Does Encouragement Come In a Spray Bottle?

Does Encouragement Come In a Spray Bottle?

After such a cold, harsh winter I was looking forward to planting some beautiful flowers in our front yard. Since red is one of my favorite colors, geraniums were the flower of choice.

I decided to pay a little more and get some premium planting soil to insure my new beauties would blossom quickly.

After days of watering, feeding and admiring these babies, I noticed some were thriving while others look stunted. Several of the leaves had turned brown and shriveled up overnight.

Off I went to the plant store with the shriveled leaves in hand.  The problem was quickly diagnosed: Fungus.

Fungus? What was this doing on my flowers and why was it just on some; not the others?

Click on post title if you can't see image above.

Click on post title if you can’t see image above.

I headed home with a bottle of fungus spray and started squirting the milky substance all over the flowers. Within two days all the plants look bright, happy and were full of blooms.

Worth Pondering~

It makes me wonder …

Each plant was provided the same amount of sunshine, water, fertilizer and care from the gardner {that would be me :)}. It was the fungus that made the big difference.

Sometimes, my life can be like one of those infected geranium plants in our front yard. The “fungus” in my life can show up as discontentment, unhealthy comparisons, toxic guilt, unrealistic expectations or discouragement.

Those unwanted intruders cause my emotions to wilt as my heart slowly shrivels in defeat. It keeps me from being all that the Gardener { that would be God } intended for me.

What about you? Are you thriving today or do you feel like a little “fungus” has crept in, without you even realizing it?

If your answer is yes to the fungus, how about spending some time with God today – even if it’s for just a few minutes. Ask Him to shower you with His assurance and remove whatever is causing your heart or emotions to feel wilted.

Let God remind you of how beautiful you are {inside and out} and replace your discouragement with joy.

God loves you so much and has created you to thrive … right where you’re planted.

  If you search for good, you will find favor … the godly flourish like leaves in spring. Proverbs 11:27-28

Don’t get distracted by what others are doing or accomplishing around you. That will only slow you down and could even make the fungus come back.

Instead, keep your chin up and your face lifted high, as you soak up the goodness of God’s nourishment for your life. Thrive as the beautiful creation He’s shaped you to be.

It’s Your Turn:

Is there something that’s got you down or discouraged today? Why not share it, so I can be praying for you. Or, share a time when God encouraged you in the midst of a tough situation.

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  1. Struggling with fatigue and depression

  2. In the midst of dealing with my mom’s needs, due to a stroke, I was out on an early morning walk (6am and light out in July….no walking alone in the dark for me!). My mom was now living in an adult foster home and I was trying to get her home sold (living away from my family at her place), so I was stressed in many ways. As I walked, ahead of me I saw someone I had gone to high school with (it had been 33 yrs!). When I called her named she recognized me and we talked. I had told,her about my mom’s stoke and all that I was doing. She stopped and prayed with me.
    No….my mom did not get healed and the details of moving her and selling her home did not go away, but I felt sooooo blessed in the storm.

  3. Thank you for the encouraging words! “Fungus” is a good word to describe all those unhealthy thoughts! I think you caught my attention right away when you mentioned flowers! I look forward to planting pansies every spring!!

  4. I read your blog and knew it was what I needed. My heart has been heavy lately with burdens of what people think of me. How do I get past it? Why should I worry about them when God loves me no matter what flaws I have. I want back a friendship that was lost and today i will hold my head high and know the ultimate friendship is mine with God

    • Natalie, as a recovering people pleaser, I completely understand the heavy burden you wrote about. Staying alert of our emotions within those relationships will keep us from sliding down the people-pleasing-pole. What helps me is to pause and ask myself this: What is more important – pleasing this person or pleasing God? I know the answer and it quickly gets me back on track. You’re absolutely right. Our ultimate friendship is found in God.

  5. Vicki,
    Thanks for sharing your comments and being so honest with your struggles.

    I think as long as we’re on this earth we’ll be exposed to emotional fungus as it tries to creep into our lives. I agree with you: we can pray for one another and be reminded of how much God loves us. Especially when we start to get down on ourselves. I’ve been asking God to bring it to my attention every time that fungus starts to make it’s way into my heart. That way I can acknowledge it, ditch it and replace it with His Truth.

  6. I started reading a “nice little blog”, but all of a sudden, I could feel tears making their way down my face. Good thing they did not drip into my keyboard!
    Thanks for this timely reminder of God’s great passion and ability to wash us with His blood every day!

    • Ruth, I’m so glad God reminded you of His great love and grace through my little blog post. I hope those tears were ones of joy. 🙂

  7. Thank-you for your words. Fungus has definitely crept into my life. The idea that I am not lovable, not worthy of God’s love.I KNOW that is not true, but the idea has made it’s way in.

    • Heather, it’s amazing how those thoughts can creep in so subtly and take root in our hearts. The best anti-fungus spray for the Enemy’s lies is the powerful Word of God. Let’s agree to use is as often as we need to keep hearts healthy and our lives blooming right where God has us.

  8. Leah,
    I loved your words! I love when people can put a visual with a feeling. I have struggled with fungus a lot lately. It seems like it is a constant battle. I stay in the word and spend time with God and Godly friends and that is my fungus spray. And even with that the fungus still seems to creep in. We all need to keep each other in prayer and to remind each other all the time that God is stronger than any fungus in our lives. Thank you for being part of my fungus spray!

  9. Wonderful analogy!!! Love it!

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