Intimacy (Guest Post & Giveaway)

Intimacy (Guest Post & Giveaway)

Giveaway Winners Announcement: Rivera has graciously offered to give away 2 extra copies of her book, so we have 3 winners this week!

Congratulations to: Marcia ~ Debbie ~ Paula. You will be notified via email for confirmation.  Thanks to everyone else from leaving such wonderful comments. Rivera and I have prayed over each request. 

I’m so excited to introduce you to my good friend, Rivera Douthit.

I’ve known Rivera for years and can tell you she’s the real deal.  Rivera’s love for Jesus is contagious and she just released her first book, Intimacy, which reveals the true meaning of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today I’m giving away a free copy of Rivera’s book and asked her to share with us how God called her to write Intimacy.



We all desire it. Guess what. God does too! With us! He created us to need to be seen, known, and understood. Intimate moments with God: seeing Him seeing us, hearing Him clearly, and a deeper understanding of His love and who we are in Him, fuel the fire of intimacy in our earthly relationships.

The greatest rest, confidence, ministry and relationships flow out of that secret place with Him.

How do we get there? If you’re like me, you don’t want another list to check. We already have enough of those. God invites us to stop doing and just be.

Three years ago, God confirmed He wanted me to write a book but didn’t give me details. After months of striving to create an idea that I thought would sell and attending numerous writer’s conferences, God assured me that I was already writing parts of my book. He wanted me to rest in His plan. He showed me my journey with Him in writing would probably look different than most. I surrendered and sat the book down for over a year—waiting to hear from Him.

Last summer, it was finally time. I asked, “Lord if the time is now, what do You want me to write? What is already in my writing that you want included in a book?”

Soon after, I woke up in the night to Him saying, “Intimacy.” Then I heard, “into me You see. I see you Rivera. People need to know they are seen and loved and wanted, first by Me, then by others. I want them to really know Me and not the religion of going through the motions. The only way they can know real intimacy is to know it with Me first.” I wrote these words down.

The next day, without knowing anything about God’s words to me, my best friend posted on Instagram. Her hashtags were #intimacy #intomeyousee. I knew God was confirming His direction for the book.

After praying for a specific deadline, God said Christmas. I thought this seemed a little impossible, but if it’s what He wanted, I was willing to at least try. Once I said yes to Him, anything and everything tried to prevent me from writing with focus, including the passing of two of my close friends within days of one another.

By November, I only had two chapters written. Discouraged, I told my husband, “This whole writing thing is impossible. There’s no way I’m going to get this book written by Christmas. I can’t do this. I give up!” He was stunned and silenced.

Later that day a friend called and gave me a Word the Lord had given her to speak over me. She said, “God’s saying ‘Arise.’ It’s from Isaiah 60:1-5. Maybe you know what this means.”

I responded, “I’m pretty sure He’s telling me to get over myself, rise up, and do what He’s asking me to do.”

The same night, I was reading in Nehemiah 6 where the enemies of Nehemiah were trying to get him off the wall around Jerusalem. They didn’t want Him to successfully rebuild the wall, so they sent messengers to attempt to prevent, distract, and destroy God’s mission. Nehemiah refused to come down from building the wall.

God was telling me to stay focused and learn say “No.”

Toward the end of chapter 6, the wall around Jerusalem was completed in record time—52 days—and the enemies of God stood in awe. They knew God Himself had rebuilt the wall.

Holy Spirit said, “Rivera, count the days till Christmas.” I counted, and it was 52 days exactly. I knew God was promising, if I would do my part and lean into Him, the book would be written.

As I wrote each day I prayed for manna, “Give only what I need for this day God.” Groups of prayer warriors prayed alongside me. The book was written consecutively: chapter one, two, three, four, and so on. I wrote the last paragraph on Christmas Eve.

Only God!

Intimacy is not a “how to” book, it is a personal journey of the heart. It’s an invitation to lay down religion and preconceived ideas about God and enter into a deep, meaningful relationship with the Lover of our souls.



Thank you, Rivera, for sharing your story with us!

To enter the drawing leave a comment below sharing how your relationship with Jesus is different now than it was a year ago.  How has it changed? Or, does it seem the same.

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  1. A year ago, I was on the path to a closer relationship with God. The last Sunday of 2013, I rededicated my life to Him. I am so blessed to know His love and grace and mercy.

  2. My relationship with the Lord has grown alot over the last year, but I feel I have a long ways to go to develop true intimacy with Him.

  3. Ruthie Keegan :

    This is me

  4. I find myself with iseveral opportunities are opening up with my job. One would take me away from family, friends and even my boy friend. There is one part of me that does not want to leave all of this behind for the next two to four years and yet at the same time there is peace. This one position became known after waking up on night and sensing that God wanted me to pray and pray in my soirit. I have had nights like this before and even though I wanted to sleeo it seemed like a tugging on my spirit to pray. As I laid there praying there was no indication as before to pray for one specific person in my life. I am trusting God to show me the path He wants me to take whether it is this new job, the possibility of being gone for six months next year with my present job, or staying where He has me now.
    God knows the plans he has for me and one of my favorite verses is Jerimiah 29:11, when there is uncertanty in my life I recite this passage to remind myself that God is, has, and will continue to watch over my life.

    • Yes Barbara, “God is, has, and will continue to watch over (your) life.” I love that you know that and are resting in it. Praying for clear direction and confirmation for you! Many blessings!

  5. Kristina Salaz :

    God is amazing and exceeds expectations vin prayer. I find myself dependent on Him and going to Him throughout my day. This has been a great change in intimacy from days I tried to plow through things in my own power. Now when I forget my dependence on Him I feel like trying to plow through stuff in my power just gets me more stuck. I thank God that he is there when I go to Him and things go so much smoother when I admit I need Him and give glory to Him for all He is faithful and constant to do and provide in my daily walks.
    Thank you for being faithful to Him in writing this book and devotional, As I long to be more intimate with my God, I really feel for those that do not have that intimacy. I pray this book will touch their hearts through work of Holy Spirit and bring many either to God or even closer to Him. The church is Christs bride so we are meant to have that intimacynta

  6. I have lost my beautiful daughter & husband to brain cancer & my son has had cancer twice….my son & I are looking for Gods direction as to where to live, work for my son & something for me to do & relationships, Blessings Carol

    • Carol, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your daughter and husband. And now you are taking care of your precious son. My heart aches for you and I am praying for you today. I imagine the tears have been many as you’ve sought God through all of this. I wish I had just the right words to tell you that would make everything better. Sweet Sister, you and your family are not forgotten. God loves you and sees you. I’m praying for a miracle on your behalf.

    • Thank you for sharing your story Carol. You are so deeply loved by God. I pray you experience and see Him loving on you in the days and weeks to come. He’s right there beside you. Lord, give clear direction and open doors of opportunity for Carol and her son. Bring physical, emotional, and spiritual healing to this family. Love on them in tangible ways today Lord, and open the eyes of their hearts to see You clearly. Provide financially and emotionally. Surround them with supportive, loving friends who know You. Leave Carol standing in awe of You. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Blessings all over you Carol.

  7. Tricia Shinault :

    Oh the joy of serving the Lord! In this past year God has been drawing me closer to Him, showing me more of His endless love and mercy. Even in times of weak moments and wrong choices, He gently corrects, guiding me as I surrender each part of my life to Him. I cannot imagine living life without the Lord and feeling His presence in my life!

  8. I would love to read this book and learn how to have more intimacy with the one who created me. I am learning how to look to God in all situations, when I am scared, fearful and not sure of the future. I think this book would really help me see the heart Jesus has for his children.

    • It would help:) I hope you have a chance to read it as well. I’ll be giving it away in a couple of weeks on my blog. Keep an eye out for that if you don’t win today. Thank you for commenting. Blessings over you! God is in hot pursuit of you Amber! He loves you deeply.

  9. I, too, like all of my fellow travelers sharing here, want to know, love and walk with God minute by minute, second by second, sharing the intimacy that is mine to have. I so appreciate reading the stories of others, encouraging each other that it is possible and attainable. God wants to be intimate with us; to shower us with His love and grace.
    Sometimes. . . . life gets in the way. I know that it is through my own choices, actions and reactions and not from God, but it can feel like you fall into emptiness and no matter how hard you try, you cannot climb out.
    I was walking with God, listening, giving my life to Him to direct my way. I was a new Christian 14 years ago and I was on top of the world. I knew He was always with me, giving me Peace throughout several years of fighting cancers and many other life issues; loving me with an unending love.
    Then one day, it all starting tumbling down. My husband found out he had cancer and we struggled mightily with all that he had to go through. Then several other minor problems (although they seemed major at the time) continued to arise, pulling me farther and farther down. I lost my husband last August, then only two weeks later, I lost my father. The problems continue to mount and life just doesn’t make sense anymore.
    I have never lost my desire for intimacy with my Father God but I seemed to have lost my ability to connect in any way – as if Satan has blinded me and the path is lost to me.
    I just happened to stumble upon Leah’s Proverbs 31 Ministries on Facebook a few days ago. I enjoyed reading what she writes and I signed up for her emails. For some reason it took several days for the Subscription email to get to my Inbox – only yesterday did it finally come. When I accepted the subscription, the first one showed up this morning. It was a very good devotion and I clicked on the blog to read more. I ended up here.
    I do think God is still directing me, no matter how lost I feel. I was meant to be here – to read what others have written and to learn more of what God’s plan is for my life.
    Thank you all for sharing – no one knows how they impact the lives of others but God uses everyone for His glory and I can say that you have all made a difference in my life today.

    • I pray you will have a chance to read the book Barbara. It will give opportunity for you to soul search with the Lord to figure out why there’s a barrier in your closeness with Him, or why it comes and goes. I would suggest it to you, even if I hadn’t written it;) Much love and many blessings!

  10. Barb Metreyeon :

    Intimacy..conjures up thots of everything from sex to a closeness with a friend or spouse…but with God??? Oh, yes, I want it so much.

  11. Joanne Urbany :

    I have been walking closely with the Lord for 38 years this August. This past year has been a difficult one. I know that God takes us deeper in times of darkness, and I have had plenty of those times, but this past year was different. God was silent. I had to learn to look for Him in ways heretofore not known to me, seek Him more earnestly, believe when there was no evidence of His working in sight and as Abraham did, hope against hope. I look forward to reading Intimacy; it sounds just like what the Lord has ordered for this time in my life. Thanks.

    • Can’t wait for you to read it, Joanne:) I always encourage people to journal stories of seeing God. It’s easy to have faith when it seems He’s right in our faces speaking and doing. When He seems quiet, it’s more difficult. It builds our faith in the quietness to be able to go back and read stories of His faithfulness. When it FEELS He’s nowhere to be found, we have to rest in what we KNOW (truth) and not what we feel. Feelings shift. Truth stands forever. Many blessings over you Joanne!

  12. This is such a neat story, it just made me teary while reading it.
    Intimacy with God is something I’ve put on my priority list at least 5 yrs ago, after another fiasco, and since then I’ve been trying to work on. At times I feel like I succeed, at other times I feel like I am taking it (whatever ‘it’ is at that point in life) back. To be brutally honest sometimes I feel that I can’t achieve having God as my all-sufficient portion 100% of the time for the rest of my life, as the Bible tells us He is. I do desire for Him to be my all in all, but perhaps it is due to trust issues or some kind of worldly influence when I think/feel that I may not ever be fully content with that- sad, I know- but I do try to fight these thoughts, especially since this ‘swing-like relationship’ with God also tends to affect my personal relationship with other significant people in my life.
    Thank you also for sharing concrete examples of how you heard from God and His confirmations. I loved that, as sometimes I question myself on the same- is it from God? is it a coincidence? etc etc etc.

    • Mmmm Marisha, thank YOU for your honesty. I pray you soon experience the deeper things of God and get a new revelation of the love He has for you! That will dig your heels in with Him!

  13. Chantle Uthe :

    My love for God has grown over the past year. In 2013 I let 3 balloons go down at the beach where I live. A black for the past to let go but never forget. A pink for the present for that day to start a new journey in my life. A white for the future that my life changed fluff the better. Yes there is still struggles and I have a hard time understanding everything God done and is going for my life. But I keep on keeping on. Thank you. I hope that I can still enter this giveaway. Have a great day.

    • You have entered the giveaway Chantle. Look for more giveaways for the book on my blog in the next weeks. You are so loved by God Chantle. He has plans for you. Cling to the truth! Get into the Word:) Many blessings my friend!

  14. Sounds like a great book to read. I like reading books that are encouraging you in your walk with the Lord. I love true Intimacy with the Lord. I desire that all the time. The ways I have changed in the past year is trusting Him more, relying on Him more. I think that I do in all ways, then He shows me areas that I am not. That is so awesome. I want what He wants. I want to be more and more like Him. God Bless!!

  15. Rivera, my journey to Intimacy With God is forever! It began long before I recognized it…through Scripture and quiet time and life…a few years ago I saw a Bible study and prayer journal by Tara Furman titled Intimacy With God. This study enhanced what God was already doing and working in my relationship with Him. I would love to read your book and sense that this too has been placed on my path as I continue my journey with Him! Thank you for saying yes to God and I thank Leah for her forever sharing of His great Love! God bless!

  16. My relationship with the Lord has changed dramatically since I complete Celebrate Recovery last December. Through this Christian 12 step program, the Lord has revealed many truths to me and has allowed abundant healing into my life. He’s brought me a community of other hurt women (and men) who stand by one another without judging. They truly meet me where I am and that propels me toward complete healing. I struggle to walk by faith because financially times are difficult, but I will seek deeper intimacy so that I can follow His will for my life, however off the beaten track it may be.

    • The Lord has you Cindy. HE wants to bless you. I love that you’ve found a community of people to stand by you and hold you accountable, and to pray you through difficulties. I pray financial provision and blessing over you. When it happens, stand in awe of God and give Him all the glory. Lean in closer to Him.

  17. Hi everyone!
    Thank you Leah for inviting me to guest post. Many blessings to you for the new friends you’ve introduced me to here. I pray you are feeling better today.
    It seems I haven’t stopped since yesterday at 7am (except for a little sleep), but I plan to respond to every one of your comments later today. You have each blessed my heart with your stories.
    If you don’t win “Intimacy” this time, keep your eyes out on my website. I periodically give it away there. Much love, and I pray God’s blessings flood you all!!

  18. Hi Friends, I’m sorry for not replying sooner, but I came down with a summer cold Thursday and I’ve been in bed ever since. I’ve read all of your comments and have been praying for each of you. It’s wonderful to see how God is working in each of your lives. May He receive all the glory!

  19. I am entering for the book on intimacy. My relationship with Jesus has seen more thanksgiving and trust in His ways.

  20. I was 2 years old when the sexual abuse started. I’ve known the Lord for many years, but have always ran away from true intimacy… from my friends, from my husband, from my God. Even though I desperately want “to know as I am known”, I can only let others so close. I hope that I am on the path my creator has set out for me. I can only trust his leading – and from that, I am not the same as I was a year (or month, or day) ago.

    • I pray Jesus will continue healing, layer after layer, of your hurt from the past. He’s the only One who can. Praise God HE’s already been healing. He loves you and knows the pain of your past. He knows why you’ve always run from intimacy. HE wants to have it with you, no strings attached. Trust Him. He’s trustworthy.

  21. Thank you for sharing your journey. One year ago I experienced the loss of my parents – 6 months apart. I went from an inconsistent, occasional prayer life with Jesus to a life surrendered, totally dependent on Him daily, trusting in Him in the deepest core of my being, and relying on him to guide me in His will daily.

  22. So need this. I am a pastor’s wife and the past couple of yesrs have been challenging and draining. I’m weary and need to feel, see and know God still has purpose for me. Would love to read this book

    • I pray you have a chance to read it Paula. IF I were wealthy, I would give it to every single woman who commented to this post. I can go ahead and tell you, He DOES have huge purpose for you. Get quiet with Him and listen. He wants you. He loves you. He sees you. He’s right there!!! Speak His name out loud… Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Saturate your day with praise. You will be refreshed:)

  23. Debra Southern :

    It was almost a year ago when my neice invited me to join a group of hurting women. This group of wonderful women, gave me and example of their intimacy with our Lord. They gave me a glimpse of what I have been missing. Each book I read gives more and more incite into his love for me.

  24. Sallyann DiMuzio :

    Suffering from severe depression nearly two years ago I needed a radical renewal of my relationship with my savior. My contact and involvement with local church has allowed me to have an intimacy with the Lord that I had never known in the 30 years prior. This book would reinforce and bind that intimacy on my heart that has begun, and that I desire to deepen.

  25. Although I feel I am much closer now to God than ever before, I still don’t know if I feel “intimate” with Him. Thank you for your story about staying focused as that is the wall I run into most. I’ve given the wall to God recently to deal with so you know it’s attacking more now, but I’m determined to get through it. 🙂

  26. O it has definitely changed. It is still so hard though to trust Him when I can’t see the way, but He does.

  27. I am still searching for unconditional love. Learning to love and forgive myself.

    • Isaiah 1:18, Ps 103:1-5, and Isaiah 43:25 These helped me. When we realize that God has forgiven to the point of forgetting, it makes it a lot easier to forgive ourselves. Choose freedom. Let it go!! 🙂

      He is the ONLY unconditional love and the only WAY we can learn to love that way:) And my goodness how HE loves YOU Susan! Blessings.

  28. Last year at this time; I was in a relationship. A relationship that was the first “serious” one since my divorce over 11 years ago. Before this relationship started, I have no doubts that God had ownership of my heart; but I also have no doubts that as this relationship progressed…..I pushed God away in certain ways. When struggles & confusion started; I believe God started revealing to me in certain ways that I was giving this relationship more priority in my life than I was Him. Unfortunately; I think the more I pushed Him away; I didn’t even realize it. About 9 months almost 10 months into this relationship; I truly believe God had to step in. Especially when I started journaling my struggles I was experiencing with this other person, & I was asking God what I should do. In mid January; this man told me he didn’t think he wanted to be in a committed relationship. This was like 3 days after hearing how good it was to see me & that he loved me (just as I had been hearing for months prior to this). None of it made any sense to me. I am daily trying my best to make sure that God keeps my full attention. I’m thankful that He loves me & wants my heart & wants to protect me!! I can’t say I don’t have hope that this relationship can be restored but I know that until I continue making
    God my priority & want Him over any human relationship; He has to keep working in me. I know He knows what’s best for me no matter what happens in the future. Your devotional was very encouraging & I do think this would be a book I would like to read.

    • I hope you get a chance to read the book Leighanne:) Thank you for sharing your story. Praying you find contentment in your love relationship with God first. He surely does love you and absolutely knows what’s best. No doubt if this isn’t the one, His ONE for you is even better:) Like you said, He wants you to want Him first… many blessings.

  29. I can’t wait to read Intimacy. The description in what the book is about is yet another persistent message the Lord has been sending me for the last eight months, and a confirmation of the next step of faith He is calling me into. Like He woke you in the night, He did with me giving me direct instructions and details for a project to complete. I have learned saying Yes to His call of radical obedience has taken me into a deep personal relationship with Him. It has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see where all He leads me.

  30. I am striving to have a closer walk with God day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute…
    In the past, I have drawn strength from God in tough times, but then when life was easier, I would live as if to say ‘I got this’. I would continue in the direction I thought God wanted me to go but not continue that intimate relationship I had when times were tough. I’m now trying hard to be still, focus on God’s word and pray for wisdom and discernment to live each day as God has planned for me.

    • That’s a great prayer…wisdom and discernment. James says if we want wisdom all we have to do is ask for it believing, then He will give it without finding fault. I love that. 🙂

  31. I am struggling. I’ve been struggling with my relationship with God. There have been a tremendous amount of life changing challenges, achievements, stumbling blocks and pot holes and I view all of them as blessings, for the most part, over the part few years. It all began when I was baptized a little over 4 years ago. I will never forget that feeling and yearn for it again. However, I’ve allowed Satan to break me and redirect my thoughts and actions. I’ve doubted myself and the decisions I’ve made. It gets hard to remind myself God has blessed me abundantly and should not worry about how things turn out. Yes, I’m consumed with worry. I know I need to know God intimately and trust him completely. It just gets difficult for me to “Let go and let God.” The Proverbs 31 devotional that was placed in my path this week has been such a source of strength and direction.
    I pray I grow to know and experience God intimately. I desire that relationship with Him. I pray I can overcome the anxiety and fears of letting go and trusting Him. I don’t know what’s holding me back, but I am trying to listen and follow the path the Lord has for me. I pray for strength to achieve these things, to embrace the blessings if God completely. Amen

  32. My relationship with Jesus has changed over this year. With the pressures, trials and challenges I have faced. I faced a choice with each difficulty; 1) allow my emotions and feelings to overwhelm me and influence my decisions or 2) draw closer to Jesus and look to Him for everything big or small. He has not disappointed, has always been faithful and I has revealed more of himself to me through each imperfect prayer I have prayed.
    Look forward to reading this book!

    • Ahhhh, isn’t it wonderful how He loves our “imperfect prayers.” They are probably perfect to Him:) When we draw near to Him, He draws near to us. He IS faithful. I love it!!

  33. On August 8th, 2013 I lost my husband. I felt that I had no one to show me love and intimacy. I finally gave up and asked the Lord what I was supposed to do, and where He wanted me. It is a struggle to overcome but I am learning and I am still growing in the intimate relationship with my Lord. He has become even more significant in my life than imaginable.

  34. My relationship with God grows sweeter and sweeter every day, based primarily upon the time I spend alone with Him! I look back upon times of great loss in my life, health and relationships, and I truly understand that writing of “Footprints”, when I’m at my lowest, that is when Jesus reaches out and carries me!

  35. Sounds like a great book that I will buy even if I don’t receive it. I have grown tremendously in my knowledge of God, but I want to know how to rest in Him and know Him intimately. I’ve learned over the past year that God didn’t just call us to salvation. He wants our total surrender to Him as Lord over our life so that we may be fruitful and used for His Kingdom work. I have also realized that I have a lot of work in this area. I don’t trust easily but God requires it. He requires and can only be satisfied with our total obedience and it is then that He can use us as a vessel for His glory. I struggle with His love for me. I know that I need to surrender everything and since I have trust issues, am not sure exactly how to do this. I know I have been living more for self and have control and pride issues. I want to learn how to stop striving and rest in Him and want to find God’s peace, joy, and love so that I will move beyond myself and have His confidence to focus christian love to others.

  36. Our God is so amazing. This year has been a year of changing who I am. I have seen myself as damaged and unworthy for most of my life and this year the Lord is asking me to see myself through His eyes. That is very hard to do when you are not sure who He really is, a loving Father. So my heart’S desire is to know Him, really know Him. This book sounds like an answer to my question “who are You and how can I know You in the deepest parts of my heart and soul.” May you be blessed as you have blessed us.

  37. Thank you for your obedience to a God in writing this book. I am struggling with intimacy with God. I want and need to feel His presence and forgiveness in my life. The past six years of my life have been filled with guilt and pain. We have experienced our daughter being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and the suicide of our son. I am struggling with people who are unaware of the hurt that I deal with daily so I need to know intimacy with God because He is the only One who truly knows me and what I am going through. May many be blessed by your book.

    • Thank you for your sweet words Jo Ellen. Thank you also for sharing your hurt. He DOES know and understand you. I pray for a quickening. May your relationship with Jesus come deeply and quickly. HE loves you so much. I pray you have a chance to read the book. There’s a chapter on grief that may speak deep to your soul. I pray God turns into good in your life what the enemy meant for harm. I pray He brings healing to your mind, body, soul, and spirit like you’ve never experienced in your life. Many blessings to you!

  38. One year ago my husband and I relocated, leaving our home of 30 years, family, friends, jobs and church behind. It was a difficult decision and transition, but my parents need for care and alternative cancer treatment for myself propelled us. Clinging to God is what got me through this first year of making new friends, finding a new church family, caring for aging parents, missing what we left behind, and dealing with a new diagnosis of cancer spreading. But, I know there’s more seeing into God that I need at the end of this year. I’m tired and I need Him more now than ever! I’d love to read this book!

    • Debbie, I’m praying for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Thank you for sharing your story so I know HOW to pray. He sees you. HE knows you. He CARES for you deeply. I pray He gives you new Holy Spirit energy and joy this year!

  39. God is teaching me how to restin Him and find balance and joy for my very tired soul.

  40. I am closer to Jesus than I was a year ago in some ways; yet in others I am still very distant. The idea of Intimacy sounds wonderful.

  41. On October 18, 2013, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It has been a journey like I have never experienced. Not just dealing with the cancer, the treatments, the sickness but finding myself becoming much closer to God and my husband. We have always prayed together but now everything has a whole new meaning. We have cried out to God for comfort, healing, peace, and wisdom. But most of all, we prayed that God would use our circumstances for his good and that we would somehow be encouragers to others by letting them know how God has worked in our lives. This has been the most amazing journey I have ever been on. The love and support of our family and friends has been very humbling and overwhelming. Everyone we have come into contact with has blessed us way beyond what we could ever imagine. Thank you for sharing this post on “Intimacy”. Very inspiring words to begin my day! Blessings to you!

  42. In the past year I’ve learned so much about getting into His presence. Staying there and just being. Love this quote “He created us to need to be seen, known, and understood. “. Can’t wait to read the book.

  43. The Lord has taken me on a new journey this past year to increase my faith and draw closer to Him. This time last year I was extremely stressed, panicking about the future, questioning God and whether I could hear Him anymore. This growing process has not been easy by any means. God has stripped me of my pride and brought me to a place of total surrender and trust. Now, I can honestly say, “Thank You, Lord, for the trials.” This place of intimacy with the Lord is undescribable. I do not know what the future holds, which is alright because it is in God’s hands. This journey has actually just begun and am excited to see what God has in store next.

  44. As I was growing up I always thought of God as a Judge. If we were really good then we could be accepted and loved. But for those like me that never measured up, well we just got the judge that looked down at every thing we did wrong. As an adult I challenge this and found that God is my Abba Father that I can go to when I am afraid or discouraged, He chose me before the foundations of the world and He loved me. What a difference! When I was young I tried so hard to be good so I wouldn’t be judged, now I enjoy a great relationship with a loving God and I try to do what He asks because of love.

  45. My relationship with the Lord is different now than it was a year ago because when I first dedicated my life to God, I use to think that being save was all about going to church every Sunday , being nice to those around me , and not sinning according to the bible. The Lord began to reveal to me that there is more to being a Christian than just attending Church every Sunday , going to Bible Study on Tuesday, you see when he saved you , he just didnt save me or you to go through the motions of attending church and bible study on a weekly basis, he saved us for his glory to go out and make disciples of men , to have a personal relationship with him not a religion were you follow a set of rules or traditions, but God really loves us and he wants to take the mess that we made out of our lives and give it all to him so he can give us beauty for our ashes, he wants to be our everything, and wants us to come to him for everything, to be totally dependant upon him not so that we may know of him but that we will know him, I have learned that going to church and hearing about God allows you to know of him and thats all good but you really don’t start actually knowing God until you begin to develope a realtionship with him and relationship comes by doing life or spending time with a person so as you to continue to attend your church services, read your bible , pray,listen and obey when he speaks to you and consistantly surrender all your life and self to the Lord and become totally dependant and fall in Love with the Lord , will he begin to reveal himself unto you his character, his attributes, you enter into intimacy and thats where my walk has changed.

  46. Wow! God was so clear to you, something we all desire. I would really love to read your book and see what God has to say to me!

    • I would love for you to read it as well. Hearing God is something that develops over time with Him. Think of your best friend or maybe your mom, you know her voice without seeing her because you’ve spent so much time together. It’s the same with God. Praying He opens your eyes to see Him and ears to hear Him clearly. Blessings Kim!

  47. This is something I desire but I am not sure how to go about it. I would love to read this book! I too have felt ‘stuck’ for more than the past year. Thank you for this post!

  48. Thank you for the blog post. I love Jesus but somehow my journey feels the same old same old.
    It feels stuck. The part about Nehemiah spoke to me. I need to study it and see what it means for me.
    Blessing to both of you.

    • You totally SHOULD!! Study Nehemiah. God will no doubt speak. He speaks to us individually, because we’re all wired differently. He’s so sweet that way, to speak to our individual personalities and circumstances. Love it. Blessings Kim.

  49. What a great post and Intimacy sounds like a wonderful book. I am in a huge adjustment phase of my life after a forced retirement in early 2013. The first year was full of ups and downs I never expected, but God showed His faithfulness. Early 2014 He laid on my heart the desire to “dig in (the Word) and press in (to Him).” I thought that would be easy especially with so much free time, but that has not been the case. I have been a Christian for more than 40 years and have wonderful prayer partners etc., but I don’t think I have ever fully learned to relax in Him. I still get caught up in “performance”at times. I crave the intimacy Rivera writes about. I would say my relationship with Jesus is 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. It’s not where I want it to be, but there is progress!

    • I love your honesty Marcia. The first step in having intimacy is wanting it, so it sounds like you are on your way:) I pray you will have a chance to read the book. Blessings.

  50. Wow! What a great post! Thanks for sharing. I would love the book. A year ago I was deserted, left with nothing. I clung to God and He is restoring me. As I reflect on this past year, I am amazed at His healing power in my life. Some days I feel like I’m never going to be free from adversity in my life and then some days I am blessed with reading an uplifting post like this one. His mercies are new every morning. I have been working with God toward greater intimacy with Him. Thanks again.

    • May the Lord continue carrying you into deeper places of healing, freedom, and intimacy with Him. He loves you Michelle. Hang in there. Praise God for speaking and lifting you with this post. Praying blessings over you.

  51. People need to know they are seen and loved and wanted, first by Me, then by others….

    That sentence right there caught my attention. I seek to much the affirmation of others around me to tell me I am doing a good job. And, when no one does it makes me feel like I have failed. God has been telling me to seek Him first and then all these things shall be added unto you. I didn’t stumble upon this giveaway by chance it was all God. Even if I don’t win the giveaway I will be purchasing it anyway. Being completely in love with God is my first desire and that has drastically changed for the better from a year ago. Sadly, before it was Me who wanted to be noticed but over this past year my vision has changed. Thank you for staying the course and writing this book on Intimacy, Riveria. Thank you Leah for bringing my attention to it. Blessings abundantly upon you both. Have an amazing day!

    • Thank you for your honesty Angela. I think your struggle with needing affirmation is something most women struggle with from time to time. But you’re right, God DOES want us to seek Him and HIS kingdom first. When we do, it’s interesting how our needs begin being met:) Blessings to you!

  52. Ruthie Keegan :

    Intimacy is my greatest struggle my dad left when I was six and never showed affection My mom was an alcoholic I have had a lot of trust issues and have dealt with fear and depression I so want to be healed but it is even hard to relate to God as My Father. Lord I want intimacy with you cause I know it effects my relationship even with my husband


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