Missing Someone This Christmas?

Is there someone special in your life that won’t be with you this Christmas season? Maybe a spouse that’s in the military…miles away from home. Or, a relative that lives half way across the country and can’t come for a visit this year?

How about a loved one who’s passed away? Someone that you long to hug and say “I love you”. But, only memories are left to hold. Those kind of memories that bring tears to your eyes and a knot in your throat, every time you think them.

Last year my mother passed away right before the holiday season. It was so incredibly difficult to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas without her.

Something was missing.

She was missing.

It just wasn’t the same.

This year is no different. Although time has passed, my heart still hurts, when I think of my amazing mom. She always made the holidays so special for our entire family. I can picture her warm smile and happy eyes. And, if I’m really still and quiet for a moment, I can even remember the gentle tone in her voice. She loved singing Christmas carols.

Who are you missing this Christmas season?

Can you picture that person’s warm smile and happy eyes? If you’re quiet enough, can you remember the gentle tone in his or her voice?

How can we still find it in our hearts to celebrate the season, even when that special someone isn’t going to be with us? 

I’m choosing to remember the special moments from past years. To hold onto what was priceless before and embrace what is still  precious now. Those memories that occupy my mother’s presence.

The fragrance of her perfume.

The softness of her skin.

The gentleness of her tender love towards her children and grandchildren.

I will celebrate the season and honor her in the midst of  it. I will not forget or try to busy my way past the memories. I will pause. I will reflect. I will cherish.

And, I will know in my heart, that one day. Yes, one very special day. I will see my mother again.

Glory be!

Question: Who are you missing this Christmas Season and why is this person so special to you?



  1. Just back visiting Leah and your words here reminded me of my friend’s recent post. Did you meet Kimberly Henderson at She Speaks? Anyway here’s a link to her words – http://plantingofthelord.blogspot.com/2012/12/traditions-toppled-and-torn-when-loss.html

    Pray you had a wonderful Christmas celebrating with the ones you love and enjoying memories of the ones you miss!!


  2. I’m missing my son’s this year.

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