The Perfect Direction (Giveaway)

The Perfect Direction (Giveaway)

Update: The winner of this week’s giveaway is Michelle Axton Kelly. Congratulations to Michelle and a B-I-G thanks to everyone for leaving such great comments. I appreciate your honesty, transparency and insight.  I’m feel so blessed that God has allowed our paths to cross. 

Do you ever feel like your going in circles and not making any progress?

If you’re like me, you sometimes second guess your decisions or wonder if you’re really headed in the right direction.

I used to struggle with uncertainty all the time and you know what? It kept me stuck and constantly frustrated.

Until I made a wonderful discovery.

If you read my devotion today on the Proverbs 31 website, you probably know what I’m talking about.

I discovered a couple verses in Psalms that completely reshaped the way I looked at life. It was a guarantee that I could hold onto.

The LORD is good and does what is right: he shows the proper path to those who go astray. He leads the humble in doing right, teaching them his way. The LORD leads with unfailing love and faithfulness … (Psalm 25:8-10)

This is a promise we can hold onto. But we need to do more than that. It’s our job to take that first step of faith and often times we don’t.

We wait and wonder. Pause and ponder. Worry and overanalyze.


God wants us to trust Him in the process and not doubt. And with every step we take towards Him we take another step in the right direction.

Are you feeling stuck today? Not sure where you’re headed?

What is keeping you from moving in the right direction?

Share you thoughts by leaving a comment below and you’ll automatically be entered into this week’s giveaway. The winner gets to choose a $10 gift card from Starbucks, Target or Bath & Body Works.

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  1. lusungu Gondwe :

    Hey was wondering if you could help me out..This year isn’t going so well for me and my friends have been saying a lot about me as a Christian like how I don’t really portray a good picture of a Christian especially the way I dress and it really hurts …could you help me because I really don’t know what to do

  2. Loretta Soto :

    Sweet Leah,
    I enjoy getting all your amazing gifted art that you have written.
    Yes! There are days I do struggle not knowing what is my right foot from my left.
    At my age of middle fifty, I am stuck not knowing what God wants for me in my own life.
    I am alone all the time with my little Pekingese, God had gave her to me as a gift.
    I had prayed for a little dog years ago, God placed her in my hands a year ago from a shelter.
    All my family lives so far from me, I live in Florida, and they all live up north.
    I battle with PTSD and Depression, also I’m battling Lyme Disease.

    God gets me up each morning just to start my day, sometimes it is very hard
    to get out of bed.
    But with Our Sweet Jesus taking my hand and helping me with every step I take.
    I give Him Praise and Glory.

    What is there for me to do all day? I read my Bible and always ask for God’s
    wisdom and knowledge.
    I could move back up North to be with my family, But that is just not a good idea.
    The weather climate would cause me so much pain with my illness.
    Also I am trying to avoid things that do not go well with me up there.

    I have no transportation to get around, and that frustrates me at times.
    I am always asking God for His guidance, I am always talking to Him
    and thanking Him for what He does for me.
    Then I go back on that twisted path and fall flat on my face.
    I always get back up and start my baby steps one foot in-front of thee other.

    I do get special help with the PTSD and other things as well.
    I stay in prayer and focus on God’s Holy Word, I thank Him every
    breath I take. With out Him I would be a lost soul.

    God Bless You and All Your Love Ones,
    May Jesus touch You from the Crown of Your head to
    the Tips of Your Toes.
    Thank You for all Your encouragement.

    Sending Warm {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}} ( Loretta )

    • Loretta, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my weekly encouragement on the blog. I’m sorry to hear about your health issues. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with the LORD. I’m sure your bring a smile to His face every morning. We all fall at times, but it’s so reassuring to know that our Heavenly Father is always there with an outstretched arm to pick us up again.

  3. I had my weak moments this morning when I wanted to go into the past and relive the hurts, but I put it behind me and moved on. I know this isn’t what God wants me to do.

  4. Sometimes fear keeps me from doing something or going somewhere-I also know that fear (many times fear and worry are linked in my mind) and worry come more when I’m not in prayer like I should be. I do need to be much more on my knees…well maybe that’s figurative b/c sometimes it’s a journal or a whispered prayer during the day-by I think it’s understood that being in direct communication with my Creator who knows all my steps is the only thing that will help me to move, to go where I ought.

  5. I truly need guidance from God. I pray every morning for peace and safety of my family and I praise God for all he has done for me.
    I am struggling tring to make ends meet and get caught up so I will be at peace with finances and be ok for my future. I have family that could help but I feel I must not be worthy of help or they would offer. I ask God to guide me daily I know he is with me and has carried me through the loss of my mother but sometimes I feel so alone. how do I find peace and confidence in my life when I cant do anything but circles of same struggles?

    • Kathy, I’ve come to realize that we all will have struggles throughout our lifetime. Whether it’s our finances, relationships, health, emotional struggles … Jesus experienced it on earth and so will we. Here is the key to experiencing peace in the midst of those struggles: “You will keep her in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because she trusts in you.” Isaiah 26:3.

  6. Alicyn Keller :

    I don’t know where I am headed. This is the toughest and most stressful time on my life for my family – deciding to stay in Wisconsin leaving family and friends or starting a new life in McKinney, Texas. I want to make the best decision, but I am so confused.

  7. I’ve been thinking about your blog all day because I’m just so lost. I’ve had a lot of loss in the last couple if years and I’m sinking. I had read a post on Proverbs 31 months ago that called me to pray to God to “create a change in me” so that I could find me way back to peace. But I am not any closer…so either I’m not hearing God or I need a new prayer! Maybe it is time for me to say, “show me the way God”… and ask Him to carry me along until I’m strong enough to walk alone.

  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on doubt. It is something I can definitely relate to… I like to remember 2 Tim 1:7 when in doubt because doubt has its roots on fear. “For God did not give us spirit of fear but of power, and love, and of self discipline.” It makes me think of how God’s power is in me and I should trust that He will direct my steps. It also reminds me of being self disciplined so I can be in control of my choices, because ultimately the choice is mine to make.

    I’ll be sure to add the psalms you shared today to my ‘go-to’ verses! Thank you!

  9. Frances Lewis :

    Thank you Leah for your beautiful writing and words of encouragement. So deeply appreciated. I have copied some of your shared verses to my home screen on my phone so I can pull them up anytime I remember for support.
    You help remind me to seek God for his direction in my life. I so need these daily reminders.
    Thank you again as we journey in faith with God’s presence…


    • Frances, I’m so glad God is using these verse to bring hope and encouragement to you today. The Lord longs for us to come for Him when we need His help and direction. Oh, how He loves you so, Frances!

  10. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I often feel as if I am treading water – expending a lot of energy and going nowhere. I have some many thoughts sometimes that I can’t grab onto one. I will learn these verses, quiet my heart and wait for the Lord.

  11. Elaine Segstro :

    What an encouragement and blessing this devotional has been for me! I feel so “pulled” by the world rather than following my loving Father who knows me and the plans He has for me.

  12. This devotion truly addresses my struggles in life. I felt like I was the only Christian women with these thoughts. Thank you for sharing this devotion as a way for God to speak to my heart letting me know I am not the only one and He hears me. I am in my 50’s, divorced, not by my choice, and very unhappy in my career, where I live and not sure what God wants to do in my current relationship. I keep praying for God to show me and guide me. I tell myself, as I have seen others in this blog, I am exactly where I am supposed to be. It is very frustrating when you are where you are supposed to me and so unhappy! I keep asking God what am I supposed to do and learn in this place?

  13. Currently I feel God has asked me to step away from a job that I have been doing for the last 3 1/2 years so that I can hear what His plans are for me better. I have found this step away process very hard but am trying to follow his lead. I have so many plans for my life that I would love to see come full cirlce but as I try to study more and trust more I am discovering I am so far off and sometimes that is a hard thing to release and accept. Thank you for this post.

  14. Lately I have felt consumed with major decisions that must be made regarding employment, health insurance, childcare, moving and whether to continue homeschooling. It all feels so BIG to me. I need to remember that my God is BIGGER, capable and sufficient. It is a comfort to know that I don’t have to be perfect and if I go astray he will set me back on the right course.

  15. God knows exactly what we need. I needed this.
    Thank you God for your beautiful reminders through these women.

  16. So funny – my words were, “Lord, I really need some direction – a clear answer – please. I just want to be sure I am doing what you want me to. I don’t want to do the wrong thing.” And next click, there is the title of your blog entry – “Perfect Direction.” I had to chuckle. Just asking for some really clear direction regarding my kids’ schooling and my work situation this coming school year . I get so paralyzed analyzing whether or not I am hearing what I want to hear or truly listening for the Lord’s direction. James says to believe He will give wisdom when we ask, because He won’t answer the doubter. Lord, I believe – help my unbelief!


  18. Your devotional was perfect for me today. I would like to go back to work after nearly 18 years out of the workforce. I don’t even know where to start. My skills are lacking, I am an older worker, my confidence is in the pits and I don’t know exactly what I should be looking for. I pray God would direct my paths and make them crystal clear to me. Thank you.

  19. I loved the devotional because I’m always second guessing my decisions. I have two teens and sometimes I have to make the hard decisions but I am a single mom and my ex isn’t involved in the their lives so I’m always hoping I make the right decisions that will have positive impacts on their lives.

  20. Decisions are always so hard because I want to be sure I stay in God’s will! I always tend to second guess & analyze decisions. Thank you for sharing these verses!

  21. The place I work at is paying me way less than what my work experience showed. My husband and I are looking to buy a house, but either the houses go off market before we can check them out, or the offer is put in too late. Also we are dealing with an infestation of bed bugs ( that I brought home from my work place-a motel) and have had to box up or bag most of our belongings

  22. When I saw todays’ title I thought, God is giving this message to me. My husband left me almost 3 years ago. I still feel so lost and betrayed. I strive everyday to keep going , to understand what the Lord wants me to do. Everyday I pray for the strength to get through another day. I know He is with me and that is the only way I have survived so far. Thank you for todays’ message.

  23. I am currently listening for God’s direction in my career life. I feel him speaking to my heart and telling me that I wasn’t designed to be a lifetime banker. I want to serve others. It’s what makes me happy.

  24. I am trying to find direction in my life. I am not happy in my life or career, or lack thereof. I am 31 and feel I am so far behind of my peers. I want to be happy and successful while putting God first. I have been praying for guidance and still waiting on answers. I have a bad habit of not waiting on an answer from God. Every time I do so, I find myself in a worst situation, or experience more unhappiness.

  25. I am struggling with a decision that needs made very soon. I feel God is leading, but my partner has a different feeling. God is able.

  26. I feel stuck in learning to stand up for myself. I let other walk over me because I don’t want to hurt other peoples feelings. I am praying that God guides me and teaches me to have boundaries for myself.

    • Boundaries set of books by Townsend may be of help to you. I believe there are 7-one for just about whatever walk of life you find yourself in. It was recommended to me and I’ll need to read b/c I’ve done what you described-let them walk over me which isn’t good! Hope you find the way with Gods help!

      • Thank you, I am reading one of the books, some times I can apply info and other times I find it is hard because of an abusive controlling husband. I would like to get the book on marriage boundaries next. My boundaries seem to crumble with everyone if he has done something to discourage me.

  27. Thank you for today’s devotional. I’m in a battle of what to give up and what to continue when it comes to my volunteering. I’ve worn myself too thin over the last year. These verses are so encouraging.

  28. Leah,
    I just started reading the Proverbs 31 Daily Devotionals. I am really enjoying reading these each morning. Thank you so much for today’s devotional. I can really relate to today’s devotional. I have felt this way for a very long time. I have always had a hard time making decisions but they not only affect me but my 15 year old daughter. I find myself struggling with the feelings of disappointment, insignificance and it makes me very depressed. There are so many questions I have that I wish I could have the answers to from God. I feel so much emptiness and so much loneliness. I struggle with wheter it is God’s voice I am hearing or if it is my own inner voice I am hearing. I am was of those people that needs a flashing neon sign from God or need him to hit me on the head with a big 2 X 4. I am so lost and confused about so many things and just don’t know what I am suppose to do. I need clarity and direction so I can make the appropriate choices. I fear that if I make the wrong ones that I am going to affect my daughter and her future and it won’t be in a postive way. I would greatly appreciate any and all prayers.
    Thank you for all that you do! You are such a blessing to me and so many others.

    • Deborah, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the P31 devotionals. I believe God is using them to encourage and guide you. I’m praying for you today and asking God to remind you through His Word how loved, valued, beautiful and gifted you truly are.

    • My faith and confidence in my abilities quickly diminishes so I’m stuck and can’t seem to move forward. I have decisions to make and it becomes overwhelming.

  29. I’ve been feeling like this lately, not knowing what direction I should go. I really needed to hear this and just keep the faith that God has everything under control, and to continually pray for his guidance in all things, I sure do need it.

  30. Wow I am reading these comments, its nice to know I’m not alone! So many could be written by me, from mom stuff to marriage problems, career choices, we have so many things to weigh us down. Its such a relief to realize, as you, Leah, pointed out, that God has a plan, and a purpose, and if we come to Him with an honest heart, seeking His will, we don’t have to worry, He will show us the right path. It may not be the path we would’ve chosen, (I know sometimes I’m like, really? Are you sure? Lol) but I remind myself that God knows my whole eternity, and I only see the moment that’s right in front if me. He knows better! So its up to me to trust and step out in faith, give up control, to the One who wants the absolute best for me.

  31. Most every night before turning off the lights, I read from a calendar an inspirational reading. Last night was about how Andrew believe in Jesus at the mount where He feed the multitude the fish and bread, to just bring what fish and bread was available and Jesus would provide. I found from this reading that Andrew did not disbelieve Jesus, he simply trusted that Jesus would provide. Today’s reading from Psalms and the prayer from David is quite similar. Trust in the Lord so completely that He, too will keep us on the path and will be there when we go astray and will lead back. I believe that the Lord has great plans for me and that I need to continue to listen to the Word. Peace be with all!

  32. Leah,
    You don’t know how much your post relates to my current situation. I’ve been chasing my tail, spinning my tires, and riding waves as I’ve been mulling a decision over and over again. It’s a decision that most people don’t spend as much time on as I have. Usually someone in this situation gives up along the way if it takes this long to decide (meaning the other person in the relationship). So, it feels like it doesn’t make an ounce of sense to others…and I’ve been deeply desiring to hear straight from God on it…not wanting to make a choice out of pride and selfishness…but it is SO HARD for me not to ask others and SO HARD for me to trust any of my own thoughts…because they all seem like MY thoughts instead of His!! I feel like I’m damaging souls in the process. I’m so afraid of making the wrong decision! At the same time I know that fear is not productive either…it only hinders. Thank you for your words…I want to cling to those…I had known of the first passage you mentioned but paid little attention to the second assuring passage. God bless you…

  33. Thank you for such a timely, needed and encouraging devotion! I can SO relate! I definitely needed these words today.

  34. Kathy McGinn :

    Thank you so much! These verses are exactly what I needed for this day, for every day!

  35. Kristina Wilkinson :

    This is exactly what I needed. At times I become so frustrated and distraught trying to figure out what my purpose is and the “right” career path I’m supposed to follow. I just have to remember that He knows my path and I have to be patient and TRUST Him. “Until God opens the next door, praise Him in the hallway”.- (found on Pinterest) Thankyou for sharing!

  36. Brenda Ann Davis :

    Direction? God is the only one who could possibly give my life direction. I have cancer, my husband is in a care center since having his left big toe amputated, things at home keep breaking down since he’s been gone and we are working on cleaning up our home after years of hoarding. I have never needed God like I do now. Yep, rocking away and getting no where.

  37. Thank you for your devotion today. It was PERFECT.

    I am struggling right now with some personal things…the future of our family & feel very stuck. I def need clarity from the Lord and his peace. Thank you again for sharing!! XOXO

  38. Thank you sooo much for today’s devotion. I really enjoy reading these each morning. they give the boost I need to start up my day. I can relate to today’s devotion. I often think I know what I want to do or what I need to do but too often I question my decisions, choices and my attitude. Making a choice or decision not only affects me but also those that I love the most. I want what’s best for my family and for me.

  39. Thank you for your blog today! Just the encouragement I needed as well as wonderful promises to share with my son who is in need of the promises of God for his life at this time. Praise God for His living Word!

  40. I really struggle with managing my time well, making promises to do things with my kids and keeping them (Honey, we can play the Dora matching game again tomorrow.),, remembering and honoring my husband and his priorities for the home, especially when they vary from mine…. I struggle with how to manage our budget when it always seems to need to stretch a little further, and my desire to go back to school when there is no time or money and little people who need their Mom full-time. This really blessed me today. Thank you.

  41. Corrine Sweet :

    I have totally felt this way the last fews days. It’s brought me to tears. I feel all I do is cleaning up messes, resolving conflicts between my 6 boys (12 and under), cooking, and barely getting to the laundry. I have lost sight in what my purpose is in Christ. And I feel like I’m sinking.

  42. Uncertainty certainly describes my current state of feelings. It seems like life has a way of cycling, ebbing and flowing. Several years ago, the Lord brought me to a place of contentment concerning my life drastically not being what I had expected. And wanted. After a few years of peace, I find myself struggling with the feelings of disappointment, insignificance and being overlooked all over again. There are so many questions, so much emptiness and so much loneliness.
    The Lord alone is my hope!

  43. Thank you so much! This is just what I needed to hear this morning! I’m struggling with deciding to return to work or stay home with my little ones. A friend of mine put it into words yesterday, “I struggle with what is God’s voice or mine.”

  44. First of all I laughed and got a visual in my head about one foot fixed to the floor while the other foot scurried round!! I’ll probably LOL about it at random times today. That is exactly how I feel. Sometimes I think as I get older I have adult ADD. My mind is going in so many directions. I could go on for hours, but I don’t have the time. Thank you for this devotion today!

  45. This message came at the right time. My mom passed away 6 months ago. I am taking care of my dad. He has Alzheimers and Parkinsons and needs supervision. At this time I have to work but I have been praying to God to direct my path in order to be able to take care of my dad. We are trying to decide if we should move to another state or if God will work it out so we don’t have to move but I can stay home. If we move, we won’t be near our children and grandchild. We have been praying for direction.

    • Rose, I’m so sorry to hear about parents. I lost both of my parents with 15 months time and it was very hard. My mother had Parkinsons and Dementia for many years so I know the pain that comes with this. I’m praying for you today. Asking God to give you wisdom in making the right choices for your dad’s health and well being.

  46. There are truly no accidents. You have no idea just how much I needed to hear your words backed by scripture today. Today I will be obedient and seek Him in all I do knowing and trusting He is leading me.

  47. Thanks for your post & for giving us all an opportunity to share. I’m in a season of feeling “stuck” after 12 years of praying consistently for a husband and not even coming up with a date. I just turned 34 years old and this single girl life wasn’t what I planned or hoped for at all. I take things one day at a time, but days turn into years and I don’t know what to do with my dreams. I’m trying to embrace this season and not waste it, but it’s not a season anymore. This has been the hardest year of my life, and I’m seeking God’s direction and begging for wisdom, and I’ve stayed faithful…but I’m coming up with silence. Stuck, for sure.

  48. Kristina Salaz :

    Thank you for sharing those verses today. I have been praying for God’s direction in my life. I say I have surrendered my life and relationships to Him and pray He shows me the path to walk. Sometimes I think I go back to following my heart but really want to follow God’s path and live the abundant life He has planned for me. This devotional and verses were much needed today.

  49. Not only do I find myself wondering this very thing a lot of the time, I couldn’t even concentrate on the devotion this morning. I had to back up numerous times and even then, I still felt a little disconnected. So, I’m reading it several times and letting the verses seep into my soul. It amazes me that God is all about us. He has answers before I even ask. He has plans that I know nothing about. It’s exciting and I want to keep on the path He has laid out for me!!

  50. Thank you so much for your devotional today. God is good and I look to Him every day for guidance and mostly thank Him for a wonderful life. I am thankful for this beautiful world he has created and if you take the time to look around you can see the beauty He has created for us. It is up to each and every one of us to do our part to keep this world a beautiful place. Pray for those who haven’t yet found God because He is who they need. Happy Wednesday to you all and Thanks again Leah!

  51. I have a lifetime under my belt of running in circles looking, listening for God’s direction. I’m sure I’m not the first to pray, “Just give me a big neon sign Lord!” I would read scripture about how God is surely directing my path, yet I doubted. A friend of mine told me once that unless He is telling me to do something different, then just keep going. Of course, how silly, I thought. Why am I looking for a sign every 2 feet? Since then, I’ve had a great deal more peace with where I’m at and can now see the divine guidance in the perceived absence of direction in the past. He IS with me and guiding me, even when he’s telling me to stay put.
    Thanks for the great devotional piece!

  52. there are many days i feel like i am just getting by, and that i am slowly forgetting what “progress” feels like. point #2 from the P31 post was perfect for me that even if i might get off track God will always point me in the right direction and on the right track. I just have to be faithful in all times and all circumstances. how refreshing and what a load off my shoulders. thank you so much for your insight today. what a blessing :o)

  53. As I read this message on today, I know that there is a God who is sitting on the throne waiting for me to make the first step in faith. My life has been challenged over the last 4 years and I have no idea what direction my life is going. I will meditate today on the words in this message and pray for God’s will to be done in my life as well as those who are dealing with similar situations. Thank you for letting God use you.

  54. This past Sunday I sat outside on a beautiful day crying and asking God “if” I was on the right path. Am I doing this right? Is this what you want me to do and if not what do you want me to do? I too am looking at stepping out of my comfort zone and look to our Father for the answer because my insecurities and fears are in front of me once again. He has answered me in so many ways yet I hesitate when confronted with something new in my life. I am a rollercoaster of emotions. I am comforted by His word everyday because even though I know the Lord will “never” fail me, I am human and those human fears will come out. I told God when this happened, I couldn’t promise him I would never have those fears and insecurities but that I would bring them to him and give them up. He told me that is all He wanted.

  55. Thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving such great comments! Your words encourage me this morning as I read each sentence and pray for you individually. I love seeing how God is confirming His plans for many of you. He is so amazing! Remember, one step closer to Him is one step forward in the right direction. So take it with confidence, knowing He is right by your side.

  56. Your words really resonate with me. Thank you for sharing!

  57. Thank you for this wonderful encouragement today! I woke up and hit the ground running. By the time I traveled from my bedroom to my kitchen a precious preschooler had distracted me 10 times and my anxiety grew with a mounting non-verbalized to do list for the day. I love these verses and will slow down, giving my day to God to direct according to His perfect plans for my life. I love P31 and thank you for all that this team does to encourage, mentor and teach!

  58. Leah: Thank you for the verses in Psalms today! I often question where my life is heading or what my purpose is. I will meditate on these verses and listen for God’s guidance. I love reading your posts. They are so encouraging!

  59. Dear Leah,
    Just the words I needed for this part of my faith journey. I’m stuck in just seeing everyday living as a ministry. My husband suffers from chronic back pain and I don’t really know how to minister to him. Thank you for reminding me of the psalmists words. I learned that as a song many years ago.
    In Him,

    • Grace, I’m praying for your husband today and asking God to heal his back pain. I believe much of his healing will come through you loving words over him.

  60. I just started getting on to the Proverbs 31 Ministries daily devotions this week and todays hit me like a ton of bricks! I have been really struggling with a decision in my life and doing my best to make a certain way work while it continues to be a struggle. I have cried over it, complained about it, pounded my fists in frustration and even asked for friends to pray for me for wisdom in this decision but it became clear to me today after reading todays devotion that I have not once gone before God myself regarding this situation. I can’t even believe how it has gotten this far, I guess even though I asked friends to pray, I didn’t see it as a God problem thinking I could handle to the situation and decision. I won’t again read the account of the Israelites lost in the wilderness again and think how foolish they are. I’m certainly not much different. Thanks for the post today!

    • Annie, it’s never to late to has God for help. He’s always there ~ waiting to meet your needs and to guide you each step of the way.

  61. I feel stuck in praying for our business and the direction we should be going. I know God will take care of our needs but sometimes I feel like my prayers are on hold. I want to know God’s path for my life….

  62. I truly thank you for those words of encouragement. I have been going through a ruff time in my marriage. Arguing and yelling at each other all day long. So ready to give up on everything. But after reading your encouraging words I have decided to let go and let GOD.
    Asking for continuous prayer on by behave.

    • Debbie, I’m praying for your marriage today. Asking God to give you and your husband a double dose of love and compassion for one another. What seems impossible is very possible with God.

  63. Thank you for a very encouraging word – it really spoke to me.

  64. Hi Leah,
    I just want to thank you for touching on this subject. I can relate to the indecision, the uncertainty, while patiently waiting to hear from GOD. For me, it is difficult to move into a situation that you are unsure of without the green or red light from GOD. For many years, I have made my own decisions regarding my life, which went terribly wrong. The main reason was because I did not consult GOD first. God always allows us the ability to choose the right relationship, job, etc., but is it HIS will and purpose for our life. This morning, I was in prayer with GOD about seeking direction and purpose for my life. I am in a career that is fulfilling, and yet I do not feel that is my purpose. My spirit is not in agreement with my career choice, and I want to further my education by adding on another skillset, however I do not know GOD’s opinion on this. Should I proceed knowing that GOD will help me, or should I wait for HIS approval????? I believe that many Christians such as myself fall into this category. I do not know what to do, but this message has help tremedously in knowing that my GOD will guide me into the truth….

  65. I feel like this in my marriage right now. Some days I want to fight for my marriage & some days I want to throw in the towel but when I look at the kids it gives me hope to try again. Seeking God’s guidance to lead me & teach me as I travel through this journey while asking God to rekindle the love & respect for each other in our marriage & take us back to the reasons why we got married in the first place on June 21st.

  66. Thank You Leah for sharing your devotionals and scriptures.
    I been walking around the same mountain and continue in circles.
    I feel like im stuck and don’t know where to go. I pray for God to get me out of this circle. To let go and trust him.

  67. My mother sent this to me today because she lives in another state and wanted to give me encouragement. A virtual hug, I suppose. Yesterday I decided to go through with an unplanned pregnancy only to learn the same day that it was not a good pregnancy. Not even ten minutes after learning this news I began to miscarry and had to rush to my doctor for D&C. I’m 36 years old. Last year I had an engagement end and felt lost. When I found out I was pregnant about a month ago, I felt lost. I wasn’t sure I loved the father and felt scared to go forward as a single mom. That being said, I was ready for my life to take a different direction and for something big to happen. Now I feel like I’m back to being the single girl whose life keeps falling into the same lonely routine and not moving forward. I feel stuck. I will try to take these words to heart and have hope.

    • CLH, I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage and I’m praying for you today. Life can be so painful at times, leaving us with feelings of hopelessness. I’ve been there too and it’s an awful feeling. God loves you and does have a plan for you life. I’m praying that you take time to draw close to Him in prayer so that He can comfort you and heal your broken heart.

  68. This post really spoke to me today.

    I have felt “stuck” in many ways over the past month or so. I need a change in the path of my life right now, but just don’t know what that should be.

    This verse was a beautiful reminder for me – something I desperately needed right now.

    Thank you.

  69. Cindy Legate :

    I certainly do feel like I’ve been going in circles, lately. So much so that I question whether or not I heard God leading me here or was it my own thinking that led me here. Thank you so much for sharing Psalm 25:8-10! It relieves my anxiety of “what if I’m on the wrong path?!” Praise The Lord, He takes care of that just like He does everything else. Ahhhh…

  70. thank you for this insight today, I feel like this, just moved to a new State and feel totally alone. and wonder what God has instore for us.

  71. This devotion and these scriptures have encouraged me today as my family has been facing life-changing decisions in the past few months. We have said, “We don’t know what to do.” countless times as we’ve wrestled with these decisions, trying to seek God’s will and hoping for His peace. Thank you for the encouragement!

  72. I would love to win! Not for myself. I would pass the good news on to someone who is struggling in this situation. I struggle also. But I feel we need to help others and encourage each other. I pray God leads me in the right direction in my life, my kids, work, etc… only He can guide us. We rely on earthly things to much. Lord help me, help us put our trust in only YOU!

  73. Thank you for the reminder that while waiting at several crossroads (again) for God to move & work that I need to keep moving one foot forward doing something. If it isn’t the right way, He will show me.

  74. Thank you for your devotional today! I think it can be hard to discern at times which way God wants us to go. I think it is so easy to get stuck in a rut.
    God bless

  75. Fear of making the wrong decision and over analyzing to the point of paralysis – this is my problem. I love the verses. I need to stop over thinking things and trust that God is going to help me no matter what decision I make because He knows I truly want to do what is right.

  76. Belinda Sczurko :

    Thank you for today’s devotional! I follow proverbs 31 daily to keep me going.
    I’m in the process of a divorce and question daily if I’m doing the right thing. I attended Love Worth Fighting For by Kirk Cameron in Sunday and heard many things that answer “yes, you are doing the right thing.” I still need to trust God 100% that I’m on the right path. Thank you for another helpful answer today!
    Keep the faith! God bless!

  77. Jennifer fischer :

    This was so timely…….I struggle every day for the last 9 months with what is the plan. I was laid off from a very high paying job last October and haven’t been able to find the right full time job since. My husband wants the pay check I was getting. My kids who are 7 and 8 really like having their mom around. I miss working and the challenges and rewards that come with a job. I know I have done well with the kids while I have been home ….and am so grateful for the time with them and the chance to heal my mind and body from a very demanding job. Now it is summer break and I really didn’t expect to be home ….I thought I would have a job by now but the doors don’t seem to be opening. I am torn to the point of excessive worry ….am I doing something wrong… I not doing my fair share …..some days I want to shake my fist and God and say really God ….you are wasting me keeping me here at home all day long. I have a MBA I should be working. I don’t know what to do or say or how to truly know the path God has for me. How do I figure this out?

    • Being a stay-home mom has it challenges, but I truly believe that years from now you’ll look back and see this time as a wonderful blessing from GOd. Time goes by so quickly and our children will only be small once in our lifetime. Enjoy them while you wait on God to show you the next step.

  78. God continues to use you to speak to me and encourage me. Loved your devotion and when I read all the comments, I was encouraged once again to see that I’m not the only one struggling with this. Thank You, God, for the much needed hug and encouragement this morning!!!

    • Leah,
      Thank you so much for this devotion today, I trust God to continue to lead me down the path he has for me. All we have to do is let go of the FEARS and step out on FAITH!
      May God contiue to Bless you.

  79. I think I know what God wants me to do; but it doesn’t FEEL right bc I don’t want to do this. So I keep thinking if he really wants me too do this he will change my feelings. .. but I also know it isn’t always about feelings.

  80. I am experiencing something new in my walk with Christ. Unfortunately, it’s not a good thing. A big ministry event is distracting me from spending quality intimate time with Him. It’s making me wish the event would hurry up and be over. What’s worse, I’m directing this event.

  81. It’s hard to not KNOW what’s going to happen… I’m a planner, and to let go & let God can be very difficult. I get in my own way…

  82. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have so much on my plate at work right now…I don’t know where to begin; consequently I don’t start and then fell even more like things are piling up. I printed out the psalms and put then over my computer…a reminder to ask God to help me be unstuck and to follow His lead.

  83. Thank you for your devotional. I am feeling stuck and Its like I keep walking around the same mountain instead of getting it under my feet or moving it.

    • THANK YOU! This articulates exactly how I have been feeling for the past year! I have used the analogy of “treading water.” I’m staying a float, but making no progress toward shore or deeper waters. I know God has a plan, I just have a hard time hearing/seeing it. I will be posting this verse in my car, in my office, on my mirror…

  84. I do feel pulled in so many directions! I am in the phase of being “mom taxi” and I wonder if I have my priorities mixed up. I need to do some soul searching and prayer over these verses. Thank you.

  85. We homeschool my 6 year old son. Recently the Lord has shown me that I need to let go and give my son more freedom to explore and learn. It has been scary to give a six year old more responsibility, but the Lord has shown time and again that this is His plan, not mine! So thank you for the uplifting encouragement!

  86. I have been in my current career for seven years. The company I am with is leading me to a dead end but I don’t know where to go from here. I’m terrified to jump and make the next decision when I do not have a sure sign from God. I do not want to stray from his path but I cannot stay on the road I’m on now. Where do I go from here?

  87. Today’s devotion was a blessing. I have just enrolled to start on my bachelor’s degree at the age of 40. I’m still can’t believe it but it was all in God’s timing.

  88. I’ve been having a lot of questions surrounding my job and this morning, especially. When I opened up my daily P31 e-mail and this was the message, I literally laughed out loud and smiled hugely! I love my God — he is always there for me. Bless all the amazing P31 women who help to bring His message to me and other women daily!

  89. Hi! Great post for me today! Thanks! I guessi always feel stuck because I have so many thoughts swimming through my head and so many things I need to do for my family. I’ve made some not-so-great decisions before and I’m always fearful that I will hinder the growth of my family and myself. I just need to be still and focus on God’s voice. I just feel like maybe its not God’s voice and just my own thoughts. It’s all very confusing at times.

  90. It is very hard for me to let go of my schedule for the day. I really desire to let God order my steps. I feel sometimes that my wheels keep turning and I get nowhere. I need God’s purpose in my life each moment of each day.

  91. I have found that when I am frustrated it is because I lack resting in Him, waiting for Him to direct my steps. Sometimes God just wants us to step out there and trust that THIS is the way. As I read the Word and about David’s life, David just did trust God. Even when he failed. Grace. So glad for it as we walk this journey. Thank you for the scriptures from Psalms. So encouraging.

  92. There are comforting words in scripture that tell us God goes before us. What a joy to know He is already there as you journey on. All He wants is your trust and obedience.

  93. Ibelieve for me it is fear and my compulsion that it must be perfect. I loved the verse you shared it gave me hope that I can take that leap of faith God is asking me to do.

  94. Deb Anderson :

    Thank you for this encouraging word. I am recovering from an auto accident and the lingering effects of a TBI. Many days I feel lost and confused. I know that God is taking care of me, but reading these scriptures has given me comfort and hope and a better way to pray as God leads me out of this wilderness. May God richly bless you!

  95. Thank you dearly Leah for this sweet, beautiful reminder of His love and mercy for us. I’m struggling in so many areas; not one has more importance over the other. I know with His counsel I will be fine, but somehow I find myself seeking from the wrong counselor. Friends, neighbors, colleagues, but usually not Him. Your reminder today helped me re-focus who my counselor should be and. Thank you!

  96. How awesome is our God and His word! To know that I would be anxious about my girls’ education path next year or my husband’s new business, and tuck these beautiful truths in the Bible for meditation and peace! It is as if He said, ‘Be anxious for nothing, but I know that the world will overwhelm you. So, here are some specific promises you can put in your pocket as you live out the day.’ Thankful!

  97. thank you, Leah. Your devotional today was spot on with a perfect timing, as many have mentioned in their comments before mine. In particular, I really need God’s clear direction now while I am looking for a new place to rent (I’ve had my share of ‘strange’ landlords or neighbours, so I am really conscious about it and need God’s guidance to find the perfect place for me :)). I’ve also been seeking His direction about my workplace and whether or not I am in the right place at all.

    • Marisha, I’m praying for you today ~ asking God to provide a wonderful new place for you to live that is safe and feels like “home”.

  98. I seem to be stuck in indecision all the time. Insecurity, lack of confidence and fear of the unknown keep me from doing what I should be doing probably more times than not. Even though I’ve known Jesus almost my entire life, it doesn’t get any easier to completely surrender my will to His. Thank you for the fresh reminder found in Ps. 25:9; that He takes us by the hand, much like I do my toddler when, and leads us step by step.

  99. Right now I’m so lost and confused! I don’t know where my life is going or what path I’m supposed to be on. I need clarity and direction to get out of this holding pattern.

    • Jen, I’m praying this verse over you today:
      Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. Proverbs 3:5-6

  100. I am the queen of overthinking and worrying. Thanks for your insight. I have been working on memorizing these verses and hiding them in my heart. It is comforting to know that the Lord doesn’t require perfection. He leads us back when we go astray and have humble hearts. Thank you for your encouragement!!!

  101. Thanks for the reminder that although the first step is to ask for guidance, the next step is to trust God that he will handle it. The faith part is difficult to do.

  102. I love the name for God that David chose to use in this Psalm–LORD (in all caps)! It means Jehovah, The Eternally Existent One, the “I AM”. In Genesis, God first uses this name for Himself with Moses and connects it to the fact that He is a covenant-keeping (promise-keeping) God who never changes and remains the same from generation to generation. With that kind of reputation, we can really catch what David meant! This verse was exactly what I needed today! Praise God and thank you, Leah!

  103. This spoke straight to my heart. It is exactly how I feel. Like I’ve taken a detour or wrong turn somewhere and need guidance to get back on track. Thanks for the scriptures. I will use them in prayer for guidance.

  104. Worry and lack of trust keep me from enjoying all God has for me. I need to put ALL my trust and hope in him.

  105. I so needed to hear that I’m not alone in being indecisive! I wonder,often; which road to travel in this crazy, crazy world! I have family, work, ministry and marriage all pulling me in different directions. I do ask the Lord to guide my steps each day! That IS the only way I keep from being pulled apart!!
    Thank you for encouraging me today!!

  106. As a stay at home mom with a toddler, my days often do not go as planned and I find myself struggling with each decision I make. This, in turn, often leads to worry. Today these verses reminded me of the ultimate Teacher. It’s my job to trust Him and seek direction, not worry or let trivial things get in the way. Thank you.

  107. Kristi Edwards :

    Thank you for your encouragement! And showing me these bible verses. I had them already circled in my bible, but you allowed me to see them in a new way!

  108. These words spoke to me today as I have been struggling with what the next thing is for me. I’ve been looking to scripture and prayer and want to feel real purpose in what I do. I know other women also struggle with this same feeling. Knowing first and foremost my purpose is to love God supremely and then people I can move toward that goal. The day to day stuff is not always as purpose driven but trusting God even in the dark is what I long to do.

  109. Thank you for this devotion today.

  110. Sometimes I wrestle with doing what I know is right and what another is telling me to do. To be honest, mist of time I go with what I know is right, but there are instances I feel very pressured into choosing the latter. I pray I can always make the right decision. And trust The Lord to guide

  111. I am pursuing a home business and this devotion was a reminder to seek God’s direction. I am unsure if this is the path that I should be taking so this really spoke to my heart today.

  112. This devotion is wonderful and exactly (exactly!) what I needed this morning. God Bless you Leah!

  113. Thanks for this devotion today!

  114. This devotion fit my situation and feelings perfectly today – as God so often orchestrates! I am praying for courage today to take the step of faith God directs me to take and trust him to provide.

  115. Thank you, I needed to hear this today. I have a big decision to make and uncertain which way to go. Psalm 25 is my prayer today and every day.

  116. Sometimes I wish that God would reach down, place his hand on my noggin and turn it in the direction I am to go. It sure would make things a lot easier. Praise Him, though, that no matter which direction I go he is still right there beside me. PTL!

  117. This is where I am right now: Feel like a hamster in a wheel, going round and round but getting know where. I feel like I’m doing the “right things” but can’t see the path I’m supposed to go. I tend to feel that I have to figure everything out on my own. I forget that the Lord is there. He DOES have a plan for me and I simply need to obey, listen and wait!

  118. This devotion was just what i needed today! Thank you for posting it.

  119. Perfect timing for this! Gods timing…. Really struggling in marriage, helps to know where I should turn to and what path to follow…His!! Thank u

    • Perri, I’m praying for your marriage today ~ asking God to restore the broken places and revive the love between you and your husband.

  120. Irene Hollis :

    I am learning to listen to God and this verse is helpful to me. Seeking out His ways, guides me on my path. Thank you.

  121. Leah, thank you so much! This was exactly the cry of my heart and exactly what I needed to read. Thanks for sharing.

  122. I love how Gods word and timing is perfect. My husband more specifically has been atruggling with work and feeling like he is going no where and his long days will never be “normal”. I was seeking The Lord to see how I could be an encouragement to my husband and this devotion really helped me in my time of need for this. Thank you so much for sharing.

  123. I am Sooo feeling like I am running in circles and confused. I was praying about where God wanted us to go to church I felt like I didn’t get a straight forward answer so for about a 1 yr we just tried some churches finally I picked one and I am still wondering if it was the choice God wanted, alot of times I feel like i am my own biggest obstacle, I over think it, I question every choice, the problum is I need to live by faith more instead of putting up the barriers and waiting to make sure it’s right I need to go all in and not be afraid that’s easier said than done.

  124. At times I’ve felt hopeless, but I see in Psalm 25:5, that my hope needs to be in the LORD, not in circumstances.

  125. This really hits me right where I am. Making some major life changes and feeling bogged down by doubt and worry.

  126. Gayla Sholey :

    Sometimes I question if we have a problem with what our good Lord is offering. Maybe we question “Is that really meant for me?” “What did I do to deserve this”? “Surely this was meant for someone else” as we underestimate our Savior’s vast love for us. A love that is hard for us to fathom in our human condition.

  127. Gayla Sholey :

    Wow! Talk about timing…laying awake in the middle of the night w/my kindle & found your blog via proverbs 21. Life could not prove much more complicated right now as I am taking a national certification exam on Mon. after 3 1/2 yr. of grad school; I’ve been offered a job across the country, (no signed contract yet), we have a home of 20 yrs. to pack along w/4yr. old, Sr. in H.S. & a dog; to start a position that would require moving in 6 wks. …decisions, decisions. A well written blog for which I thank you.

    • Gayla, I’m praying you pass your exam with flying colors! Congratulations on that job offer. Moving has it challenges but on the bright side … it’s a great way to clean out those closets and de-clutter. 🙂

      • Gayla Sholey :

        Thanks for the prayers Leah! I am studying my buns off on my way to becoming a certified nurse midwife. Your prayers are even more appreciated with the unfolding this day, as I’ve accepted a position in TX. (…no pressure now to pass my exam Mon., haha insert sarcasm). You are definitely right about decluttering! Way to look at the +, lol! I will praise Him in the storm! I’ve always liked thunderstorms (usually). I will miss those in the desert.

  128. Brenda Engelkemier :

    You ask the question “What is keeping me from moving in the right direction?” For me it is more about learning to appreciate the path I am on and trusting that God has a plan for me. I can relate when you say “stuck and going in circles.” I do like to read the Psalms when life is trying. David teaches us that there is trouble but we should keep going, finding joy, praying, trusting, hoping, and having faith.
    Thanks for this devotional today, it has encouraged me that God has my back and if I keep walking with Him, he will lead and direct my paths.

  129. Chantle Uthe :

    Thank you for this message. I feel this way mostly on a daily basis. I know that God is here and he is good all the time. I struggle daily with being in the Word. These messages help. Again thank you.

  130. Thank your so much. This is so on time for what I am dealing with right now. I am so happy to have this to us in my life and to help others that are in need of guidance. God bless you. Now I will be able to sleep and let God guide me instead of worrying.

  131. I just want to thank you because as I was praying, mediating and spending time with the Lord, He revealed to me what I needed to do keeping my eyes always Him and gave me His assurance I am following His direction as He’s leading me down the path so this devotional came right on time because His perfect timing answered everything I needed to know and gave me a fresh confidence that He’s walking beside me every step of the way for He makes no mistakes when He leads.

  132. I have been in a on and off relationship with my younger kids dad for 14 years. Sometimes it is good then one day everything falls apart. He is not a christain. I feel like he always puts me down and I dont really feel loved or happy about myself. I feel stuck sometimes and like I am stuck in one place and not moving forward. Please pray for me.

    • Connie, I’m praying for you today. It sounds like you’ve facing some real challenges. I do know that God would never put you down or make you feel unloved. Nor, would he want anyone else to do that to you. You are treasured and highly valuable to Him.

  133. I receive these words straight from Christ’s heart to mine. Just two hours ago I prayed for guidance, encouragement, and clear direction. Thank You, Lord, for Your Word. I trust You.

  134. I’ve been spending a lot of my time lately working on bible studies and reading my bible. I feel like I am in a sort of holding pattern. I just pray that this is where I am supposed to be and that I’m not being oblivious to where God is trying to send me.

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