European Dreams and Priceless Memories

European Dreams and Priceless Memories

Hi friends,

Our family just returned from a  two week summer vacation and boy, am I pooped! Instead of opting for one of those slow paced lay-on-the-beach-all-day sort of trips, we decided to take a Mediterranean cruise with 29 of our closest friends. I’ve discovered that seeing Rome in a day is impossible, BUT we sure had a lot of fun trying.

Some of us were celebrating birthdays.

Some of us were celebrating anniversaries.

Many of us were celebrating our children’s high school graduations before they head off to college next month. Did I just say next month? Yikes!

We had an absolute blast and I loved every minute of it. Our family took a vote and it was unanimous. This has been our best vacation EVER.

I know I’ve been out of touch but don’t think for a second that I haven’t been thinking about you. Not a single day went by that I wasn’t wondering what you were up to. As I snapped hundreds of photos in Florence, Tuscany, and Monte Carol, I prayed that God would help me remember all that He was revealing to me, so that I could share it with you, upon my return.

I knew this would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip but I had no idea what a spiritual experience it would be for me. Honestly, I have never felt closer to the Lord in years as I did on this vacation. I sensed His presence like never before.

Gosh, I have enough stories and hair-raising experiences to write a mini-series! This vacation stretched me WAY outside of my comfort zone.

Let’s see, there was the whole “leaving the United States” thing. Then, the adventure of 25+ hours of flying time – all with a gal who has had a fear of flying since she was little (me). Oh yes, not speaking a lick of Spanish, French, or Italian was wonderfully challenging. And, there was that drive along the Amalfi coastline. A nail biter for sure.

I have so much to share and can’t wait to show you some of my pictures.

This morning as I looked inside of our empty refrigerator and passed the laundry room which is filled with mounds and mounds and mounds of dirty clothes, I realized that our exciting European vacation is over. Hey, having someone else cook meals for the last 14 days has been PRICELESS! I think I’ve forgotten how to boil rice. 🙂

I have a lot of catching up to do but while I’m folding clothes, sorting bills and trying to figure out a new way to prepare chicken for dinner, I’ll also be day dreaming about the last two weeks and trying to decide what stories you might enjoy hearing about.

For now, I will leave you with a little teaser…

Have you seen the movie, “Under the Tuscan Sun”? If so, do you remember when Frances (Diane Lane) goes to see Marcello (Raoul Bova) and her heart is broken because she finds him with another woman? Those scenes were filmed in Positano which is a little Italian village located along the Amalfi Coastline in southern Italy. During our trip, we got to spend the day in Positano and walked along some of the streets where a few scenes were filmed.

I’ve featured a picture of Positano above. It is over-the-top gorgeous!

Question: What is your dream vacation and what is keeping you from experiencing it?



  1. I love Diane Lane and I really love Under the Tuscan Sun! So glad that you had such a great time!! Thinking after reading your post that I needed to be number 30.

    My dream is Israel during the fall of 2014 with Susan Lawrence on a missions trip!

    Can’t wait to hear more of your stories!

    Love ya and glad you are back. Missed you!

    • Donna, I’m praying that your dream trip to Israel will become a reality next year. I’m discovering that no dream is too big for God to fulfill if it’s a part of His plan for our lives. A mission trip with Susan Lawrence sounds like a wonderful opportunity and I know you would be such a blessing to her!
      Love & continued prayers, Leah

  2. Oh, I just love that you had such a refreshing and lovely time with your family. You deserve it, sweet friend, you have worked so hard!!

    My dream vacation is to travel to Italy with our family. What is keeping us? A time when we can all four go together. This year we allowed Lauren to take her dream trip to Australia and New Zealand with University of Georgia. Praying that next year the Lord will make a way in our schedules to travel to Italy.

    Love you,


    • Wendy,
      Italy is such a beautiful place and I’m so thankful we were able to experience it with our boys. I know that when the timing is right God will open the door widely for your entire family to make the journey together. It will be worth the wait!

      What a wonderful opportunity you’ve given Lauren to experience Australia and New Zealand this year. I really believe that traveling and learning other cultures is one of the greatest educations we can give our children. I’m sure Lauren has incredible memories from her trip abroad that she’ll treasure for years to come.
      Much love,

  3. I absolutely LOVE Italy. Have been there 3 times. Would go back in a heartbeat. But have to wait until my nest is empty… Can’t wait to read more about your adventures.

    • Meggie,
      Wow…three trips to Italy?! That is awesome! I’d love to go back again because there is so much more I want to see. The people were very friendly and helpful too. I could spend a week just being is Positano, Italy. The views took my breath away!

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