The Cure For Weariness

The Cure For Weariness

Is it just me or are you starting to feel a tiny bit stressed this holiday season?

Normally, I’m the first to sing out a sweet melody chime of “I love Christmastime!” but lately I’ve been doing less singing and more running around like a chicken with my head cut off. 

All the baking, present shopping, volunteering and decorating is starting to make me weary. I love all these things and Christmas certainly wouldn’t be the same without them. However, today I need to be reminded of the cure to my weariness. And, I thought maybe you could use a little encouragement too.


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I’m so glad God knows we will become weary in this crazy life of ours – even at Christmas time. I’m so thankful He doesn’t say, “toughen up and just deal with it.”

Instead God offers us the perfect remedy for our weariness.  He knows just what we need when our lives become stressful and overwhelming.

He promises to take our heavy burdens.

We can experience His presence in our lives.

We can find rest for our weary souls.

When we come to Him.

The word rest in the original text of Matthew 11:28 means:

* to refresh, to cease for a moment in order to recover one’s strength, to keep quiet and calm with patient expectation. 

Could you use some refreshment today? Would you like to experience a calm and quietness within your heart? How about getting some mental or physical recovery from all the busyness of life’s demands?

Come to Me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.  Matthew 11:28

God is waiting for us to seek Him today. He is ready to take our burdens – no matter how big or small. He is patient to listen as we share our concerns and ask Him for help.

Will you choose to set aside all that’s tugging at you and rest in His presence right now? You may only have 15 minutes or maybe even just 5 minutes but it will be worth it.

Rest. Receive. Renew.

You’ll be so glad you did!

Heavenly Father, I am feeling weary and burdened today by so many things. You know exactly what is bothering me and I’m so thankful that You are here to help me. As I place my heavy concerns into your strong arms, allow me to sense Your presence. Show me how I can truly rest in You during these next few minutes. Reveal Yourself to me in a very special way so that I can be renewed and refreshed.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 



  1. Ann Marie Peterson :

    Yep that’s me weary from ALL THAT BAKING…NOT! But rushed yes. Ed and I are doing just what u suggested, we have an event at our home tomorrow and had busy plans for today BUT we decided to stop and take some time for ourselves this afternoon and go to the theatre to see the new Max Lacado Christmas movie and get us in the Christmas Spirit before our event…we heard it is very inspirational. We’ll worry about all the craziness tomorrow.

    • Ann Marie, I’m so glad you & Ed decided to pause, in the midst of your hectic schedule, and do something for yourselves. Special moments need to be captured, savored, and celebrated. I hope you both enjoyed the movie!

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