Superwoman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Superwoman Doesn’t Live Here Anymore


She’s the female phenomenon that triumphs over every life challenge and has no boundaries. You know…the chick that does everything right. We’ve all looked up to her at one point in our lives and tried to grab a hold of her infamous declarations.


If only we had her super powers then our lives would be so much better.

Statements like these would come true:   

I can do it all.

I can have it all.

I can be it all.

I can know it all.

Years ago, Superwoman came knocking at my door and decided to set up shop in my own personal space. She messed with my thoughts and ran me ragged with her crazy to-do list. She never rested and kept me going a mile a minute.

She always promised that if I tried a little harder , if I pushed a little more, I could be just like her.

All day long, she’d tell me to keep going. Even if I got tired, Superwoman didn’t care. Instead, she’d  say, “Leah, don’t stop or others might think you’re weak. You don’t have time to rest. Remember… you can do it all!”

When I’d go to the store and see something I liked, Superwoman would say, “Go ahead and get it! Don’t worry about the cost and for heaven’s sake, that checking account of yours is not something you need to worry about right now. Remember,  you can have it all!

Although I didn’t want to, Superwoman would sign me up for extra volunteering gigs and railroaded me into becoming the PTA president – even though I didn’t have time for it. I’d remind her that I already had a full-time job, children to take care of and a life group that I was trying to lead. But, her response was always the same.  “Leah, you can’t say no. What will everyone think? Don’t you want others to see that you can be it all for everybody!”

Well, it didn’t take long for me to get weary and worn-out. Superwoman’s expectations were way too high and I was starting to think she was flat-out nuts. Maybe I didn’t want to be Superwoman’s sidekick? After all, I was already feeling less-than and utterly defeated, every time I turned around.

I had had enough. Superwoman was getting on my last nerve!  Who did she think she was anyway? Coming into my life and messing with my schedule and my sanity? I don’t think so!

Maybe I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do.

Maybe I wasn’t suppose to have everything I wanted all the time.

Maybe I didn’t want to be it all for everyone else.

Maybe I didn’t have to know it all…all of the time.

So, what did I do? I kicked Superwoman to the curb. I told her to take her scrawny black tights and tacky red cape and hit the road. I didn’t need her in my life anymore. She was nothing more than a giant headache, toting a Gucci bag in Jimmy Choo stilettos.

Superwoman made a lot of empty promises that were nothing more than deceptive lies. I actually believed them at first but oh, did I wise up and face up to the fact that she was nothing more than a big scam.

Has Superwoman come knocking on your door lately, making all sorts of super-sized claims and golden promises? If so, don’t listen to a word she says. You’re better off without her. She’ll only make your life miserable – just like she did mine years ago.

Tell Superwoman that your life is fine without her. Remind her that you’ve already got the power  – the Holy Spirit power that can run circles around her any day of the week!

Don’t be surprised if she gets persistent and tries to make her way into your personal space.

Just stand your ground and let her know that you may not have a shiny cape, but instead you’ve got a Shield of Faith, that will take her down in a millisecond, dare she try to mess with you! 

Always remember…with God on your side you’ve got what it takes and neither Superwoman or the world is allowed to tell you otherwise.



  1. Always remember…with God on your side you’ve got what it takes and neither Superwoman or the world is allowed to tell you otherwise. – Love this!! I hadn’t thought too much about Superwoman bossing me around, but I can relate to what you are saying Leah!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Jill – “Superwoman” was really a worldly mindset that I had latched onto and adopted years ago. My messed up mantra was “be it all, have it all, do it all, and know it all”. Learning tough lessons from my humongous mistakes sure has given me tons of material to teach & write about. 🙂 My new mantra is Moving Onward – Moving Upward ~ taking one step at a time with my face towards the Son. Hugs, Leah

  2. Ann Marie Peterson :

    I notice SUPERWOMEN is a SIZE 2…THAT’S JUST WRONG!!!!! It’s probably because she has NO TIME to eat.

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