When Life Feels Rushed

When Life Feels Rushed

Do you ever feel like your days are filled with one rushed moment after another? I sure do!

Most days I find myself running from one errand to another. Replying to one email after another. Having one conversation after another. Saying yes to help one person after another.

Rush. Rush. Rush.

And at the end of most days I’m either worn out from all those rushed moments or feeling anxious about all the demands the next day will bring.

When is it time to relax?

Three weeks ago our family took a much needed vacation. It was time to get away from the everyday grind and switch to a slower pace.  We intentionally chose a trip that didn’t involve a lot of sightseeing or traipsing through one city after another.

This family vacation would be all about resting, spending time together and, of course, me not cooking.

One morning I found myself lounging (yes, lounging!) in a comfortable beach chair with a book in one hand and a diet Pepsi in the other. While the scent of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion floated through the air, I listened to the subtle shift of the waves and stared at an endless blanket of crystal blue water. I thought to myself:

Now this is how my life should be. Relaxed. Peaceful. Unhurried.  

Days later our family returned home and my relaxed, slower pace kicked right back into high gear. With a writing deadline looming and a conference to prepare for, my soul started to feel anxious again.

All those fun vacation days of rest and relaxation were quickly unraveling as I chased after projects and tried aimlessly to empty my email inbox.  I returned to the rhythm of rush … until this past Friday.

I was attending the She Speaks Conference where my friend, Lysa TerKeurst was giving the opening keynote message.  As Lysa shared her story and told the audiance how God had been challenging her to slow down, my heart began to melt.  Then she said something that I’ll never forget:

A woman who lives with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule will often ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul.             ~Lysa TerKeurst

I thought to myself, “that’s me!” You see, on any given day I can become that women. Stressed-out and overwhelmed. Rushing through life and making too many wrong choices which leave me feeling frustrated and sometimes discouraged.

I’d rather be that gal on vacation. You know, the one who was relaxed, peaceful and unhurried.

Lysa shared a simple prayer that she whispers to God when endless demands have her responding to the rhythm of rush.  Those three simple, yet power words are, “Unrush me, Lord”.  I love that!

Ever since hearing Lysa’s message I’ve tried to adopt that prayer for my own life. I’ve asked God to prompt my heart with a holy hush when He sees me racing through life, missing out on His best because I’m too busy to slow down and experience an unrushed moment with Him.

If you’re wanting to learn how to choose the Best Yes and live a life sprinkled with unrushed moments, you will want to check out Lysa’s new book, The Best Yes ~ Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands.


It doesn’t release until August 12th, but if you click on the link below it will take you to The Best Yes website where you can download the first chapter for FREE, watch Session One of Lysa’s Best Yes Bible Study Series {FREE} and sign up for weekly giveaways.

Lysa also has a FREE 5-day Best Yes devotional that comes right to your email inbox. Plus, printables, a mobile graphic for your smart phone and so much more!

I had the wonderful opportunity of reading an advanced copy of Lysa’s new book and I’m telling you, it’s fantastic!

To find out more click here: The Best Yes. Before you hop over to Lysa’s website, I’d love for you to take an unrushed moment and share your thoughts below.

UPDATE: Join Lysa and the Proverbs 31 Team for The Best Yes webcast. It’s totally FREE and you’re invited! So, save the date {August 12th @ 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time} and  click here to find out more: The Best Yes Webcast 

It’s Your Turn:

When was the last time you experienced an unrushed moment?




  1. I used to think that my body would go into shock if I ever tried living unrushed. Didn’t help when I watched a friend have an anxiety attack that sent her to the doctor when her work life did slow way down. She had been pushing so hard for so long it wasn’t healthy.

    I have learned to slow down in the evenings to unwind and get ready for a good nights rest. Sometimes I am attacked with the thoughts that I’m just being lazy. This too I have learned to pay attention to where that voice is coming from and handle accordingly. 🙂

    • Mitzii, thanks for sharing how you’ve discovered the art of an unrushed moment and how to get a good night’s rest. I hope your friend is doing much better. Panic attacks sure can squeeze the vitality out of a confident woman.

  2. Ann Marie Peterson :

    I am sitting in an airport after a week of vacation with my Son and his family. It seemed like every day and minute was planned out…you know the Disney thing. I think I need a vacation from my vacation.
    But contrary when my husband and I get away we LOVE to spend time listening to audio studies and spending time with friends that love telling their latest God stories. I cherish those times because it truely feels like relaxation to me. Those are the vacations I really unwind.

    • Anne, I remember those Disney vacations. They are fun and exhausting … all at the same time. Maybe your next vacation can include a relaxing trip {like you described} to a tropical island with you husband. Somewhere like St. Maarten. 🙂

  3. My son is on his last week of summer visitation with his dad; so yesterday after I got off work; I went home fixed myself something to eat, ate it, then just left everything a little while as I went & sat outside with my bible & journal & I listened to Charles Stanley radio sermons on my phone about prayer. I really needed that!

    • Leighanne, that sounds like a sweet unrushed moment with God. I pray that you have more of those unrushed moments in the days and weeks to come. Leah 🙂

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