Living So That {Guest Post & Giveaways}

Living So That {Guest Post & Giveaways}

**Winners for this week’s giveaways:  {Living So That Book}  Ruthie Keegan & Yanna Westmoreland {Online Bible Study Conference Calls}  Polly Schneider & Jill Beran.  Congratulations!

Do these thoughts sound familiar? 

How am I gonna hold it all together today?

I know I should be kind, loving, patient and have self-control, but…

I know I should forgive, pray and trust God, but… 

Life is messy and difficult. Especially when you’re facing it with heartache and pain: A broken marriage. A ongoing illness or recent diagnosis. A strained relationship with one of your children. A painful past. A frustrating job situation.

Real-life issues require important choices. We want faith-filled lives and to make right decisions that honor God, but it can be so hard. Heck, most days we find ourselves fighting with our crazy schedules and against those we love most.


My good friend Wendy Blight is here to share some valuable lessons she’s learned along her journey. And teach us how to make choices that honor God. Wendy just released her new book, Living So That: Making Faith-Filled Choices in the Midst of a Messy Life. It’s a must-read for anyone who desires to choose wisely and wants to experience a Spirit-filled life.

Today, Wendy is giving away lots of wonderful surprises, exclusively for us! Be sure to stick around for those exciting details, but first, let’s hear some encouraging words from Wendy…


Wendy, what do you hope women gain from this book?

This book poured forth from the heart of a working wife and mother desperate to make God-honoring choices but who failed at it miserably. At one point, I felt so overwhelmed by life that my body responded with physical symptoms…heart palpitations, lack of sleep, racing heart rate. My emotions spilled out onto my family in the most ugly of ways.

I know I shouldn’t spew out words of anger at my husband who is late for dinner yet again. I know I should reign in my tongue when my son fails to clean up his room yet again! I know I shouldn’t join in the gossip on girls’ night out yet again. But sometimes it’s so stinkin’ hard! I know I should forgive, pray without ceasing, and trust God. Yet, I fail again and again.

Years of teaching Bible study showed me that I was not alone. Like me, other women too find themselves making more faith-less choices rather faith-filled ones. When I searched God’s Word for answers, He brought me to the “so thats” in Scripture. These two small, but significant, words taught me how to live more faithfully and gave me new perspective on biblical truths I had known for years. I wrote  Living So That to share this perspective and equip wives and moms to make more faith-filled choices in the midst of their messy lives. I certainly haven’t “arrived,” but now I have taken great strides in the right direction because I have the tools I need.

Can you offer encouragement to a wife or mom who feels overwhelmed with life?

I lived for years feeling like the worst mother ever, especially with my firstborn, Lauren. And even when God began a healing process in my heart, I felt like I had ruined her forever! But, our God REDEEMS. When we surrender our mother’s heart to the Lord, when we seek to transform our hearts first, God brings change. I share stories in both Hidden Joy and Living So That on this very topic to encourage young moms on their journey. And, my struggles as a young mom led me to write one of my first Bible studies, All Things Wise and Wonderful: Applying God’s Wisdom in Everyday Life. 

It hasn’t been published in hard copy, but women can buy it on our Proverbs 31 Ministries website as an e-book for $10 (click here). Or, you can get it for FREE when you purchase a copy of Living So That between now and Sunday, August 6th

Note: To receive your FREE copy of Wendy’s All Things Wise and Wonderful study, please e-mail your Living So That book order confirmation receipt to Teri at before midnight Sunday, April 6th

If you would like a sneak peek at Chapter One of Living So Thatclick here.

And I’ve written a FREE five-day companion devotional to Living So That, “Five Days to a Faith-Full Life.”  Sign up by clicking here.

Proverbs 31 Ministries is featuring my book in their next online study, beginning April 6. To sign up for P31 online study click here. And wait, there’s more! I’m giving away 2 conference calls that will be available during the P31 online study. All you need to get started is a copy of my new book.

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This has been much fun and I can’t wait to hear from you!




Thank you Wendy. I’ve loved having you on my blog today!  My gift to you is the hope that every person who reads today’s post will say a special prayer of blessing over your ministry and the launch of your new book.

Stay Awesome,



  1. I would love a copy of this book. Sounds wonderfully inspiring.

    Is it too late to join the study if it started April 6th?

  2. This study has so much to offer. I am beginning to feel refreshed. Uncertainty of every day life and struggles as a new window left me lonely, unneeded, useless and scared. Living So That, is encouraging and refreshing. Thanks Wendy.

  3. Deborah Sivaloganathan :

    I’ve registered online for the study. So excited to start. I bought the book online but would love the opportunity to win a hardcopy♥

  4. Stacey Chambers :

    Hi. I have the book and am excited to start the new study. I pray that God will speak to me thru this study. I would love to have a chance to win the conference calls.

  5. Ruthie Keegan :

    Dear Wendy we are going through some stuff time with my teen son. My husband lost a lot of work recently.our healthcare fell through because someone made a big when applying.i feel tired worn I can’t eleven afford your book right now I am worn discouraged there just seems to be trial upon trial. I am so weary please pray for me and my family I love to join the study but our money right now is so pinched I sometimes feel my prayers hit the ceiling and go n further please pray thanks

    • Hi Ruthie, I love hearing from you! I join you in praying for a time of refreshing for your soul…for Jehovah Jireh, God our Provider, to provide for each and every one of your needs in a way that only He can do. As you cast your cares upon Him, remember He hears your every prayer!! They don’t get waylaid along the way. He is at work even when we cannot see or feel Him. I pray He will give you eyes to see in very personal ways that He hears your prayers and is a work in your midst!! Love you, faithful friend.


  6. Very excited to start the P31 Living So That Bible study! What a great opportunity to learn and grow in God’s Word!

  7. 4 days and counting! Your intro to this book has opened my eyes to all the “so that” phrases in the Bible. It’s something I never paid much attention to before, but now that you have explained the significance of those two little words, it has made a huge difference my understanding of “so that” scriptures. Looking forward to Sunday – church, Sunday school, and now a new study in God’s Word. Thank you!

  8. Polly Schneider :

    I am signed up for the study and I am looking forward to it. I would love to win the conference calls. I am not able to purchase them due to financial difficulties so this would be such a blessing. Thanks for this opportunity.

  9. I’ve got my book, Living So That and yesterday reading my Bible I read a verse “so that” and I highlighted it and really paid attention. This study is what I need.

  10. Alana Humphrey :

    I am excited to read this book! I have been looking forward to it.

  11. I am excited for this study to get started…Can’t wait to dig in….Thanks so much…

  12. Yanna Westmoreland :

    Father thank you for giving us women in our generation who lead us with their open hearts. We are so very blessed to have open and honest examples of life’s struggles so that we too may find hope. Bless the women at Proverbs 31 Ministry and the women who are seeking You. We want all of Who You Are Father. Holy Spirit take over our hearts, minds and souls. In Jesus blessed Name we are ready to receive. Amen

  13. Now I’m sad! I bought the Kindle version of Living So That a week or 2 ago for the Proverbs 31 study. If I had known I could’ve waited and gotten All Things Wise and Wonderful, I would’ve, because I need all the help I can get.

  14. Leah, what a joy to stop by and not just “visit” one friend, but two!! So looking forward to Wendy’s new book and the work God will do through it! I know I’m one in the midst of a messy life, but so thankful for the progress God’s helped me make and trust He will be faithful to continue the work He started.

    Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for Leah and Wendy and the work they do for you. I lift “LST” up to You and ask You to do a mighty work through each person who turns the page. Make Wendy’s teaching fall like rain! We trust Your Word will not return void and I praise You in advance for all you will do and say. I ask you to continue the work you do in and through Leah, Wendy and P31 and thank You for all You’ve done in me through their words and friendship, encouragement and example. We love You Lord and consider it a privilege to be used by You, continue equipping us to carry out that responsibility. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

    Thanks for sharing Leah!! Blessings to you!

    • Jill, thank you for such a beautiful prayer. I am so blessed by your words and I know Wendy is too. You are a heavenly treasure to both of us! May God continue to grow your ministry – inside and outside the walls of your home. 😉
      Hugs, Leah

    • Jill, you are such a precious gift to our P31 family as you continually use your gift of encouragement to bless us. Your prayers through the writing, publishing and now launching of Living So That have often carried me. Thank you, thank you! I’m thrilled you are going through the study again with us beginning 4/6!!



  15. Love reading books like this .Thank you so much for the offer . Blessings ,DanaGirl

  16. Dulcinea Sherrick :

    I am really looking forward to this book/Bible study! I am a mother of 2 tween girls and am doing my best to raise them to have a loving relationship with God, but as we all know in today’s world that is no easy task. I already have the book, but would love to win the conference calls.

    • Oh, girl, raising two girls!! How blessed your girls are to have a momma who is in the Word and seeking to raise them in the Word as well. God will be faithful!!! I’m excited you will be joining us on our “so that” journey beginning Sunday!



  17. I’m so excited to start this book study and share it with friends! Who doesn’t want the help and guidance God provides in making faith-filled choices in this messy life? <3 Thank you Wendy! Thank you Leah!

  18. Orenda Smith :

    I am so excited to start this Bible Study! Praying I can win one of the books 🙂

  19. Leah, thank you so much for having me as a guest on your blog today!! I’m excited to meet your friends and hear what they have to say about how God’s Word intersects their lives in the midst of messy days!! And I’m especially grateful for the prayers. 🙂



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