Broken Promises

Broken Promises

First time visiting? Welcome! I’d love to connect with you and keep in touch. For weekly updates & giveaways fill out the subscribe box in the right sidebar. For daily encouragement “Like” my page on Facebook and connect with me on Twitter. Are you good at keeping promises? Do you consider yourself a trustworthy person? Has someone broken a promise they made to you? Someone you thought was trustworthy. Someone who you believed in. I once heard a friend say, “Everyone is a millionaire when it comes to promises.” She had a creative way of suggesting that some people give out promises like a generous millionaire gives away dollar bills. Frequently. But what about keeping those promises?  A promise or commitment isn’t worth anything if it is not fulfilled by the person making it. When I ask someone to keep a promise I’m taking a risk. I’m assuming this person is trustworthy. I’m being vulnerable. Broken promises hurt. They divide souls, wound deeply and bloom heartache. In this crazy world we live in, is there anyone we can completely trust? Someone who makes promises and actually keeps them?

The Lord is trustworthy in all he promises and faithful in all he does. Psalm 145:13b

In this verse, we discover 3 main truths:

  1. God makes promises to us. Many promises. And we can find them all in one beautiful place. Scripture. When God makes a promise; He fulfills it. There is no such thing as a broken promise from God.
  2. God is trustworthy. He is reliable, dependable and worthy of trusting. God will never go back His promises or turn His back on us. Trusting God might feel risky at times, but our true security can only be found in Him.
  3. God is faithful. Not just sometimes or when He wants to be. God is faithful in all He does. God’s is loyal and His love is constant. He is dedicated to us for all eternity. God is 100% devoted to His children and nothing will ever change that.

Let’s be honest. Life is challenging. People will disappoint us when we least expected. We may even fall short of keeping our promises to others at times. But this we can know for sure: God will never break His promises. God is completely trustworthy. God is eternally faithful.  Will you take a moment now, reflect on the statement above and think of ways you can commit to keeping the good promises you’ve made to others. More importantly … the promises you’ve made to God. Today’s Prayer: Lord, thank you for always keeping Your promises and loving me even in those moments when I haven’t been faithful to You.  Grow my faith and help me see You working in my life, so that I can come to know You more. Let my trust in You increase as I step out in faith. Help me to keep the promises I make to others. When others have broken promises, leaving my heart aching and my soul wounded, let me never forget that Your promises and devotion to me extends for all of eternity. In Jesus’ Name, Amen  



  1. How do I deal with a spouse with “wandering eyes” even in my presence? I feel so wounded and dishonered.

    • That’s a good question … and a tough question. Every marriage is different, but If it were my marriage on the line I’d do the following:
      1. Pray and ask God to soften and prepare my husband’s heart before I confront him.
      2. Talk with my husband about what I’ve noticed and explain how his choices are affecting me and the health of our marriage
      3. Wait for him to respond and fully explain without interrupting or cutting him off.
      4. If he’s genuinely remorseful, I’d pray with him (confession/repentance) asking God to heal my husband, strengthen our marriage and protect us from the Enemy’s schemes to ruin our marriage.
      5. If he’s not remorseful, I’d pray for wisdom and guidance while seeking professional help from a marriage counselor.
      6. Keep each other accountable. Pray together. Read God’s Word together. Make steps to grow closer together.

      • Oh gosh you answered! !!! I am so grateful! I will do what you laid out. I’ll ask the Lord for His timing for this conversation & pray for my own heart to not harden. Thank you. thank you!

        Blessings to You!

  2. I cannot find how to subscribe for updates.

    Thank you! !!!

    • Nancy, there is a gray box right below my picture in the top right-hand corner of my blog. Just type your email in there and you’ll receive an email requesting you to confirm your subscription. That’s it … easy peasy. 🙂

  3. Claire merryman :

    Dear Leah
    I am recovering from an adult
    Child addiction she is in her 40s.
    We have gotten great christian
    Counciling and are now going to a 12step program at celebrate
    Recovery. For the first 4 mos I
    Vomited up anger horrible stuff
    I prayed to have the desire to forgive
    Her for 4mo and I thought I had
    Untill the Lord showed me
    I wouldn’t forgive myself. Shock.
    My expectations of myself and
    My walk with Jesus had trapped me.
    I’ve been born again since I was 9
    In Minestry and leadership for 25
    Yes an intercessor for 20 yrs.
    I hear from God. But I was ashamed
    That I was deceived by satan
    Tricked by the lies betrayed and
    Even though I prayed the word daily
    Still didn’t see it. I love when
    God showed us something only He
    Can heal It hurts but there’s freedom and great joy and relief. After I saw that he wiped away unforgiveness
    For me and my daughter. Clean
    Away! That was just the top layer.
    Now God is still bringing horrible
    Hurt like being stabbed in the
    Heart to the surface . Only what I can bear at the time. Jesus is so
    Precious to me. My christian sponcer liken the experience to a
    Horrible car accident first I got th ER
    Then to ICU for many days then
    A hospital room for months and then
    Physical therapy to get stronger
    Even though it still painful.
    She said in the ER your in shock
    Like PTSD even into ICU.
    So I’m only 4mos into recovery
    After a car reck that lastested 5yrs.
    I’ve been in a horrible car wreck for 5 years. I’ve been married to wonderful christian man for 30yrs and even
    We are trying to recover as a married
    Couple. I’m fortunate to have great
    Friends and prayer partners who support me but this is so hard
    If the Lord Leads pls pray for
    Us however the H oly spirit leads you
    I’m so encouraged by your writings
    And I love proverbs 31.
    I now have so many gold nuggets
    From the Lord I feel like I need
    To share them for His glory some
    How . I’m sure God Has a great
    My daughter is now in recovery
    Jesus is drawing her back to His
    Arms as she is in a 12 step not
    Christian. But she is a christian
    As she removes the rubble Christ
    Will shine thru. I speak in faith
    Gods purposes Cannot be stoped.
    We also have 2gay daughters
    That we love dearly but are not
    Following Christ . Pls pray for them
    Too and a lovely granddaughter
    Who is not saved.nathan my
    Grandson is born again and a worshiper what a joy. The are
    My recovering daght

  4. So enjoyed your read! A beautiful – real message of love and care that we all can take to heart, plant in our spirit, and hopefully grow within and let it live throughout our lives in the example of Christ. Thank you for the reminder of why we are here!

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