Family United or Family Divided – Day 4

Family devotions again?!?! Mommm, we just did that yesterday!

I’d love to say that our children have always enjoyed family devotions – even from the time when they were little tikes – but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, devotion time in our family often included bouts of frustration, squirmy bottoms, and even a few tears. Not the kids’ tears, but mine. And, there were plenty of them shed over the years.

I wanted to be a parent that instilled Biblical truths into my children’s hearts and minds but quite honestly, they didn’t seem interested. I know, shocking but true!

What I discovered over time is that it wasn’t the content but instead the format. You see, I was trying to create this structured setting where my husband and I could teach our boys Bible stories, but the last thing our boys wanted was to sit like little soldiers at the kitchen table, quietly listening for 30 minutes while we read the Bible to them.

So, we got creative and started implementing unconventional ideas for devotional time and guess what? It worked!! No more squirming. No more bouts of frustration. No more tears. In fact, devotional time became a fun and bonding time for our family.

Below I’ve listed some ideas that have worked for our family in hopes that you’ll try them out yourself. Don’t get frustrated if your kids aren’t elated the first day you try these new techniques. It may take them some time to adjust so persevere and be consistent. It will be worth it!

Key #4 – Family Devotional Time

  • Let each person in your family write a question on a post it note. One at a time, have someone pull a question and give everyone the opportunity to answer it in their own way. Then, find a bible verse or two that goes along with the theme of the question.
  • Let each person in your family share their “high moments” and “low moments” of the day. Celebrate the high moments and pick a Scripture verse to share and discuss how the “low moments” could be different once the verse is applied.
  • Pick a Scripture verse and have someone read it out loud. Then, have everyone in your family paraphrase or write their own version of what they think the verse means to them. Discuss the differences and similarities in what everyone wrote down.
  • Pick a Christian song to listen to together. Have everyone share what their takeaway is from the song and why. Then find a Scripture verse that compliments each person’s takeaway theme. Memorize that verse for the week.
  • Share the stories of two characters in the Bible. Then, ask each person what character they would rather be and why. Discuss each Bible characters strengths and weaknesses.

I hope these ideas are helpful for you. When it’s time for family devotions in your home, try to pick a time and place that is relaxing for everyone. If you have little children, sitting on the floor may be a better option than at the kitchen table. If you have teens, try gathering in the living room or your family’s bonus room.

Don’t feel like the time has to be super structured. You may gather for 15 minutes one day and 35 minutes the next. The important thing is that you’re connecting as a family, teaching them God’s Word, and spending quality time together.

I’d like to encourage you to always start or end your devotional time in prayer. Or, you may want to pray before and after. It’s totally up to you.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up our series with Key #5. In the meantime, I’d love for you to leave a comment sharing your own ideas about Family Devotional Time and see if we can add to the list above. If you like this post, how about sharing it with a friend on Facebook or Twitter? Maybe they can join us right back here tomorrow! See you then.


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