Life Lessons – Why Do I Procrastinate?

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Do you find yourself procrastinating a lot lately? Is there something on your to-do list that keeps getting pushed aside? Have the words, “Oh, I’ll do that tomorrow”, slipped out of your mouth more than once this week?

If so, maybe you have a problem with procrastination. Or, if you’re like me, you might even say you’re an expert at procrastinating!

A recent study from the University of Calgary shows that 95% of the total population (yes, men and women) struggle with “postponement” issues. Simply put…we are a ProcrastiNATION! So, the good news is you’re not alone.

Now, don’t get discouraged. Instead, check out the video below where I’ll answer three basic questions:

Why do we procrastinate?
What happens when we procrastinate?
What does the Bible say about procrastination?

Then, I’ll give you some helpful tips on how to stop putting off and starts propelling forward!

Video Session One: 

Video Session Two: 

Now for our action steps:

1. Pick one thing that you’ve been procrastinating about and start doing it TODAY! When you’re finished, be sure to celebrate by rewarding yourself. 

2. Share this video with a friend or family member who also struggles with procrastination. Maybe they’ll become your accountability partner this week.

4. Leave a comment sharing one major thing you are currently procrastinating over and tell me why you’re having trouble getting it done.

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If you missed my video from last week on Discouragement, click HERE to watch it now. And, for more encouragement, check out today’s daily devotional at

I can’t wait to hear from you!            



  1. I bought my first home in November 2010. It is a split level with four levels and the bottom level still needs to be organized. I had it down to four boxes by June 2011 but then we had water damage that put things in a mess. I know it needs to be done and I have started many times but have never been able to complete the project. Now it seems to just be growing. To complicate matters, I had back surgery this summer and still need a hip replacement. I want so much to finish this room and find out what to keep, what to give, and what to throw away. I know I will feel so much better once this is done. Paper also seems to accumulate on my tables. I know I should file or throw things away immediately but the clutter is smotheirng me. I look forward to more advice on how t break up this task and get it done.

  2. That’s how you do it;) Awesome!

  3. I had a difficult project at work so kept putting it off. Fear of failure held me back. In the meantime I was actually very productive in getting my other work done! In the end I tackled the fear by saying a prayer and worked on the project and it came out well.

  4. This may sound weird but I’ve procrastinated being happy. I’ve put off being happy until all my tasks are done and they never are. There is always something else to do and I’m going to start right now acknowledging that’s reality and be okay with it. I’m getting rid of the shame and guilt of being imperfect. That is why Jesus died isn’t it!?!

  5. I put the pro in procrastination. There is no area of my life that hasn’t been affected, but the major project that I have been putting off for 2 years, is decluttering and getting our house ready to list for sale. I am overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” that we have accumulated. And I feel that fear is the main thing holding me back. I have been in this house for 32 years so I feel like it’s also a security issue. Thank you for the action steps and tips. I’m going to involve other family members and try to break it down more managable projects.

  6. Thanks for this post…as a stay-at-home mom with constant distractions I find it is hard to stay motivated but I am slowly trying to work my way to a clutter free home!

  7. I really thank you for your subject matter..I have been in what I call the empty nest period..and NOTHING is really one to take care earth change depending on my action..BUT,I feel guilty because I believe there are some things that the Lord would have me do before I die and since I cannot know when that is going to be I feel bad for not having a greater sense of urgency. I keep waiting for the Lord to light my fanny on fire..I think this might be the starter log to a greater fire.God bless ..Thanks

  8. Procrastination Queen here!!lol Thanks so much for sharing the videos.

  9. This was a great article and video session. I can relate and appreciate you sharing!

  10. Michelle Watkins :

    I really appreciated these videos as I can easily become distracted – especially with paperwork that I need to do – by other more interesting and fun things. I have about 3 documents that I need to complete at the moment and they are tedious so I have been opting to occupy my time with other things instead.

  11. I moved to another state with my fiance and our two children in May and it has been very hard for me since having to leave my church and start all over. I have tried going to two different churches since we’ve been here. The first church was not a good experience for me at all. The people were very unfriendly and when I took my children to their sunday school classrooms the women only seemed annoyed with me. The other church, though was an awesome experience. Their children’s ministry was awesome and the pastor immediately introduced himself and made me feel comfortable and I had one of the most amazing worship experiences in my life. The downside was this church is too far to drive (about 45 minutes) for our extremely tight budget. I have not even tried another church because I’m so afraid of the disappointment I experienced at the first church I tried. I can feel my relationship with the Lord slowly getting weaker since I no longer have any friends since moving and I have been very depressed and feel so useless and my house (which is only a one room cabin by the way) has become very unorganized. I know the root of all my problems is my failure to get out and get involved in a church and develop relationships with other christians. So today besides trying to get my house organized I will be researching more churches in my area. Thanks for sharing this video. It really has been a blessing to me today!

    • Alyssa,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and heart with me today. I love that you’re being so open about your struggles because so many other women can relate to these same feelings and fears of being disappointed.

      I’m praying for you today – asking God to guide you to just the right church this weekend. A place that both you and your children will love, feel accepted, and valued as part of the family of Christ. Also, that you would sense His unfailing love for you, if and when those feelings of fear resurface.

      Sweet Blessings,

  12. Thank you for your message! I can say at work I don’t procrastinate because I have so many deadlines to get things accomplished, however when it comes to the things I need to catch up on at home, it gets pushed to the wayside. I’ve been procrastinating on getting my house in order for over a year now. I find that when I look at it, I just turn and walk out of that room, ignoring it. There’s so much to go through, just piling up, mostly paper, magazines and stuff that doesn’t get used anymore. Even though it stares me in the face everyday. I really want to get this room cleaned up. Its starting to give me heartache because I know this is what God really wants me to do, and I am brought to tears thinking about it as I write. I don’t know what’s up with me, lately, but I struggle with this so much at home. Seems I could use someone else to help with moving the “Stuff” out of my life, that I don’t need or doesn’t serve me anymore. I could fill someone’s house with all the stuff I need to give away. I’d really like to have a garage sale but that gets pushed off too. Thank you for the opportunity to share. God Bless You! 🙂

    • Lisa,
      I can sense from your words that the clutter is robbing your joy and I think asking a friend to help you de-clutter is a great idea.

      Garage sales are good but they do require more work. When I clean out my closets and give things away to the local Christian Missions or Habitat for Humanity, I think about the families who will benefit from it, and it makes my heart smile!

      I’m praying that you’ll be able to clean out this room over the next 10 days and make it a special space that you can begin to enjoy again.


  13. we have to move our doublewide, and I was told I had too many clothes in my closet and it was way too heavy , so get rid of some things or pack them up and get them out of the house ! So….I WANT to go through my things and pick out what I want to keep, and what I want to donate or consign,yet I think, Oh wow, that’s MUCH too big of a project, I will start it later….and then I get stressed out when I think about what I NEED to accomplish, and what I am actually NOT accomplishing ! Blood pressure is thru the roof ! I NEED THIS BOOK !!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Sandra,
      Thanks for sharing your comments.

      I’ve moved 3 times in the last 3 years so cleaning out closets has become a specialty of mine. Here’s a tip…Put on your favorite music – something that is upbeat and fun to listen to. Then, tackle that closet like nobody’s business! I guarantee you’ll find stuff you completely forgot about. You may even end up with a whole new wardrobe without spending a dime!

      Leah 🙂

  14. What I procrastinate more, is to solv conflits, I procrastine the moment that I have to be face to face with someone and talk with him / her directly.

    • Elsa,
      I completely understand. I don’t like conflict either and my natural tendency is to avoid it at all costs. But, I realize that’s not the right way to handle relationships. So, I’m learning to pray while I prepare what I’m going to say. I ask the Lord to go before me and soften that person’s heart to receive what I’m going to share with them. Also, that I will speak the truth in His love and strength…not my own.

      Thanks so much for sharing,

  15. Danielle Jackson :

    I am a procrastinator when it comes to most things because I hate taking time away from my children. I have such a busy day, and am working on becoming more organized. Thanks for your insights!

    • Danielle,
      As a busy mom, I’m sure you’re to-do list is very long. Something that helps me is to put my tasks under 1 of 3 categories to better prioritize them. I will look at each task and ask myself:
      1. Can I delegate this task to someone else?
      2. Is this a necessity or a want?
      3. How will I feel once this task is taken care of?

      I hope these extra ideas can help you too.


  16. I am a procrastinator and would love a copy of your book. Thanks for sharing your heart!

    • Becky, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I’ll post the winner on Monday so be sure to check back and see if you won. Until then, have a great weekend!


  17. procrastinate? That’s why I am on the computer..avoiding the duties at hand…I need to get back to when I was organized. Thanks for sharing. Loretta

    • Loretta,
      Thank you for sharing, friend. The computer can be a fun distraction for many of us but also a big time-stealer. Before you know it, an hour has passed and nothing has gotten done. Oh, I’ve been there m-a-n-y times!


  18. I have been a perfectionist and a procrastinator for many years. This back and forth is exhausting. I have been needing to put together some things for work and have been putting them off for a month. Well, this is the weekend!!

    Oh and I am embracing a mantra: Sometimes good is good enough!

    • Ashley,
      I can definitely relate and yes, procrastinating is exhausting and can make us so weary at times.

      I’m praying for you this weekend and hope you’re able to tackle those work projects that have been looming over you. I know you’ll feel so much better once they’re completed.

      By the way, I LOVE your mantra!

  19. Hey Leah,

    Although I am not a procrastinator, I love that you posted this because it helps me understand those who are. I sometimes get so frustrated with people who are working with me and put things off. But I know and love you and your heart, and your words have encouraged me to look at procrastinators in a new way. My prayer is that I will not judge them but rather be a bit more understanding due to your insight!!

    Although, I must say I can think of a few people to whom I would like to send this!! 🙂

    Great words of wisdom, my friend!!

    Love you,


    • Wendy, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I’m glad the video helped you see procrastination from a different angle.

      When dealing with in my own life, I often times feel like Paul when he said in Romans: 7 “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it…”.

      I love your heart too and treasure your wisdom and insight!


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