Today, I’m Launching My New Website!

Well, it’s finally here! Today, I’m launching my new website and I am so excited to show off my new online home to you. I was going to wait until everything was absolutely perfect but after fixing this and tweaking that, I realized it was time to just birth this cyber baby. After all, if I waited until everything looked perfect, I’d never launch, right?

Speaking of being perfect, I have a funny story to share. Well, it doesn’t feel very funny today but hopefully it will be in a couple weeks. God has decided to  teach me a valuable lesson and He’s using my new site as His visual aid.

Did you know that sometimes things aren’t always as they appear to be? Hence, the story…

I’ve been creating this site with the help of three amazing women who know everything there is about graphic design, web hosting, computer programing, and website design. They are rock stars for sure!! These women have been so patient with me as I’ve painstakingly chosen every font, color, script, fancy accent, plugin, widet, etc. Here is where the funny part comes in. I’ve been using my old laptop through the entire process which has been showing off  beautiful shades of blue on my screen.

As I picked out my color schemes – I saw blue shades

As I picked out my background wall paper – I saw blue tones

As I picked out my scrolling accents – I saw blue highlights.

BUT, sometimes things aren’t always as they appear to be.

Last night, my son set up a brand new monitor for my office. As he hooked it up to my laptop, I couldn’t wait to see those beautiful blue shades to appear on my newer larger bright screen. However, when my site popped up, I didn’t see beautiful blue shades. Nope, I saw shades of gray….and I’m not talking about the book. What I thought would appear bright and cheery actually looks a little dreary and depressing. I’m totally bummed!

Lesson Learned? I have no idea at this point because I’m still upset but you can be it will be the main topic of my discussing with God later on today when I have some afternoon quiet time. Until then, I have some fixing to do. 🙂

Before I make anymore changes, I’d love your HONEST opinion. What do you think about my new site? Pros – Cons – let me hear it. Do you see blue or gray? Do you see bright or dreary? I’m looking forward to getting your feedback so I can make the right changes to my website. Your input matters to me. It really does.

Tomorrow, you’ll have an opportunity to sign up for this week’s drawing. I’ll be giving away a signed copy of Karen Ehman’s new book, Let It Go.  

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Website Credits:  Melanie at Elegant Custom Blogs    ~    Mandy Roberson    ~ Lisa Boyd



  1. Leah I think it looks great! I too see maroon. Congrats on your new site.

  2. I see mostly maroon, with a little gray and a little blue. It’s a great look!

  3. I see maroon….is that even a choice???!!! 🙂 You look beautiful though!

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