Family United or Family Divided – Day 5

Family United or Family Divided – Day 5

It’s the last day of our series on how we can unite our families and do things together, that will create bonding experiences, which have the potential to  last a lifetime.

I’ve learned a lot through writing this series and I hope you’ve enjoyed joining along. More importantly,  I hope you’ve tried out some of these ideas on your own family and that it’s making a difference. Without applying what we’ve learned, these Five Keys to Family Bonding will become nothing more than processed information. I want these tips to transform my family’s dynamics and I hope you do too.

Here is what we’ve talked about so far:

Today we’ll discover Key #5 to finish out our series…

Key # 5 – Self-LESS Serving

When we serve others we are being self-LESS. When our family engages in a service project together we are teaching our children the importance of shifting their focus off of themselves and onto others in need.   Let’s face it, the world is constantly bombarding us with the “me-me-me” song. Everywhere we look, we see commercials, signs, and worldly role models telling us that the way to get ahead in life is by focusing on ourselves.

Our needs.

Our dreams.

Our desires.

Our wants.

But what about others? Christ taught one of the greatest life lessons by serving others throughout His live. Isn’t this a lesson we want to instill in our own lives and pass along to our children and grandchildren?

Here are some creative ideas for Self-LESS Serving:

  • Have each person in your family collect 1o personal items (clothing, shoes, toys, electronics) and take them to a local shelter or distribute at a childrens’ home.
  • Take one of your children to visit an elderly person who lives alone and is longing for some company.
  • Serve together at a food bank or homeless center.
  • Help a single mom with odds and ends around her home. Even offer to cut her grass and trim bushes while she takes her children off for a fun event.
  • Volunteer at your home church during weekend services or during a community outreach event.

You may be saying, “Our family is too busy and we don’t have time to do these extra projects”. I understand that life is very full and very busy. But, by the authority of God’s Word I can guarantee that if you make an investment by serving others, God will bless you in ways that will blow your socks off! He loves when you give and serve others and it blesses Him to see you serve together as a family. Imagine that for a minute. Blessing God? YES…by serving others – absolutely!

So, how about adding to my list above and creating your own Self-LESS Serving projects.

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Over the next two weeks, our family is taking some much needed downtime, to be together and set aside the hustle & bustle of hectic living. I’ll only be posting once this week and once next week. But, I’ll be thinking of you every single day and praying for your families. Enjoy your week ahead and I’ll catch you on the flip side. Chow!

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