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Would you consider yourself a controlling person? Do you sometimes think that you know what’s best or find yourself getting a little bossy with others? Are you still tying your teenager’s shoes, cutting your husband’s steak at dinner, or telling the woman at the register how to bag your groceries? If so, you might be interested in some helpful tips on how to deal with your controlling tendencies. I know I could benefit from some helpful tips today.

You see, I’ve been known to be a little bossy at times. Well, actually a lot of times. If you ask my husband and kids they would most likely agree. What I’m discovering is that when fear begins to creep into my circumstance,s I oftentimes react by wanting to control things, circumstances and the people around me. I know it’s not the right response but unfortunately it can sometimes be my go to response  that gets me into trouble every single time.

My friend, Karen Ehman, has written a book on the topic of controlling issues and – let me say it gently – how to stop being a control freak. The title of her book is  Let.It.Go.  and includes great lessons on how to control less and trust God more in the midst of crazy life circumstances. I love being around Karen because she is so funny and that contagious humor is sprinkled all throughout her book. It’s practical and has great spiritual insight. The exciting news is that I’m giving away a signed copy of her book this week and I hope you’ll enter my drawing today.

This Week's Giveaway

This Week’s Giveaway

Here’s what you have to do to enter the drawing for this great book:

* Leave a comment sharing a story of when your controlling tendencies created a little chaos in your life.

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I can’t wait to read your comments and will announce the winner on Monday morning so there is plenty enough time  to think of great story to share. I’ll go first…

Last week I was shopping at the local Target store and you guessed it…I found myself telling the gal at the register how I wanted my food items bagged. BUSTED!!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Jill Beran who is the winner of the Let It Go Giveaway.




  1. Leah, I even hated reading this because I struggle with control SOOOO much in my house. I like things put in the dishwasher my way, in the drawers my way, cleaned my way. It is something I do know is wrong, and I am learning how to Let THEM (not it) Go…cuz there are so many!!! 🙂

    Karen’t book is a great start for anyone seeking godly wisdom on how to give these things over to God so we can live in the FREEDOM of Christ with more peace and joy in our lives.

    Blessings to you,


    • Wendy, I can so relate to what you’re saying and I too struggle in the area of letting go of control, especially with my boys. Brody is heading off to college and I know it’s going to be a challenge for me to surrender him completely into the Lord’s care. I’ve prayed so often about this and there are days that I see victory in areas of my life. But, other days I am reminded just how tightly I have those apron strings attached to my children and the thought of snipping them scares me to death. I’ve watched how well you & Lauren have adjusted to this big change and it encourages me greatly.

      Thanks for taking time to share words of wisdom on my blog. It means the world to me!
      Sweet Blessings!

  2. Oh Leah, I’ve been reminded that I too like to be in control…as I watch my G’ma lose her battle with cancer and walk thru a long, slow journey I’ve struggled. I worry about how my kids will handle things, what will happen to my extended family (one my G’ma held together), my mom… I realize I am NOT in control at all and neither are those in the medical world who tell us she has 1 month to live and then tell us she won’t make it thru the night. I know God knows the number of her days and can control all that lies ahead for her, for me and for my family. Oh to let it go!!

    Also I wanted to let you know I’ve been thinking about you as Father’s Day approaches. Praying God comforts you, floods you with memories and fills you with peace!

    • Jill, I so understand the painful and emotional struggle you are experiencing right now. It is extremely hard to watch a loved one battle with a dreadful disease like cancer. I watched both of my parents wither away but I can’t help but believe that during those last days, great ministry was taking place. I just couldn’t see the activity with my visible eyes. Things I was unable to do for my parents (I believe) were taken care of directly by God Himself. Your grandmother is God’s beloved child. How tenderly He must be caring for her this very minute.

      I know it’s hard to figure out everything and the tendency is to somehow control the outcome. But, from my experience I can say with absolute confidence that God will take care of all your grandmother’s needs and your family’s needs also.

      My mom lived 3+ years after her Parkinson’s specialist gave her 6 months. God decides our days and I find great comfort in that. I’m sure your children will miss their great grandmother tremendously but you will be there to help them through the grieving process. Keep trusting God and find rest in knowing He has a plan.

      Thank you for such sweet thoughts and prayers as Father’s Day approaches. 🙂

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