Forever Amazed

Forever Amazed

Have you ever thought to yourself, “God could never use me.”? I have…plenty of times.

I’ve spent years watching from the sidelines as some of my closest friends did great things for God and were used in amazing ways. I always wondered if I’d ever be smart enough, confident enough, or organized enough to fall into the approved-to-be-used-by-God category.

The truth is my problem had nothing to do with whether or not I was smart enough, confident enough or organized enough. The real problem was my mindset. You see, I was under the false impression that if God would ever use me for something important, surely it would accompany elaborate plans and grand results that were obvious for the world to see. Boy, was I wrong.

Sure, God is definitely in the business of manifesting grand and elaborate things. Look at Creation for example. Could anything be more elaborate than far off galaxies, stars, planets, the sun, and moon? Now that’s what I call #amazing!

God has certainly used great people and given them tremendous platforms like Billy Graham, Beth Moore, Andy Stanley and Mother Theresa.

But, many times God chooses people to do great things for His glory and yet the assignments look very different than we think they should. Although the world looks at the outward appearances of famous people, high positions, big platforms, and extraordinary opportunities, God looks at the intent of a person’s heart.

As I would watch others around me and wonder why God wasn’t choosing me to do great things, I was missing out on the  fact that He WAS using me. The only problem was my perspective – the assignments didn’t look the way I thought they should.

While I was thinking grand. God was waiting for a grateful heart.

While I was imagining elaborate. God was looking for a humble spirit.

While I was dreaming over-the-top. God was watching for a willingness of obedience.

A grateful heart when diapers need to be changed and toys need to be picked up off the floor. A humble spirit when clothes need to be washed and dinner needs to be prepared. A willingness of obedience when He whispered “apologize first and say you’re sorry”.

When I look back over the years I can clearly see that some of the greatest ways God has used me has been within the simple walls of my own home. Serving my family in messy ways and being stretched beyond what I thought would be my breaking point.

Saying “yes” when I honestly wanted to say “no”. Laying aside my to-do list so that I could help with a homework assignment or clutch little fingers during bedtime as we all said family prayers.

Yes, those are the amazing moments that God has done His greatest work in my life. There was no grand audiance that cheered me one or a finish line to cross while spectators stood by. Only a family of four, living life one day at a time, trying to do what was right in God’s eyes.

Yet, still I am forever amazed that God would chose me to do such great things for Him. Raising two little boys who would shine there little lights into a dark world and one day become leaders for Christ.

God-given assignments wrapped in baseball caps and sneakers.

Grand moments tucked inside everyday life situations.

And when will the grand elaborate moment happen? I imagine it will be when this simple-minded momma one day kneels before her Heavenly Father and He whispers her name saying, Well done, my faithful daughter.  Oh, how awesome that will truly be!

Now it’s your turn…

Today’s Question: What is the greatest assignment that God has ever given you? If your initial response is to say, nothing really, then I want to encourage you to pause for a moment, pray and ask God to show you what that assignment is. Hint: It might be tenderly wrapped up in your  everyday-life situations.

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  1. Kimberly Cleary :

    I just love your outlook on life and your love for pur Father. Please include me in any of your mailing lists that you have. Thank you and God bless you.

    • Hi Kimberly, Thank you for such encouraging words! If you’d like to receive my updates, just fill in the “subscribe” box which is located on the top right corner of my website. That way we can stay in touch. I’m praying for you this morning. 🙂 Blessings, Leah

  2. I can relate to every word you wrote. It is exciting when we realize all of the small moments of purpose. God wants to use us in all circumstances to bring Him glory. What joy and peace awaits us when we anticipate what He will use us for next.

  3. Raising my stepkids (4) in addition to my own (2). It has been a big job, lots of tears and rough days, but I have no doubt God brought my husband and I together for the sake of the children.

    • Jaime, I’ve shed tears over the years with my two sons. I can’t imagine having 6 children to raise. God has certainly given you a grand assignment. On days when things get tough, just remember that God won’t give you more than what you/He can’t handle together. Leah

  4. Leah, thank you so much for this reminder. For many years I thought the same. I mean what glory is there in changing diapers, and cleaning toilets? But after telling our youngest daughter’s foster parents visiting on home assignment, missionaries in Liberia for 20+ years, that we really thought we’d be in the mission field or my husband would be a pastor, she said, “God brought the mission field to you” We have 4 adopted children. And when I really thought about that I was so BLESSED. God is always giving us opportunity to speak to others about adoption, attachment, home education or some other passion he’s laid on our heart. And my sweet sister in Christ and adopted Aunt to my children was right! God has brought the mission field to us!

    • Christine, what beautiful insight, “God brought the mission field to you.” I love that! God has entrusted you and your husband with so much, as each adopted child has passed through the welcoming doors of your home. I pray that He continues to pour the Spirit of wisdom and revelation into your hearts and minds, as He guides you each day to raise these beautiful children for His glory. Leah

  5. Leah- I know for a fact that I was led to your blog this morning. I was not sure which one to click on this week. Plus…. to be honest I don’t have a whole lot of time this morning, but I happened to click on your picture and WOW was it what I need to hear! In fact, I’m going to print this out and put it in my journal. Sometimes we want God to use us in BIG ways, but God may have other plans. It all goes back to being thankful for what God has given you.

    While I was thinking grand. God was waiting for a grateful heart.

    While I was imagining elaborate. God was looking for a humble spirit.

    While I was dreaming over-the-top. God was watching for a willingness of obedience.

    These are such powerful statements. Thank you for sharing and being such a blessing to me this morning!

    • Jill, I’m so glad that God used the words of this post to encourage you and to confirm that He has you in the MOST important role ever! Taking care of your precious children and raising them up into the godly men and women of the next generation. Teaching our children to become leaders for Christ is a humbling yet amazing opportunity. Loving your children well brings such joy to the heart of your Heavenly Father. Leah

  6. Loved this Leah!! I actually read it earlier today as I was in the middle of baking cookies for my crew. And the crazy thing is prior to reading your words, God was whispering your very message to me – that the work I was doing, caring for my family, was the most important work He’s called me to. Then I read your words and the tears came…He is good and so amazing!

    Your question made me think of the 2nd Rise and Shine…as I prepared to share at this “BIG” thing God was doing I was nervous and full of doubt. I remember worrying about speaking after the audience had just listened to Lysa all day and totally not feeling good enough. As I talked with God about this scary audience, He instantly brought a picture of my husband and kids to mind and said, “Jill, this is the scary audience. They are watching everything you do and hear every word you say!!” It’s an image that has stuck with me and one God continually uses to remind me of the greatest assignment He’s given!!

    Thank you for the reminder today! And thank you also for your prayers for our ReNEWed Life Women’s Event…God answered them in an Eph. 3:20 sort of way! And Wendy blessed us all! Someday we just might get you back to Iowa!!

    • Jill, what a powerful illustration God gave you in response to your concerns about speaking after Lysa’s messages! He is so faithful to always point us in the right direction and to show us what’s really important when it comes to kingdom purposes.

      I’m so glad to hear that the ReNEWed Life event went so well. I was praying throughout the weekend for your entire team, Wendy, and especially the attendees. I have no doubt that Wendy’s message spoke to the hearts of many women at the conference.

      I would love to return to Iowa one day and celebrate what God is doing there! By the way, I hope your cookies came out great. 🙂

  7. Leah – so beautiful! Tears came to my eyes when I read your words “God-given assignments wrapped in baseball caps and sneakers.” What a poignant picture! What an awesome job we have as mothers! Thank you for these words! (Stephanie Solberg, P31 OBS Group Leader)

    • Stephanie, I’m so glad you enjoyed my post and thank YOU for serving in such a life-changing way through the P31 OBS! I’m sure the women in your group are so blessed by your wise words of encouragement and hope. I pray that God will bless you in extraordinary ways because you have chosen to serve Him well through serving these precious women! Leah

  8. Well said dear friend…..

  9. Ann Marie Peterson :

    One on Obe mentoring.

  10. Funny thing about this post is I’m realizing the post I wrote tonight could be a nice wrapped up combo of hashtags #Amazed, #YestoGod and #WhollyCommitted. 🙂 I can relate with not feeling like I could be used by God for big things. He is proving me wrong with that though haha. Thanks for sharing this. Humility is where we have to be in order to be raised up. 🙂

  11. Michelle Romero :

    Wow thank you Leah! While our assignments definitely come in different appearances they are all geared to the service of our great and mighty King. And as life changes then so do those assignments. We can be used by God in the every day mundane things or in a completely unique way we would never have thought of. But God wants to use us that I know! We have to keep our hearts open to Him and He will leads us! Ive struggled for years feeling that I’ll wait until later to do this or that or certainly God can find somebody else. Lord knows how many opportunities I’ve lost and walked away from to be used by God and to be blessed by blessing others. Now, fast forward a decade and I finally get that I have to be willing, He wont make me do anything. So I guess i feel like its more of a question of are we willing, because He will provide the able!
    Raising children for the Glory of God….does it get better than that, I don’t think so! You will be blessed for generations to come!

    • Michelle, I’ve had those same struggles too and I’m so glad that God doesn’t give up on us. He continues to call, equip, and empower us to do His work. We may feel inadequate at times but He says otherwise because Christ lives in us. Thank you for taking time out to leave a comment. Your words have truly encouraged me today! Leah

  12. Thank you for sharing. I tell my kids all the time don’t wait for the big things, be faithful in the little things and then God will move you on step by step to bigger things. My greatest calling is to be His child first and then move out and minister to others because I am His child. I work alot with kids and I never imagined that for myself. It is an awesome task though, realizing the influence you can have in shaping kids ideas and teaching them to always go to God’s Word for direction and answers. We have served in Romania for 12 years now and although it hasn’t always been easy, it has definitely been worth it!

    • Joyce, I’ve heard that the children of Romania are so hungry and open to God’s Word. How awesome that God is using you to lead their little hearts to Jesus! I pray that He continues to strengthen and equip you as you faithfully serve Him by serving these children and their families. Leah

  13. I was just browsing your site and stumbled on sweet Jessica from July 31. What a great story. The verses from Ephesians 1:17-18 is one of the best things I’ve journaled from this OBS. I would love to subscribe but couldn’t find the “button”.

  14. Leah, I must have been led to your blog today, as I also was under the blind expectation for BIG things. Your perspective, so perfectly written was the confirmation I’ve been longing for. That there are GREAT things in all the little things we do every day. Now instead of praying for blessings and BIG directions, I will thank God for using me right where I am today. God bless your beautiful insight!

    • Pam, I’m so glad God lead you to my blog yesterday so that He could encourage you today. I too have gotten caught up in praying for those “BIG” directions and opportunities. But, God showed me that I was so focused on the “what’s next” that I was missing out on the “what now” He was doing in my life each day. I love what you wrote, “I will thank God for using me right where I am today.” Beautifully written.

      I read your other comment and I’m so glad you’d like to subscribe to my blog. All you need to do is go to my website ( and in the top right hand corner there is a blue box that says “Subscribe for updates.” Just put your email address there and you will receive a follow-up email that you’ll need to confirm. It’s super easy but if you have trouble, just let me know. Leah

  15. Leah, thank you for the reminder that great things need not be grand … We can be useful and have a meaningful impact even doing mundane things. Blessings

  16. What an amazing example of being faithful in all things and saying yes to God right where we are. Sometimes we lose sight of how grand our everyday things really are. Thank you for this needed reminder.

  17. It is so amazing how God reaches out and throws us to an amazing spot. I was just talking with a girlfriend about this and how we struggle to see what God is doing with us where we are. We know there are grander things. Your words are perfect, thank you for sharing !!

    • Melinda, I’m so glad God lead you to my blog post today! He knows exactly what we need and how to encourage us – I just love that! Leah

  18. You have no idea how much I needed to read this blog. “God-given assignments wrapped in baseball caps and sneakers.” I love this! What a great reminder for me to have a grateful heart, a humble spirit, and a willingness to be obedient when ministering to my precious son, daughters, and husband. Thank you for sharing your heart.

    • Adrienne, our assignments as moms are so important. God is allowing us to shape not only this generation but the next to come through our children’s hearts and minds. Your loving presence is one of the most treasured blessings your husband and children will ever receive from God! Leah

  19. Leah, thanks for sharing. I especially appreciated these words: “While I was thinking grand. God was waiting for a grateful heart.While I was imagining elaborate. God was looking for a humble spirit.While I was dreaming over-the-top. God was watching for a willingness of obedience.” Often God does NOT expect giant steps from us, but the small, moment by moment decision to say “yes” to whatever He asks.

    • Ruth, you’re absolutely right about God not expecting those giant steps – the ones we often hold out for. I agree that He’d much rather the moment by moment “yes” decisions that shape and grow a closer relationship with Him. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my blog today. Leah

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