Divine Distractions

Divine Distractions

If you’re stopping by after reading my devotion on Encouragement for Today, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. This week I’m giving away another signed copy of Lysa TerKeurst’s new book, The Best Yes.

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Today, over at Proverbs 31 Ministries, I’m sharing how a routine stop at my local Wal-Mart turned into an experience I will never forget. What started out as an unwelcome interruption turned into a divine appointment that left a permanent mark on my heart.

Side Note: If you’re looking for some great God stories, just go to Wal-Mart! I always seem to encounter people there that provide ministry opportunities and fun stories to share afterwards.

God used the situation that day to teach me a valuable lesson:

Circumstances that seem to be daily interruptions can oftentimes be divine appointments in disguise.

Has that ever happened to you? You know, those moments or situations that seem to pop up out of nowhere and leave you shaking your head in disbelief while declaring, “Only God could have orchestrated this!”

I would love for you to share your stories here on the blog. Consider it your ticket for entering the drawing. It doesn’t have to be long. Just a few sentences so we can celebrate what God is doing in your life.

If you can’t recall a story, but would like to enter the drawing, share a time when someone prayed with you, like I did with the man in the parking lot.

If you need prayer today, just post your request below,  so I can be praying for you this week. And remember to keep your heart open to God’s divine appointments this week.


Stay Awesome!



  1. My best yes is to leave all of the boxes yet unpacked and endless list of things to accomplish with my recent move to a new home, and take the time to read my Bible and spend some quality quiet time with Jesus.

  2. On occassion I feel the have the same response wondering if it’s in my head or God asking me to do something that makes me feel weird. More times than not, I ignore it thinking it’s all in my head. I want to be obedient but I truly wonder if God would ask me to do anything for Him. Pray that we all will be more sensitive to His leading and know in our hearts it’s Him, for then we would do anything He asks of us.

    • Arianne Peterson :

      Carolyn, I used to think it is my weird ideas just popping up in my head too. I still do that sometimes but more often now, I listen to that nudge. First I filter with some prayers but if it’s there after a little “Lord really?” then I will move on that nudge or thought. Women more often than men experience the intuitive sensing of the Holy Spirit. I spent so many years working with men and in a man’s world that I learned to ignore my feminine strengths. This is a gift the Lord gives women to sense His voice, not that men do not but it isn’t as often or dominant. Just to encourage you to trust it’s a way He wired us up to not have crazy thoughts or be a crazy lady, rather following our Shepherd’s voice when He speaks. I’ll be praying you filter the things the Lord puts on your mind and heart, with courage to follow Him. As I keep working on that in my walk with Christ, press on dear ones!

  3. Michelle Mattson :

    A few years ago I was on my way to the grocery store, it was starting to get dark and I saw a woman parked on the side of the road with some items laying out on a blanket near the car. She was having a makeshift yard sale. As I pulled up to the stoplight near her I glanced at her wares and saw that they were mostly old used items like dirty teddybears that likely would not bring her much money. I felt the Lord tell me to give her $50. I thought “Lord, she doesn’t have anything there that I want or need.” He said “I’m not asking you to buy something from her. I am telling you to give her $50.” I argued with him a little longer about the amount, but He was very clear that I should give her $50. I pulled up to her and rolled my window down. Sobbing, I handed her the $50 and said “God told me to give this to you.” She said “What?” And I repeated myself, rolled up my window and drove away. I knew while I was sobbing that I was obeying him. It was not tears of sadness, the tears were more from the realization that God was giving me a direct order. I had never felt that way before. What a wonderful feeling to know that God used me.

  4. My God moments involves a parking lot, too. 2 upset crying children, a cart full of groceries and pouring rain….got the groceries and children in the car, soaking wet, and a lady came behind and took my cart! It was like she was put there at that exact moment just for me!!!!! Love those moments!

  5. Thanks for sharing your God moment, moments like these are such precious opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus in a practical/tangible way and when He orchestrates it the result is powerful!

    Recently I felt the Lord directing me to give some jeans to a dear friend who was working on loosing weight. My fear was that the circumstance would be a little bitter sweet, like dangling a carrot in front of her that she couldn’t quite reach. Low and behold if she didn’t walk into church that night with a little squeal, she waltz in wearing the jeans and doing a ‘happy dance’. It was so awesome to what God use a pair of jeans to bless, encourage and validate my friend. SO cool!

  6. My best Yes is to Overcome the agony of hard choices by embracing a wisdom based on biblical values, and listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

  7. I loved that story about the man in the parking lot. I know we should always obey God and listen to what he has to say. He knows all things. He is perfect. We should always look to him for everything, even when everything is going our way. We need to give thanks!!

  8. over the past few years life has be “bumpy” to say the least. things would quickly change directions in my life without notice. but after time would pass I would be able to look back of the the change and see more clearly what God was doing. the growth and change I have been through has been a challenge, but God has been my rock and I keep praying for Him to get me through whatever I am going through at the moment, and he always does. He keeps the words in my heart and mind…. The mind of man/woman plans his way, But the LORD directs his/her steps Proverbs 16:9

  9. The thought that came to mind after reading some other comments on medical needs and surgeries was my own surgery just over 11 years ago. I had just had my first daughter weeks prior when I found out through a series of circumstances that I had thyroid cancer. I had it throughout my pregnancy, unbeknownst to me. God kept that hidden from this “high anxiety girl” until my bundle arrived. Praise God! (a story for another time!). This simple story is about how this terribly nearsighted (glasses removed), brand new first time mom, about to undergo surgery and to “be put under” for the first time, who had been diagnosed with MS just years earlier and was worried how the surgery and medications would effect her, and remember who is “high anxiety” was rolled down to the operating room by an angel. Being able to see only sketchy figures, lying on the gurney, feeling exposed and fearful, God sent a man of few words but words that brought peace to this girl, to take me down to the operating room. I remember a very large man coming to escort me down what seemed like endless corridors feeling helpless and exposed. As he walked he simply told me “Don’t worry, God will take care of you”. I will never, ever forget those words.

  10. My Best Yes is when I trust The Lord and hear that still voice of His calling in my life.
    A couple of years ago, I knew The Lord was calling me to be prepared to help my aging parents. I had a stressful full-time job and many events in my life demanding my strength and energy. However, I felt that strong sense to obey The Lord so I made the choice to leave my job and focus on my family. I have been involved in my parents care and move to my city. My dad has been diagnosed with dementia and my mom had major surgery shortly after moving near me. My sister lost her son to suicide just prior to my parents moving closer and she now resides with me. There is no way I would have ever imagined these events 2 years ago sitting at my work desk but one thing I know; The Lord knew and He called me to be prepared. He is the Best Yes in my life. Thank you Lord for your promise to be our strength and help when we are so afraid and uncertain. Jer: 29:11 Amen

    • Pam, what an amazing story of gracious giving to your parents and sister in their time of need. Thank you for sharing it with me. 🙂

  11. My best “YES” is saying yes God yes! I believe in you, I receive you, and YES to your pefect will
    for my life and the lives of my wonderful family. Will I do your will? Yes Lord Yes!
    Looking forward to receiving a much needed copy of this amazing well written book:-)

  12. My Best Yes is doing and living as asked and commanded by God.

  13. My best yes would be letting God direct me in the career choice I need to make soon. And not fretting over it or letting my current job weigh me down and depress me.

  14. My best yes is to please God in all that I say and do. To know and live out his will amd purpose in my life each and every day.

  15. My best yes…to truly give God a never the less not my will, but His will be done in every area of my life. Not attempting to answer everything and fix things, but trusting and relying on God alone.

  16. My best YES is when I focus on God instead of the everyday problems of life. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the every day demands, especially with work. I’m slowly learning though when I give my worries to God instead of trying to handle them alone, I feel better and my week goes better.

  17. My mom’s in a nursing home. I go 3 times a day to feed her all her meals. I have been doing this for over four and a half years. I try to arrive 30 to 40 minutes early for her breakfast so that I can be there for the cna’s to come by for prayer, or just to share their burdens and talk about whatever is on their heart. It has turned into an amazing ministry!

  18. Arianne Peterson :

    Back in June a new dear Christian friend and co-worker was experiencing a devastating situation. A promise of love and future marriage crumbled into a million pieces as this man left her. I had a new calendar with my lunch slots and breaks set aside for my second career tasks or homework; but instead the Lord asked me to comfort my friend. I wouldn’t trade the tissues, tears, hugs and talks for the tasks I set aside. It’s hard to let go of my list or schedule when I have my own things in mind. Yet when the amazing work of the Lord moves, I wouldn’t trade it for my agenda. I have nurtured a new friendship and I am blessed. Now it’s a matter of figuring out how to manage my emotions in the midst of undone lists or tasks that I believe are so important but really are not that important. To find peace knowing there is a greater work at hand, not always turning into life altering divine appointments but a peace in living near to Christ. Thanks Leah for encouraging us! God Bless

    • Arianne, you have chosen wisely to care for your friend. God sees. God knows and He will reward you for following His voice and setting aside your desires to serve Him by helping your friend. You are living out love in action. Beautiful!

  19. Since you mentioned Walmart…..it reminded me of a promise I made to myself and God many years ago. That was to say “hello” or smile to at least one person in each aisle. Not only did it brighten my day but hopefully for other people as well. I didn’t have a lot of money that I could donate to charities, etc. but I could afford a smile!

  20. It was several years ago, but a friend of mine was going through a tumultuous time. I saw her at an event and gave her a long hug. It didn’t seem like much to me, but she said God spoke to her through that hug.

  21. I have such a hard time discerning God’s little nudges. I pray I’ll be able to do so more clearly & that I’ll have the courage to obey. Please pray for my husband, as he isn’t feeling well, but trying to make it through his work week (no sick leave at work) before he can see specialists. Thank you!

    • Beth, I’m praying for your husband today ~ asking God to strengthen him during work hours and to give his doctor wisdom. Also praying for you – that as you draw closer to God and spend time in His Word each day, you will begin to discern His voice and promptings.

  22. When I follow those gentle nudgings I am amazed at what I can accomplish with God’s help. Whether it be talking to a young mother in a store, paying it forward in the drive-thru or picking up the phone and calling a friend, I’ve learned to trust those nudges and obey His calling.

  23. I remember when I was getting ready to go on a missions trip, and I didn’t feel spiritually prepared. I felt so unworthy. I went to a special event, and two women came up after the meeting and started talking to me. They had both been part of the performance, and were dressed in white. I believe they were like angels sent to me by God. They were dear sisters in Christ. They wrapped their arms around me, and prayed for me and my upcoming trip, and wept with me tears of joy and healing.

  24. I read the blog and thought, I don’t have anything to talk about until I read the one from the person that mentioned “Holy Spirit tap on the shoulder”. I was told I was having a procedure done that I had had before and promised myself I would never go through one of those again in my life (doctor said it had to be done). Needless to say the day came (after days of stress and prayer) to have the procedure. I got ready and the nurse came in and I was crying and shaking so bad, she said she would go and talk to the tech who would be doing the test. While she was out of the room I was praying and asking to not have to go through this. All though I did not hear his voice I felt something on my shoulders (felt like two hands), I turned around expecting to see the nurse, and saw on one. I turned back and felt SUCH PEACE. The nurse came back in and said the tech will only be doing a partial procedure. I was still crying and shaking (thanking God) but felt at peace. To this day I still believe the Holy Spirit had his hands on my shoulders. Thank you all for reminding me that I need to listen and feel for his grace.

  25. Thank you for sharing. Truly a miraculous opportunity for The Lord to display His glory through His beloved. Inspiring. Encouraging. Thank you for making a difference. I am looking forward to Lysa’s new Bible Study. Hope you will be participating. I love your writing!

  26. It was wonderful that you were able to say “Yes” to God’s inner nudge and could bring comfort and peace to the distressed person. Not only that, you were able to give others a voice as they too prayed for the victim. When distractions arise, it is truly a divine appointment to give glory to God through our words and prayers. My prayer is that I will be open to the Lord’s leading and obey His voice, no matter how it impacts my schedule. Thank you for such a vivid demonstration of God’s miracle.

  27. I have felt a nudge many times to call, text, or message, etc. people who are going through times. I pray that God will continue to use me in many ways to encourage others.

  28. Divine appointment – realizing that of the women who gathered to pray for the school as this new year begins, one of them is not a Christ follower. Recalling our prayers and continuing to pray for this woman, praying for seeds to have been sown during the 2 hour walk around the campus. Maybe the Holy Spirit, through our prayers on behalf of the students, teachers, administrative staff will prompt her to seek the Father. He promises that those who seek Him will find Him.

  29. God nudged me to go visit my ill grandmother one evening as I was picking my children up between practices. I had so much to do and needed to get my kids home because they had school the next day. Needless to say I ignored the nudge and received a phone call early the next day that she had passed away. Because of this, I now try to always listen to His nudges.

  30. Y’all are amazing! I’m having my own little revival as I read through your stories. One minute I’m laughing and the next I’m wiping tears from my eyes. God is so amazing and goes out of His way to make Himself known to us. We are truly blessed beyond measure!

    I’m praying for each of you by name, asking God to heighten your spiritual senses, so that you can see, hear, know and feel His presence in your lives. Not just today, but every day!

    I’m forever grateful for each of you!

  31. About 20 years ago I was reading the paper and saw a story about a lady who was 99 celebrating her birthday. A long story short, but I felt prompted to send her a card, then with permission of her niece visited the lady in the small nursing home. We were friends for 6 months, I visited Marie and had wonderful conversations with her, brought her books to read etc. She was wonderfully sharp in her mind. One day I went to visit and found out she was in the hospital….I visited her there and she told me she had stomach cancer. A few weeks later I woke up early and in kind of a dreamy sleepy state I thought of Marie, and thought ” wow, Marie is 99 and a half, that is such a long long time and she’s seen so many things on this earth, etc,” when all of a sudden I felt I heard God say (in my mind, but it was like an audible voice) “I had Marie live this long so that you could meet her”…..it was very profound and amazing, to hear that and believe God’s nudges can be such beautiful divine appointments. When I got to work that morning, I got a call from the nursing home saying Marie had passed away a few hours before I woke up that day…I later went to her funeral and was thanked by her family for visiting her…it remains one of my most powerful “God-nudges”!

    • Kelly, it’s amazing how God can take a simple newspaper article and prompt one of His precious daughter to love and care for a stranger the way you did. God certainly used you to impact this woman’s life in such a beautiful way.

  32. The verse on Proverbs about “man plans his way but the Lord directs his path:.. is something I try to remember daily. I often times fall short. I know that recently there have been some divine appointments but I can’t think of them right now. I know that I want to listen to that voice and not miss God’s blessing through it.

    Thank you for sharing today!

  33. My best yes is to say yes to life not being perfect. My family will be ok even if everything isn’t perfect house, straight A’s and game winning goal perfection.

  34. My best yes is praying for my husband to be restored to Christ. He was a pastor and now he will not even go to church.

  35. With the school year starting, 3 children in 3 different schools with three sets of calendars and demands…..I need to read this book. I often think I am good at saying “no” and being choosy as to what I participate in. Now I am not sure. Do I say no too much? Am I busying myself enough with things God wants me to do? Am I just distracted? Overwhelmed? Am I on the track God wants me to be? I am looking forward to what God has to speak to my heart through this book. Thank you so much!

  36. My best yes is to spend this holiday with my 5 year old son and with God’s help build a solid relationship with him.

  37. Humm, my best yes? Well, my husband says I only know the word yes. I tell everyone yes but never feel like I truly accomplish it all and I’m hardly ever on time because I cram so much in. I figure its better late than never. Kidding that’s what I tell myself. I’ve learned not to make excuses but I do have a lot on my plate. Many kids from 6 month old to 17 years and an ill parent plus I worked a 60 hour week job which I lost in July but still haven’t had time to do what I want to do. Honestly, I don’t know if I would read this book unless someone asked me to do it for them. I love the idea of slowing down. Help me if u can. ((;

    • Laura, you certainly have a lot of responsibility and I’m sure the needs & requests are endless. I’m praying for you this morning ~ asking God to clearly show you what your best yes is for today.

  38. My Best Yes would be to say Yes to daily devotion with the Lord, and to listen for his voice before say yes to everything. I have a problem saying know even when I know it is not the best thing for me and even in in the mist of exhaustion.

  39. Cheryl Nopuente-Yates :

    My best yes…I was amazed at God’s perfect will for me this Memorial weekend. I didn’t realize that He will use me to inspire a family we visited. My very good friend came to visit me from the Philippines, she mentioned that her former employee who became her mentee, wants to see her who lives in Stamford, Connecticut. We live in Franklinville, NY and Stamford is 9 hrs from us. My husband and myself are so busy getting our rental apt ready for a tenant. It seems impossible for me to leave what I’m doing to grant her wish of visiting her former employee. I prayed if it’s His will for me to leave my husband do all the work while I accompany my friend to grant her wish. I waited for the moment while keeping ourselves busy working to finish the apt project. My friend volunteered to do some of the work I plan on doing and she did a great job of completing the tasks. That’s when I realized that the Lord wants us to go to Stamford. Arriving Stamford after the almost non stop 9 hrs bus and train ride, we finally meet my friend’s former employee and her family. Earlier in the bus to Stamford, my friend shared with me the life of her former employee, their trials in life and how they’re trying their best to leave the horrible past behind them. When we arrived and are about to start to partake of the meal, I was asked to pray which I gladly accepted. I started praying then in the midst of my prayer, I felt God giving me the words to share with the pain of this family. By the time I finished praying, we were all crying. The next opportunity came when the whole family were having lunch, I was able to give them financial advice ( I’m a financial advisor) which they needed as newcomers to America. It was a great time of sharing my own personal experiences with them, I believe that God is using me to share what we have been through as a family which will serve as an inspiration that God indeed keeps His promises if you let Him. Before we left their house, I was in awe how the Lord made me a vessel and a mouthpiece to proclaim His goodness and faithfulness to inspire all of them to keep their faith and seek Him first in their lives. I believed that He is glorified and will be manifested in all aspect of their lives. By the grace of God, I’ll be great friends with them, we plan on being accountable to each other. He is to be praised…

  40. I have had divine interruptions many times. You don’t usually notice them as such until the other person makes you realize that they didn’t plan on being there; or whatever the case may be. Sometimes I don’t even know until weeks later what a quick little prayer has done for someone. Even a smile and a “how are you” to a grocery store clerk can a make a hard day a little brighter. Just a little acknowledgment goes a long way. Next time that you think you have never had a divine interruption, think back over your day and see what God has done! It will also help you to be more aware the next time! Thanks for your ministry and for allowing God to use you right where you are!

  41. I was at a wedding this weekend and I was really touched by a woman at the reception who my husband and I knew individually and very marginally. Apparently I had sent her a note years ago thanking her for caring for my daughter at school and my husband had given her some plates and silverware during her father’s death. All of this happened long ago and I was really amazed at how taking the time to do even very simple things can have such a profound effect on a person’s life. I try to remember this every day, how taking the time to look into someone’s eyes can make a huge difference for them, the little things we can can be the light of Christ shining through us.

    • April, I agree ~ oftentimes it’s those little things that make such a profound difference in someone’s life. Something as simple as a thank you note can touch a person’s heart for a lifetime.

  42. I call it a “Holy Spirit tap on the shoulder”. Have I experienced it? YES! Have I always heeded to it? Shamefully, NO. This devotional touched my heart because I have been guilty of pushing past the gentle nudging on my heart and getting my agenda done. I am encouraged that I’m getting better at not just listening, but obeying. One such story started a couple weeks ago. Our family had finished our monthly pilgrimage to Costco and were headed home (about 45 minutes away). We had dinner in our laps (eating on the run is a survival mechanism when one lives so far away) and were waiting on a red light at a busy intersection in the “new to us” van that God had just blessed our family with when I saw “her”. She was on the opposite side of the street, humbly holding a sign that asked for any sort of help that could be spared. Safety precluded me from jumping out of the vehicle and darting across traffic to give her my sandwich and, well, honestly, that was just one of many excuses to press on and get done what we needed to get done. People who really don’t need “help” do this all the time, right? My driver husband was less than thrilled to even consider the possibility of navigating traffic and going back to hand her some cash and a sandwich. I sat and watched as she gratefully received a bottled water from another car and before opening the bottle, she looked heavenward and mouthed “Thank you Jesus!” I couldn’t stop watching her but I didn’t do anything to help her either. The light changes and we proceed on with OUR lives, but the Holy Spirit didn’t let up. With tears, I thought of how our family had just been blessed with this wonderful new van as a GIFT, clearly an answer to prayer and a gift from above, we had a months rations in the back and dinner and we just drove by and watched this dear woman…

    Our two girls observed this scene from the back seat and it has become a great teaching lesson for them as well. We learned that the amazing God we serve has greatly blessed us, and as such we need to welcome opportunities to bless others when we are nudged. So, we prayed for her and went about eating and heading home. But she has been on my heart ever since… When I thought of her, I’d whisper a prayer for her and ask forgiveness for not obeying the nudge of my heart to do something. I think I might have even asked for another opportunity to help her, I know that I’d do things differently if I saw her again…

    Now, for the rest of the story…

    Saturday morning, I read an email from a friend that convicted me that as believers that we need to step outside of ourselves and be Jesus’ hands and feet, helping and connecting as we are prompted. There she was again, on my heart. What are the chances that she’d be at the same intersection again? Maybe I could head to that part of town when I’m in town and just check… But I had a very short amount of time to do a long list of errands and get back home in time to get the copious amounts of things done that I need to get done (I almost cancelled my trip to town because of all the things that needed to get done and the fact that I didn’t get out of the house as early as I wanted to)…So, I went about my errands, but had a nudging to go to the home improvement store and grocery store on the opposite side of town than where I usually go reasoning that it would be quicker and I could get home sooner. AND THERE SHE WAS! Thank you LORD for being relentless in allowing our lives to intersect. Miracle of miracles, the light is red when I get to the intersection where she is standing. I greet her with “Hello, Sister!”, handed her a bottle of cool water (that God had graciously provided at the home improvement store) and some cash and had the opportunity to hold her hand and ask specifically how I can pray for her.

    I tell this story not to call attention to me or my obedience, but to give all glory to Creator God Almighty and humbly show gratitude for His abundant grace and mercy and relentless pursuit of our hearts and forming them into the likeness of Jesus. One of our daughters was witness to this grand blessing and it made an impact on her. I stand in awe of the LORD we serve who has such a heart for this dear woman and I am grateful for the connection we were allowed to enjoy at the corner of a busy intersection on the opposite side of town on a busy Saturday morning.

    • Tamara, thank you for sharing this amazing story. I love how God gave you another opportunity to help a sweet sister in need. I’m sure she’ll remember the way you cared for a very long time.

  43. I was organizing a huge event at church and needed to decorate our fellowship hall for a luncheon for retired pastors. I had a very small window of time to shop without my children, and I ran to a run-down local party shop to find tablecloths in the perfect shade green. After browsing the shelves and coming up short, I stopped at the counter to ask the owner if he could order tablecloths for me. “Honestly, I don’t know if we’ll be open much longer,” he said with sadness and pure weariness in his eyes. I made the choice to stay and chat with this broken man rather than move on to continue my shopping. His story of knowing he was about to lose his business after 22 years would have broken anyone’s heart, but God had chosen me to participate in this conversation. You see, one year earlier, my dad had to close his doors after 27 years of owning his own business. Being able to tell this man that there is hope and so much more life beyond losing a business was immeasurably more important and more fulfilling than putting together the perfect tables for my church luncheon. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I cross items off my to-do list, but I feel a greater sense of purpose when I know God has used me to touch someone else.

  44. Thank you for your post today!! I loved how you shared that when you felt the call to pray you thought you might be seen as crazy and weird. I so often feel that way when I feel the urge to step out of my comfort zone and pray. I need to learn how to do that more…I’m ashamed to say I often ignore that one. I’m not great at praying out loud but you have encouraged me that by doing it I may be an encouragement to others who are having a similar internal struggle! Stepping out in faith isn’t easy but it’s rewarding beyond words…

    • Katrina, that’s how it starts … with little steps of faith. When we step outside out comfort zone we open ourselves up to some of the greatest adventures with God.

  45. Kiffany Stollings :

    As I sat at my desk this morning reading my Bible, I opened my e-mail and saw the Proverbs 31 Devotion for the day. I thought I may as well open it while I was doing my quiet time. So glad I did. Your message opened my eyes. Thank you for sharing. My prayer is to listen more intently to what I feel are interruptions. A long time ago I had a wonderful, Christian boss that told me not to think of things that interrupt our work schedule as interruptions, but to think of them as opportunities. I need to put that into my everyday personal life. They are not interruptions but divine opportunities from God.

  46. Daily ask God to show you who needs to see a glimpse of Him through you! He always brings to mind someone during my busy day; Jesus is so faithful to answer our sincere prayers!!
    One particular day I was neck high in planning math lessons (I am a math teacher) and professional development sessions for other teachers when Jesus kept saying to me the name Michael. ” Send him a text now; pray for him and his family now!” Battling whether or not to listen and obey continued for 10-15 minutes and then the supernatural occured when I obeyed!!
    I had a picture on my phone that said “I’ve got this. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be OK. Love, God”
    I sent the picture to Michael (a former coworker and my daughter’s teacher) and prayed for his family and him.
    A few weeks later I see Michael at school and with tears streaming down his face he tells me THE STORY.
    His wife was about to be wheeled into emergency surgery (a c section) to try to save the life of her and her unborn baby. There was a big possibility that she and/or the baby would not survive. Michael was worried and stressed. At the exact moment that they were going through the operating doors, he gets the text from me and suddenly felt the peace of God that transcends all understanding and he knew everything was going to be alright.
    Today (six months later) mom and daughter are just fine.
    Soooooo, even in the midst of your busy schedule, listen to and obey God’s still small voice…the distraction to you just might be the biggest event in someone else’s life!!!

    • What an incredible story of God’s faithfulness to Michael & his family during this great time of need. Thank you for being Jesus’ light to others who need His peace so desperately.

  47. A few years ago I was greatly struggling with anxiety. It affected my life so much that I was unable to attend graduate classes and do daily activities many days. A classmate of mine who was a few years older than I helped me through this time by praying for me. Many times I would call her distraught and she would pray for me and I could feel peace fill my heart. Today I have more peace in my life because of the help of my friend to lead me closer to Christ. This woman holds a very special place in my heart! Blessings to you today.

  48. I struggle with hearing gods voice! I pray every day to have more awareness if gods presence iny life! But I have been praying for my autistic daughter to be placed back on the ESL bus to school.due to her asmtha, and allergies! Sometimes we have to walk home from school and it’s so hard after but her doctor did get a letter for us and were just waiting for a IEP meeting & the counselor is jousting waiting for confirmation with transportation! I know I have a meeting I just need to be patient! Even though I’m waiting for the meeting my fiancés schedule this week I will be able to pick her up from school (1 car). I know that it’s gods voice telling me to be patient and the meeting will be sooner than I think!

    • Holly, I’m praying that God will give you great favor with the school so that your daughter can ride the ESL bus soon. I’ve personally discovered that the more I respond to God’s promptings and thank Him in the midst of it, the more He reveals Himself to me in everyday situations.

  49. Just found this blog and loved today’s reading. It is a good reminder to always try to listen to that still, small voice – which is a constant struggle for me. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder!

    In July I was visiting a cousin and she had recently cleaned out her closet. She had a large bag full of clothes she said I could take home and go through. She also asked if I knew anyone that would like this cool bracelet made with the letter “F.” I thought of a couple of people – Farida and my neighbor Faith.

    In the meantime, I was invited to a close friend’s house for dinner and games with two more ladies from church. Love these ladies!

    While going through the bag from my cousin, I came across a really cute purse. For some reason, a young girl named Faith that goes to my church came to mind. She is an only child being raised by a single dad who had recently had a stroke. I had not seen her in awhile. However, the friend who invited me for dinner used to tutor the young girl on a regular basis and do girly things with her 🙂 I knew my friend had been out of town for several months dealing with ailing aged parents, and had not been able to spend time with this young girl, but I thought I would take the purse with me to dinner and ask if she thot the girl would like it. All of a sudden the bracelet of “FFF”s fell into the mix too.

    When I got there for dinner, one of the other ladies was already there. I pulled out the purse to show my friend and ask her if she thought the girl would like it. They both started laughing. I didn’t understand. Come to find out, the other friend was bringing her visiting granddaughter and they were going to stop by and pick up Faith and bring her along!! I could ask her myself. AND BY THE WAY, she says “tomorrow is Faith’s 11th birthday.”

    When they arrived, they had brought a cake to celebrate my belated birthday. She had no idea about Faith’s birthday. But God!

    There we were with a purse, a bracelet AND a cake to celebrate this sweet girl’s birthday. The love of the Father never ceases to thrill and amaze me. Faith loved her gifts from the Lord and we were all blown away!

  51. Thorunn Fawcett-Taylor :

    Just what I needed today. I live in Florida and have planned a visit to my family in Georgia, and they are not believers. Well got half way here and got a phone call saying they were taking my mother to the emergency room, later to find out that her colon had burst and they had to do emergency surgery. Every gime I come here I always have an emotional break down, so needless to say yesterday was it for me. Some kind of comments are said or certain disgustions come up. It’s very exhausting. So yester I decided I needed a break from everyone, didn’t go the hospital and just had a day of trying to get things done that needed to be done and be by myself. Cried alot felt sorry foe myself a lot and just felt broken and tired, but continued to cry out to God for guidance and strength and to also praise and love him.
    For some reason God spoke to me today to read this, to be honest I get your post everyday, but haven’t read them in a long time. And I too was fighting not to read it, but so happy that I did.
    So after reading this today I have new hope, answes and a will again.
    I’m not going to give up and pray that God will be speaking to me today and holding me up when I feel beaten up.
    Thank you so much for being here for me today to you and my always faithful Heavenly Father.
    Have a blessed day, I NOW KNOW I WILL!!!!

  52. My friend and boss was fired from her job for very inappropriate conduct. We shared an office. By absolute divine intervention I was off work the entire week during the events. God spared me from any appearance of wrong doing and an insurmountable load of stress. I had no plans of being off that week but God protected me.

  53. I would like to thank you for today’s devotion. Brought tears to my eyes. I don’t have a story like this to share (yet.) Hopefully someday. I would however like to ask if you could pray for me so that I can be more discerning of His presence. I really need to get back to this, even if everyone around me isn’t “into” God, and boy am I surrounded by these people. I do pray for them, but since these are people that are in my family, it is so hard. Thank you so very much!

    • Janis, I want to encourage you to wake up every morning with anticipation that God WILL speak to you and/or reveal Himself throughout your day. Oftentimes, we can be so busy we miss His promptings. May you have a greater awareness of His presence. I’m praying for you.

      • Dear Leah,
        All I can say is WOW! You answered me and I want to thank you so very much for doing that! Also, I really want to thank your for your prayers! So thank you so very much! People often say that they will pray for you, but life can get so busy…Maybe this is one of His promptings.

  54. At church one Sunday at a quick choir rehearsal immediately before the service began, I realized I had left my reading glasses at home. Because I couldn’t read my music without them, I decided to dash home quickly and grab them before the service began. When I walked outside of the church, I noticed a lady standing alone outside the front doors who looked like she was hesitating about whether or not to come in. When I got closer to her, I realized it was someone I had formerly worked with. I was surprised to see her, was able to warmly welcome her, and swept her inside and got her situated in my pew. After the service, she told me she was having a battle on the sidewalk about whether or not to come in, and if I had not come out and greeted her at that moment, she was about to turn around and go home. She was going through some really heavy problems and desperately needed prayer and encouragement, which she would not have received if she had left. She clearly recognized God reaching out to her in that moment when I came out the door.

  55. My life stays so busy like most people these days. I want to reach out to help others in need but I’m guilty of letting my to do list get in the way of blessing others. And there is my perfectionist side that doesn’t want to do something unless it can be done well. Recently an opportunity came up to take a Mel to a pregnant mom on bed rest from our church. I didn’t know how to fit in to my schedule taking a meal. I was torn because I love to do that but how could I make it fit into my crazy schedule??? My sweet husband suggested I take her something easy and mostly premade. Normally I would do more but at least it would be something. When I got to her house and started setting out the food, she said it was everything her small children loved to eat. God showed me in that moment to put aside my pride and just help. It can be simple with no frills and still greatly bless those in need. And my heart was filled with joy as I left knowing that I ministered to that mom and her family.

  56. A couple of years ago while answering the phone a woman was looking for a Pete Peterson. Though she had the wrong party I heard God whisper, “Stay on the phone,” so I did. She was an elderly woman who was looking for Pete Peterson to invite him to a surprise birthday party for her husband. By staying on the phone I learned why it was so important to locate this man who they had lost track of for a number of years. Shirley’s husband was dying of cancer. I asked if I could pray for her, which I did right then. And yet, I wasn’t finished. I gathered a few more pieces of information and I started a search for Pete Peterson. After a couple of unsuccessful days I was sharing the story with a friend on the phone. And believe it or not she knew a Pete Peterson. I obtained his number even though the spelling was not what Shirley had told me. And within minutes I was talking to Shirley’s long lost friend. Shirley was thrilled when I called her. Pete attended the party and a couple of weeks later I was invited to meet Shirley at a McDonald’s. She took a gift out of her bag placing it on the table. In the beautifully wrapped present was a gorgeous figurine of an angel with a flower in her hand. Shirley told me I was her angel. I keep the angel on the corner of my desk to remind me how important it is to listen to that still small voice. The voice that sees all, and hears all, every cry someone makes.

    If you’d like to read a very short blog about it and see my angel, it’s here.


  57. I am not a daily visitor to Facebook, but glanced on it last night to discover that a friend from college had posted information regarding her father’s memorial services. Oh no, her dad had passed and since I’ve been under the weather myself and recovering from surgery, I was not in my normal circles and did not know. Had not heard…I immediately reached out to her via text and sent her words of encouragement and bible verse to support her of God’s promises. Having lost my mom a little while ago, I know it is hard to lose a parent and the blur that life is until you get to the other side of the service (and even thereafter)….I will continue to pray for her peace and promised to call after the services have passed. Her response was so lovely because she said she knew I would understand and my communication showed that. But, it was God not me that made the connection and communication possible….

  58. About 4 years ago, my friend and office-mate fell out if his chair in sudden cardiac arrest. Fortunately, we work in a hospital directly below the emergency room. We called a code blue, and physicians, pharmacists, and nurses came out of the woodwork. I was cornered in the office by people and equipment. So, I sat on a desk and prayed. What a miracle I witnessed! The power of prayer and medicine brought my friend from death to life. I am so blessed to have witnessed God’s power that day!

  59. I enjoy my daily meditations reading your words of encouragements. The 16th of this month will mark the 1st year of my mothers transition to heaven. I’m not sure how I am going to feel other than sad. I solicited the prayers of my sisters in Christ.

  60. I’m new to your site, and I truly enjoy reading your posts. Thank you! I am a teacher, as well as a freelance writer and editor. I have been searching for more of what God wants for my life, and I am working hard on being open to what that means. Whether it’s something going on at Wal-Mart or a situation in my own home or community, I hope I will be able to respond in a way that pleases God. Thanks again for the excellent writing and encouragement here. Have a great day!

  61. I try very hard to hear that small voice in my heart and follow where it leads me. Words come out of my mouth and I wonder where they came from because it didnt seem like me. I have lived my adult life miles from family. Mother and I had regular Wednesday calls to catch up. On one of those calls she said how tired she was and how she ached for God to take her home. Those unexpected words came out of my lips ” Gods not done with you yet”. Week later she told me she ask God every morning what he wants her to do that day. Who needs her that day?. I was not there in her last moments. My sister put the phone next to her. I told her how we would be ok. She had taught us many lifes lessons through her examples and she was done. Time to go home. Shortly after Heaven opened up to receive this child of God.

  62. Lindsey Parker :

    I remember a time recently when a neighbor friend of mine got pretty sick and couldn’t work. It was a particularly busy week for me and my family as we were getting ready to visit family in another state. However, I felt God impressing on my heart to make my neighbor a care package to leave at her doorstep. I got my kids involved picking out little treats we thought she might like. I knew I would appreciate someone doing that for me, so I wanted to bring a little bit of happiness to my friend in whatever small way I could.

  63. I often feel God nudging me to notice others who appear down or discouraged & then to respond by sharing words of encouragement.

  64. I brought a few items to give to those in need. Later that day I saw a child holding one of the very items I had brought. He held on tight and held his head high. All I could do was smile and be thankful.

  65. I was just amazed as I began to read your devotional this morning because my mind had already been going through my list of things that needed to get done today! Thank you for your words which helped me to slow down and take time to read about what’s most important in life, serving God first and taking time to hear Him and read His word. I get in such a hurry sometimes and I am going to pray that He will help me slow down a little and seize those important “God” moments. I don’t want to miss an opportunity to serve Him.

  66. Heather Dahlke :

    About 9 years ago, I was talking on the phone with a woman who’s children went to school with mine. I was conducting a survey and asking her questions. She started to ask me questions too, but more personal ones in regards to my faith. At the end of our conversation, she asked if she could pray with me and I said yes. I am so thankful for those 2 minutes of prayer. The Holy Spirit used them to ignite a passion for Christ that I hadn’t felt in my first 33 years of life!! Since then my life is completely different. After our 3 biological children were born we decided, after hearing God’s calling, to adopt our youngest son from Ethiopia 3 1/2 years ago. A true blessing and our best yes!

  67. I started a week of work, anxious and determined, as I was going to a new facility to cover for a week- long vacation. What seemed like typical appointments with clients for physical therapy, were not. God did something. Each morning I prayed for them by name, something that I had not done on a routine basis in my work before. By the end of the week, I had a conversation with one woman who was a divine appointment… We ended our conversation and week together with a hug, teary eyes and a “see you in heaven someday.’ What seemed like a typical work week, ended up being very interesting…. No, amazing! God’s hands were all over it! But I know he’s been there every time I work…I just was too busy on my ” to do” list. I pray he helps me feel His presence like that week!.

  68. I was in a hurry. I had to run home and grab a few things and get back to help set up for a wedding reception. As, I am driving, a person walking caught my eye. She was someone who I had been ministering. She did not see me, so I continued driving. Then, I felt I should turn around. So, I did. We hugged, and I had encouraged her to continue to stay strong.

  69. Radical faith huh? In 2011 God opened the doors for us to open a business. First day flooded; the move to another building; a young girl at our doors and with us 8-9 hrs a day for 10 days until mom checked out to see where she was. Business did not recover but no peace to close; little girl went to VBS with us and yes accepted Christ. Next day mom shows up; they are being evicted and have to leave. Peace in our hearts to close store. A business failure? No a life saved for eternity. I love divine appts

  70. This devotional confirms what I have often struggled with this past 2 years. I had been experiencing feelings of being used and interrupted from my daily events, only to see now God needed me to help this family through the rocky hills they are climbing… Thank you again for sharing…

  71. I have prayed for others and had others pray for me at Gods prompting. The blessings are always overwhelming. Recently, God used my son to help another by placing him at the right place at the right time. He was instrumental in helping to apprehend a man that was stalking a teenage friend of his. This has been a huge relief to the family of the girl that was being stalked. He could have continued to play basketball with his friends, but he choose to listen to the promptings of his heart.

  72. I myself have many distraction that keep me from hearing God’s still small voice. I recently realized when I lose something and ask God where have I missed placed an item and I am quietly awaiting for His responses almost always He brings in to memory where the item is. At that time I question myself ” If God answer in small matters, He can truly answer me in bigger matters if only I will listen to His still small voice “but often I become impatient,rushed,anxious etc… and see that I can and have miss many opportunities. I am excited to begin doing this study and see how God can use me in whatever way he chooses.

  73. Last night God interrupted me on the way across the field returning to our home (a motorhome at a campground). Actually it was a lady who stopped me – she just needed to share the stresses of the last few days and then the last few years and mixed with the joys and successes and how she saw God’s hand in her even being here this weekend. What a blessing to give her a hug after a very long conversation interrupted by the children and others wondering over and then off again.

  74. She was a member of our church, a mother of a recently pregnant teen and grandmother to her daughter’s premie that had just lost its fight to survive. God was prompting me to write her a letter of encouragement, letting her know that He saw her and loved her. It didn’t make sense because the teen was the one who had just lost her baby after a premature birth. The teenager was hurting physically and spiritually…but the grandma? Hesitantly, I wrote the note and gave it to the young grandmother. Later, with tears in her eyes, she informed me how much the note meant to her. She had been quietly hurting, feeling selfish since it was her daughter who had lost the baby, but she had been thinking the exact things the letter mentioned. God brought her comfort through those words, and I found myself in awe of the One who loves so generously.

  75. Lately, God has been putting a friend from high school on my heart during prayer time. Last week my mom called me to tell me that my friend’s husband had just been in the hopsital with a life threatening condition that resulted in invasive surgery and will require months of recuperation. I praise The Lord as I now see that even the words He gave me to pray over her were exactly what she needed even though I had no knowledge of what was going on in her life.

  76. I love reading these experiences,and often wish I could hear God like that!I’m not sure if I do hear Him and sadly ignore Him or it never happens to me!It is devotionals like these that make me realize I still have so much to grow spiritually !Thank you so much for sharing!

    • We ALL have these experiences. Ask God to open your eyes to recognize them so that you can thank Him for them. He is faithful to answer our prayers – sometimes slowly but always answering. Often we overlook the little things He has us do – like just listening when someone needs to talk or giving a hug to someone after we visit. Those can be life changing for the person we spend time with!

  77. Claudia Schneider :

    I woke up this morning thinking about a woman I know who lost her husband suddenly a few weeks ago. I felt the urge to write a note of comfort and encouragement since I am in the midst of the same season. Before writing I decided to check for my P31 devotional, and here I am! Hoping to win a book, but certain that the nudge to write that note was a divine one! I’m off to pray for the best words and verses to share!

  78. Last month I was at my hairdresser’s and she began talking about walking away from God. As she washed my hair, tears streaming down her face, I reassured her that our God was right there beside her. With my head wet & covered in shampoo, I gently pulled her down to me & prayed for her to forgive herself and realize that God, her Father, was waiting for her with open arms. I found out later that she shared this experience with others. She was amazed at the whole experience. Please keep my friend in your prayers.


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