Don’t Miss the Ride of Your Life (Giveaway)

Don’t Miss the Ride of Your Life (Giveaway)

Update: The winner of this week’s post is Margaret Porth. Congratulations Margaret and thanks to everyone else for your great comments. I continue to pray for each of you daily. Y’all are amazing!!

Saying no to my family’s request that day had more to do with fear and less to do with capturing family photos. I was afraid of the unknown, and when given the opportunity, I opted to stay safely away from the risk and inside the padded walls of my comfort zone.  

*The above excerpt is from my devotion available today on the Proverbs 31 Ministries website. Click here to read the entire devotion and stick around to continue the conversation.


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I have a question to ask you. It’s one I’ve asked myself for years.

Would you consider yourself a courageous person?

Courageous is not a word I’d use to describe myself. At least, not until the last few years. For much of my life I lived in fear.

Fear of the unknown

Fear of disappointing others.

Fear of failure.

Fear of getting hurt.

I passed up some great opportunities because of my unwillingness to step outside my comfy comfort zone.

Has that ever happened to you?  If so, how did it make you feel?

It made me feel frustrated and discouraged. For years I was aware of this pattern in my life. I got tired of being afraid all the time and decided something had to change.

This “safe zone” I created was more like an unhealthy cell of confinement . A space that was getting smaller by the day.

You may not struggle with fears like I did, but do you sometimes feel like you’re missing out on life? Do you wonder if all the adventurous opportunities are held in reserve for someone else?

Those dreams you’ve gently tucked inside your heart – you know the ones that have been there for years – are they a close match to your reality?  If not, why do you think that is?

Our greatest adventures in life begin when we decide to trust God and start living for Him. The more we put our faith in God the easier it gets to say yes to the adventures He places before us.

Learning to be brave is a process. Becoming courageous requires God. We can’t do it on our own and why should we? God promises to be with us every step of the way.


Notice in Psalm 32:8 that God doesn’t guide us on just any path. He guides us along the best pathway for our lives. Your path will look different than mine, but both are equally important.

God promises to watch over us and advise us along the way. He doesn’t make us figure things out on our own. He’s on the path with us … if we invite Him to join us on the journey.

It’s Your Turn

So what are you waiting for? What is keeping you from saying yes to the next adventure God has chosen for you?

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Let’s be courageous together!



  1. Leslie Moore :

    I am 43 years old and have been a police officer for 17 years. I don’t scare easy, that is until two weeks ago. The Potters House helps between 400 and 600 families with a food ministry each month. I attended the church twice and only about 15 were in attendance and only two teenagers. I live in Charleston, SC and my fiancé “Don” lives 200 miles away in Union, SC. I told Don the first visit that was not what I was looking for that I wanted a church that is growing and alive. The second visit was only to see Don’s friend become ordained as a minister. Sitting in that pew, I felt it so strong in my heart -God said ” you are being so selfish- you are looking for a church for what you can get out if it, and not what you can put into a church. This church needs you to start a youth program to help save the youth of the community”. It was so strong that I started crying. I am terrified! I told the associate pastor what I had experienced and he said they had been praying for over a year that God would send someone to build a youth ministry in the church. Please pray for me and the church. Yes, I am still terrified but I know that God would not assign me a task that he was not sure I could handle. This church struggles to make ends meet and the community is very poor but God is going to help this community prosper and I am going to give it all I have to save the youth. Thank you for your encouraging words for they have blessed me.

    • Leslie, what a wonderful opportunity to use your gifts and talents to make a difference in kids lives. Anytime we step out in faith, the unknown can cause us to be afraid. But, God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called. God is not expecting you to be perfect. He just wants you to be willing and have an open heart to be used by Him. Trust that you are not doing this alone. He will guide Him every step of the way, if you ask.

  2. Today is my birthday. I am now 66 years old. I have come to realize that I have lived my life in fear. Trusting God has been very difficulkt for me. I wanted to so badly but my need for control has been very strong. I have come to realize how much I have missed because of fear. It had led to shame, isolation and deep depression. At this late stage in my life I am ready to receive God’s love for me and in return, place my trust in Him. As a parent, I know I have always wanted the best for my children and I wanted to protect them from harm. My Heavenly Father wants the same for all of His children, including me. I still struggle but am feeling peace more frequently. Be not afraid.

    • Happy Birthday Sandy! I’m praying that the greatest gift you receive is God’s peace over your life today. That you will trust Him completely and say no to fear, every time it tries to make it’s way into your heart. Actually, peace already lives inside of you because you’re a believer. The way to activate it in your life is by trusting God – day by day, situation by situation, moment by moment. And when you do, joy and hope will follow.

  3. I’ve been praying about a very specific area in my life that requires a huge step in faith. I was wrestling with making the “right” choice and I saw this devotion today. Which speaks directly to me! God is so good!

  4. This messge just gives me a lot to thingk about. All the fear that has keep me from doing things that I would like to do or just doing it alone. I’m staring to realize that fear has always held me back. Thank you, Leah.

  5. Leah, thank you for sharing! I have lived over half my life in fear. I, too, have missed out of many opportunities because I did not want to step outside my confort zone. I’m currently 31 and so afraid that I am going to miss out on the rest of my life because of fear. It seems when I take that leap of faith to try something new, I fail. So, when the next opportunity arises, I instantly say no because I’m afraid of the end result. I pray that I can get past this crippling fear before another 31 pass by.

  6. Thank you so much for this devotion! I have struggled with fear all my life, and your devotion helped so much in telling me to step aside and know that God is in control!
    I ask for prayers for some health issues that I am trying to overcome. God has been incredibly faithful in these and I know this love and peace will continue!

  7. Stumbled across this devotion this morning & it was so needed!!! Thank You for encouraging me to be more courageous at the start of my day!!! I’m 36 & have dealt with fear since I was a child!!! I hate fear!! I need to hate it enough from letting it stop me from living the life I was made to live!!

  8. I am in the midst of making a decision to go back to work. I pray God will make this path clear to me and take the insecurities and fear out of the decision making process. Thank you for your blog today – it certainly relates to my life!

  9. To say “fear” has ruled my adult life is a massive understatement. I have struggled with panic attacks and an anxiety disorder since a traumatic event that happened while I was teenager. I eventually developed agoraphobia at the age of 24 and was unable to leave my house without having a panic attack. With God’s grace I have been able to overcome this disorder and I am now graduating college with my degree in psychology, only 3 years later! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

  10. Debra Stang :

    Oh Leah!
    Fear was my middle name. I missed so many opportunities being enslaved in fear. It consumed me and the more I avoided things, the stronger I reinforced the fear. I made a bucket list of things I was afraid of, and one-by-one, through Christ’s Almighty Power, I have began facing them one by one. Closed in spaces (elevators/MRIs), roller coasters, haunted houses (though I don’t enjoy them), horseback riding, zip lining, renting a speedboat solo, a cable car, etc… I keep my list, which I refer to as “my bucket list” and check it off, every time I face a fear. I always pray first, as I have learning, “FEAR IS COURAGE THAT SAID ITS PRAYERS!”

  11. Yes, I am quite a fearful person…. I used to constantly pray “Lord, help me to be willing and courageous” and He used me often in situations way out of my comfort zone. But then, I went to work full time and I no longer spent as much time in the Word and I became more and more uncertain of myself. I have the same fears you’ve had…..fear of failure, fear of what others will think, fear of not raising my sons right, fear of the unknown, fear of change. So many fears! Your entry today was just what I needed to jog me back to reality. My fears are not reality, the Word of God and what God says about me is reality! Thank you for sharing, I look forward to receiving your emails!

  12. You are truly a Godsend and at just the right moment in my life. Isn’t it wonderful how God places people in our path at just the right time? I’m so grateful.
    I’m struggling with forgiving myself. It’s been a wild crazy journey for me the past few years. I’m blessed behind words, but those blessings we’re not of my choosing, they we’re Gods and at times difficult for me to accept. I’m still struggling but am coming out of MY comfort zone and into Gods. I’m embracing the changes, fears and apprehensions and learning to accept what God chooses for me. Sometimes it’s hard for me to “listen” but I’m getting better
    Thank you God for placing this wonderful woman, women and devotionals in my life right now.

    My prayer:
    Please pray I am able to forgive myself, accept the changes/blessings God has bestowed upon me, embrace this new life with all of it’s challenges, and more importantly, that I am able to grow stronger everyday with not only strength in my faith but in mentally and physical challenges brought my way.

  13. Tami Steneck :

    Thank you. I am constantly drawn out of my comfort zone. I praise God in each new venture

  14. Looking at your page as you described your fears looked like the ones I live and have lived. I stumbled across your page as I’ve been praying for Gods guidance in my new journey. Executing the next steps in my journey brings change to others and I need prayer that I will be equipped with Gods Joy, And his eyes will be the vision I follow. The unknown is scary. I know God is in my unknown lighting it up, preparing it for me.

    Please pray for me and my family.

  15. Wow. It is like you were reading a section of my life. I don’t like to step out of my comfort zone. I have many good things I would like to do. Please pray that I may overcome this and become a more outgoing Christian spreading the word.

  16. May I take a moment to share how I found your blog? Recently I attended a Women of Faith event in Columbus, OH where I heard Lysa TerKeurst speak. I followed a link from one of my favorite websites, to devotionals on the Proverbs 31 website . . . that is how I found your blog!

    My story would take too long to share here, but I continue to be amazed how the Lord is using each of the devotionals I have read over the past few weeks to speak to me – including yours today.

    The weekend of Women of Faith, I was in the midst of waiting to hear if I was accepted for a position at our church. God spoke to me through the worship and speakers regarding putting my faith in Him – as leaving my current position would mean accepting a lower income and loosing other benefits like insurance. As the fearful thoughts came, He kept reaffirming that this would be a walk of faith where I could not reason or rationally figure everything out – but He was with my family and I.

    You write about fear of the unknown . . . there is so much that is unknown as I take this step of faith. But God has called me to step out (I have to admit that at times I feel more like I have jumped from a cliff!), to trust, and to watch Him at work.

    This position will put both my husband and myself in ministry together at the church – a desire of my heart for a long time. He has been working to prepare us for this day – this time in our lives.

    Your words were an encouragement, yet again that the Lord is with me. He wants me to be courageous and walk where He is calling.

    I am excited to see what this “ride” holds – the adventure – the twists and turns – but most of all His hand at work in people’s lives!

  17. Afraid of _____. Fill in the blank and that was me. My life was ruled by panic and anxiety attacks that escalated after watching my husband go through a losing battle with cancer. I felt so helpless and out of control, and after he passed away, I felt like my one sure anchor in life was gone. Thankfully, the Lord kept His arms around me, and I slowly, and I mean sloth-like slow, began to understand that God is my anchor. I’m finding joy, peace, love, and comfort with Him as the center of my life. I still stumble off the path at times, but the Lord is so patient and forgiving. Thank you for the encouragement and reminder that God’s path is perfect. Please enter me in the drawing for the books – sound like good food for the soul.

  18. Leah, I have read a few of your devos on P31. Being courageous and filled with anxiety, fears, doubts and so many idols one being focusing on weight issues all my life instead of giving this to God, all have been my life. I know it is a total lack of trust in God, and I really, really am weary of not having that peace with God that I know is available if I surrender to Him and die to self. I have lived selfishly under my own controlling ways and my husband and son have been the recipients of my bad choices. I plan to subscribe to your posts; take the Anxiety Challenge (I haven’t even checked to see what week you are on or if you are finished but I’m sure I can find it in the archives.). I have printed out week 1 and asking God’s help, I cling to the hope that He will meet me where I am and move me into that place of a positive life change that you talk about. There’s a similar saying to what you posted (Great Info…) and it reads “Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes.” I earnestly want to change and ask if you would pray for me that God becomes so real in my life that I will overcome this life of what ifs, anxiety, fears, doubts, not getting out of my comfort zone. I know it begins with repentance and forgiveness to God, towards others and from others. I have lived a life of hiding my fears and don’t discuss them with others for fear of rejection. I am so tired of the bondage. I think gaining insight, praying, and for now, reading your website and how you have worked to overcome these same issues is a “safe” start for me.

    Thank you for a hopeful post to a new start with God.

  19. Oh how I have needed this. I have been wondering if God is calling me to something more and yet I am afraid of what I may have to do to get there. My paycheck is my security when God needs to be my security. I want to live the God adventure that He intends for me and I really don’t want to miss it because I’m playing it safe. Thank you for all that shared. If you would, please pray that I would recognize what God wants me to do and that He would give me the strength, the trust and the faith to do it. Thank you so much!!

  20. Denise Stull :

    Other people tell me I’m brave. I think mostly because of the things I’ve been through. But I have been living as a coward. Replaying the I can’t,I’m not worth it tapes planted by my past. But the last two months I have made a change in view. I applied ( and got) a new position at work, made some new friends from overseas, and applied to go back to college. Please pray for me as I continue on this new path.


  22. I already receive your posts via email -thought I’d share that first since you mentioned signing up on your post today:)
    You described me today. I did things in the past that were scary for me but now that I’m married and have kids I’m only brave about protecting them-Its like I don’t take care of myself. I’m scared to death to go out and be a teacher but it’s something I always wanted, it’s what I practiced for, it’s what I’m good at (per others)-why don’t I do it? Fear….why don’t I do other things ? Fear. Oh Jesus forgive me and help me. May I lean on You for strength and may I follow the dreams you’ve placed in my heart instead of letting doubt and fear which are not from you, run my life.

    Thank you for this devo!

  23. I have no problem with courage with adrenaline moves…roller coasters, making conversation with others, starting something new but when professing my love of the lord to strangers I am quiet. I think true courage comes in many forms but our true courage is not hiding our love for Jesus.. Whenever possible we must profess his love for all of us. So I now try to always show courage in his love. Joshua 1:9

  24. Fear is generated when we look at our weakness and failures. I have found that only when I focus on the Lord and trust in Him with ALL my heart, do I find the courage and strength to obey His Word. I’m not one for heights or roller coaster rides, so it would take a mega dose of God’s spirit to make the giant step of trust to commit to such a ride. It may be more accurate to say that any situation that God has put before me and asked me to enter, I must rely on Him to give me the courage to continue on. Great article that causes me to listen for God’s call to follow Him no matter what.

  25. First-time visitor to your site…..hopped over from today’s P31 devotion. Like what I’ve seen so far, even with the “toe-stomping”. 🙂

  26. Lori Blackston :

    For the past year i have been hit with obstacles and surprises that i thought that i would never have to encounter. Found out that ex husband had a girlfriend for previous three years, lost my mom to diabetes after she had her right leg amputated, and fearful of the unknown of having to be a single parent again after 12 years of second marriage . It has been very hard to understand that i was not the one to blame but i have overcome these obstacles and have been trying very hard to step out of my comfort zone and see that i can make it on my? own with God’s help and guidance. I have realized that i can be happy being single and that i have opportunities to have fun with my kids and have fun for myself. I am not angry or bitter because these things would only hurt and hinder me from enjoying what life had to offer.

  27. Mitzii Roughface :

    I lived the first half of my life afraid of what my parents would think, afraid of doing things because of the “what if” fear. I remember I used to get embarrassed for people or feel like I was embarrassed for a thought of me or someone getting embarrassed. All this sounds really funny if you knew how bold I was in other areas of my life. Boldness wasn’t my problem, being courageous enough to live was. I had no problem standing up to people when I was really mad, but to just do things without fear was a problem.

    Praise God, I have learned to get out of this….for the most part. I still find it difficult to do what I feel I’m lead to do because of the “what if” fear. I’m getting better at doing it anyways and trusting God it’s going to work out right. Example: I have been posting and sharing more inspirational things on FB. Every once in a while I’ll feel the ”what if” fear attacking….”what if” you offend someone with this….”what if” no one really reads this…”what if” you sound stupid. I’m learning to say Yes God then tell the “what if” fear….What if this blesses someone…What if someone does read this…What if I only reach one person with this post. Then that one person is who this post is for!

    My biggest “What if” I’m working on is I know God wants me to be trained as a counselor. In the natural, I don’t have the money or the time to do this. I have for too long allowed the natural view to outweigh the God’s view. Not anymore!! I have declared that if this is what you want God, then You will make it happen. I don’t have to know how, I just have to have faith it will. I am also learning to blog so I can reach more people with inspirationals.

    My prayer request would be that I follow the right path for the education I need.

    Prov31 and you have been a huge inspirational to me and I thank you for it. Seeing that I’m not the only one out there going through things has really helped me.

  28. I woke up just after 4am this morning after having a bad dream. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I went on Facebook and found your devotion for today through the Proverbs 31 Ministries page. God used your words and the verse in Joshua to remind me that I have been shrinking back in fear from a dream I’ve wanted to fulfill for a very long time (years). It has long been my desire to go to culinary school and for various reasons it hasn’t been until recently that the time has seemed right. I’ve felt the Lord give me the green light for a specific school yet instead of moving forward I’ve done nothing, letting fear and discouragement (especially about finances) get the best of me.
    Your words were so timely. I felt the Lord speak so clearly to me this morning, telling me to take a big step of faith, take the next step in the process. Also, some personal conviction, that I’ve believed more in my feelings than in the power and might of God. If he is leading me this way, then surely he will provide.
    Thank you for sharing your experience with fear and these verses. God used you to speak to me and I am encouraged. God bless you and your family!

  29. Before today I would never have said I am not courageous. But your words–His words–stopped me cold. I do protect my space, my energy and consequently am missing out on life’s adventures. So grateful for the words of Joshua.

  30. A few years ago, God called me to a new ministry opportunity in women’s ministry. I’ve been calling out to Him for direction on what He wants me to do next, but I haven’t heard His voice or felt any confirmation on the next steps to take. A few ‘doors’ along the way have been closed instead of remaining open. I’ve been doubting myself and my abilities and find myself wondering if this is where I’m supposed to be. I’m praying that God will prepare me to do what He has planned during this waiting period. It’s been challenging for me not to lose hope and confidence as I feel God has been silent.

  31. Thank you for these powerful words of affirmation! By marrying a police officer, I truly have learned much over the years about trusting God and refusing to allow the enemy to plant seeds of fear. I am, however, rediscovering this discipline as I just sent my son to basic training for the summer. Definitely a new perspective when it’s a child, not your spouse. I am fully confident in God’s good plans for my family and refuse to give in to worry or fear, but I know I need to arm myself with devotions and Scripture to make this a heart truth, not just a mental exercise. Thank you for your wisdom and reminders to today’s blog.

  32. Becca Dowling :

    Let’s see…
    Fear of the unknown – check.
    Fear of disappointing others – check
    Fear of failure – check
    Fear of getting hurt – check
    Fear of looking foolish or humiliated in public – check
    Fear of other’s disapproval or anger – check
    Fear of not being perfect – check

    I lived with all this for 50+ years of my life. Thank God for His unfailing love and mercy! I am changing and slowly shedding the fear the enemy used to keep me fruitless and defeated, ashamed and paralyzed.

    Leah, today I woke up afraid. I don’t even know what that was about, but through prayer and your wonderful devotional, I am fearless right now. Thank God for sending a word at the proper time. Bless you and your ministry.

  33. I have been diagnosed with a chronic disease. My biggest fear is being able to continue to be me as my kids and husband know me. I want to remain strong in my faith and be an encouragement for others, but honestly there are times when my faith is really shaken and I’m paralyzed by fear.

  34. Wow! Reading your words was like reading from my own journal (if I kept one!

  35. Fear has caused me to miss out on many of God’s blessings in my life. I have been praying for second opportunities. Pray that I will be courageous and step out of my comfort zone. I will act on faith and trust God.

  36. I am much like so many who have commented here. Fear of the unknown and failure grip me right now. I am on 4 medications and I’m only 48 years old. I used to be active and strong and healthy and now fear and depression have me in a pit. I want so much to get out there and walk, bike or run and make healthy food choices but I have allowed the enemy to keep me from moving forward and taking the chance to lose that 25 pounds and feel good. I so need a community of believers to surround me but my husband is not one and I am fearful of attending another church. He just won’t understand and will get upset. So I’m stuck. Please pray for me and my husband/kids who are not believers! Thank you!!

    • Sue, thank you for being so honest and sharing your struggles with me. I’m praying for you today ~ asking God to bring you a community of believing girlfriends who will come along side of you and encourage you through this process. You can achieve all that you’ve mentioned and so much more with the help of God. He didn’t put you on this earth just to survive, sweet sister, but to thrive and reveal His glory to a broken world. I believe in you!

  37. My fear is of failure and not making a right decision. I’m not fearful except in areas of big life decisions. I always “want” to do what God would have me do because His plan is best, but I don’t always feel I know what that is. Some days, I do wonder if I “would” do something God asks of me if it is scary. Thank you so much for sharing Psalms verse 32:8. The fact that He promises to “advise” me gives me so much hope. Thank you for your encouragement and reminder! Please pray that I would hold onto that hope and spend time with Him so I can hear his advice clearly. Thank you!

    • Carolyn, one of my favorite verses holds one of the keys to God’s will: Rejoice always, pray continuously and give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for your life in Christ Jesus. {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18} When we apply this verse to our lives and step out in faith, I believe God guides us in the right direction. First comes faith. Second comes that step in a direction you feel He’s leading you in.

  38. I love this post because it is so easy for me to stay in my bubble and I want more than anything to be brave and go out in the world and make new friends and have new adventures. Prayer request for trusting that God will be my courage amd source of strength and that I will one day feel brave and confident.

  39. Thanks for sharing this message today. I believe God is encouraging me through you. I’m scheduled to leave on a mission trip to Kenya in August. I have never been brave or done anything like this before. Since I committed to this trip, there have been many attacks in Kenya. One within 5 miles of our missionaries house. At least 6 of these in the last few weeks. Please pray for courage, protection, & god’s will in all we do! Also, pray for the Boonstra’s family & the Kenyan people!

  40. Today at 1:00 my co-workers and I will attend the funeral of one of our co-worker’s 8 year old son. We have prayed for this boy since his diagnosis, not even a year ago. He has been unbearable sick during his last months of treatment. His name is John Daniel. Please, if you read this, pray for his family. Pray for me and my co-workers. Please pray for the small community that he is from everyone knew and loved him. We are heart broken, but I know that all things are part of God’s great and wonderful plan.

    • Dana, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of this little boy’s life. I’m praying for the family as their pain must be indescribable. I’m asking God to comfort them like no man/woman can. To hold them close during this time of great loss and grief. I’m also praying for you, co-workers and community as everyone reaches out to help this family heal.

  41. Fear is my biggest issue. This has been so good. Thanks for your insight.

  42. Praying, taking a deep breath and facing one fear today. Thank you for the encouragement.

  43. Thank you for those encouraging words, I have been someone who has been “tough” not afraid of much but lately I can’t shake off this fear that consumes me. I am a Pastor’s wife, a lead singer for my band, a business partner, a mommy I can’t be afraid I need to be strong and I want to truly surrender this once and for all.

    • Becca Dowling :

      Lord, I pray for revelation and deliverance for your daughter Lisa. And I ask for divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding for her as You root out this fear and for the courage to take whatever steps are necessary for her to be free of it. Fear is not of You, Father God. In Jesus’ powerful name, release and protect Lisa in her service to you. Amen.

  44. Like many of the women who have commented here, I also have lived with constant fear throughout my life. Afraid of failure, disappointment, living alone, not finding a job, not ever losing weight, not being accepted by friends, coworkers, and the biggest fear of all, of losing my marriage of 28 years. My husband moved out 19 months ago and the past four years have been nothing short of hell. He’s unhappy, wants a different relationship in his life, seeking other women, wants to own his own business but doesn’t know how. He is lost and I am just so scared of making the wrong decision. I have to protect my finances and my precious daughters, ages 23 and 18. I have fasted and prayed. We have been to counseling. Nothing much happened except him reiterating how unhappy he has been and that I can’t be the wife he wants me to be. I can’t fill that hole in his bucket–only God can–and it starts by him recognizing that he needs God first and foremost to fulfill his life. So where does that leave me? And what about our girls? I praise God for faithful friends who continue to pray for me. God grant me wisdom about whether to end this marriage or not. And I praise God for being my substance for each day.

    • Evalyn, I’m so sorry to hear about the struggles you’re facing in your marriage. My heart aches for you and I wish I could say all the right words to make things better. Only God can restore you’re husband’s heart and your marriage. I pray that your husband’s heart is softened to receive counsel so that your marriage can be mended and renewed. I’m so thankful you know the Lord personally and seek Him every day. He will get you through this as you trust Him, sweet friend.

  45. My path currently has me being a single mom of two young kiddos… for sure not where I ever wanted to be or could have seen for myself. But to be sure God has been so faithful through it all and has used this path to GROW me and to PULL me closer in my relationship with him…. I could really use prayers for peace and balance in my life as I try to do it all and be everything for my kids … its so tough, but with God on my side I know it will be the biggest blessing in our life right now.

  46. This was definitely an eye opener for me today. My future husband and I are working toward purchasing a piece of property to start up a kids camp. We are young and don’t have money to do this but we know God will provide. It scares me to jump into something when I cannot see what’s on the other side, but God is good and he wants me to take this adventure. Thank you, Leah, for this encouraging word today.

  47. Oh did your devotion today ever speak to my heart. I have not done many things due to fear and anxiety. As a child, I always jumped at adventure…oh to be that carefree way! I know I can, God made me. The beginning of this year my goal was to focus on true, soulful joy and trust the pathway that God is leading me. I get off track some days, but am encouraged by your message today. Oh Lord, join me on this journey today and everyday!

  48. I didn’t used to be so fearful. I always thought I was courageous and adventurous but in this past year I’ve known three people who have died that are under the age of 50. That should make me think “life is so short so live it” but instead it has made me extremely fearful and anxious. I do think my fear is keeping me from enjoying life. I know this fear comes from satan, wanting me to feel like my life isn’t worth living. Yet I am unable to change these feelings.

  49. Good Morning Leah: Thank you for your post today. I am always needing courage to know that God is for me and all my needs are met and stop worrying. I am praying for the Town of Colbran, Colorado that another mud slide will not happen and that the Town will be kept safe. Also praying for God to help the families grieving over the loss of the three men lost to the mud slide.

    • Cynthia, I’m praying now for the families who have lost loved ones and for protection over the city of Colbran. Thank you for your prayer request. 🙂

  50. I haven’t really felt like I was afraid of much during my life, but now I fear I’m losing my faith and it terrifies me. I lost my mom one year ago to cancer, then my dad just a few months later and I feel like I’m trying to hold it all together for everyone and can’t. Disappointed and let down by husband, family, friends. So much loss, anger and so much change. I can’t even hardly pray anymore and I’m sure not picking up my bible to find comfort. I know what I need to do and I just can’t make myself do it. I constantly question if He’s there or real, even though I know deep in my heart that He is. I don’t seem to feel Him in my life like I used to. I don’t even know how to explain it, but I feel like I have lost myself and I don’t know how to get past that. Others do it all the time, why can’t I? Christian counseling, medication, it’s not helping like I thought it would. Please pray for me that I can get back the relationship with God that got me through some really tough times earlier in my life. I feel so alone most days… Thanks for your words of encouragement today.

    • Kelly, I’m praying for you today. I too lost my parents within one year. It’s so painful, but God got me through it and He will do the same for you. The one thing … the best thing I can recommend is spending time with God each day. Above all else, this is the #1 priority that has changed my life. God is right there waiting for you. Being with Him is the best use of our time. Nothing else in this worlds compares to it.

  51. Oh my goodness! Your devotional at Proverbs 31 literally got me out of bed. The words seemed to speak right from God’s mouth straight to my soul. I am forty-one years old and I have gone back to college. I am applying for a program that requires preference points for admission. I was laying there talking myself out of the next step in my application and then I read your devotion for today. Thank you for being obedient and courageous, if you weren’t I would not have heard what God had for me today. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please pray as I courageously take my next step in a life I know God prepared for me long before I even knew it.

    • Sharna, your comments made me smile. 🙂 Now get dressed, eat a healthy breakfast and go after that college program, sweet friend! With God’s help you can do anything!!

  52. Thanks for this encouraging devotion. I have missed out on so much because of fear. This has greatly encouraged me and gave me a new outlook.

  53. I have so been where you were when you talked about missing out due to fear. I missed so many carnival rides, boat excursions, camping trips, new job opportunities, travel – all due to fear, which I have still yet to overcome. I will be losing my job in another month, and fear the future that having a secure income brings. I appreciated your blog today and will reread it again many times, I’m sure, in the next few weeks. I do have a prayer request for my son-in-law, who is fighting a rare cancer.

    • Connie, I’m praying for your son-in-law this morning and also for you. I’m believing God is doing a new thing in your life (Isaiah 43:19). As He closes this season with your current employer, trust Him to open a new door of opportunity. Trust more ~ fear less.

  54. Broken but not destroyed :

    Good morning,

    Many times I’ve been in situations where fear crippled me. As i write I’m crippled by some fear. But as I read the two Free Chapters I remembered some of the fears that I’m battling with. Fear of rejection is something i battle with daily. But God said he didnt give me the spirit of fear thats the tool of Satan but one of Power and a sound mind. Thats what Satan takes from us.

    Please pray for my growth and overcoming fear, so that I would be able to truly trust person and not keep them at bay. Pray for my children that they would grow and be faithful in the Lord.

    • I’m praying for you today and also for your precious children. Next time you become anxious let it be a reminder to pause and tell God what’s bothering you. Thank Him (by faith) and believe He’s going to deliver you from your anxiousness. Hold onto the promise that His peace will guard your heart and mind. (Philippians 4:6-7)

  55. Thank you for your timely devotional, Leah, and for the encouragement to be courageous. It came at a perfect timing to me. Just last night I was pondering if I should bail out of a exotic, which I guess could be considered as exciting, trip my friends invited my to. But as the more time goes by, I’ve started wondering if it was such a good idea to say yes on the spot and whether or not I can make it thru the trip, etc. But your thoughts quite encouraged me today. So thank you. And of course I’d appreciate a prayer about this trip- to know and eventually feel that I made a right choice by agreeing to go on it. Thank you! 🙂

    • Marisha, I’m praying for you today and asking God to confirm in your heart (and circumstances) whether or not this trip is part of His plan for your life. I have no doubt He will do this as you trust and seek Him for answers.

  56. Connie O'Riley :

    I’m so thankful for your beautiful encouragement. I used to be more fearless and find as I am getting older I can let fear creep in. But!! the great King of the Universe rules in our lives every moment.

  57. This devotion really and truly blessed me today. I have written a book for wives that is a 30-day encouragement challenge for them to bless their husbands. This book has been done for over a year and I shared it with a Pastor from my church, who has written books, for next-step help. The words she spoke to me discouraged me and then I became fearful that all others would feel the same way she did. So, I have shelved it. I still feel the tug from God to get my book out, but very afraid. Thank you for today! I am going to get back to work on getting my book finished and published.

    Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank YOU!! And God Bless You!!

    • Aiysha, your words encourage me today. If God has given you this message to share and continues to tug on your heart, I think that’s a pretty good indication He’s up to something wonderful. I want to encourage you not to keep this dream on a shelf, but share it with others.

  58. Fear, insecurity, and doubt keep me grounded when God is asking me to fly. He has given me this amazing testimony of a restored marriage. He has walked me through events that Satan desired to use as destruction. I stay distracted with life’s responsibilities because of fear. I’ve taken small steps to share and watched God walk me with grace down these paths. I hear Him asking me to make a bigger leap of faith. Praying after this encouragement that I will be obedient to His calling. Thank you…

  59. I have been living in fear with panic attacks and anxiety since having my third child in September. I’ve been terrified of taking anything because of some reactions I’ve had to some medications. Finally took the leap of faith to begin a medication after all other options didn’t work. Just started last weekend and need prayer that I can get through the first few weeks and all the side effects included. Even though its been a horrible experience, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My relationship with God is so much stronger than its ever been. Its true that God finds you in the middle of your storm. I also want to join in praying for anyone else suffering this silent disease. God bless

    • Melissa, I’m praying for you today and want to share my Anxiety Cleanse with you. I wrote to help women who suffer with panic attacks, fear and depression. It’s free and I think the tips and insights would benefit you greatly. Look for the graphic on my home page which will take you straight to Day 1.

  60. Margaret Baxley :

    I allow fear to keep me discouraged. My dream tucked so deep inside my heart, I no longer know how to get it out. I know where God is leading me, I have no idea how or when. But I know it burns inside me. I have to work and hate being away from my children. The options of where my children spend most of their time haunts me, as I am sure it does with most working moms. I dream of an option of where children are engaged and loved. Not yelled at for mistakes and around angry workers. My children didn’t grow in my belly but my heart. So they come with needing an extra set of eyes and lots of prayer. However, I also see the need for children who grew in their mother’s tummy also needing the extra care. So I allow myself to be discourged and become like the angry workers when times don’t go as smoothly or half as smoothly as I desire. I can’t sleep and then have issues getting my rump out of bed, so the vicious cycle continues. Thank you for speaking to my heart and reminding me that God not only asks us to be strong but not discouraged.

  61. This was a great article that was so encouraging to me today.

  62. DeLynn Frahm :

    Fear is my constant companion also. It wasn’t always that way. Sure, I’d never volunteer to speak in front of a group of people, and I would get anxious going on a job interview, but I felt reasonably confident in most situations. Three years ago my dear Mother passed away. It hurt so bad. I felt paralyzed. I quit my job because I couldn’t function. It’s been a long, difficult road. Sometime during this journey I started getting panic attacks. There were days that I couldn’t leave home. I would get physically ill and felt like I couldn’t breathe. I went to my doctor and he gave me a prescription. It has helped a bit and there are days that I have to force myself to do errands. Some days tho I’m not so successful. Our (my husband and I) finances have taken a huge hit and deep down I feel like I should be earning a paycheck. The thought terrifies me. I pray for strength and clear direction in God’s will for me. I pray for my husband also as I know this has been extremely stressful for him as well. I would appreciate it if you would pray for my husband and I. Thanks so much!

    • DeLynn, I’m praying for you today and so much of what you shared resonated with. Years ago, I struggled with many of the same issues: panic attacks, fear of finances, illness, struggles will leaving my house, etc… God has healed me and He can do the same for you. I wrote the Anxiety Cleanse which is free on my site. It includes tips and Biblical insights that God provided me when I was “in the trenches” of chronic anxiety and depression. I pray it give you hope, encouragement and insight.

  63. Fear keeps me from taking a leap of faith sometimes. I don’t like being out of my comfort zone. But I am getting better. Thank you for encouraging me.

  64. I was able to get over the fear and am in the process of preparing my heart. My remaining obstacles are finances and my husband’s lack of faith that God can provide. I am trusting Him to handle the finances and His spirit to work in hy husband’s heart. I am trying not to be Delilah and worry my husband to death about it. I am trusting that when God is ready he will make it happen, and I’ll be ready too! It’s kind of like Joseph. God revealed to Joseph early on His plans but it took many years and my unforseen circumstances that probably made Joseph doubt that it would ever happen. But it did. Just as God said. In HIS time. And when the time came, Joseph had been prepared through all of his life experiences.

  65. Panicking fear has crippled me all my life. Sometimes I seem to make a little progress in conquering it, but it always returns. Changes in life, accidents, sickness, speaking or performing in front of people, just the general unknowns of the future when things could go wrong.

    • A, ~ I’m praying for you today and know how fear can cripple us; leaving us shattered in a million pieces. I write the Anxiety Cleanse which is available on my site for free. It’s a small guide to help women who suffer with fear, anxiety and depression. I think it could help you.

  66. I want to be more courageous in all aspects of my life! With my faith, reaching out to others and trusting god with my business. The reading from today was very uplifting!

  67. Karen R Fris h :

    I have enjoyed your Encouragement for Today Devotion. I am starting to form an online business & feel God leading me each & every day. Years ago I would not do something like this. Since I have listen to God I have peace in my life.

  68. Thank you for sharing your heart in this post. The fear thing has also plagued me for as long as I can remember. It made my world smaller and smaller until I felt like I was living in a box. And it subsequently turned into serious depression.
    Only God has changed these things for me, but it is a daily, daily, daily acknowledgement to him that He’s my power. I could easily fall back into the same fear patterns, I actually have to a lessor degree. But keeping His word, feeding on it daily,and sometimes moment by moment gives me hope.
    Thank you for your beautiful sharing message of hope.

    • Sallyann, I can tell by your words that God has brought you a long way from the bondage of fear to the freedom of faith. I’m celebrating your victory today. He is our Almighty Deliver. Amen!

  69. Leah, when you quoted Joshua 1:9, it’s like those words burned into my heart and tears started flowing! Insecurity, fear and doubts about God’s faithfulness have kept me in prison it seems for my entire life. Like you, I’ve read this Scripture so many times, but it never resonated with me like it did today. You see, God has asked me to go on a ride with Him: to leave the security of a steady job and start my own business. The job ended in February and all the fears of the unknown, of failure, of homelessness, even irrational fears are tumbling around in my mind. All the “what ifs” invade my thoughts and I find myself either running, hiding or standing frozen in fear. This pattern has persisted my whole life, and it makes me so tired! I’m tired of running, of being afraid to dream because they may not come true, of being disappointed because I didn’t trust God enough to step out of my comfort zone, afraid He’d drop me because of my insecurities…

    Isn’t it funny that I love riding the scariest rides at the amusement park? Please pray with me that the Father will give me the courage to boldly step out and go onto this thrilling ride of my life…thank you!

    • Cheryl, I’m praying for you today ~ believing God can do immeasurably more than you can dream or imagine. You are not alone in your experience with anxiety and fearful thoughts. Many, many women struggle. But, when we take our struggles to God, He reshapes them into miracles that restore us and bring Him the glory He deserves.

  70. This devotion really struck a nerve with me. Fear has plagued me my whole life. So much so that in my teen years I was diagnosed with agoraphobia. I will turn 50 this year & though I have come a long way from those fearful days in my teens, I still battle the fear of the unknown, fear of disappointing others, fear of failure and fear of taking a chance. Thank you for reminding me that God is always with me and he has commanded me to be strong & courageous.

  71. 2 Timothy 1:7 says God did not give us a spirit of FEAR, so why do I let it into my life? He gives us a spirit of love, power and self discipline. That’s what I need to focus on. I need to let self discipline let me have a healthy body and I need to let His power help me speak up in uncomfortable situations. Thank you for your devotion on Proverbs 31 today to remind me of God’s plan for me!

  72. Gloria Kilgore :

    I’ve struggled with depression fear most of my life n know god is cslling me higher !!!im reading limitless life now n releize labels have been put on me at a young age

  73. Ruthie Keegan :

    Fear keeps me from going to the next step I honestly don’t know what that next step is but I want the courage to take it when it comes. Worry also that I am not getting it right. That I am not hearing from The Lord because of past mistakes.

  74. The fears you described at the beginning of your post described me to a “T”! They have really increased the last 3 years. Three years ago my mom had a severe stroke. She is four hours away. So…..for four months I lived in my hometown, driving back to my current home on the weekends. After those months I just make daytrips a few times a month. My mom is in an adult foster home and is cared for by wonderful,Christian caregivers. This event in life had increased the fear, anxiety, and all those things you mentioned. My walk with The Lord has grown and that is the good thing! But I am overwhelmed and discouraged. Hanging on to many verses in the Psalms! Also Joshua 1:9! His words get me through each day.

  75. Thanks for your post. This week I have been seeing how I have been hanging on to anger and bitterness to an abusive spouse, but I am trying to work on forgiving him. As I read your devotional I was plugging in be strong and courageous to forgive, and God will be there to help me through what ever comes up next. But if I leave the bitterness there, it for sure isn’t glorifying God or allowing us to build a marriage relationship.

  76. Fear has ruled my life for as long as I can remember, and I didn’t realize the full impact of that fear until recently. I have stepped back from so many things because of my fear of failure. I won’t even try because I am sure I will fail. Play softball? Nope, I’ll fail. Play in the marching band? Are you kidding? I’ll fail. Travel? No way – I’ll get lost. It didn’t help that I was told I was too klutzy for sports and too dumb to learn a musical instrument and too scatter-brained to do manage on my own. The running joke with my brothers was – “my sister is so dumb, she…” No one ever told me what was right with me, but they were quick to tell me what was wrong. I was afraid to try to do anything because I believed they were right. Fear kept me from leaving my abusive first marriage, and from really giving my heart fully to this good man I’m now married to for 29 years. Fear kept me from having another child. Fear has made me a smother-mother, and at 22, my son is fighting me to get out from under the blankets. Fear has kept me stuck, bogged down, tied up and in its grip all my life.
    Now, at 53, I have stepped out on faith and quit my job to pursue my hearts desire to write for God. But I hear the criticisms of the past and I am afraid all over again that I will fail, that I stepped out just to fall flat of my face.
    So, your words resonated with me like a clarion bell ringing in my heart. I am weary of fear running my life. I want to pursue my God-planted dreams and live with joy and courage and leave my fears behind.
    Thank you for your words and for letting me express my heart.

    • Beth, you have overcome so much in your life and I wish I could reach through to the other side of my computer screen and give you a hug. I’m praying that you won’t allow the critical voices from your past to define you. Or let the present struggles keep you from pursuing your dreams. And when the what-if fears of your future begin to ring in your ear, let it be like a buzzer reminding you to go to God, so He can refresh your heart, guard your mind and fill you with His confirming joy.

  77. Your word comes on the heels of my husband encouraging me yesterday to step out in faith and write a bible study to use with my tween daughter and some of her friends to help them as they are just getting started in their faith. I felt like I supposed to do this, but I was letting fear keep me from what God wants me to do. Thanks you

  78. Hi. I laughed when I read the verse from Joshua 1:9. Not that it is funny, but it is the verse I “mapped” yesterday. Being courageous was for others, I thought. I did not want to fail, or disappoint others, and I hesitated more often than jumped in. But as I dug into the triumphant truth of this verse-what makes it worth the risk-I found the gem. His presence in my life-always! Thanks for reminding me one more time, Leah, that God is indeed with me wherever I go, and if He is, then what am I afraid of!?

  79. I’ve struggled with fear all my life. I’m realizing how satan is using this as a tool to keep me in bondage. Honestly, living in fear is exhausting! I’m so ready to be delivered from fear. I know that it is a burden that I am not meant to carry. I know that I am not living the best life that God has for me. I am learning who I am in Christ and to live couageously. I know that victory is mine in this battle…and yours too, dear sisters!

  80. I have allowed fear to keep me from living my life to the fullness of God. I suddenly awaken to realize that God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Plus he promise never to leave me nor forsake me, that he will be with me until the end. Fear has robbed me of some really great times that I cannot get back. So, I will continue to seek God for deliverance and healing in this area. For I am healed by his stripes. I know that I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me. So, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. So, by this I know that all things shall work out for the good of those that love the Lord. I really do appreciate all prayers. God bless.

  81. I felt like God was speaking to me through this devotion this morning. I have been fighting anxiety and agoraphobia for most of my adult life. I have missed out on so much with my family because of my fears of leaving my comfort zone. The most recent involved not going to the beach with my daughter and grandchildren on Memorial Day because I felt it was too crowded. Because of my fear, I missed out on sharing a fun adventure with them. With God by my side, I can overcome this anxiety.

  82. Fear is my life. Fear has kept me from getting closer with God for a time. Fear of being rejected by my friends. Thankfully I am slowly over coming this fear. I am learning Gods word and starting to share it tobmy family and a friend. But I still have that fear that keeps me from sharing it with friends and even my husband. I’m praying for his love and message to show through me.
    I ask that you pray for me and my journey through God word and that his love feels me up and over flows me into others lives.
    I also ask for a pray for my good friend that has had a huge effect on me and my journey back to the lord. She is going through a very trying time. Her husband lost his job because of an affair with a co worker and he has lost his way in Christ also. Once a strong Christian man. He has caused so much heart ache. I pray that we all could pray for her and her strength through this and finding her way in this darkness. Thank you

    • Diane, thank you for sharing your story with me. I can tell by your words that you’ve been through a lot over the years. I’m praying for you, your husband’s salvation and for your good friend today. May each of you sense God’s presence, love and comfort in the days & weeks to come.

  83. I am very encouraged by Ps. 32:8, thank you. Please pray for me as I have to be brave in making some huge life transitions in the next week and months.

  84. Courageous. Is that what I was when I finally said “yes” to full time RVing? After three years of no? So this summer I get to be physically close to my Mom for the first time in about 45 years. Praise God – I finally took the leap. There are so many other areas where I need to do the same. I am always so amazed by what God does when I finally obey that still small voice. Would love to have your resources to help with moving outside the box more often.

    • Carol, what a wonderful opportunity to be with your mother. I’m so glad you said “yes!” All of my resources are free and can be found on my website. I am working on a book {my courageous dream}, but it won’t be out for a while.

  85. Today’s devotional serves as affirmation of a big step yesterday of chosing obedience to God’s direction over my own fear.

  86. I loved this post. I need to be reminded of those things every so often. My tendency is to stay in “safe mode” so I don’t face embarrassment, failure, criticism, etc. A few years ago, God’s promise in Joshua 1 became very meaningful to me, but it’s still a struggle at times. Thanks for the encouragement!

  87. I am fearful for my grandchildren. I would appreciate prayers for them and for their mom – our prodigal daughter.

  88. Encouraging words! I often feel the fear when it comes to making decisions as a mom and also find that fearing of being overwhelmed keeps me from adding more things to my plate.

  89. I think fear and insecurity are what keeps me from jumping at the opportunities God places before me. I know He’s faithful, He’s proven it to me over and over again, but I’m afraid that I can’t deliver on my part or that I’ll somehow mess it up. I guess that’s a little doubt too. I know all the right answers, but trusting Him in everyday life with everything is something I have to be intentional about. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one living with this struggle. Thank you for being so transparent and honest. <3

  90. Wanda Saxton :

    I have received some good encouragement through the devotions I have read in the proverbs 31 men is tries and looking forward to greater blessings through this mi is try also.

  91. Deborah jones :

    Just what i needed, ive beem wanted to apply fpr a manager position, and ive been waiting saying no i cant do this. Fr what the words says i can, a new car and a new apt. And one other thing is i sooo afraid of of what others might think in everything i do.

  92. Hello, I have lots of fears, to many to even want to think about or share, insecurities I would say linked to that. Having 5 children 2 boys and 3 girls, has helped me to work on these issues. Of course it takes years, we get so busy. It can be hard to teach what you’d don’t know, but you just keep moving forward, trusting God and believing, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us, Ithank you:)

  93. Thank you so much for your powerful words today! My fear has caused so much anxiety that it is almost debilitating. I am slowly learning to trust God more. After all He guided me to read your devotion today! 😉 Thank you!

  94. Fear and trust go hand in hand for me. The more I trust God the less I will fear. Been walking this fear road many years and God had to bring me to a place where I had no choice but to trust Him. I must admit it it is work, not letting fear creep in when situations look very dark and I can’t see God working. But this I do know. He is always working for my good, never leaving me or forsaking me or my family. But something is required of me. To trust Him more!

  95. Really been exploring this thought a lot lately….because I have a teenage daughter and find myself saying to her, “You can do anything with God”….”Just try it, it’s okay if you fail”…..”You won’t know until you have tried”….”Go for your dreams”. Then you look at your own life and realize how much you haven’t done because of the fear…..guilty.

  96. God is currently calling me to do something I wouldn’t have ever thought of doing on my own. From my perception of myself, it doesn’t seem like a role for me, and it’s definitely out of my comfort zone. Still, He continually shows me passages, and other things that point to this calling, and encourage me to follow Him. It’s time to take the plunge and do it! Ah! Prayers! 🙂

  97. Thank you for these stories … And for the scripture I fear asking for help not from The Lord I’m always asking for his help lol I fear what others will think a lot too. Today I give these fears to god! Thanks ladies.

  98. I am not alone!! The worst part of fear, I think, is that it makes you feel as if you are the only one. You see other people and that voice in your head says “they’ll never understand” “they have it all together”…. Kudos to all you ladies for stepping out of the comfort zone and being honest about what scares you. We are stronger together, thank God for all of you! Have a blessed day!!

  99. Fear keeps me bound and discouraged. I long to break these chains and live the full life God intended. I’d appreciate prayers. Thank you!

  100. Thank you so much for the blog post. It was such a great reminder for me this morning. I’m getting ready to go back to school and I’m trying to trust that this is the path God is calling me on, but sometimes it’s easy for the enemy to sneak in and start placing doubts in my heart. Thank you so much for liftng me up this morning.

  101. Fear keeps me bound and discouraged. I want to break these strong chains that keep me from living the full life God intended. I’d appreciate prayers. Thank You!

  102. Fear has played a big role in my life. It continues to plague my progress. God is strengthening me in this area, but it is an issue that continues to resurface. Pray for direction for me. Next Fall I am scheduled to work in an area that will be challenging, but rewarding. Also, I sense God calling me to pursue a ministry avenue, but I am just not sure what it will look like.

  103. Gives me a new perspective to my typically adventurous attitude. I’ve always been game to try something new, or do something daring and I encourage my kids to go along. Now I can smile and think we are fulfilling God’s wishes to be courageous!

  104. My family needs more income in order to make ends meet. I’ve had some ideas that I’m sure God has put in my thoughts that could be another stream of revenue; but of course I would need time to grow my little cottage industry. I could not give up the two jobs I already work because I have to have the income. I’m scared of a lot of things, too little time, fear of failure, stepping outside the box, to name just a few. I need to just take the leap of faith that I have considered for the last 5 years and your devotion today is so encouraging. Thank you.

  105. It is amazing to me how many times that God has brought this verse to may attention. Be Strong, Be Courageous for “I” am with you. I can feel myself shaking in my shoes. The lies of you are not nearly talented as her, you cannot be like her, you will never sing like her. Oh my heart longs to be on the worship team. How when I am praising God, I can’t even describe in words where it takes me. The what if’s fill my mind…you are not good enough. Stop the “Chatterbox” (steven furtick’s book) Bravery, the faith of David and the courage of Joshua…Father help me to step out of my scared to death shoes and walk in your courage and strength because you are with me.

  106. alicia johnson :

    I want to know what God wants me to do & do it. I have fear, of the unknown but I know my ways are not God’s ways. he knows the future & that I must trust him to know what’s best for me. I need to seek him in all things I do, which is what I am trying to learn now. Please pray for me for my job looks like it will be phased out soon, I have worked there for 23 yrs, fear of the unknown!! Where will I go , what will I do next?

  107. Claudia Schneider :

    Wow! I so connected with your sidelines story! That’s me! Fear has held me back from lots of adventure. It seems that I am good at encouraging others to be faithful and fearless, but can’t live it myself! I’m working on it diligently in this season. I lost my husband 5 months ago and am suddenly the decision-maker for everything for my son and me. Sometimes I feel paralyzed! But my great God has provided mightily for us since the beginning and I refuse to let satan hold us down! I am looking forward to connecting with you for encouragement. I hope in some small way I can encourage you too! I will pray for you and your ministry!

  108. These were powerful words to hear this morning. I am due with my first baby this summer and after much thought and prayer we have decided that I will stay home with the baby. This is something I have always wanted to do but now that it is becoming a reality it’s really quite scary. Our prayer is that we can continue to trust God in this new adventure he is allowing us to go on, knowing he will provide the strength and courage our family needs as we adjust to the exciting and challenging changes this bring for us all.

  109. I need this encouragement. I have been living with pain and have been given diagnosis that is long and may not work. I know God is control but what He decides for me is not in my hands. I fear the unknown questioning my decisions. Wondering if they are God’s leading or not. Please pray for healing, courage to continue so I can spend my life of service to my family and those around and clarity of mind.

  110. This is such an encouraging word! My husband & I have been talking about foster care, but the fear of heartbreak when the child leaves is part of what is keeping me from being all in. God has been chipping away at my wall of fear & this is another beautiful reminder that I really have nothing to fear when I’m walking with Him.

  111. I have been fearful all my life and missed out on many things because of that. Please pray that I will walk the path that God has chosen for me and be “strong and courageous.”

  112. I miss out on life events because I’m so Martha-busy. There’s fear in that, though. Some things need to just be let go. I’ve been working on that in my life, but it’s a journey. Thanks for the devotional and conversation – how encouraging!

  113. Wow, Leah! Your words struck a chord within me this morning. I cannot count the number of times in my life when I’ve been the one waiting, and watching, and wondering, while others “experienced the ride of their lives”. I would tell them that someone needed to stay and keep an eye on things. As such I gained the title of “keeper of things”…sunglasses, cameras, wallets, etc. Fear can be so crippling, and I felt safer in my comfort zone. There were several things that I feared or was insecure about: jury duty, traveling to another country, and not having my husband by my side each day, just to name a few. Simple things to others, but huge to me. The “what ifs” held me captive. Two years ago, was a year of facing my insecurities. I joined other ladies at our church for Beth Moore’s bible study “So Long Insecurity.” That same year, after doing the study, I faced all of those things! I was called, and chosen, for jury duty (I survived), my husband took a job out of town for five weeks (I survived, again), and I traveled to another country (on a mission trip to Scotland). When faced with each of these “fears” my thoughts were “Really God? You’re kidding me, right?” But knowing God was with me, and would never leave me or forsake me, I experienced things I had only dreamt about, I overcame things that make me laugh now when I think of them, and I saw God work in so many ways. More importantly I felt His sweet presence everywhere and every moment. I am not 100% over my fears and insecurities, but I am better for having the experiences, and knowing God wants us to always trust Him… to be courageous.

    • Diane, thank you for sharing your story. It is quite a testimony and I hope you’re sharing it with others. I believe it would encourage many women to see how far you’ve come and how God has used all things {even the sometimes scary things} to work it out for your good.

  114. In some areas I feel courageous but in other areas I could use more. I was courageous during my cancer journey but I feel much less in being a wife and Mom. But God is faithful and God is good.
    Kim S

  115. I feel so blessed to have found your devotional today… I find I often use my vertigo as an excuse to keep me from enjoying the things I fear… With summer vacations ahead, I will practice becoming courageous. Thank you for sharing your faith!

  116. I do have alot of fear in me. The fear of disappointing others, fear of the unknown and the fear of stepping out of my comfort zone. I have trouble with letting go of that fear. I would love to win the gift pack. I am reading the Limitless Life now so I would give that to a good friend of mine who would benefit from reading it as well.

  117. Thank you for the encouraging words and scriptures today. You put into words exactly how my heart often feels. I am blessed by your devotionals Leah.

  118. C.Alice Ferrer :

    My biggest fear is that my cancer will return. 6 years Ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and have been cancer free since then. Every year at this time I get anxious because I fear it will return. I trusted God then and must trust him completely for my life! I don’t want to continue to live with this fear ever again! So I must truly believe he will guide me on my best path!

  119. Amanda Fehman :

    Several times throughout “mommyhood” I’ve gone back to Psalm 139:5 “You hem me in behind and before and you lay your hand upon me.” I appreciate your perspective that being on His path, is the best road to follow. A wise person in my life has quoted many times in Bible study, “The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.” As moms I think it’s difficult to give Him the reigns when so often we are afraid of letting down all of those that we are responsible to. Fear definitely holds me hostage at times too, whether that be if failure or of my reaction to a situation that instead I avoid.

  120. wow…what a timely devotion for me to read today. I’ve been asking God for direction and needed to be reminded that when I put my trust in Him – he will guide me when I let him. Fear of the unknown and of failure compete with this truth and is the battle that consumes my dreams and desire’s. Thank you for sharing truth today, that He really wants the best for me, I don’t have to have it figured out, He watches over me. Choose Trust.

  121. Thank you for the encouragement. Perfect reminder from the Word.

  122. I’ve been in prayer about whether to go back to school at 39. I’m also going on my first international mission trip and I’ve had fear for both. This devo resonated with me and gave me courage to step out of my comfort zone with God. I will cling to God’s Word.

  123. Oh how I needed to hear the words in your devotion today and be reminded of the promise in Joshua 1:9. My daughter and I are getting ready to fly for the first time and truthfully, I have been terrified thinking about it!! It took me two days to click the purchase button!! The end result, I get to see my grandbaby that I haven’t seen since Thanksgiving (my daughter & son-in-law too!) I know that God can give me the courage needed to be able to do this. I praise Him for always being there for us no matter what the adventure!

  124. Courageous was not the word I used to describe myself either. It took my a few years to learn to get out of my comfort zone. It all started when I was in the deep valleys of despair and there was no way out, just up, this when I said “God it doesn’t make sense to me whatsoever but I follow you and get out my comfort zone because right now this is my only way out.” Once I saw what God started doing after I started listening, it became much easier to say Yes to Him.

  125. Woke up at 4 unable to sleep because my mind is heavy trying to figure out what to do. I’m 58, recently moved to the Sunshine state working a low stress part time job knowing it’s going to take a long time to pay down my debt. Last night a work friend contacts me about a full time job “I’d be just perfect for”. Hubby has his pension and p.t. job but we do need a bit more……and then I read your email! I am always fearful of doing the wrong thing or doubting myself. Psalm 32:8 is such a great reminder that I needed. Yes our awesome God always guides us! Praying that I will hear His voice loud and clear about what He wants me to do instead of what I would like to do. Thank you for your timely word.

  126. Bonnie Mustard :

    I have come a long way but still have a long way to go in my fearless walk with God. He has lovingly brought me through panic attacks that kept me house bound for almost ten years. God is so very very good. Each day I get just a little braver in Him.

  127. My husband and I run a business together that we love and are passionate about and we have surrendered it to God and feel like His hand is guiding us in how we manage and grow it. But it is often scary and involves lots of stepping outside our comfort zone! Please pray that we reach the people we need to reach and that fear doesn’t hold us back from doing this work that we have been called to.

  128. I struggle with fear of a lot of things and trusting God. Some days it feels like an uphill battle. I have found through this struggle that God is faithfull. And he promises when we come near to him he will come near to us. Tha you for sharing this encouraging devotion! Bless you.

  129. I am often afraid because I’m fearful the ideas I get are not really God inspired and I doubt myself. I often feel like I’m alone and God is silent. I fear making the wrong choices for my family (which I’ve done before). I tend to carry a lot of weight on my shoulders. I need to be less fearful so I can be a blessing to others. I’m tired of feeling anxious and afraid 🙁

  130. I am on an adventure with God today and while it’s not easy and a little scary, I know he is directing me along the “best” path he has created specifically for me.

  131. I am accepting a full time job after 20 years of being at home with my children. Feeling led to do this, but our of my comfort zone. Thanks for your words today. Just what i needed to hear!

  132. Alexandria Wright :

    I was unsure about working in the nursery at church and always kept putting it off. Then I made up mind to be obedient to God and signed up to work in the church nursery and I love it. Plus I get work with my grandson who is in the nursery. I also listened to God and applied to the UT Arlington’s RN-BSN program and got excepted and even though it’s been awhile since I graduated from RN school I’m doing fairly well. Plus most RN jobs want you to have a BSN degree for most positions. So I thank God for pushing me to go back to school for he already knows what I need to advance in my career. God is so awesome.

  133. Thank you for being so transparent. Your honesty ministered to me.

  134. It is with tears streaming down my face that I write this. Fear. I live with it everyday. Just like you, I have missed out on more opportunities than I care to think about because for one reason or another I was afraid. Afraid of falling on my face. Afraid of disappointing others, afraid of disappointing myself. Afraid of being over burden. Afraid being hurt. Afraid of being inadequate. Fear has been my constant companion most of my adult life. Feelings of regret weigh me down. Just when I feel the courage to step out and do what I know God wants me to do, I feel the pang of fear well up inside me. The voices, that I know I should ignore, remind me of all the reasons I can’t follow through with the visions God has set before me. It’s sad really and at 34 years old I have FINALLY reached the point where I am sick of it! It’s women like you who encourage and remind me of all that I am in Christ. Who remind me to get in the word, pray and believe God is going to accomplish great things in me and through me. Thank you for taking the time to share your struggles with all of us. Thank you for reminding me today that God is enough and that He has commanded me to live out a life of faith!

  135. You could have been describing me. I tend go be on sidelines because of fear. My main dear – what others think of me. Thank you so much for the encouragement that He had the best path for me. Blessings.

  136. I often worry if I’m really hearing God – is this His will or mine? I need to be brave enough to react when I feel that tug.

  137. Hello there! My name is Heather and I would like to share that after 10 years together and 7 years married to the love of my life we finalized our adoption today on my 40th birthday! It has been a long and mostly discouraging road but I am here to tell you that the wait was worth every minute. I have lived out my last 7 years searching for the courage to keep pressing on towards what we wanted most and that was a family. God delivered! I must say though that the valley was low and it took courage everyday to face my husband who I could not give a family to and the courage to face my biggest fear of letting him down and never getting to hear a little one call him daddy. I found my courage in giving myself permission to let go of the guilt that is not of God and breaking the chains of bondage over my freedom to say that my worth is not in whether or not I could have a baby but in how God made me and what He thought of me. It was then that I leaned into God and relinquished all of my shame, guilt and fears that he opened the gates and blessed us with a beautiful baby boy who we get to raise knowing his worth is in Christ. Fear is not knowing the outcome but courage is letting it go and letting God determine that!

  138. Susan Morgan :

    I’m not eloquent with words so it’s difficult to write how I feel. Perhaps that’s some of my fear. Fear that I’ll fail to write as others do. I spent most of my life fearful of what others think of me. Also a fear if water has kept me from so many fun activities. Your writing on this subject has opened my heart and soul to His best for me. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  139. Pray for Lola Dominic and orphans and SMD , my friend


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