting married this weekend. My anxiety level increases as the day gets nearer. I fear that I will be so anxious the day of the wedding, that I will be ill. Please pray that the Lord will wash away every anxiety and replace it with His peace. Thank you.

  163. Please pray for Bill. I have been waiting so long for God to work in his life. Your words today remind me to not give up.

  164. Leah Satonica :

    Thank you for your encouraging words. My prayer request right now is healing of my reproductive organs. I’ve had 6 surgeries on them so far, basically a surgery a year. I desperately want children and would love for my system to cooperate. Plus, I do not enjoy being in pain and having to constantly go under the knife.

  165. Oh, friend, your words today were timely. We’ve been praying about adoption for a decade and we continue to wait for God to open doors that have been closed and to bring this promised child of ours home. Lately, God seems to be on the move and we are expectant! Each night when my seven-year-old son climbs up to his top bunk, he pats the empty bottom bunk on his way up the ladder and says, “Someday soon, this bed won’t be empty… I’ll have a little brother sleeping right beneath me.” As a family, we’re thanking God in advance for answering our prayers. Blessings to you, today, Leah.

  166. I am waiting for physical healing–I have thyroid issues and fibromyalgia. Both of these make me extremely tired, dizzy, and unable to function. I had a family crisis last week that left me on my sofa the entire weekend–stress makes things worse. Taking a shower wore me out. I had to quit a job earlier this year due to my health–boss was after me with a vengeance even though my doctor sent excuses. Family Medical Leave didn’t cover this employer so my doctor advised me that I had to quit–before I could quit my boss kept verbally attacking me when no one was around. This has left me with financial issues–more stress. I forgot to add that from an MRI that was done earlier this year it looks like I have MS–I don’t have any symptoms but everytime a new doctor looks at the MRI they are shocked that I am functioning. I am scheduled to see an MS specialist a week from today. I made it to work today and had a friend encourage me to surrender my health and everything else to God. Please pray for me to do that and leave it all surrendered. Thanks!!

  167. Leah,
    Thank you for your encouraging words, what really spoke to me was thanking God in advance for miracles. My Husband and I have been married for 8 years and have so wanted a family. We recently pursued international adoption and were denied. We are currently working with an agency pursuing domestic infant adoption. My prayer is that my desire to have children whether my own or through adoption that God will bless us with the joy of being parents.
    Thank you for praying.

  168. My husband and I recently found out that a long awaited pregnancy that we were so excited about had ended in miscarriage. Your devotion on waiting really hit home for me. Pray that God’s will for our family would be revealed in his time. Also, please pray for my mother as she has a very important doctor appt. this month. Also, my heart grew convicted as I read over these prayer requests. I know I am guilty of walking around in a pity party, oblivious to the hurt others are going through.

  169. Please pray for the provision of $250 a month that I can pay my student loan debt. I also need $595 to repay an outstanding health debt for my daughter. I deeply desire to pay those I owe, I’m a SAHM and I just don’t have it. My own plans for making extra income have not worked. This time I am determined to wait on The Lord, the maker of Heaven and Earth.? Trusting God that He is working this out for me.

  170. Pray for financial blessings and breakthrough for Anna and Atlena and Sharon and me. Also William deliverance from all habits and addictions and strongholds and strongmen in Jesus name.

  171. Your post was encouraging to me today. I was widowed suddenly 3 1/2 years ago after 17 years of marriage, at the young age of 39. We had a wonderful Godly marriage full of trust, love and companionship. I have two sons now growing up without their wonderful father. I am praying and hoping to once again have a loving man to step into our lives, but that seems much harder than it sounds. I recently dated someone for a few months and we ended it. Now I am feeling horribly alone again and a bit hopeless that there is a healthy, Godly man out there to come into our lives. I am very discouraged about dating and feeling fairly hopeless in this area. It does seem like my prayers are not working. I would cover your prayers of encouragement, especially contentment and continued healing in this area. I don’t want to give up on my hopes and dreams to be married again with a marriage that reflects Gods love. But our busy lives and the rural area we live in makes this seem like a fantasy. Thank you for your prayers and your post!

  172. Thank you for your prayers for my patience , for The Lords blessings in my life & for HIS answer to my prayers. I pray to be a blessing in the life’s of others ……. Waiting with expectancy for provision , relationship & healing !! Thank you in Jesus name , Amen !!!!!

  173. I have been praying for something for 15 years and have lost that expectant hope that my prayer will be answered. I am weary of waiting, but encouraged by your thoughts today.

    • Stacie, I’m praying for you today even though I don’t know you. I know how that feels to wait so long.

    • I am praying for my husband’s heart and faith. He loves God but has been long discouraged by circumstances, especially in areas of our home and finances. I’m weary of encouraging to no avail….and encouragement is one of my gifts. Besides prayer I have no idea what to do. And prayer really doesn’t seem to be shifting anything.

  174. Thanks for your devotional – I need it today. Please pray for me as I have a prayer request and I am very worried and anxious and it’s eating me up. I know it’s ridiculous to feel this way but I really am worried. Thank you.

  175. My daughter has been battling cancer for almost four years. We are running out of medical options and are praying for a miracle. I have to trust His faithfulness and His promises.

    • Gina, I’m praying for your daughter – asking God to completely heal her of the cancer and that new opportunities become available to cover her medical expenses and elevate the financial pressures from you and your husband.

  176. I too feel Iam not good at prayer. Today I pray for patience as I try to figure out what my purpose or place in my job.

  177. Good morning Leah, would you please pray for my husband’s and my finances. We have been struggling for what seems like forever and this June our youngest will be graduating High School. She is on her way to college and we do not have any money set aside. With her God given gifts and abilities and really hard work, we tend to think she will receive at least one scholarship and we will work on grants. I am disabled and my husband works 2 jobs…and we aren’t young parents. Father God…Abba Father, please forgive my sins, known and unknown, I thank you now for all that you have done for us and for me, but especially for Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross…our little one wants so much to live away at a 4 year college and receive her degree in history and we want to be able to provide this for her somehow…I humbly ask for this gift for our daughter and may she love and follow you all the days of her life.
    Sorry…I do get carried away when the Spirit hits me!!!
    Would you still pray? Thank you

    • Laura, I’m praying for your family’s finances and for God to bless your daughter with a college scholarship or federal/state grants. I have a son in his second year of college. We applied for FAFSA and received federal and state grants that helped us tremendously. Anyone can apply and grants are given based on your family’s annual income. I’d highly recommend you look into it, if you haven’t already.

  178. My deepest desire is to spend more time at home and less time on the job. I can’t keep up with everything that needs to be done. A balance between my home life, social life, church life and employment is my deepest desire.

  179. Please pray for my son Justin that he will stop drinking and finds God. Also please pray for my marriage. Today is my 30th wedding anniversary. I am also praying for every person that has left a prayer request that they do not lose hope and remember to wait on God’s timing he knows what he’s doing. Thank you and God bless

  180. I have a brain tumor on the brain stem. It was found 7 years ago, and I’ve had a VP shunt in my head, and 2 crainiotomies. This last time the doctors were finally able to get a biopsy. NO more radiation and chemo(Imhope). In the last surgery they got the biopsy and we’re finally able to take most of the tumor. Itt was so big! They hit the brain or stem and now my left side is of key. I had to learn to walk again wtite(I’ left handed). this is better than dying because my 14 yr. old and 8yr. Old need me. Please pray my vision returns to normal and I get balanced again. God has brought me through so much, and will do more but I want healing now. Please I need your prayers!!

    • Kelli, I’m so sorry to hear about the struggles you’ve been through and I’m praying for you – asking God to restore your health, vision, balance and ability to care for you two children. God bless you, dear friend.

  181. Please pray for my husband and I as we go to court tomorrow to find out if the adoption of our sweet, one year old foster daughter will continue. We have had her for a little over a month and pray that she will be our daughter forever.

    • Kelly, I’m asking God to give you great favor with the judge who will be overseeing your adoption case. I hope everything works out so she can officially become your daughter.

  182. I really need prayer, to give patience. It is difficult as I am Bipolar and because of that I keep on losing Jobs and now I am too old. This has resulted in us being more or less destitud. My husband and I have been praying for as long as I can remember and nothing helps, I still get ill, the pills still do not work, I have to admit I have become despondent and do not really believe God is going to hear me, unless the answer is No, and I cannot see why.

    • Hi Magriet,

      I will be praying for you. I can relate as I too have battled with Bipolar illness and anxiety. I have past that includes quitting numerous jobs and each has caused grave financial consequences for my family. I at times, have stopped waiting on God. It’s not a fun place to be, and my heart shares your same heartache and pain for I know how horrible it is to live with a mental illness.

      I will pray for God to fill you with more patience. Try to hang on to hope. I know it’s hard, but know that you are not alone.

  183. I’d love your prayers as I continue to wait on God. Lately, I see small glimmers of hope but I’m almost afraid to trust. Today, I will decide to hope and trust that the Lord sees me and hears my prayers. Waiting for His Best Yes!

  184. I need your encouragement on prayer. I have been praying for my husbands salvation for almost 20 yrs, and for our children to return to the Lord. It has been a difficult year, filled with house floods, 2 car accidents, health complications and aging parents, and I have at times felt overwhelmed. Please pray for me !

    • Linda, I received your request and I’m praying for you today. I’m sorry to hear all that you’ve been through and hope that your husband chooses to say “yes” to Jesus real soon.

  185. Please pray for my husband to be saved & that I would trust God is in control through my infertility.

  186. I would like for you to pray with me for restoration in my marriage. We have been separated for 3 months, we still talk sometimes about the future but I am confused right now. One day he can say stuff that makes me hopeful that we will make it and the very next day he will say the opposite. He is eating up the fact that he has a wife that would die for him and these other women calling and showing interest in him. He has met one girl from out of the country that he is planning to meet and spend some time with he said this is something he “has” to do and after that he will make the decision as to if we stay married or get a divorce. This is going to be a very hard 2 weeks for me I pray that things work out for us I do not want a divorce.

    • Chrystal,
      I will pray for you and your situation but I greatly encourage you to seek counsel. Also, there’s an older book called “Love Must Be Tough” that you should get. While I am certain that Jesus wants your marriage to succeed, i’m also certain that He doesn’t want you to be treated the way you are being treated by your husband.
      My marriage was in crisis at one time as well, and we are now about to celebrate our 30th anniversary. You can do this, but you need to reach out for help. Read the book and get counseling. Pray for God’s strength and wisdom for you.

      • Crystal and Libbie,

        Thank you both for sharing. I’ve been married 18 years and it’s been a tough road. Two beautiful children which are now 17 and 15, so I’m thankful in that regard. My husband and I continue to run through the same cycle. We were separated for 6 months in 2011 and reconnected and things were good for a while…then a year later or so back to the same old, same old.

        I am struggling as I know God’s desire for marriage to be for life, but I also know He, to your point Libby, would not expect me to continue to allow/enable abusive behavior (wow that was hard to write). I’m so torn up inside. I am seeing a therapist and we have a couples counseling this week…but to a degree I feel it’s worthless as we’ve been down this path SO many times.

        I love my husband dearly, but don’t trust he can actually do what he says he will. I just don’t think he’s capable. I believe we did not listen to God when we got married (lots of red flags I ignored) so when I think about trying to “save” this marriage for 18 long years I just wonder and pray if I’ve made the right decisions (to stay, to reconnect, etc).

        Libby I’m going to check out the book you recommended…and of course continue to pray.

        Thank you both

    • Lord, I ask you that you restore Chrystal’s marriage. But 1st of all I ask you that you give her the PEACE and the STRENGTH that she needs. Lord, I ask you that you open her husband’s eyes and let him see what he is doing! I ask you that you break every chain that is holding him back and bring him back to his wife! Lord, I ask you that you bring him back to your steps and bring him a changed man! We rebuke the devil in JESUS name! WE THANK YOU BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT THIS IS DONE! IN THE NEXT DAYS TO COME MY LORD, WE KNOW HE WILL BE BACK HOME WITH HIS WIFE AND THEY WILL BE GIVING YOU PRAISE! We know that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE FOR YOU! We know that HE IS A CHANGED MAN! Thank you LORD! THANK YOU! In JESUS name we pray! AMEN!

      Chrystal, Do not give up! Keep pressing on! Keep having faith! The devil wants you to give up! But dont! Remember the word of God says, that having faith is seeing the unseen! You may not see it now, but God wants you to know that it is there! Just continue praying! Continue having hope! HAVE FAITH!!! You will see he will come back, and he will come back a CHANGED MAN!! PRAISE THE LORD IN THE STORM! THANK HIM FOR ALL THAT HE DOES! Dont let doubt come in your mind nor your heart, thats the devil trying to keep you away from the prize! dont let him! Remember, GOD IS GOOD! Have a blessed day!

  187. We have had many days of heart break over the past 15 years. Today, unless The Lord moves, will be another one of those days. We need prayer for hope and strength because we are weary. We need a miracle.

  188. Hi, Leah. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness and the hope we have because of it. My prayer request is not for me, but for some friends, Mark and Evva. Mark has been in the hospital/rehab since before Easter and has enormous challenges to overcome before he would ever get back home. Evva has to carry on with the everyday things of life, including teaching school. Their daughter is a senior in high school and is struggling with all that is happening with her dad. Your prayers for them are so very appreciated.

    Your website is beautiful…like a breath of fresh air! Blessings to you!

    • Sabra, I’m sorry to hear about your friend, Mark. That’s certainly is a long time to be in the hospital. I’m praying God will continue to heal, restore and strengthen him so that he can return home soon. Also for Ewa and their daughter and they eagerly wait for his return.

      Thank you for the sweet comments about my blog site. 🙂

  189. Marriage restoration, family healing, and salvation for my children.

  190. I have been divorced for 10 years now. I had a engagement that didn’t end in marriage. I had to break it off sadly. My heart has so much to offer someone!! I feel like I’m searching for love and should be more patient in God’s will for me!!! I pray for the strength in knowing he has a plan.

  191. Please pray for my broken heart, for my soul to be flooded with Gods spirit, over flowing with peace, joy, contentment, hope, and desires to be in line with Gods plan.

  192. Hi Leah,
    We are putting our investment property back in the market. The first time we tried to sell it, all three offers fell through. Inspite of it and in the midst of waiting, the Lord has been faithful in providing us with sources/tenants so that we can continue paying the mortgage. Please pray with us that this time around, the Lord will provide us with a buyer and that He will take care of all the details of the transaction so that we can close the deal in His time. Please also pray that our tenants will be cooperative and will find favor with the prospective buyer. Thanking you in advance for your prayers.

  193. My hubby of 43 years has been exhibiting signs of confusion that have escalated over the past 2 years. He has resigned his pastorate and I fight fear (knowing it’s not of God) every day for what might happen next…if you would please pray with me for the love of my life and father of our 4 grown kids and 16 grandchildren, Carmen…he has loved the Lord with all his soul and might since Jesus so wondrously saved us in 1977…thank you so much for your words of encouragement and sharing your heart…Sue

    • Sue, I’m praying for your husband’s health and asking God to restore his thoughts and remove any confusion. To impart great wisdom and knowledge. To comfort both of you.

  194. Please pray for my marriage to be restored. It has been constant arguing for years and my husband has never led the family the entire 13 year marriage. We don’t even celebrate anniversaries anymore. My husband had changed to be a bitter hard hearted man bad outs God and family last. I so pray fir God to be in this house and fir my husband to let a God help him instead of trying in his own and failing. We have 2 precious girls who aren’t seeing what a Christian home should be bad how their husbands should treat them. Every day my husband says he is too tired to care or he didn’t have time to think about it.

  195. Kimberly hupp :

    Please help us pray for our 18 year old daughter who is rebelling. Not only against us but God. She has run away from home And living in a pig sty. Having sex doing drugs and much more. She is adopted and we have always given her the best we have. We homeschooled her raised her up in church. Our home has always been Christ centered. Our hearts are so broken and we are angry at the ones who have her. We pray she comes home like the rodical son. We pray that ever time she LOL stems to Ozzy Osborne or Marilyn Manson she hears the prais and worship she was raised with. We just want her home safe where she belongs

    • Kimberly, I’m praying the promises of Isaiah 55:11 and Hebrews 4:12 over your daughter today. Grateful that God’s Word has already been implanted into her heart and it will not return void. God’s Word is alive, active and has the power to do spiritual heart surgery – no matter how far she’s drifted away. She’s never out of the reach of her Heavenly Father’s grasp.

  196. One special request I have is for my mother to hopefully meet someone and maybe marry and have a nice house to live in, when it’s God’s time. For God to meet all her needs. Also to praise God for all he’s already answered and I can see evidence of this in a request about my husband’s work. Continue to pray for his well being at work and satisfaction in what he does and his talents. Pray for two dear friends of mine going through some things- Jennifer and Trina and pray I can shine God’s love even when I least feel like I can. I pray also for everyone’s requests on here Lord and praise you for Jesus and for our salvation and forgive me when I doubt my salvation Lord as I know that’s not from you. In Jesus name amen!

  197. We have been praying for the salvation of our children and the restoration of their relationship to Him and to us for years. Our hope is in Him as we wait with expectation.

  198. Please pray for healing for my friend Brian. I need prayer, for God to end my wait and bring me my husband and help mate. It seems like everyone around me is getting my prayer answered for them but not me.
    Thank you!

    • Andrea, I’m praying for your friend, Brian. I’m also praying that as you seek God first in your life, above all else, He will bring a Christian husband for you to share your life with.

  199. Please pray for my husband’s salvation. I’ve been praying for this for 25 years now. To say that I’ve given up hope isn’t true, but I have lost that expectancy that it could be any day now. Many days I forget to pray for him. I think it’s because I’ve been praying for so long. Thank you for your post. Once again I’m praying with expectancy and renewed strength.

  200. Kimberly Powell :

    I recently became a stay at home wife and the adjustment has been hard. Hard in that I’m a “control freak” with everything from cleaning house to our finances. We with only one income its hard somedays for me to have faith that the money will be there. I feel as though sometimes my husband can’t handle it on his own and I feel I should have more faith in him and God that everything is going to be ok. I know this is where I am supposed to be in my life because we’ve been able to work on our marriage and its stronger than ever! And I know that pleases the Lord. Please pray that I will find peace in knowing everything is going to be ok.

    • Dear Lord, I pray for Kim as she is asking for peace with her new life as a stay at home wife. Help her to realize that this is where she needs to be and that she will thrive in many other ways, and that it’s okay to let your husband lead her family and also to be a team. Lord I too want to balance my life between work and my husband. I’ve been married 33 years and really just want to be home a lot more.

  201. I have been praying for my marriage to be restored for 10 months. I know God’s viewpoint on divorce but losng hope God will bring my husband back home. This month will be our 8th annivesary. Thank you for standing in agreement with me.

  202. Please pray for my health. I am a divorced mom of 5 and I have MS. I have a son w autism that I’m raising on my own. I need a new job due to my medical condition. Finances are so very tight it’s a constant source of stress. Please pray for me and all of these circumstances. Thank you.

    • Kim, I’m praying for you and your children today, especially your sweet boy who struggles with autism. May God fill you with His strength and empower you to take care of them while you search for a job that has medical benefits. #God-is-able


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