The Mended Heart {Guest Post & Giveaway}

The Mended Heart {Guest Post & Giveaway}

* The winner of this week’s giveaway is:  Cathy {Submitted on 2014/03/27 at 10:18 am}

Has someone hurt you or broken your heart?

Have you been left behind, struggling to pick up the mangled pieces, as a result of someone else’s bad choices?

Are careless decisions by others causing you pain? If not you, maybe someone you love has been hurt this way.

I’m so excited to introduce you to my dear friend, Suzie Eller and tell you about her new book, The Mended Heart: God’s Healing for Your Broken Places.

When I met Suzie years ago I quickly discovered what an amazing woman she is. With a pure heart and a refined soul, Suzie captured my attention right away. Not only does she love the Lord with every fiber of her being, but she’s passionate about leading women in a new direction of family, faith and feelings.

Suzie Eller is a Proverbs 31 Ministries Speaker and author, and has been featured on hundreds of radio and TV programs, including Focus on the Family, Aspiring Woman, The Harvest Show and KLOVE. Suzie has written seven books and is a contributing writer for Encouragement For Today devotions. She is a mom, wife, and “Gaga” to five grandbabies three and under, and lives in NW Arkansas. 

Suzie has a very special gift for you and I can’t wait to tell you more about it. But first, let’s hear a few words from Suzie.


“When I first see a woman who has experienced brokenness, my first thought is, “What will she look like in the hands of the Savior?” Tragedy, sin or the painful choices of others all have the ability to hurt our heart.” Suzie Eller

Does God Even Care?

Just try harder!

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.

What’s wrong with you?

Have you heard any of these? Maybe you even said them to yourself as you tried over and over. Sheer willpower may have worked for a while, but when it didn’t you wondered if anything would ever work.

You may have come to the point where you wondered. . . does God even care?

In Luke 4, a crowd is standing around Jesus. They wonder who He is. Why He has come. There are believers in the crowd. Mockers. The curious.

As Jesus stands in front of them, He answers their unasked questions.

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, Because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed. (Luke 4:18-19)

In a sense it was His Mission statement. These people had heard about the Messiah their entire life. But they were expecting a warrior.

But they were receiving a heart surgeon instead.

Jesus came to this earth because God cares.

May I tell you something powerful?

The power of the cross is not found in what you do, but in what has already been done for you.

Today, I am going to ask you to rest in that truth. I’m going to ask you to rest in by NOT DOING some things.

  1. Don’t do this alone. Yes, you’ll partner with God in the healing process, and you will work through the pain, the brokenness, and there is growth ahead, but you aren’t alone. It’s you and God, and He’s bigger.
  2. Don’t try to earn His love. He knows that your failures are an attempt to reach for wholeness, and that it takes courage and faith to get up and start again. He sees you, and He sees the good and whole inside that you might not yet. He’s always loved you. He loves you today.
  3. Don’t run anymore. Jesus meets you right where you are. It’s part of His mission statement. Read it in the Bible, Jesus walking into the messy, the sick, the hurting, as He shares healing, hope, and truth. You don’t have to hide. Isolate. Pretend that it’s all okay.

Does God care? The answer is yes. Absolutely, 100% your God loves you like crazy.

As you look at these three things, and you read Jesus’ mission statement one more time, what will you NOT DO today, and how might that change your heart?


Suzie, thank you for sharing these words of truth which can illuminate our dark places and bring healing to our broken hearts.

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  1. I need this book!! Sounds so great!!

  2. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. My prayer request is that I respond with grace, thanksgiving and joy to everyone who tries to help, and that I have wisdom and peace when making a decision about the correct treatment to pursue. Thanks!
    Terri Wallis

    • Dear Terri,
      I’m so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis and I’m praying Romans 15:13 over you today.
      May you sense God’s love, peace and presence like never before as He carries you through this difficult season. Continued Prayers ~ Leah

  3. I could so use this book. I so struggle with being hurt and feel abandoned. My prayer request is for me and my family. I have a son that needs to be reconnected with the Lord and is having some struggles in his life. I have 4 children and he is the oldest the oldest and the only one not in Church. The ages are son 26, son 24, son 19, and daughter 16. I have three grandchildren from oldest, two are twin girls and a son they are from different women. The second son is married and has two daughters and the third son is getting married next year on my parents anniversary. Thank you for praying for me and my family. Thank you, Kelli

  4. Thank you, Jesus, for speaking through others in a way we might understand that you’ve never left nor forsaken us. I pray this giveaway goes to the one who needs it most.

  5. Broken….anxious….fear-filled…..sad. Never imagined that these would be words that describe me….especially at this age and time of my life. I’ve started counseling with a christian counselor. This book sounds wonderful. I really wish this could all be taken care of instantly. Guess not. Thank-you for this.

  6. This post resonated with me. I can’t really describe what I’m feeling…I just know that I need God so much right now and I desperately want to feel as if my Jesus is holding me and leading me and that He cares about my life. I am in the midst of struggles in different areas of my life right now and sometimes things just hurt. I am hurting over a child, over some issues in my marriage and my health issues are flaring up and that just isnt’ good b/c stress makes all that worse and of course I get stressed over my kid and marriage…I know God is there, and I’ve done better and devo and prayer lately but sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and other times just plain “down” and yet I get up every day and do it all over again tho there are days I’d like to not get out of bed. I’ve tried to pray before my feet hit the floor for the day and that is a good thing to do but sometimes I feel like it didn’t help b/c I pray and cry out and then poof! a huge row with said child who is giving much trouble lately:( I know that doesn’t mean God isn’t working but it’s disheartening ya know? So anyway, thanks for the post and I pray that I would have a healed heart whether or not my marriage heals and no matter what goes on with my child b/c I need to be on right terms with my Savior no matter what life throws at me. So anyway, thanks for this post and if you’ve read all the way to the bottom of this comment, thanks for that too:)

    • It sounds like you’re going through a lot right now. I’m praying for you and encourage you to check out the Anxiety Cleanse as it has some helpful tools when dealing with anxiety and depression. It’s a 5 week devotional series that has helped many others who are dealing with stressful situations like yourself.

      I’m praying for you today – for your marriage, finances and children. When life is unfair and hard it’s so reassuring to know that God holds our present and future circumstances safely in His almighty hands.

  7. Ashley Thompson :

    Can’t wait to read this!

  8. This book sounds fantastic! I know so many wonderful women who are going through such painful situations. I’m putting this on my reading list now!

  9. Dear Jesus,

    As I read through this messages I am aware that I am not alone in my “brokenness” so I ask that you pour your Holy Spirit presence upon each and everyone of us who have shared today and will share in the days to come. Our wounds are deep and painful, show us who you are in those wounds and give us the hope of healing! A special prayer for Suzie and Leah as well Lord for the devotion and commitment to you and strength to persevere on the path you are leading them on. AMEN

  10. Oh Dear Gracious,

    How much I needed to read this today….I was at work when I opened my emails and the first few lines of this devotional felt like there were personally JUST for me….I ran to the bathroom in tears. My heart is in so many pieces and I just don’t know how to trust God with all the pieces.

    Bless you Leah and Suzie!!!

  11. I find the words: “The power of the cross is not found in what you do, but in what has already been done for you.” to be so freeing. I read through the list of “do not dos” I DO all three 🙁
    My prayer request would be that I could truly trust in GOD and believe what HIS word says, about me, about HIS promises.

  12. Hungry for God focused reading material as I sift through some very old heartache – believing that for reasons I don’t understand, God is requiring me to examine.

  13. Leah, first, I LOVE your blog. It’s beautiful and reflects your sweet spirit perfectly!

    Second, I love these words from Suzie, “The power of the cross is not found in what you do, but in what has already been done for you.” What powerful words that we all need to remember. The LOVE that led Jesus to the cross…a love I pray we all come to know…the height, depth, width and length of His vast, unconditional, eternal and never changing love. It heals all wounds and forgives all sins!!

    Love you and Suzie both!


    • Thank you Wendy! The words you’ve shared here will bless many that will stop by today. I’m so thankful God’s love for us isn’t conditional, circumstantial or diminishing. Like you so beautifully wrote, “It heals all wounds and forgives all sins!!”
      Love you too!

  14. Book sounds perfect for so many hurting hearts which none of us can get through life without some degree or another. God loves us so much and wants us to turn to him for acceptance, validation, love, comfort, peace, and forgiveness.. Thank you for offering up your book as a tool for healing.


    • Ruth, I pray that God give both of you wisdom and peace about the right decision. Have you prayed about it together? That’s a strong first step toward knowing what to do. Lord, thank you that you promise wisdom when we ask. Help them to know how to take the next step, and what to do, and lead them to do what is not only best for them, but what you know to be in the best interest of all involved. Give them wise counsel and allow the Holy Spirit to be their guidance. In Jesus’ name.

  16. Cynthia Powers :

    Would love to read this book. Need some encouraging, insightful ideas. Thank you. Have a blessed day!

  17. I’ve been struggling with my body’s “breaking” ever since I became a single mom. To this day (almost 20 yrs later) I still carry the consequences of that breaking on my body. I have prayed so many times for complete and full healing, but for some reason the Lord has not answered that prayer yet. Instead, He has been very faithful in helping me get through my days with these limitations. Oh the lessons He has taught me and the sweet times of His presence I’ve experienced! To Him be the glory!

  18. Broken but not destroyed :

    My son was born with a hole is his heart. His father walked away from his Responsibility to our son. the past few months have been really difficult but God has continually seen us through. I am simply asking that you pray for both my son and his father, his hole would close and his fathers heart would open up.

    • What a beautiful request. Lord, I cannot say this more simple or more beautiful than this momma. Will you close the hole in this little man’s heart. He’s tiny but you are big. Fill up his room with your presence, and give his mom peace that makes no sense, except that it comes from you. Open this dad’s heart. Fill the gaps that are there for reasons that you are aware, and lead Him to godly counsel, to strength, to a confidence that he can do this with your help. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  19. Asking for prayers as I help a loved one deal with pain and healing as she is taking chemotherapy. God’s word keeps us strong! Help me choose my words wisely and offer love and support to her. She lost her mom in October 2013 and she was diagnosed in November at the young age of 42 🙁

    • Gina, I’m praying for you and your sweet friend who’s going through chemotherapy. God Word is the greatest medicine we can give to our body, soul and spirit. It restores, revives and heals, in Jesus’ Name.

    • I was 32 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I know what she’s going through and what a beautiful thing to have a friend like you. You are a treasure.

  20. I shared with a friend this morning how overwhelmed, how stressed, how irritable I have been. Why in the world do we let our lives get so crazy that we can’t be the wife/mother we should be? Prayers for claiming my priorities as set and not letting the world restructure priorities for me.

    • Susan, I sometimes find myself asking the same question. Setting priorities is one thing but keeping them can be the real challenge. I’m praying for you today. 🙂

    • Lord, thank you for Susan. Today she places every thing on the table. Every single thing that takes up space on the calendar. Every single thing that takes up space in her thoughts. Shine your Holy Spirit on those things and let her set aside, if only for a season, those things that pull away from laughter with her family, with down time with you, with nurturing each other. Time flies so quickly Lord. Let her see those things that will hold value years from now, and those that will not. Even if there are protests (and there will be), may you give her the strength and foresight to reclaim the moments of her and her family’s day. In Jesus’ name

      FROM SUZIE: Years ago I did this after finding out that I had cancer at the age of 32. It was liberating and it’s still a habit. Every six months or so I evaluate what is on my “plate” and make sure it’s supposed to be there. I want to enjoy life and my children, and now my grandbabies I didn’t think I’d ever meet when they told me I was so sick.

  21. Just shared with a friend in an email this morning how much I wrestle with my sin nature on a regular basis. If I could, I’d “throw that baby out with the bath water” today! “For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do….” (Romans 7:19). The desire for loving relationships within my own family can feel strained at times due to my own insecurities that I just cannot seem to sure up. Suzie’s book seems like it’d be a GREAT resource to mend the broken places that I didn’t even realize were broken, yet seem to be affecting me in a very real way every day!

    • Hey Linda, The very first chapter in The Mended Heart are the three things we don’t have to do. Can you rest in those as you partner with God on the things that you can do. It will help you replace striving (and those fears of not measuring up) with excitement and celebration over what God has done, and what He will continue to do in and through you. <3

  22. Good Morning! Prayers for all who are going through a struggle, illness or a wilderness time in their lives <3. Thank you

  23. Asking for prayers for my marriage which is broken. I also need prayers for me, that I may let go of my pride and humble myself and forgive my husband so that I can heal.

    • Sandi, I’m so sorry to hear about your marriage. Thank you for sharing honestly about your struggles. Many women who visit my blog can identify with you for they’re marriages are broken too. But, God…He can restore and breathe life into something that appears hopeless to us. As you seek God each day for direction, He will equip you with wisdom, guidance and grace. I’m praying for you, dear friend.

    • Lord, thank you for Sandi. There is no situation, no brokenness so great that you can’t heal. I hear Sandi’s heart and she’s asking you to help her walk through this. Give her wisdom. Lead her to sound and godly counsel, those who will pray with her, love her, and believe in both of them as they heal. Cover this home with your touch, and Lord today we ask that they both sense a new beginning through you, and because of you. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  24. My husbands addictions has affected and destroyed our family. We’ve been separated for two years now after 21yrs of marriage and he still hasn’t made the choice to get help. I, a Christian woman, in the other hand am stuck in the brokenness, insecurities, anxiety, and depression. I’ve lost myself and can’t seem to find my identity apart from my husband. I’m also having a difficult time helping my two beautiful daughters cope with their pain. I want to be free and really know and understand Gods love for me. Please pray for us. Thank you!

    • Cathy, I’m so sorry to hear about your marriage. Thank you for honestly sharing the struggles your family is facing right now. I am praying for you today ~ asking God to provide your every need: physically, spiritually and emotionally. As a child of God, freedom is part of your rich inheritance that Jesus paid for on the cross. Although others may fail you, Jesus never will. His love for you is unending.

    • Lord, thank you for beautiful Cathy. Thank you that she is not unseen. That her children are not abandoned. That they are family to you, and loved and cherished by you. May you begin to heal the hurt in her heart. Surprise her with moments of joy. Give her the strength and wisdom to love this man in his brokenness, but to not live in it with him. Hold her close in those moments that she is overwhelmed, and bring laughter to her heart again. Heal these children as only you can do, filling gaps with wholeness, with purpose, and with your touch. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  25. Thanks from my heart to yours for this blog. I can feel the mighty hand of God’s healing power as I began reading.

  26. You can’t imagine how I want to read this book, and discover Suzie’s secrets to remove some of the pain in my heart. I began the Online Bible Study of this book, but was only able to get through Week 1. In our current situation I am not able to go out and buy the book, but I long to understand. I want to feel my Father’s love. Please pray that I can experience Him more fully in my life, and in my heart.

    • Jessica, your desire of wanting to experience God more fully in your life is certainly part of God’s perfect will for you. So I have no doubts that He will honor your prayer request. I’m praying for you today, sweet friend.
      Blessings, Leah

  27. Leah, thank you for allowing me to be a guest on your beautiful blog. You are one of my favorite people, and Jesus shines through you. What a privilege to be called your friend.

    • Suzie, it’s an honor to host you on my blog. Your tender heart of overflowing love is like soothing medicine to my soul and I know your words will bless many who stop by my site today. Jesus radiates from you! I treasure you friendship. 🙂

  28. Jodi Hartsell :

    I met Suzie at the 2013 unspeakable joy womens Conference. I purchased two books from her. When it was my turn to meet her so she could sign my books. She looked into my eyes and said i have not wrote this in anyone elses book but God told me to write this. I looked down and it said God Loves you like crazy in the book the mom I want to be. I was so broken when I went to that conference but I walked out with my head held high cause after listening to her speak I realized I wasnt the only person that grew up in a bad situation. God and Suzie changed my life that day.

    • That’s a phrase that I use with my children, but I don’t normally write in my books. It’s my heartfelt love to my kiddos, and it’s a measure of how much they fill my heart.

      So, writing that is a prompt from a Heavenly “daddy” that loves you like crazy, that wants you to know His heartfelt love, and a measure of how much you fill His heart. <3

  29. Her book sounds amazing! 🙂

  30. Tracy Williams :

    Asking for prayers for discernment and wisdom as I minister to some broken, anxious women in my women’s group. May God give me the words to say and ear to really hear and His glory be made known.

    • Tracy, I’m praying for you today ~ asking God to give you wisdom and insight as you reach out to the women in your group. You’re welcome to use any materials from my Anxiety Cleanse, which is a 5 week series on anxiety & depression (the two are closely related). Here is the link if you’re interested:
      Blessings, Leah

    • Tracy, this and The Unburdened Heart can be a gentle tool to use with those women. I meet with several women in my home each week, all of them who struggle as you describe yours. It has helped them begin the process of healing. My prayer is that it will be a great tool to begin the healing in the hearts of these women as well. I love that you are coming alongside them to aid in the journey.

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