My Secret to Sleeping Well

My Secret to Sleeping Well

Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

Who wouldn’t these days? It’s safe to say that we’re bombarded with more negative news then any one person can deal with. And, it’s no longer limited to what we read in the newspaper or see on television…like the old days. 🙂

Now, we have access to internet news, cell phone updates, email, texts, tweets and facebook commentaries, plus a whole lot more.

Let’s face it – life can dish out some heavy blows. It’s one thing to deal with problems during the day but when hard circumstances start bombarding our thoughts at night, keeping us awake when we should be soaking up lovely rem stages of sleep. Well, that’s just down-right wrong.

So what are some things we worry about?

Too many bills and a shrinking checkbook balance.

Unexplained body aches and pains that may turn into “something serious”.

A demanding boss pressuring us to work overtime.

A few unwanted pounds on that ugly scale.

An unsupportive spouse and a struggling marriage.

A messed up economy and a failing government system.

A teenager with slipping grades and a flippy mouth.

The list goes on and on – and so do our thoughts.  As we slip between the sheets after a long day and rest our weary head on the pillow, longing for peace and sweet sleep, it starts to happen.

Runaway thoughts

Unlimited strings of questions

Tossing and turning

Make believe conversations

A ticking clock.

I used to struggle with sleeping all the time. No matter how many methods I tried, I could never seem to get a solid night’s rest. One, two, three o’clock before I would fall asleep, only to wake again several times throughout the night, until my alarm clock finally went off at 7:00am. Ugghhh!

No amount of soft music, relaxation tapes, warm baths, chamomile tea, or Melatonin did the trick. One night, I got desperate and tried Tylenol sleep aids but instead of lulling me to sleep, it kept me up all night.  ALL NIGHT.

I finally discovered the secret to sleeping well.

My secret? A gratitude prayer.

Sounds simple? It is and it works! I’ve been doing this for years and I can honestly say – no matter what difficulties I’m dealing with during the day – I sleep solid as a rock.

Each night, when I slip under the covers and rest my weary head on my pillow, I lay very still and begin a gratitude prayer. I don’t ask God for anything or tell Him my problems. I don’t include prayer requests from friends or ask Him to reveal something spiritual. I simple thank God.

I list out all the people, circumstances, things, and gifts I’m thankful for.

Thankful. Grateful. Gratitude.

God is the last person I talk to before falling asleep and when I sleep it’s very sweet.

sweet sleep2                                                                                                                                                                  If you’re reading this post via email, click here to see the image above.

If you’re having trouble sleeping lately, why don’t you try saying a gratitude prayer at bedtime. I believe it will work for you too. As you can see from the verse above, one of God’s promises to His children is sweet sleep. Trust God at His word and try it  saying a gratitude prayer tonight. Then, let me know your results. I’ll be praying for you!

Now it’s your turn…

Today’s Question:

What keeps you up at night? Are you concerned about something you have no control over? Is a gratitude prayer helping you sleep at night?




  1. God always has perfect timing. Last night was a night full of insomnia. All the questions you listed were running around in my head. I cried out for rest, but not in gratitude. I will rest well tonight, grateful for all He has done, all He is doing, and all He will do.

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